Tuesday, June 29, 2021

I'm so excited about the big birthday bash…

 Monday was a nice relaxing day. Karen came in and fed the hungry knucklehead, fed me, and put me on my side for a while. Tomorrow morning is the loyalty club order date for the Saratoga Mountain Winery; since I buy four concerts every year, I get a chance to order tickets two days before everybody else, and it works out great. I emailed my friend Roger to see if he was interested in getting any tickets, and I went through them thoroughly and wrote down what I wanted. They didn't really have an excellent selection; Chicago was the only one I was interested in, but I also got boys ll men, John Fogarty, and Tower of power. I wanted to make sure I get all the decisions made tonight because tomorrow will be a busy day. Adriana came in and fed the hungry little guy, fed me, and then got some snacks together for cribbage tonight. My uncle, my aunt, my mom, Claudia, Fred, and I played cribbage… Fred was my partner, and we kicked butt. I really like playing but sometimes looking over to the right all the time makes my neck hurt, so I'm trying to play every other week. I was falling asleep before the game was over, so after everybody left, I was out.

 Tuesday was a really great day! Cindy came in and fed the hungry hound, fed me, and then got me dressed and up in my chair just in time to go online and ordered the tickets I wanted for the Mountain winery. The first ones I ordered were Chicago, and I would've loved to get the tickets right in the first row. Still, of course, it always takes me a while to remember where to click to get the accessible tickets, and by the time I figured it out, they were doggone, but I got some in my second favorite section, section 10. We loaded up the pump and headed over to the animal shelter; when we pulled and noticed that they had coned off some parking places for us… How sweet is that? We brought a canopy so that the people that didn't go inside the play area could stay out of the sun; it worked out great. Unfortunately, we had to leave a little bit early because I had an appointment with my oncologist to see if my iron levels have gone back up… He had me go to the lab and give some blood before I left, and he would message me the results later. We headed back home, and Cindy left right before Adriana came in. Adriana fed the hungry mongrel, put me to bed, and then fed me. She washed, dried, put a couple of loads of laundry away, cleaned everything off, and then went home. I edited pictures and listen to music until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

 Wednesday was a nice relaxing day. Susan came in to give me a nice long relaxing massage; I realize how tense my body gets when she goes on vacation or has other plans. Karen came in and fed the hungry Dude, fed me, and then we did some personal care and, of course, a nice long hot relaxing bath. I love how whenever she takes Dude out, she always takes pictures of his silly antics; he loves to do zoomies and just roll around and act silly in the dog run. After she put me back to bed, I decided to just stay there and relax for the rest of the day; I just listen to music and edit the pictures from yesterday. Adriana came in and fed the hungry hound dog, fed me, did a couple of loads of laundry, cleaned off the desk that my computers on, and then went home. The rest of the evening, I just watched TV and relaxed until I fell asleep.

 Thursday was another relaxing day. Karen came in and fed the hungry pup, fed me, and then cleaned up my room a little bit… It's getting really cluttered again, and I'm having a bunch of people over on Saturday for the big birthday bash. I decided to stay in bed so I could make a bunch of lists and make sure that everything gets set upright and that we have enough food for whoever is going to come; I invited about 60 people over, planning on about 20, although only like 12 or 13 people RSVPed. I hope enough people come, so it's not awkward, but I hope not too many people come, so it's more personal. I don't know what clicked in my head, but suddenly, I love having people over and hosting parties; maybe I just feel more comfortable having people around in crowds because one on one has always made me nervous… I feel like I have to carry on a conversation if there's a quiet moment. And then I found out that I have the three best decorators in the world helping me; I love going for a cruise and coming home and seeing everything decorated so amazingly! Rosalie came in and fed the hungry pooch, fed me, did some laundry, cleaned up a little bit, and then went home. The rest of the evening, I just went over my lists to make sure I have everything covered; I think I'm ready. I watched TV for a while and eventually fell asleep.

 Friday was a great day! It's my 60th birthday! Karen came in and fed the hungry mongrel; she brought me this really cool multicolored candle. We did some personal care and a nice long hot bath and then got me dressed and up in my chair, luckily. It went by really quick, so I can have most of the day to cruise around with my favorite guy. We cruised through Depot Park, down to the end of the wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk, and back and down to the end of the wharf again and then back home. Heather came in and made me a delicious steak and lobster dinner; the lobster was cooked perfectly and with drawn butter. The steak was also cooked perfectly and had a delicious sauce with mushrooms, I didn't have any vegetables, and usually, I feel guilty, but not today! She is probably the best chef I have ever had cook for me, and I absolutely love everything she makes. Karen came back in and put me to bed because my end-of-the-week evening caregiver just didn't show up one day, and I didn't hear from her for a long time. I texted her and asked her, would you please tell me if she didn't plan on coming back in to move on and find somebody else, but I never heard from her. She did cash from Paychecks the day after she didn't show up, so at least I know she's all right. Here I go finding another caregiver again. I spent the rest of the evening searching around on the Internet for the best places to find a caregiver; I think I knew at the time that I was going to have a tough time and probably end up spending a lot of time in bed. I finally got a little tired and just watch TV until I fell asleep.

  Saturday was a really awesome day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry little guy, fed me, and then got me dressed and up in my chair. I thought I would have more help setting up for the party, but Cindy and Omar are the only ones that showed up, luckily my brother Stanley got here last night, so he ended up helping them. Judy and I took off to go for a little cruise down to the end of the wharf, halfway over to the boardwalk and then home. I kind of wish I would've had the party start a little bit later, but it worked out.  Heather stopped by and hung out for a little while to say hello to everyone; it's always great to see her!  After the party started, my brother took out the life-size cutout of Kiana Reeves and set it up on my mom's balcony, my mom adores him, and I got it as a surprise for her when she came home from Stanford. I have one of pink that I wanted to put out, but for some reason, I only got a small cut out of her; I'm definitely going to get the life-size one. My mom made some little signs and put them on the tables so everybody can work their way around and sign all of the signs; that worked out so awesome! I know I had a lot of fun reading mine and Dudes. Everybody started showing up, and it ended up a really awesome party; I think everybody had a good time. One of my friends, Beth, whom I haven't seen for probably 20 years, came and I was so excited to see her… We both cried and promised to not wait so long before we hang out again. My cousin Terri, her daughter Kelly, Kelly's boyfriend, and her new baby came also. Fred and JoAnn ended up staying longer than they wanted, and I'm so glad they were able to come; Lee, Claudia, and their son Matt came along with their son-in-law Pat's son Hunter. When they first got here, we learned that Hunter is really afraid of dogs, so he and his dad sat up on the back porch and watched everything, and eventually, he ventured down off the porch and ended up being able to mingle with the dogs around. We had a piƱata in the shape of a taco that we got for Omar's birthday the week before, so we filled it up with candy, and Hunter banged the crap out of it, he was just so adorable, and everybody fell in love with him. My massage therapist Susan King with person Kai… It was just the perfect amount of people for a birthday bash. There was a lot of food, and it was a lot of fun, and it was over too soon. Karen came back and fed the hungry Dude, put me to bed, and then went home. I wanted to edit the pictures and put them on Facebook, but I was so tired I just ended up falling asleep.

 Sunday was another day of relaxing in bed. Cindy came in and fed the happy hound, fed me, and then cleaned up and put everything away from the party. They put away the food and stuff that would attract animals, but there were still many cleanups to do, thank goodness for Cindy! I pretty much just relaxed in my bed after Cindy left until Karen came in at noon. We did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, and I was so anxious to get back in my bed after Karen left and just relax for the rest of the evening, edit, and post the birthday bash pictures. I always like waiting until the day after or the next day to post the pictures that I took, hoping people will send me pictures that they took, and I can just post them all together. I got them all together and posted them, and I was exhausted; I watch TV, and then I was out.

 When I was in high school, we lived up on bear Creek Road in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There was a bobcat, split ears and bobtail and all, but apparently got pregnant by a domestic. She wouldn't let us get near her, but at least once a day, she would bring her kittens one by one to the front door and meow; I would take the kitten and bring it in the house… She would do this one by one until all of the kittens were in the house, and then she felt safe to go out and hunt. After she got her belly full, she would come back and come to the front door and meow, and I would bring out the kittens one by one, and she would take them back to where she had them hidden, although they were really hidden because I knew where they were. I hadn't thought about the story for a long time, and then I heard my mom tell it to some people, and it brought back really fond memories; growing up in the mountains is the best way to grow up! I decided to write these little stories down as I remember them, so when I look back, I remember what an awesome childhood we had.