Monday, March 27, 2017

On my way to getting my new FES exercycle…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, it always feels so great. The Woofpack came to pick up Robby for their Monday hike, of course he's always ready to go. Karen got me up and I decided to go for a nice long cruise by myself down to the wharf and into the boardwalk to check the progress of the new grand entrance… I haven't been down there for a while. I'm trying to teach myself how to concentrate on the present and any thoughts that go through my mind as I'm cruising I'm working on pushing them away and enjoying the moment. I've never been able to do that so I cruise around having potential conversations that could or could not happen, I need to stop and enjoy the view and the people. It's really hard but I'm determined, I think I dwell way too much in the past and future. I'm really surprised how many people recognize me during the day, I know because they always asked me "where is Robby?" There were a lot of pelicans flying around and diving into the water, it was so cool. I took a lot of pictures but I know they're not going to be as beautiful as they are in person, they always look so much farther away in the pictures. This one guy I run into a lot in my travels around the wharf, I can't remember his name but his dogs name is Sparky. He's always so sweet and so friendly and loves to talk, he's always stopping and talking to somebody. I told him that Robby was retired and is not allowed on the boardwalk or the wharf anymore and he was very angry thinking that we got kicked off, I told him that it just wasn't a good idea since he is retired. He's such a sweet and caring man, he was worried that somebody yelled at us. I cruised over to the boardwalk, almost every day when I go by there there is this guy with the most beautiful gray pitbull I have ever seen, is always tied up to one of the benches and he just look so well behaved. I made a point to go by a couple of times since I didn't have Robby, I don't like to get them riled up, so I can take some pictures. I cruised back and forth across the boardwalk a couple of times and took some pictures of the progress, I can't wait until it's finished… It's going to look amazing. They were building the stage for the summer concerts and all of the other events, I just love the summers at the boardwalk because there's always so much going on. It cruised back home and the guy from expert plumbing was here to fix the leak in the water heater closet, of course he didn't find anything so he said to give them a call if there was any more water. Right when I got home it started sprinkling and he was blocking the driveway so I texted my mom a couple of times and then called because by now it was really raining. I came inside and rested for a bit and then waited for them to bring Robby home, he never really says hello he just rushes in to drink some water and see if there's any food yet. It kind of hurts my feelings because he's always so glad to see everyone else. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I watched TV for a little bit and then fell asleep.

Tuesday Cindy came in and got me up and took me shopping at new leaf and then over to Beverly's fabrics, everything was so expensive I ended up not getting hardly anything. I remember when you could go over there and get a whole basket full of stuff for $20 and I think I only got four or five things and it came to $40. The plants in my bathroom on the shelf are all dying because either everybody waters them or nobody does, when Lisa was here she took care of all that but nobody else seems to be interested. I thought I better get some fake plants that way nobody will have to worry about them but they were way too expensive. We went to Home Depot after and got some succulents and Cindy said that she would go on YouTube and see how to repot plants, she is so cool… Willing to do almost anything. She then took me to my audiology appointment, I was wondering if my hearing is getting bad but luckily it's not. I do have trouble with soft sounds when there are noises around but nothing abnormal, thank goodness because I don't want to have to start wearing a hearing aid. Not because of the hearing aid but because I always reach up and scratch my ear and I know I will not get out and lose it. We came home and it was too late to go anywhere so we just rested. Rosa came in as Cindy was leaving and put me to bed, I was so exhausted. I have been really tired a lot lately and I do like it but I'm wondering why. Rosa put me to bed and then made me a bison burger with a carb free bun, onion rings and a salad with the lettuce my aunt brought over from her garden. She brushed my teeth and wash my face and I was out. I woke up thinking it was the morning but when I looked at the clock it was only 11 PM, I couldn't believe it but I was glad I still had time to sleep. I fell back to sleep with no problem.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Susan came in and gave me a massage, I think it's been about three weeks and I am ready. I got an email from Roger saying that he nominated Foster for a high five award from one of the local television stations and he invited me to be there, Foster does so much and really deserves it and I am thrilled to be invited to be there to witness it. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I and I watched television until I fell asleep.

Thursday was a very frustrating day. Everything was going along really great and I was happy and in a great mood but today for some reason I'm just frustrated at everything and everyone. Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I headed downtown for my appointment with Carol, as I was getting out of the elevator the pack on the side of my chair got caught and ripped off… That's where all of my door openers and everything are. Carol fixed it as best she could and we went on with our appointment, I really had a lot to say. After my appointment I came back home to see if Karen could fix the pack on the side of my chair, she tie wrapped and stapled it and Robby and I were off again for a cruise down to the wharf, over to the boardwalk and back and down to the wharf again before we came home. Rosa got here early, it's nice to go to bed early once in a while… Especially now that I am trying to get rid of a pressure sore. If it's not any better today I will have to stay in bed for a couple of days. Rosa came in and put me to bed and fed Robby and I and I watch TV until I fell asleep.

Friday was a pretty boring day. Karen came in and fed Robby and I and put me on my side for the day. As the housekeepers were cleaning my room I drifted off, for some reason if I'm only limited to watch or listen to one thing in my room I fall asleep… Pretty weird! Meaghan called and said she wasn't feeling well so I called Karen to see if she could come back and she agreed, I don't know what I would do without that girl! We did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath and go back to bed, it felt great just lying here claim and comfortable watching TV.  I watch the season finale of Nashville, I usually watch a couple of the four episodes before watch a new episode because sometimes I forget what's going on… It's so fun getting old LOL. It made me cry.

Saturday was a pretty boring day. Cindy came in and put me on my side, I thought I should stay in bed off my sore for one more day since tomorrow I need to go to Modesto. The Woofpack came to pick up Robby for his play date, I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting him some exercise today. Omar came in and hung some pictures in the hallway, painted the white stool in my bathroom black so we can see how it's going to look with all the black furniture in there, I think I'm going to like it… I really don't like white. I watched TV all day and Meaghan came in to set me back up for the evening, my body really really hates being on my side but it's better for my pressure sore. I watched TV until I fell asleep.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and got me up and my mom, my aunt and I took off for Modesto for Corinne's bridal shower in Modesto. We got a pretty good early start and there wasn't really a lot of traffic so we got there about 1 PM. I guess they decided to have it inside, usually is outside on the back porch, so they found a couple of boards and put them across the stairs for me to go up. I'm always really careful and I trust them to be really careful but it really makes me nervous, I don't like to show it but it does. I made it up with no problem, everybody was so nice and helpful. The lady put some sheets down on her floor because she had just had it redone, I really hope I didn't ruin anything. Coming back down the stairs was easier and we headed on home. We ran into some traffic coming out of Modesto and I was hoping this wasn't going to be how the driver is going to be, I fell asleep. I woke up as we were coming to Los Gatos and there wasn't a lot of traffic going the way we were going but the traffic coming the other way was ridiculous… I'm so glad we were going that way. We got home and Meaghan was here washing down and sanitizing the kits so she put me to bed and after she went home I fell asleep pretty quick, there was a really exhausting day.