Sunday, June 26, 2016

This is going to be a hot and busy week…

 Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up, I was hoping to take Robby for a nice cruise before it got too hot for both of us. We cruised through the lagoon, to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf and back and to the end of the boardwalk and back. I have to come back home because I have an appointment with Kay to do my hair, it always looks so good when she leaves. My aunt and her friend Jan came over to say hello, her and her husband are staying for a few days. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I and I pretty much fell asleep right away.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Lisa originally had to take a test and was it going to be able to make it and neither Karen nor Cindy could come in so I thought it was going to have to say in bed but Lisa came over last night and said that her schedule was changed and if I needed somebody she could come in… I was so excited I didn't have to say in bed! She came in and got me up and we decided to work on rearranging the furniture and get everything straightened up. With all of the furniture that I got from my spare bedroom it was really crowded so we cleaned out the buffet cabinet and moved into the hallway, when I bought the buffet Cabinet it came with a mirror in the mirror was in the hallway so we decided to Put the cabinet in the hallway underneath the mirror and it looked great! I took one of the mattresses off of the bed because I have a company this weekend as they are both in power chairs and a bed was way too high, it looks great. Lisa took me to Safeway to pick up some prescriptions and then over to staff of life to go shopping, last time I went there I forgot my dairy free yogurt. While we were at Safeway there was this beautiful display with a lighthouse and an anchor with a net and it had a price tag on it so we were going to buy it. While we were getting some blueberries somebody came up and asked "are you a vendor?" We said no and she said that the nautical stuff that we had in our cart was bought by a vendor for their display… Seriously?? We tell them it had a price tag on it and the guy took it away from us. Now I want to know where he got his stuff because it was really nice. We came back home and did some more rearranging and I was so excited on how it turned out. Omar came over this morning and he reinforced the bed and took off the box spring and will store it in the garage until the couple leaves. When Karen used to live in San Jose, and once in a while since she lives here, she's caregiver for this Gal and she lives with her boyfriend. Her son is getting married this weekend in Santa Cruz and she lives in San Mateo so it would be much be easier for them to say here. Karen will be able to help her out in the mornings and evenings at her mom will be here also. Omar power washed the pergola and the back stairs going up to my mom's place and they look really awesome! He is going to paint and put some adhesive material on the back stairs so they are not so slippery. He did such a great job. I had climbing vines on the top of the pergola but during the winter they had all died and even though they were coming back there was still a bunch of dead vines of there. I kind of like the vines but not when they were dead. They probably won't grow back there because we put cement along the side and built a really cool bench. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and of course a nice long hot bath, I wanted to be longer because it felt so great. Rosa put me back to bed and I fell asleep almost immediately.  My aunt came over to invite my mom and I over for a barbecue, they were having about 12 people and play cribbage. Unfortunately she came back over about five minutes later and said that my uncle wasn't ready for it yet, he hasn't been speaking to my mom and I will maybe a year now, we don't really know why but something major happened and we just never knew. At first it was very sad and hurtful but now I guess I'm just use it, what can you do? Too much excitement for one day!

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I decided to close down to my doctor's office to pick up my paperwork for my medical marijuana, everybody says card but it's actually an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. It used to have the initial date and the expiration date but now all it has is the initial date and it's good for a year after that unless otherwise specified. I had already put in an order and it was on hold until they got an updated requisition so I brought it home and my mom scared it for me and I sent it to them and they said that I needed to visit my doctor and yet it's updated. I told him that I did visit my doctor and this is what she gave me, after going back and forth a couple of times he agreed that I was right… Of course! As soon as I got that settled he must have gone home and another guy came to work and we ended up going through the same thing. Eventually I got straightened out with everybody there, I hope, and my file is updated for another year. I came back home and rested for a bit and Rosie came in and brought me some enchiladas, I ran into her and her husband on my way back from the doctor's office as they were coming out of new leaf market and she told me that she was making them, of course they were very good. She put me to bed and I watched TV for a little bit and then fell asleep.

Thursday was a really exciting day. Karen came in and got me up and I headed downtown for my appointment with Carol, my psychologist. I have a lot to tell her since I haven't seen her for two weeks so the session went by really fast. Robby and I cruised around downtown for a little bit, I didn't bring my Google Glass because I wanted to save the batteries for the concert tonight, I'm going to see Chicago at the Saratoga Mountain winery. We cruised over to the AT&T store to see if they could help me with my phone, the Wi-Fi keeps shutting off and the batteries outlasting past 2 PM. The guy gave me a phone number to get it replaced and I called and I only had seven days left on my warranty so they're going to send me a new phone. I rested for a bit and then Lisa came by and we gathered up everything we were going to need and handed over the hill to Saratoga, I was so excited. We got there and I realized that my cash and credit cards are in Robby's vest, we decided to leave him home because I wasn't sure how much round there would be for him. I usually carry some cash in my wallet but of course today I didn't so we had to leave leases drivers license as collateral and go inside and try to find a way to get some cash. My mom has my ATM card so I try to buy a shirt but all of my credit cards were declined, I'm in the midst of getting rid of American Express and the city bank visa card that I got to replace it was one of the cards declined even though I just activate it a couple of nights ago. We ran into a guy at work here and told him our story and he said to go and eat dinner and he would find out what he could and find us. It brought back Lisa's ID and said that they would waive the parking fee for us. Luckily I had given them my number for the dinner so all we had to pay was four dollars for some hot chocolate and decaf coffee. That was so embarrassing! Next time I will know and be ready for anything. As a gentleman was showing us to our receipt I saw Bob, a friend of mine that lives here in Santa Cruz. I have read on Facebook that he wasn't feeling very good but still he was there and still very sweet, I'm so cranky when I don't feel good and I don't know how he does it. I guess it would be a little hard to have a bad day when you're going to listen to Chicago? We got to our seats and the concert started, I have to say that this is probably the best concert I have ever been to. I have a lot of songs from Chicago but didn't really realize that I knew and loved everything that they played. One of their songs was used for cancer awareness and Rita Wilson, a cancer survivor and wife of Tom Hanks, came out and sang is. She was so beautiful and had an amazing voice! They played for about 2 1/2 hours and every song was better than the one before, and can't even express how amazing this concert was! We got ushered out in a golf cart with a ramp. EVERYBODY that was there was fear you sweets and helpful, is such a great place to go. Lisa drove us home and put me to bed but I was way too amped up to go to sleep so I edited pictures and tell about 4 AM in the morning and then I finally fell asleep. I can't wait to see them again next year and to go to Foreigner on July 3rd.

Friday I was so exhausted I couldn't decide whether I wanted to get up or stay in bed, tonight's concert on the beach was blue oyster cult and I really would love to see them but I can't keep my eyes open. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath and I just decided to go back to bed and stayed there. I didn't get much sleep because there were a lot of visitors strategically dropping in. Omar came by and power washed my back porch, it really looks nice and clean. Karen took down the curtains and wash them, I didn't realize how much more light and open everything looked without the curtains. Theresa came in and flipped me back on my back and got Robby and I something to eat and I was out, she woke me up later to say that she was leaving and the rest of the evening I just watched movies and drifted in and out.

Saturday was a really great day. Cindy came in and got me up and Robby and I took off for the Woodie's on the Wharf. We got about halfway there and I remembered that I shut off my Google Glass to make sure that it would be working really good and forgot to turn it back on so I came back home, luckily Cindy was still here and she turned it on for me and he took off again. I got down to the Santa Cruz wharf and started taking pictures and noticed that Robby was dancing around a little bit, the payment was to hot, so I turned around again and took him home.  While I was heading back home I heard somebody call my name and I looked at and there was Karen and her boyfriend Luis in the balcony above the parking lot. Omar and his friend were busy painting pergola and it was getting hotter. By the time I made it down there the third time I only had about half an hour left until I had to be home because Theresa was coming in to put me to bed, and he was almost unbearable by this time any way. All the way there I was hoping that I would be able to see for people, Vince and Margie and Jim and Ursula. As I was leaving I heard somebody say something and there was Vince, Margie was too warm so she went home but it was nice to be able to talk to Vince for a bit. It is so cool to see how everybody just loves him, is such a cool person. After I said goodbye and headed back home and I ran into Jim and Ursula, I haven't seen them for about a year and it was really great to see them. We chatted for a bit and then I really needed to get home. When I got to the end of the Wharf I could see about four or five police officers trying to clear the roundabout so that a fire truck and get through, everybody was really frustrated and there was a lot of traffic but they did it. I got home at the same time as Theresa and she put me to bed, I was so glad to be in bed out of the hot weather. It got to be 76° so not too bad. Omar and his friend finished up and Omar sent me some pictures, it looks like a brand-new pergola. Pete and Ligia came by to drop off their luggage and say hello before we took off to her sons reception. They had a wedding to go to in San Jose and then the reception here in Santa Cruz so they were going to say here overnight. We chatted for a bit and then they had to go, I was asleep when they got back… I hope they had a really good time.

 Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I was going to get up and have breakfast with Pete and Ligia but I was just too exhausted, I couldn't keep my eyes open. They came in to say goodbye and we got to chat for a little bit and they were on their way. Cindy turned me on my side and painted my nails for Fourth of July, it look really cool. She sent me some pictures but I never got them. I slept on and off the rest of the day until Theresa came in. She fed Robby and I and then we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath. I relaxed and watched season 911.