Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A visit from Christie...

Melissa came by Monday and painted my windows for spring and they look gorgeous, she did some cherry blossoms, irises, tulips and butterflies. She is such a neat lady and I’m always really got to see her. The neighbors are always saying how cool it looks and that it always makes their day.

Heather is still not feeling too well and I wish you would take it a little bit easier but she is so sweet and always make sure to come by to make sure I’m doing okay. Tod whipped up some cod With pesto sauce and made some quinoa and some coleslaw and of course as usual it was awesome.

Sunday Teresa took me over to Woodworm party store to get some decorations for Rich and Vanessa’s baby shower on Saturday. We decided that it would be really cool to do a Hawaiian theme and they had everything, they’re going to have a huge sale on everything in the store on Wednesday so we will go back then and pick everything up. I also Saw a pinata and thought about getting that but I’m not sure how many toddlers are going to be here.

Heather is feeling a little bit better, it turns out that she was having a reaction to the tape that they used after the surgery. She came by and made a pork tenderloin, spinach, zucchini and carrot mixture and roasted potatoes, needless to say it was awesome.

Yesterday my aunt, Christie, Laura and I went to the movies to see duplicity, it was a good movie but he jumped around a lot. On the way back there was a guy sitting on the sidewalk giving away money, yes giving away money. It is always so much fun to walk around downtown Santa Cruz, you really never know what you’re going to see.