Sunday, June 28, 2015

The week before David and Melissa's wedding…

 Monday was a nice relaxing day, I got to stay in bed but I didn't get very much sleep… It was just nice to rest everything. One thing I have noticed about my new backrest is that when I lean back there is nothing to rest my arms on some items are really tired, the old back rests and bars on the side to lean on. Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just watched TiVo and rest of the rest of the day. Rosa came in and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Tuesday was a great day! Omar was back from vacation and hooked up the automatic cat water and it looks pretty good. Lisa came in and got me up and as she cleaned up I cruised over to Ross to look for some new bras and I already had a lap full to check out when she got there, some of them I really wanted and some of them just fell into my lap when I was trying to grab other ones. Lisa picked me up and we went over to Costco, I needed a lot of stuff but we ran out of room quickly so decided to come back on Saturday… Tuesday is really a better date: Saturday. When we got back Omar was trying to put the luggage carrier on the top of my van but it didn't fix… It was too small. I put in a year, model and make of my van and this is what they sent me… So frustrating especially because it's been too long and I cannot return it. Rose again in and I think I was asleep before she left.

Wednesday was another fantastic day! After trying on the bras that I got at Ross and decided to take them back and get a bigger size so after Karen got me up and dressed Robby and I cruised over and took them back. I looked around a little and saw a couple of things that I liked but I wasn't able to get them myself and am still a little shy about asking for help so I figured I would come back tomorrow or Saturday with Lisa. We cruised all the way down San Lorenzo reservoir to the boardwalk, I thought about crossing the train bridge and going over to East Cliff but I went the other way and cruise through the boardwalk. The last time I cruise through the boardwalk one of the security officers stopped the and said that I needed to go to guest services to get a tag for my dog's collar, and used to do it every time I went to the boardwalk but then every other person would tell me if he has a vest on so I didn't need to. I'm really glad that somebody is asking, maybe it will cut down on all the fraudulent service animals at the Boardwalk… People just want to take their dogs everywhere. I couldn't get the door open so I asked one of the security officers to help me and he told me I didn't need to get a tag for Robby because he has a vast. I cruised down to the end of the Boardwalk and back and watched the surfing magician, he is so funny… I have watched him a couple of times. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and back and then cruised home to rest for a while before Rosa came in. Rosa put me to bed and then we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, such a great day!

Thursday Karen came in and got me up and I headed for my appointment with my psychologist Carol. I have a lot to say because I missed our visit for a week, my last appointment was scheduled on my birthday so I canceled it… I had so much to say and a time just flew by. Robby and I cruised down to the wharf and then back home. Kay came in to do my hair, and try to make it lighter for the summer and I think it really looks great. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I just watched television until I fell asleep.

Friday was cold. Karen got me up and I took body to cruise around for a little while and try to decide it would be worth it to go to the concert, Edgar Winter was performing… After cruising around for a while I decided to just come back home because it was just too cold and I don't want to take a chance of getting sick before our Oregon trip. The girls that are helping me out here keep getting tickets for parking wrong in the front so I decided to go down to the parking building and see if there's something that I can do about it, I am paying way to many parking tickets. The lady gave me the number of the guy in charge and said he might issue me one more parking pass… I'll call him on Monday. Elena came in and put me to bed and I just watched TV.

 Saturday was a really good day, kind of cold but a great day. Lisa got me up and took me over to Ross to get some more bras, and took the ones there that I collect because they were too small. I also found some candles to put in the lanterns that I got a while back. We came back and I cruised over to the Woodie's at the Wharf, by the time I got over there I only got to cruise around for about half an hour before everybody started to leave… I got some really good pictures. I came back and rested for a bit and then Teresa came by and we went to Hulu's for dinner, I got an Ahi wasabi bowl with brown rice and Teresa got shrimp tacos. After dinner we cruised over and watch the Derby girls bout, it was a really good game and I always have so much fun watching everybody have fun… Also I won a $25 gift certificate to a novelty store down town. We came home and Teresa to bed and I was out.

Sunday was such a beautiful day. About 10 years ago I went to an independent living Center in Santa Clara and I met a really cool occupational therapist who helped me out a lot while I lived there. We kept in touch and year before last her and her three sons made a sign for Robby and walked with us at the DogFest. She has the sweetest boys I have met for a long time. They came to visit so we cruised over to the lagoon, came back and had lunch, played Uno and hung out for a while… It was so nice. Teresa came over and finished cleaning out the closet for David and Melissa and cooked in the meals for me until we go on our trip. Elena came in and put me to bed and I was so exhausted I ate dinner and went right to sleep. I don't know if I'm just really exhausted or if the CPAP machine is really helping… Or maybe both?