Monday, March 25, 2019

Were starting to see some sunshine…

Monday was a really good day. I can't believe the sun actually came out and it was a little warm. Karen came in and got me up after she fed the crew and I did some more cycling on my exercycle, it feels really good! I'm hoping it'll also cut down on the spasms and make personal care easier but it's too early to tell for that. I cruise the boys around and came back when it started getting cold. Rosa came in and put me to bed and then the crew came over to play cribbage, my uncle makes the best popcorn so he makes popcorn every Monday and whatever is not eaten he leaves here for me to snack on the next day. One of my favorite meals is a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup with popcorn in it. I listen to music for a while and then fell asleep.

Tuesday was a really exciting day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me up. Robby didn't go with the Woofpack because he has been in and out of the ER for the last couple of days. Today is our second CCI puppy play date. I was hoping to keep Robby inside and quiet but he wanted to be outside with everybody also so we let the puppies play for a while and brought Robbie out when they calm down. It is so much fun to see the CCI puppies play, my amp brought over a bunch of toys and the dogs just had a ball. One of the ladies has a two year old seen I dog that just graduated last Friday and she was so adorable and full of energy. It's such a nice group to talk to and I really don't get nervous at all before or during, that's unusual for me. Again we had about five dogs, three black dogs, one white dog and one golden. Rosa came in and fed everybody and put me to bed and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, I couldn't wait to get out so I can edit pictures for today and share them with everybody who attended. I didn't even get about halfway through and I fell asleep.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Susan came in and gave me a nice long massage, I was really sore so it felt great. Karen came in And my stomach was bloated and cramping up so we decided to do some more personal care and that pretty much took all day long.

Thursday was a really nice day. Karen came in and fed the angry crew and got me dressed in up in my chair. Robby and I took off for really nice cruise sniffing around Depot Park, thank goodness he's feeling much better. We came back home and rested for a bit and Dude and I took off through downtown and over to my appointment with Jennifer for my facial. Everybody in there just adores Dude and I usually let him say hello to everyone before we get started. There was a receptionist there a that I had never seen before and she was on the phone when Dude went over to try to get her attention. After my appointment was over and I was telling everyone about our CCI puppy play dates and the receptionist said "do you know Lisa E "? I said, "yes, I know her pretty well and I think she's awesome"! She said "Lisa is my son's grandma", it really is a small world. We cruised back through downtown and then over to the wharf, when the weather is so nice like this I really don't want to go home and have it end. We cruised home and hung out in the yard for a while until Rosa came in to put me to bed. My mom and Kelly came home and I guess they stop it sees candy so she came in to give me a piece. I guess after that she went in to give Rosa a piece and slipped on the rug and fell backward against the refrigerator, she hit it so hard that she broke off the handle and took her a while to get up. Kelly had left but I called her and asked her to come back because my mom hurt her back really bad and has scrapes and bruises all up and down one of her arms, I think she also hit her head. Kelly ended up staying overnight and bandaging her up. Rosa fed everybody and then put me to bed, we didn't need to do any personal care so Rosa went home for the evening and I just watch TV.

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I went about 15 minutes on my exercise cycle, it sure feels great. I'm having a lot more spasms but I'm hoping it's just my body getting used to all this exercise. Robby and I went for a nice little cruise, it's so great to see him feeling good again! We just cruised over to Depot Park and sniffed around and ate grass, well one of us did. Dude and I took off for a cruise after I brought Robby back. We cruised through Depot Park, to the end of the wharf and back into the end of the boardwalk and back. Theresa likes to come in early on Friday and Saturday and I really like it to, to me it's just enough time to take both boys for a cruise and be able to relax for a while by myself at the end of the evening. She came in and fed the crew and then put me to bed and left… It was so nice and quiet.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and for the guys and girl and then faked me. The Woofpack came to get Robby and I decided to stay in bed. I'm just sore and tired all the time anymore it seems like, very frustrating! Ever since I started taking that pill for osteoporosis I lost my appetite, my energy and a lot of the times my patients with anybody. Theresa came in at 2 PM and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. She put me to bed and again I had a nice long evening to myself. I listen to some music and then just kind of drifted off.

Sunday was a really good day! St. Patrick's Day! I love corn beef and cabbage with red potatoes and baby carrots but I think even more I love the Reuben sandwiches with the leftovers. I have been wanting to get some new outdoor patio furniture for a while now, mostly I have foldable tables and chairs and I think would be nice to have something that I don't have to have somebody fold up and put away at the end of the day. I'm starting to do more barbecues for friends and family and once a month we have a puppy play date for the Northern California canine companions for Independence chapter. I found one that I liked at Costco so my aunt and uncle went and picked it up and my uncle and Fred put it together, it looks so awesome! I like this one because I can drive up to it and under it in my chair plus it has a fire pit in the middle. My aunt made some corn beef and cabbage with red potato and carrots for dinner and brought me over some. Theresa came in and put me to bed and fed the fur babies and went home, somebody was supposed to bring me over a plate of food… Claudia brought me over a plate around 9 PM. I just watched TV and hung out until I fell asleep.