Sunday, November 25, 2012

Soon I will be riding in my new van…

 Monday was a nice relaxing day. Susan came and gave me a massage, that always feels wonderful. Karen came in at 2 PM and got me something to eat and we did some personal care and then I just relaxed the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was one of the best days of my life. I got up and my uncle drove Teresa, Karen, Robby and I to a credit union in Santa Clara to finalize the loan from my new van and then over to Mobility Works to learn everything about it and drive it home. While we were at the credit union we could smell this Korean barbecue place and it smelled amazing so we decided to go back after we got the van. We finalize everything there and then drove back to the Korean barbecue place and we were not disappointed, the food was as amazing as it smelled, we ate way more than we should have but we just couldn't stop. We drove my new van to Home Depot to get a Christmas tree and then drove home. It was so nice and cozy in my new van, everybody loved it it was so excited for me. We got home and Teresa put me to bed and then decorated the tree and put everything on a timer, I can't wait to see what it looks like in the morning.

 Wednesday was a really great day, it seems like good stuff just keeps happening and I really love my life right now. I got up and did my exercises and I was determined to take Robby for a nice long walk even though it looks cold and rainy outside, poor Karen showed up so this morning… not a good sign. I went outside to check the weather and it was perfect, the sun was out and it was warming up. I started to take Robby through the lagoon but it was so muddy my teacher started sliding around so we turned around and went through the Depot Park. We cruised up over the bridge, down to the end of the wharf and back and through the boardwalk and back. Everything was so deserted and it was so beautiful I stopped a bunch of times just to look out over the ocean, it's really hard to believe I live in such a beautiful place. Robby and I were practicing our commands and the Velcro his vest came came undone and it flipped around. Luckily there was a family on Boardwalk so I asked the guy  to fix Robby's vest and he did, people are always so nice and so willing to help. I can imagine trying to go all the way home with Robby stepping on his vest. I came home and Bill was here fixing my left, that means I get to take a bath in the morning… I'm so excited. Sonia came and put me to bed and I just relaxed the rest of the evening and thought about looking over the ocean, I really wish I had a camera so I can take pictures of some of the stuff I see. Teresa put up my Christmas tree last night and Karen decorated this morning, it always puts me in such a good mood when my house is decorated. The girls do such an awesome job.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and that is always a great day. My brother, his wife and their daughter came down and spent the night Wednesday night. They got in kind of late and everybody was tired so we all went to bed. Thursday I got up and it smelled really incredible upstairs, Stanley was making baked eggs and bacon bowl and toast, it was so good. I took Robby for a long cruise because I knew there probably wouldn't be time later and he's starting to look good so I don't want him to gain any more weight. Everywhere we went it was pretty deserted. We went through the Boardwalk part of the lagoon but didn't provide the water part because it was muddy and I was afraid it was going to get stuck. We went to Depot Park, up over the bridge, down to the wharf and back and through the boardwalk and back. The weather was actually really nice and we wanted to stay out longer but also wanted to come back and visit with everyone. I was leaning back for a while in my room and my brother came down so we went across the street to see what was going on. My cousin Rich was there with his 2 little girls, they are so adorable. Mike and Laura and of course my uncle and aunt were over there. I was going to try to get a game of cribbage going  but they had already played inside the front house and everybody was ready to eat. My aunt made a turkey, mashed potatoes, cauliflower, gravy and a bunch of hors d'oeuvres. My mom brought over a ham and she made some spinach and artichoke heart dish that was awesome. I ate until I couldn't stand it anymore and then I had to come home so Teresa could put me to bed and then go back and have her Thanksgiving, she was cooking for a bunch of friends and neighbors. Everybody went back over to have some pie and ice cream but I was still to full. Everyone went back over to play some cribbage and I went to sleep, there was a long day and I was really tired.

  Friday was a nice relaxing day. My family left really early so they could take it vantage of Black Friday. Susan came and gave me a massage, we did personal-care and I got a nice long hot bath and then back to bed to enjoy the rest of the evening by 4 PM. I always feel so nice and relaxed after a massage and a bath.

Saturday was a great day. I keep thinking that were going to run out of great days but it's just not happening. I got up and took Robby for cruise and then went to El Palomar downtown and have some tacos and then went to the movies with Heather to see Flight, what a great movie.  We cruised around downtown for a little while and I got another hat, today is support your local shops so it was really crowded so we didn't shop for long. We came back and planned the menu for the rest of the week and then Heather went shopping and came back and cooked, it always smells so amazing in here when she leaves. Karen put me to bed and I kept falling asleep even a couple of times before she left so hopefully I will sleep really good tonight.

Sunday was a little cold but it's always a great day when I get up and out and about. I took Robby for a really long cruise through the lagoon and up to the lighthouse, actually a little past… until it got too cold. We went back down to the end of the wharf and back and to the end of the boardwalk and back, I was really glad to get out but I was glad to get back into my nice warm house. Heather came over for a while and then Karen came and put me to bed. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played cribbage… I won a dollar so it was a good game. I watched a couple of episodes of Dr. Phil and that's all I remember.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

And now we are back to sunshine…

 Monday turned out to be a really good day. I got up and did my exercises and Robby and I cruised through the lagoon and down Westcliff Drive to the lighthouse, back through the wharf and then off to my dentist appointment. I get my teeth cleaned every 3 months, I used to do it because I didn't floss my teeth but now I have the water flosser and I love it…  I don't like the tongue scraper very well but my mail sure does feel clean afterwards so I do it. It usually only takes about half an hour and now is get a good report, I guess that my age I should still be glad I still have my own teeth? I cruised home and talk to my mom and have her for a while, it was nice to be able to sit down and talk to Heather for a little bit because she has been working so hard I hardly ever see her anymore. Teresa came and put me to bed.

Tuesday was a really great day. The weather was perfect and it was one of those days that you just don't want to come home.  I did my exercises and then Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, up through the park, past the lighthouse to the dog beach, down to the end of the wharf and back and through the boardwalk. I was going to bring my be home to get some water and then go back out and cruise down to Ross and pet smart but I got home and leaned back and took a little nap. Teresa and Heather got here at the same time so we chatted for a while and then Heather cooked, it smelled so good in there  and Teresa put me to bed. We did some personal care and then I got a nice long hot bath, it felt great and I almost fell asleep before I got back to bed I was so relaxed. And then the rude awakening… the rails on my lift of stuck in the hallway to the bathroom so we had to move the bed over to the hallway to get me back into bed, that means you're going to have much to do same thing in the morning to get me up. I called ATG rehab to see if my new wheelchair is in yet. July 10 is when I had an appointment with Eric, Andrei and Jack and I was told that they no longer sell the parts to my chair and I needed to get a new one. After several setbacks including extra Medicare paperwork, extra doctor visits… I thought my chair was ordered and I called on November 13th to find out how much longer because my chair is pretty much on its last leg. I was told that I needed one more inspection before they can order it, can you believe this? I have never had this much problems ordering a chair and Vicki just rushed me off the phone and said she would get back to me. I was furious. I hope my old wheelchair makes it until I get my new one. I feel like just stopping everything and going to another vendor but then I would probably have to do this all over again, they just don't make it easy.

Wednesday was just another great day, just keep on bringing them. Robby and I cruised around the lagoon for a while and then came back home to meet up with Karen, I wanted to take some more shirts down to the tie-dye shop and check out the new hippie shop on Pacific Avenue. I have been looking for those beanies that cover your ears with the tassels on the end,  I used to think those hats were silly and now I'm looking for them. Every other hat seems to fall off of my head by the end of the day so I'm not sure if I really like them  or they just suit my purpose. I got a couple of hats and we dropped off the shirts that we decided to go to Surfrider's Café for lunch, it was dinner for me. I had bacon and Gorgonzola sliders and onion rings, of course it was awesome. Karen had sliders with cheddar and onion rings, hers looked pretty awesome too… Did I mention that they make their own hamburger buns right there? Karen stayed at the bus station to catch her bus that I cruised Robby down to the wharf and through the boardwalk. I love to stop and just lean back and listen to the waves and the seals on the boardwalk is empty, it has been during the week. We practiced a couple of commands and then came on home. I was so upset last night that I couldn't sleep so I e-mailed Roger, he works at Dominican rehab and kind of takes care of everybody… I don't know how he does it. By the end of the day he had talked to the sales rep and I was going to find out about my chair and why it has taken so long and why there were so many setbacks that were necessary. He told the guy that if I didn't have a chair soon I was going to go to another sales rep. Everybody really respects and listens to Roger. Sonia came by to put me to bed but Bill was still working on my lift so I ate the rest of my lunch and we waited for him to be done, I was supposed to play cards that night but it didn't happen. It took him a long time to figure out what was wrong but he finally did it, a screw came loose and fell in the motor and jammed it… it's always something really silly or simple? Sonia and put me to bed and I got a call from Sasha to see if anybody will be around tomorrow she can come and pick up my old bed, I thought I got rid of it a while back... Sonja had been telling me about this movie called Hochi: a dog's tale so I found it on Netflix and watch it, what a great dog lover movie. Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Jason Alexander were in it… and of course Hachi, I cried almost all the way through the movie.

 Thursday was one of the most exciting days in my life. I got up and did my exercises and then we took care and home  and then cruised over to Mobility Works to check out their new accessible Honda Odyssey vans. As soon as I saw it I just fell in love, with not only the van but the color. We looked at a couple of other ones but always link back to this one. I have tried the big Mercedes sprinter for a year but it's just too much for me and nobody really wants to  drive it. This is going to be so exciting that everybody is going to want to drive it now. I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Piro to see if my neck is making any progress. He ran the ultrasound around it one more time and set within a couple of months it will look a lot better so he just wants me to come back in a couple of months. We went back over to Mobility Works to see if they got the estimate on what they were trained my van in for and they did, I hardly have to pay anything for the difference. The guy said that my credit was so good that I can probably pick it up the next day but we opted to wait for Tuesday, as long as they hold it for me. There is an abilities Expo going on over this weekend and usually they sell all of their cars so I'm really glad that I'm getting this one and I don't have to wait. We got home and my friend down the street was fighting with her roommate and she was so upset she couldn't even hardly talk. She called me on my cell phone because she saw us driving by in the van and before I could answer her she was knocking at the door. She was such a mess and so scared she just wanted a place to crash for the night so we gave her the front bedroom and she was so exhausted that she fell right asleep. Teresa of me to bed and gave me an extra Xanax because I was so nervous about having to tell my uncle and my aunt that I was trading in the van. They worked so hard and picked out what they thought would be the perfect vehicle for me and all along I knew they were right but I couldn't help myself from looking back at the Honda Odyssey. I am so incredibly happy that I know I'm not going to sleep tonight.

Friday in pretty much rained all day. I got up and did my exercises and took Robby for a cruise out in the rain, a puppy still needs his exercise. We started to cruise through the lagoon but it was to muddy so we decided to turn around and go the other way. We cruised through Depot Park and up over the bridge above the wharf, to the end of the wharf and back and then to the boardwalk. It was getting cold by then so I was done. I came home and Teresa was going to take us over to Home Depot to get a tree when we got a text from the sales rep at Mobility Works and he needed some more paperwork so we turned around and came right home. We texted him what he wanted but he had already went home for the day, I hope he gets it in the morning.
 Saturday I ended up staying in bed but it was an awesome day. Teresa and Karen came over and decorated my house for Christmas, I know it's early but this is the 1st chance they're going to have because they are both so busy this month and next month. I can see the lights in the driveway and on the front porch, I got those crystal ones that look like they're dripping and I love them. I'm getting a temporary tree on Tuesday because the one that I ordered from groupon isn't going to be here until December 2nd, then I'll move the little one into my room. Anyways it always just makes me so happy to go out of my room and see all the Christmas stuff. Other than that I just relaxed pretty much all day and fell asleep early. Ever since I got the stuff figured out with my Van I have been sleeping really well, I think the stress is over.

 Sunday it didn't rain as much as I thought it would be edited actually started to get warm. I got up and took Robby for cruise through the lagoon where I almost got stuck in the mud a couple of times, down to the lighthouse Museum, to the dog beach and back. Karen was here and she put me to bed, there was kind of a short day which is good because now I have a long night of relaxing.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Is this really November??

 Monday was a nice relaxing day. I love being able to sleep in until 8:30 AM, massage until 10 AM, a nice long hot bath and then back to bed to rest for the afternoon. It got up to 92° here today in Santa Cruz, I'm kind of glad I didn't go anywhere. Heather came over and cooked a bunch of wonderful stuff, I had just eaten before she got here and everything smelled so wonderful I was hungry again but I didn't eat. My uncle came over to visit for a while and he looked exhausted. He is putting in a new bathroom, all tile, at my cousins house. He does everything himself and it will look awesome but he's just wearing himself out. For breakfast I had a pistachio butter and jelly sandwich and for dinner I had pork with apples and sautéed onions, brussels sprouts and broccoli with wheat berries. I really need such awesome stuff, thank you Heather.

Tuesday was a perfect day. Robby turns 5 years old today. The weather was gorgeous so Robby and I took a really long cruise to watch the Cold Water Classic, I'm really glad that we did because I read after on Facebook that today was the last day… it was supposed to go until the 16th. I wanted to get a shirt but all I could find was assured for the surf Museum so I got that and a surf Museum beanie.  We cruise down to the wharf and I went in a couple of shops to see if they had a T-shirt but I didn't see anything so I came home and ordered one online. We cruise down to the boardwalk where there was really nobody around and practiced some of Robby's commands, I know I shouldn't make him on his birthday but I really just didn't want to go home because it was so beautiful outside. We cruise back to the lagoon again and then came home.  Heather was cooking up a storm and it smelled so good in here I want to eat everything but after I got to bed it was late so I decided to wait until morning. Teresa was coming in early to wax Karen and I and then we did some personal care. We watched the end of the election and then Teresa went home.

 Wednesday was a little cold outside, not unbearable but cold. The beanie that I bought the day before fell off my head the 1st time I leaned back in my chair, I have to lean back for 15 min. every hour. It fell in the sand and I had to have Robby get it. We cruise down to where the Cold Water Classic was held and they were tearing everything down so we decided to turn around and just go down to the wharf. I was looking at a hat yesterday and I decided to go back today and buy it so I did, I hope it stays on my head. We cruised down to the boardwalk and practice a couple of commands and I decided it was just too cold so we just came back home. Karen texted me and said that the dollar store down by the bus depot had Christmas stuff so I wanted to go down there and check it out but I think I'll wait until I can have somebody go with me, maybe I can get Karen to stop by there with me before she catches the bus for home on Friday.  Heather made some killer chicken enchiladas so I ate those and some wheat berries. I ordered a longsleeved shirt online that has a heater in it, I have been looking for one for a long time. It has a battery that can be charged but it also has a plug for a cigarette lighter, I have one on my chair… how cool is that? I can't wait to try it out tomorrow because it looks like it's going to be pretty cold.

Thursday was a little colder in the morning but it turned out to be pretty nice. I had to doctors appointments at the opposite ends of town, I love that because it gives us a good run. My 1st one was up at Dr. Owens to get my Depo-Provera shot. I always see the worry and the puzzled look in the MAs eyes when they see how bundled up I am in the nova have to give me a shot. I have a pair of leggings that Teresa cut a hole in the top of my leg that I wear when I go to the doctors to get a shot, my shirt covers it. There is always a huge relief in the MAs eyes when I show them that, what a good idea it is. After I left Dr. Owen's office the sun kept coming out and then going away and my next appointment was in for a couple of hours so I decided to cruise along Westcliff Drive because it's always so beautiful, it was not only beautiful but pretty much deserted except for the man taking down the bleachers from the Cold Water Classic. We cruise down to the wharf and then to the boardwalk where we stopped to practice a couple of commands and then decided to come home and get my sunglasses and my heated throw. I have a heated throw that plugs into the cigarette lighter plug I have on my chair to keep me warm, that was such a great idea. I started out about a half hour before my appointment and it was sprinkling a little bit, by the time I got to the end of the street it was raining a little bit harder so I was trying to decide whether to go through it or turn around and come home and reschedule my appointment. I decided to just come home and reschedule my appointment and I went out to the living room it was just pouring buckets, a good decision.  Karen was still here so I asked her if she would fix me up late to eat since she couldn't leave either because it was raining. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and for lunch I decided to have some fish, spinach and beats. I just hung around for a while and then Teresa came and put me to bed. I got some locally made cheese from Santa Cruz local foods that I kept wanting to try so I tried that with some smoked clams and some salami, it was awesome.
 Friday was a really long day. I got to sleep in so that was nice, I got my massage from Susan… she usually does it on Mondays but she's going on vacation. Personal care took 5 hours and by the end of it Karen and I were both frustrated and exhausted. My uncle and my aunt came over and we played about 4 games of cribbage, I lost a dollar in my mom was my partner. It looks like were going to have Thanksgiving across the street and my uncle's house. Their dinners are always so great. I'm not sure if my brother and his family are coming from Modesto about my cousin and his family will be here. I'm going to bring one of those pear/apple pies from Santa Cruz local foods. I tried one last week and they are amazing, plus they are all organic and locally grown. I also got some pumpkin ice cream from them. I LOVE Thanksgiving.

Saturday was a pretty great day, I thought it was going to be cold so I was going to wear my battery-operated heated shirt I just got the day before but I went outside in the morning and it was pretty warm so I just went with the thermal and a shirt. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, up the hill, through the park and down to W. Cliff Dr. We cruise all the way down past the lighthouse to the dog park all the way back, to the end of the wharf and back and then back home. Karen came in early so Vicente could take her and I for a much-needed shopping visit to Cosco. I wanted to get gutter screens but it looks like I waited too long and they don't have them anymore, I did get a bunch of other stuff that I really needed. Of course I had to get a chicken bake, I love those things. We came home and put everything away and my computer was going crazy, my brother was fixing everything from Georgia… it always looks really cool to see all the stuff getting done. He is really amazing what the computer and he's just an amazing guy.

Sunday I ended up staying in bed all day and I didn't have any caregivers. I decided to watch 3 out of the 4 twilight movies,  I'm determined to watch the last one. The 1st one was really good and then I think they just went downhill after that, I don't see all the hype. For breakfast my mom made scrambled eggs, bacon and wheat biscuits… a really good breakfast. For dinner I ate the rest of the lasagna I ordered a couple nights ago and some wheat berries with spinach. It was a nice relaxing day.

On my own again…

Monday was a beautiful day as far as weather goes. Stanley, David and Deziree left this morning and Tom, Kelly and Bailey left this evening… it's going to be really quiet around here for a while. Susan came to give me a massage this morning and for some reason I was just sore all over, it might just be the weather so I'm going to try to get a massage a couple times a week and see if that helps. Susan also does reflexology which is really cool, there's a place on your hands and feet to soothe any part of your body. After my massage I have some lasagna, a piece of pizza with everything on it and some bread. For dinner I had some eggplant with garlic sauce, we found a Chinese food place that delivers.
Tuesday started out to be a little cold but then it warmed right up. I got up and did my exercises and then Claudia called to remind me that I had an appointment today to get my nails done, I'm so glad that she called. I got a French manicure with black on the bottom with orange tips for Halloween,  I can't believe it's already tomorrow. While I was getting my nails done  Samantha was talking about how cool it would be to wear a yellow shirt that says life on it and handed out lemons just like in the quote “when life hands you lemons…” I thought that was awesome and I didn't have a costume century seclude some letters on my yellow shirt and went over to the store to get some lemonade juice boxes and some lemons, I wanted to hand out little boxes of Lemonheads but she couldn't find any. My aunt stopped me on the way out today and asked me if I wanted to go with her to take the girls downtown and to the wharf, I had made plans with Heather but forgot it was Halloween and how miserable it was going to be downtown so Heather and I decided to go to the movies on Thursday. I didn't find a costume for Robby. After I got my nails done I cruised down to the boardwalk and worked with Robby for a little bit, cruise down to the end of the wharf and back and let Robby watch the seals and then cruised back home by then it was 4 o'clock and time for Teresa to come and put me to bed. Teresa also got some candy from the store and decorated the porch since I didn't get around to decorating anything this year.

Wednesday was Halloween. Halloween is usually my favorite time of the year and I usually go all out with my decorations but this year it just came and went so fast. Last night Teresa decorated the porch of a little bit, got me some candy and maybe a quickie costume. She took one of my yellow shirts and cut out the letters LIFE and glued them on my shirt. She went over to Safeway and got some lemons and got some Capri Sun lemonade juice boxes, I wanted Lemonheads but she couldn't find any, for me to pass out. The theme was “when life hands you lemons…” I got up and did my exercises, it sure feels good to do my exercises, and took Robby for cruise through the lagoon and up to W. Cliff Dr. I saw them setting up some bleachers a couple of weeks back and I thought that I had missed the event but it was going on today, practice I think. There was a huge banner that said “Coldwater classic, November 1 through the 16th. I watched for a little while and then we went a little further down W. Cliff Dr. On the way back I ran into Kristof, I always see him on his bike and he always stops to say hello. He lives in the apartments behind the lagoon. He said that he was going to turn 80 on Thanksgiving, he looks really good and he is in good shape. I also ran into Andrew, he works for the Parks and Recreation and I see him pretty much everywhere I go. He lives behind my driveway in the “purple house”… everyone uses that house for a marker. I cruised back and hung out for a while and watch the Big Bang theory before Sonia came to put me to bed. We didn't have a lot of trick-or-treaters, it seems to be fewer and fewer every year. I guess it's safer to take the kids downtown and to the wharf, oh well that means more candy for me. Of course Teresa was hiding spiders and cockroaches all over the house to try to scare Karen, she never gets scared but just looks annoyed and laughs. Karen and return it them for Sonia who totally freaks out. She put gummy eyeballs in my food and fake harry spiders in my eggs, I think about would've been anybody but Karen all of my eggs would be broken.  My cousin brought his 2 adorable little girls, Luana and Malia over to trick-or-treat and show us their costumes… a butterfly and a fairy. I can't wait until Christmas!

 Thursday it rained most of the morning and my stomach was cramping so I decided we better do some personal care and I will just stay in bed. Today was Heather's birthday and I wanted to take her to a movie and to dinner but it didn't work out, it's really hard trying to work something out through text messaging and I ended up misunderstanding what she was trying to say. It sounds like she had a really nice day and that's what it's all about. I thought today would be a perfect day to stay in bed because nobody was around but it seems like there's always somebody around, it was a rice relaxing day anyway.  I was watching intervention and I fell asleep and I must've slept really hard because when I woke up I assumed it was morning, I thought I had slept a long time. I finally looked at my computer and it was 8:30 PM. I guess that's good because if I can go back to sleep I have a whole night of henna me to sleep. For breakfast I had a poached duck egg and some kale and wheat berries. For lunch I had a pistachio butter and red orange sandwich and some some chips. When my mom got home she brought me a custard filled chocolate donut.

Friday turned out to be such a beautiful day. I got up and took Robby to his yearly exam and everything was great. For so long we battled a very itchy dog with her left ear that was always infected and this time he had no problems. Okay he was a little overweight but were working on that. After that we cruise through the lagoon, up to the Lagoon Park and down Westcliff Drive past the lighthouse, down to the dog beach, to the end of the wharf and back into the end of the boardwalk and back. I guess the cold water classic is pretty major national, it started yesterday and it goes until the 16th. There is a ton of bleachers set up and everybody practicing, it is going to be a mess down there tomorrow and Sunday I'm sure. We came back and Teresa came to put me to bed. My uncle and aunt, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage… I don't know about everyone else but I broke even so it was a good night.

Saturday was so beautiful outside but unfortunately I was stuck in bed. I don't know how many more beautiful days we're going to have it I think officially the Cold Water Classic started today, or it started yesterday. I pretty much slept on and off all day so I hope I'm able to sleep tonight but if not I guess I have my movies. Sonia came this morning to give me something to eat and turn me on my site for a while and of course feed Robby. Tomorrow it's going to be even warmer so you can bet I will be out watching the surfers and dodging the dogs  on Westcliff Drive.

When I had a visiting nurse here I told her that I was looking for someone to clean my house and she recommended a lady, this lady is awesome. Once she gets your house in good shape she starts doing extra things. Today she washed the windows, she's usually here on Wednesdays and Fridays but she came in today just to do that… how cool is that? She asked me if I needed anybody to do my yard because her husband was looking for something extra to do.  I told her that I had a gardener but I have a ton of maintenance to do around here and he agreed to do it, he was also a great find. He sanded and repainted my fence and just decided to clean out my gutters one day. I feel so lucky to have found them and his great to have all of this stuff done. I had 2 lights  on the light posts at the end of my driveway and someone came by and slugged one of them off, I knew it would happen one day and I even got it on my camera but you can't really tell who it is.

Sunday was another perfect day. I got up and out of here early because it was going to be really hot. Robby and I cruised down to the lagoon and up the hill to Westcliff Drive to check out the Coldwater Classic, there was really a lot of people there. I decided to just cruise right through and not even look for dogs and everybody behaved themselves, it was really awesome and good for both Robby and I. Want to go down to the lighthouse but the people there directing traffic kept ushering me to the wheelchair VIP seating, they were so sweet. I sat there for a while, talk to a couple people and watch the amazing surfers until it got too hot and I couldn't stand it anymore. I figured I'll come back another day to get a T-shirt, hopefully it won't be as crowded during the week. We cruise down to the end of the boardwalk and back but it was just too hot so we cruised home. Luckily Karen came into work early so I just went to bed and we got some personal care on the way so we don't have to do it tomorrow. It seems really late because of the time change but I have a lot more time to relax and just watch TV. I bought a bunch of meat and seafood from Meat hub and Omaha steaks, I had groupons, so Heather has been cooking it up for me and it's pretty good stuff. This morning I had a little filet with onions, some zucchini and mushrooms and some broccoli with wheat berries. For dinner I had salmon with artichoke hearts, roasted brussels sprouts and broccoli with wheat berries. Heather is awesome!