Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter week…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the fur babies and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, what a great way to start the day. She got me dressed and up in my chair and Robby and I took off for a cruise around Depot Park, we ran into our friend Bruce riding his bike and stopped to chat with him for a while. I took Robby back home and exchanged him for Dude and off we went… Through Depot Park and down to the wharf where we stopped and waited for the beach train on it's way to Felton. We cruised down to the end of the wharf and back and over to the end of the boardwalk and back, what a gorgeous day! We cruised back and waited in the yard for Rosa to come in to feed the fur crew and put me to bed and then feed me. She vacuumed and washed the covers for Dudes bed and I tried to get caught up on my blog, I'm way behind in every day I'm so frustrated that I'm so far behind that I just give up. I listen to music for a while and I was out. my uncle, my aunt, Claudia, and my mom and I played cribbage. I was out shortly after they left.

Tuesday was a really good day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got dressed and up in my chair. The Woofpack came to get Robby for his playdate with the other kids. Dude and I took off for a nice long cruise through Depot Park and over to the wharf where they had their annual Operation Surf, I made it down there to watch our men and women of service surf… Well, today it looked more like sitting on their surfboard waiting for a wave. I bought a couple of sweatshirts, they have the coolest looking clothing there. We just kind of cruised up and down the wharf and watch them, I used to not be able to just sit and relax but I'm starting to make myself do it a little more and I like it… Especially when the weather is beautiful! It was time to go back home so we cruised back to wait for Robby and hang out in the driveway with him until Rosa comes in. Rosa came in and fed the herd and put me to bed and fit me. I watched TV for a while and try to organize some pictures… Somehow my pictures on Google got really messed up and are not really categorized by date and more and I keep getting two or three of the same picture.

Wednesday Was another good day. Susan came in to give me my weekly massage, so relaxing! Karen came in and fed the crew and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. The groomer came by to give the boys the works. Somebody was not playing nice and Dude didn't like it. Several years ago I Showed up on my back porch and she has been there ever since we thought it was a kitten so we took it down to the vet to get fixed and chipped and we found out that she was 10 years old… That was probably four or five years ago. I don't know if she's getting older or braver but she's starting to come in my bedroom, she never did before. She tries to snuggle with both of the dogs and they just get up and move away, or thing. We decided to name her Penny after the big bang theory. She's very sweet and now jumps up and everybody's lap and want constant attention. I tried to give her away one day, my evening caregivers daughter just fell in love so I said:" why don't you take her home with you for your daughter" she gladly took her and then texted me the next morning and said that she had run away, I felt like such a monster… I cried and blamed myself all day. The lady that took her lives in Watsonville and so does my friend Lisa, when I told Lisa her and her son who is a police officer went looking for her and said that they found her and she was hit by a car… They were so sweet, they drove over here to tell me instead of telling me over the Internet or the phone. A few days later my evening caregiver kept saying that she keeps seeing Penny, I wanted to believe it because I was still so sad and still felt guilty. A couple of nights later we were all in here playing cards and she came to the back door with a clothes basket with a blanket over the top and she said "here is Penny" she was really skittish and kept running away but I asked Karen to come over and she confirmed that it was Penny, I was so happy and excited and felt so much better. I bought her all the toys, beds and blankets medicating dreams of and she's been happy ever since. Mostly she's quiet and keeps to herself but when my caregivers take the dogs out back to go potty she always has to go along crawls up on this ramp so that was ever out there can pet her and then look she follows them back to the house.

  Thursday was a really nice day. Karen came in and fed everyone and they got me dressed in up in my chair. I took Robby through Depot Park, down to the wharf, over to the boardwalk and back. Dude and I took off for my appointment downtown with my psychologist, the elevator didn't feel right and it hasn't the last couple of times so I think she could sense my hesitation and suggested we go to Abbott Square, it was really nice there and we found a place in the shade. After my appointment Dude and I cruised down to the wharf and over to the boardwalk and I was getting hot so I was heading home. I had so much fun cruising around I almost forgot my appointment with Jennifer for my facial. Luckily she texted me and said there's a lot of traffic but I'm on my way so I might be late, then I remembered I had an appointment with her at 130: PM… I was down there before she was. After my appointment, I cruised home and Rosa was here so she fed dogs and cat, put me to bed and then fed me. I watched TiVo for a while and drifted off to sleep.

 Friday was good but a little frustrating. Karen came in and fed the crew and we did some personal care and a hot bath. Just as I got up in my chair at noon Mariposa texted me to remind me that we had an appointment here at one. I took Robby for a cruise down to Depot Park and back, no time to sniff around and Pee. Mariposa came by some acupuncture and she told me about some vitamins that she is taking to improve your memory and she said she could feel a little better so I told her to send me a link so I can try it. Dude and I took off for a cruise after she left, down to the end of the wharf and back and it was just getting too cold so we came back. Rosa came in and fed everybody and put me to bed and left. I listen to some music and just reflected on what a beautiful place I live in, I'm so lucky!

Saturday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the crew then fed me and got me dressed it up in my chair. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and on the way back I ran into my friend Bruce I talked to him for a while until I got a text from Cindy saying she was ready to go. We went to go pick up a carrot cake and the key lime pie that we ordered last week for Easter, while we were there we decided to have lunch and grab a couple of baguettes. The little girls came over this morning to play with the dogs so when we left we left them here with Robby while we went on a few errands. I was going to take them for a little cruise on their scooters around Santa Cruz later but by the time we got back they were already on their way back up on the hill. Dude and I took off for cruise up and down the wharf a couple times and then back. Karen came in and fed everybody and put me to bed. Heather made these KILLER stuffed pork chops so I had that in greens for dinner, that girl sure can cook. I watched Big Bang theory for a while and then listen to music and then I was out.

Sunday was a really good day, Easter! Karen came in and fed everybody and got me up for the day, Cindy took the day off to go to Sacramento with her family. I took Robby and we cruised through the lagoon, I haven't been to the lagoon for a very long time and I wanted to cruise up to see if they put plants in the planters that they made to bring back the butterflies and bees… They did a great job and it looks beautiful! We cruised back through the lagoon and home to rest for a bit. Dude and I took off for a cruise and unfortunately my Google Glass shut off, it's been doing that about once or twice a day. We cruised around the wharf and then around the boardwalk and then went home, it is way too crowded out there. My uncle, my aunt, my mom, my cousin Rich, my cousin Kelly and her husband got together for Easter. We had ham with cherry sauce baked sweet potatoes, spinach and bacon salad, breaded and baked eggplant and I had Karen make some cornbread for me with the vegan eggs. I'm not a big ham or sweet potato fan but they were really delicious! Last Saturday I went to Gayl's bakery and ordered a carrot cake and a key lime pie, I had never had key lime pie but I was told it was the only dessert they had there with no eggs… That key lime pie was awesome!! After dinner Karen came back and fed the crew and put me to bed, I had dessert after I went to bed. Unfortunately, my Google Glass shut off again right before we all got together to eat so I didn't get any pictures of that. I edited my pictures for a while while listening to music until I fell asleep.