Monday, May 25, 2020

I started to feel more comfortable taking the boys out for a cruise…

Monday was another long day in bed. Karen came in and fed the hungry boys and pulled me out from the computer to put me on my side for a while. I have a pressure sore, scrape, and a blood blister on my butt, so being on my side and staying in bed is the best for now. The Woofpack came to get the boys. Karen set me back up to the computer and then went home, and the rest of the day, I just watched TV; I almost running out of room on my TiVo, so instead of deleting programs, I'm trying to watch a lot of them and dwindling down. For some reason, I'm not able to open zip files on my computer, so I can't really download any more pictures; this is very frustrating! I messaged my brother Dave back and forth, but it's hard for him to say what's wrong without being here and being able to look around my computer, usually when I'm on the computer and doing things really fast, so there is a chance that I hit the wrong button and screwed it up… Although he sent me a couple of files and I was able to open them. When they brought the boys back from their puppy play date the cat got in, and she started screaming, I usually keep my bedroom door closed, and she wanted to go upstairs. Rosa came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me, she came in in the middle of my frustration, and I tried really hard not to take it out on her because sometimes I do that. The rest of the evening, I watched TV and played around with my computer to figure out another way to download pictures.

Tuesday was a beautiful day, even though it was either way too hot or way too cold outside. Cindy came in and fed the hungry crew, including me. She got me dressed and up in my chair, and I took Robby for a cruise over to and around the ballpark a couple of times, it looks like the Parks and Recreation crew are back at work… I saw somebody weed whacking over at Depot Park. When I wake up in the morning, I never really know what the rules are for that day, so I usually always just wear a mask; Cindy is still more informed than I am, and she told me as long as I stay away from everybody I don't need to wear one. Just cruising around, it looks like we were on our way to getting things back to the way they were before this coronavirus, and I'm so excited! Robby and I cruised back, and I rested for a bit, and then Cindy took Dude and me over to Best Buy to see if I can find a cord for my goat Pro camera, the camera hasn't been working, and I'm hoping it's the cord. Cindy did say it looks like where the cable goes into the camera was broken, and I hope not, but I remember one concert I went to a nurse have a little bit too much to drink, and she was hanging all over me and my chair, I hope she didn't break my camera. We went over to Home Depot and got some more succulents and pots to put them in, my yard is getting to be so lovely, and I think I'm going to be spending a lot more time relaxing in it… One beautiful thing this virus has taught me is to relax, meditate, and enjoy my surroundings. We went over to Costco to get a few things and then came back home. It was so lovely to get out and about, I can't remember the last time I went shopping, but I remember I just wanted to fight everything. I rested for a while, and then Rosa came in to feed the hungry boys and put me to bed. She got me something to eat and then buzzed around cleaning for a while and then went home. I watched TV for a while and then turned everything off, and I listen to some meditation for a while and fell asleep.

Wednesday was another really long day. Karen came in and fed the boys and got me partially dressed and up in my chair to ride my exercise cycle, I still only doing five minutes a day with the electrodes on my legs and five minutes on my arms because my pressure sores are healing. We found out one of the wounds was from the top of my butt rubbing on my chair because my cushion is too low, so we put another pillow underneath it. I hope that works, I had to quit riding my bike for a while because I kept getting pressure sores, and one of my friends who was a visiting nurse said to try the Roho cushion. I will know in about a week, but I'm hoping it will work better. I watched TiVo for a while, I am still wide awake. Joy came by to take dude for a cruise. Omar came by to fix the fence at the bottom of the ramp outside of my bedroom door when Joy came to get Dude Robby was on the porch, and the gate was closed, and she couldn't get in; he came by to open it and see why it was stuck… Of course, he fixed it. I watched more TV until Rosa came in and fed the boys, fed me, and then vacuumed and cleaned up the kitchen. Before she left, she took the dogs out one more time and of course as she was taking the dogs out the mailman came to bring the package to the back door and said we need to put a sign that there are dogs and they probably won't deliver to the back porch anymore. She tried to tell him that they were service dogs and that they were always on the leash, but of course, she didn't have them on a leash. I hope this is not going to be a problem, I wrote a note that said they are service dogs and very well trained and friendly and are always on the leash when we take them out so hopefully, that will do it. Otherwise, I'm probably going to have to figure out a way to build a box somewhere on my property for packages because my foot door faces the street, and I've had many packages stolen. I can't do anything with my pictures or my webpage until I talked to Dan the IT guy tomorrow at noon to fix my problem, I can't seem to unzip zipped folders anymore. My brother David is trying to help me, but he's gone back to work, and it's hard to communicate from that far away.


Thursday was a bad day. Karen came in and fed the hungry crew and then fed me. We had a terrible personal-care day, it pretty much took all day. By the time it was over, we were both very exhausted, and I hurt all over. Likely I don't have too many bad days, but the sun is taken a couple days to recover.

Friday was a little better. Karen came in and fed the hungry crew and then fed me; since we did personal care yesterday, we didn't do that, but I didn't get to ride my exercise cycle or go outside for breakfast because I was still sore all over and worn-out. Karen put me on my side to see if my pressure sores will heal faster, I already know they heal more quickly if you're not on them. Adriana came in at noon and helped my mom out with some stuff upstairs and went to the store for us. I was watching Michael Franti and his family on Instagram, and I saw this recipe for about a Bali bowl, and it looks so delicious. I got all the ingredients to make it last week, so I can't wait.  Joy came by to take Dude for a little stroll.  I was supposed to have an interview on the phone today about my spinal cord injury, but I misunderstood, and she said 3 PM Eastern time, and I was waiting for at 3:30 PM, but then I reread it, and she was supposed to call my mind is pretty much mush today.  My aunt texted me and said she harvested her garden and got some lettuce, two green ones, and to red ones… They were so delicious in my sandwich! There is nothing like fresh out of the garden…When Adriana was finished, she came down and set me back up in my bed, it felt so good to sit up again. Laying on my side makes my first resource heal quicker but is very uncomfortable for the rest of me. She fed the boys and made me a really killer pita bread sandwich with the pickle and a bowl of fruit. The rest of the evening, I just relaxed, I finally felt a lot better, but maybe that was the medical marijuana? I fell asleep a couple times and slept on and off throughout the night with the TV on.

Saturday was a really great day! Cindy came in and fed the fur crew, fed me, and then got me dressed and up in my chair. Adriana came in to help do a little bit more cleaning and organizing, they decorated the spare room and living room for when Nathan and Corinne come to visit, Corinne just graduated from nursing school but didn't get to do it publicly because of the pandemic so hopefully, this will make her feel good. The Woofpack came to get the boys and Omar came in to put some more decorations on the fence and build me a covered planter box in the back, Penny keeps paying in all of my planter boxes… Knucklehead Cat! I cruised down to the wharf and then to the boardwalk, and it felt so great! There were a lot of people and everybody seemed to decide to bring their dogs. Still, since I did not have the boys I can cruise along really fast, I wish that I had my camera with me because everything was so beautiful and if you didn't know any different you would think nothing ever happened. I remembered Omar was here so I cruised back to see if he could mount my go Pro back on my chair, I took it off because the cord was broken. It was positioned perfectly until it bounced around and by the time I got down to the wharf, the camera was aimed way too high. I didn't want to ask anybody to get close because of the pandemic, but I saw Chris, he rents boats on one side of the wharf, and he straightened it out a little bit but as soon as I started cruising again it slipped back up so I took what pictures I could. A couple of years ago, they open this new restaurant on the wharf called Splash; it had a slowly revolving bar with that impressive view, and the food was delicious. Before the shelter in place started, they closed it up for remodeling and is already open and they turned it into like a Hawaiian/tiki restaurant.  Most of the restaurants and shops are open for pickup only. This time I decided not to go over to the boardwalk because they only have one entrance opened, and it looked like there was a line, and you had to do that will wash your hands and they took your temperature thing. I think I got some really good pictures and then when I got home Adriana took some photos of the progress on the fence, I just love it! On my way back home I saw Carlos and his sidekick working, earlier I saw somebody else and I thought maybe they had retired… It's always so lovely to see their smiling happy faces! Of course, I couldn't really see him because they had masks on, but I could tell by their eyes when they smile and say hi. I cruised home, and Adriana told me when she was outside a couple of big Airedale dogs came over and scared her, my cousin was visiting across the street and when they go to leave his dogs always like to go over here and say goodbye to Robby and Dude,. Still, Adriana had never met them before, so she said she rushed inside and kept calling for Omar to go and help her… My aunt and Rich came over to get the dogs. I rested for a bit until the boys came back, Adriana fed them and then put me to bed…  My mom went across the street and took some pictures of my aunt's beautiful garden and sent me the pictures. It felt so amazing getting out and about again! I actually went 7.7 miles, and since the boys work with me I could full throttle my chair at 8 miles an hour, I usually have to keep it at four or five for the boys. After she put me to bed, she made me half of a pita bread sandwich and some fruit. It was such a great day! After she was gone, I was excited to edit my pictures, so I cannot last have some images for my blog.

I met this guy who works on roaring Camp train several years ago and then met his wife, who works on the Christmas train, they are the sweetest couple ever! They have a large black lab named Duke! Ian called me Thursday and left a message and when I called them back, they said that they were moving to San Luis Obispo but they will be back for the holiday train. His wife Jennifer is also super sweet, and she is about 26 weeks pregnant, and they told me that they were going to have a gender reveal at the railroad station on Saturday, I can't wait to see!

A friend of mine went cruising around and got some pictures of this yoga temple, I have been following this place for a long time. It was closed down, and nobody lived there for a long time, there was a little motorhome in the corner I'm guessing was the caretaker for the place. A couple in San Francisco bought it a couple of years ago and now it looks like they're making it into a really cool place. A couple of brothers built it, one was a Masonry and the other was a bricklayer, so the walls around the yoga temple are brick and abalone inlay… It is so amazing!

Sunday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me, I was going to go on my side for a while, but it's so uncomfortable in my bottom is healing up pretty well. Adriana and Adela came by to plant some more plants out in the yard, I can't wait to see what it's going to look like when they are done! They are so creative! I edited pictures for most of the rest of the day and then wrote in my blog. The girls did a really amazing job and I can't wait to get up tomorrow and see it in person! Karen came in and fed the boys and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, she put me to bed and made me some Pho noodle soup and then left. I watched TV for a while and I was actually getting sleepy, I close my eyes for a minute and I was out.