Saturday, July 23, 2011

A great week...

Monday I got up and took Robby for are really long cruise through the wharf and the boardwalk, down to Ross and back through town. After we got back we practiced three of our commands, it feels good to be back in the old routine again. We tried to do the standing frame but the sling just wasn’t right and even though we tried several times it just wasn’t going to happen, I don’t know what I’m going to do except just keep trying and hope we can get it.

Tuesday was a really busy day. I had an appointment with Andrei and Carl to figure out how to put a lateral on my chair on my right side, it fell off a while back so I was going to try to do without it. We decided to wait until I had my appointment with Bob at hangar prosthetics to redo my brace, I lost 20 pounds on this gas elimination diet and I have to be fitted for a new brace. Then I had my final x-ray at Dominican Hospital, I’m so glad to get that over with. Now I just have to wait for the results. After that we went to Cosco, NEVER go to Costco when you’re hungry. It doesn’t have to even be food you just crave everything. We came back and Heather was barbecuing hamburgers, she made avocado and arugula hamburgers and they were awesome. I think I’m still going to stick to the diet for the most part because I would like to lose a little bit more weight and it just felt good to eat a bunch of small meals instead of a couple big ones.

Wednesday I got up and cruise down to Claudius beauty shop to give Debbie a thank you card that I made her or the beautiful cake she made for my birthday, it was so gorgeous and had real flowers on... everybody loved it. I came back and Tom, Kelly, Seth and I went down to the Farmer’s market and met Teresa. She keeps telling me about the sauerkraut stuffed pretzel that they have down there so Tom and I tried one, Tom tried one I saved mine for lunch tomorrow. I got some huge figs and they tasted so good I ate a couple when I got home. Teresa took me to my appointment to see Bob at Hanger prosthetics. He fixed my leg braces and measured me for a new front panel for my back brace, I am so glad that I don’t have to replace the back brace since I lost almost 20 pounds. We went to the wharf and had some onion rings and iced tea and did a little shopping. I found a life preserver for my net and hanging shells on the back porch. I also found an old time model of a Volkswagen bus with surfboards on top, it really looks like it’s from Santa Cruz.

Thursday Robby and I went for our regular cruise around Santa Cruz. There was a lot of dogs out there today, most of them don’t know how to behave in public. I don’t blame the dogs but I do blame the owners are being irresponsible, it’s very frustrating. I went to cost plus and found a bunch of cute stuff that I would like to get, I’m decorating my porch with a beach theme and it is going to look awesome.

Friday I got my massage and my nice long hot bath before I got up. It was a long morning so I didn’t get to take Robby on a very long cruise before we left for dinner and concert. Tom, Kelly, Teresa, Seth and I decided to go to the Woody’s Café for dinner before the concert. I had fish tacos and they were very good, I never had them before and I was always a little bit afraid to try and... the two just don’t sound like they would go together although I love both of them. Teresa and I went there a couple nights before and the guy remembered us but wanted to know where Robby was, the last time I went there he spoiled Robby. He made sure Robby was in the corner so nobody would bother him, but the towel down and gave him three big glasses of water. I told him that I usually don’t take Robby when I go to the concerts on the beach because of the crowds and the loud music. Loverboy was AWESOME, I would have loved to stay in the second show but nobody else suggested it and it was getting late so we came back. My brother and Corinne got here shortly after we came back so I didn’t get to visit with them very much that night.

Saturday was our support group at Dominican rehab. We didn’t think very many people would show up because it was a the same day as the shared adventures 19th annual day on the beach. I wanted to go check out the day on the beach after the support group but it was just too hot and I wanted to go and spend a little bit of time with my brother and my niece. We had some killer spinach, cheese and white sauce lasagna that Kelly made, some olive bread that we got at the farmers market with brie cheese on it and some artichoke and cheese and sausage. Alexia and I watched it the new version of beauty and the beast called beastie.

Sunday was the long awaited and needed puppy play date. We fill the pool up with water and Dr. Owens brought Bella and Ozzy over and they had such a good time. Bella is still the only one that will go in the pool but the rest of them use it to drink water out of, I’m hoping as it gets warmer they will all go in. after the puppy play date Tom hung up my copper maple tree and my owl on the front porch, it looks awesome. Teresa hung up a few more accents that we got for the back porch, a little pair of flip-flops, a life preserver and a couple more things we found along the way. It is really starting to look nice around here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

I finally got to see Patrick's band, The Road Hog's...

Monday was the big fourth of July debate... what are we going to eat and what are we going to do. We went back and forth a lot and finally decided to barbecue some sausages, have sauerkraut, Chile and a salad. While we were barbecuing sausages my aunt came over and said that they had a bunch of ribs and some potato salad so we decided to combine everything. My caregiver showed up so I wasn’t able to go but they brought me back a killer care package.

Tuesday was a really busy day. Robby had his bath, I went to get a manicure and pedicure and DirecTV came to fix my television. After my manicure and pedicure and came back and got Robby and cruised around for a bit. Heather came by and cooked an awesome dinner for everyone.

Wednesday Robby and I got back on our 6 mile, around Santa Cruz cruise and it felt great. We haven’t been getting out as much as we should and Robby has gained two more pounds. It’s nice to be back on our schedule. Kelly went to the Farmer’s market and Tom and I cruised down there to meet her, I love that place. They ate dinner there and I came back because Teresa was going to be here at 3 PM. I ate dinner and then we put up the net and shells on the back porch, and looked awesome. We all ended up on the back porch talking and laughing, it was an awesome evening.

"The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach." ~ Benjamin Mays

Thursday I got up and took Robby for a cruise. It was finally the day to go get the first of my series of x-ray’s, I’m so glad to get this over with. It was actually pretty easy, a lot easier than I thought it would be. We brought my sling and while they were getting a lift Teresa put the sling on and they just laid me on the table, took a couple of x-rays, put me back in my chair and we were on our way. Teresa and I both had a groupon for the kick back Café so we decided to give it a try. The guy said that his barbecue tri-tip was really good and gave us a sample and it really was so we decided to give it a try. I had that and a mango smoothie and it was really good. We were so full after that and we didn’t even go to Costco, we just came home and put me to bed.

Friday I got my wonderful massage and a bath and took Robby for a run. We decided to skip the concert on the beach and go to a place called bocci cellar to watch Patrick and his band play. They were awesome. Teresa got sick and wasn’t able to go but Tom, Kelly and I decided to go anyway and we are glad that we did. They usually play rock ‘n roll but they were asked if they could do a swing band for an older group that does swing dance. They sounded really good, you would never know it didn’t come natural to them. It was so cute to watch all of the older couples swing dance.

Saturday Robby and I cruised through the wharf and started to cruise through the boardwalk but it was way too crowded so we cut around the boardwalk and cruise down the Levy. A lady was riding by on a bicycle and asked where Robby was raised. It turned out she was the daughter of the lady who breeds Robby’s mom... small world? She apparently lives in Berkeley and her mom told her if she goes to Santa Cruz to be on the lookout for Robby. I came back and we once again tried the standing frame, this time it was a success. It felt so good to get up in the standing frame again and I know I will sleep better.

Sunday I was exhausted and they look like it was going to be cold outside so I decided to just take a nice long hot bath and go back to bed. I slept on and off most of the day so I didn’t think I would sleep at all at night but I slept all night also, it felt great.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally catching up...

Monday Kelly took me over to the DMV to get my new disabled plates for my van. I decided to make an appointment and even though we had to wait about an hour it only took about five minutes to get the plates, luckily I had all the paperwork filled out. I came home and went to bed and my uncle was fixing hamburgers for everyone. He wanted to go to the wooden nickel but he makes some pretty darn good hamburgers so it worked out great.

Tuesday was supposed to rain so I decided to stay in bed and rest. The housekeepers were coming and the guys to move one of my cameras from the back of the house to the driveway. Yesterday Heather made bison tacos for her sister and she’s bringing some over for me, they are so good. Heather came over and made some bison tacos, the best thing I have tasted for a long time and I ate four of them.

Wednesday I ended up staying in bed. All of the family was gone and it was just a good day to reminisce on a very special month.

Thursday Gabriel Came over to pick up my van to do some modifications on it, Gabriel is awesome. Robby and I took a cruise over to the wharf and then to the boardwalk, the weather was perfect and everybody was enjoying everything. I came back and talk to my uncle for while and then Kelly came back home with Tom and Bailey, it was so good to see them again. They are the family that you never get tired of. They’re always willing to do stuff and go places and I love that. Teresa came over and waxed my face... life is wonderful!

Friday I got my massage and my hot bath and decided to go back to bed and miss the concert.

Saturday I got up and cruised Robby around for a little bit and then met Tom and Kelly at the Nickelodeon Theatre to see a movie, midnight in Paris. It was a really good movie.

Sunday I got up and cruised around for a little bit with Robby, the crowd was already starting to come in for 4 July and it was hot so we didn’t do too much.

Haven't been keeping up very well with my blog...

Monday almost everyone was gone, it was kind of sad. Time sure does fly fast when there is a lot of family around.

Friday I didn’t get my massage because one of Susan’s kids was sick but it was really nice to sleep in. Karen came in at 10 AM to get me up and Kelly and I went to go have sushi at Mobos, of course it was awesome. We came home for a while and then headed out to the concert on the beach, Eric burden and the animals. They put on a really great show but there was a lot of commotion around us, late people trying to scoot everybody out of the way so they can get in to see. I’m kind of torn about how I feel about that. I believe that since people in chairs can’t see over everyone else they should be able to sit up in the front but there was some people who have been standing there for a couple of hours waiting to see the show so it’s not fair to make them move. How about everybody show up early or on time and not expect anything?

Saturday Kelly, Teresa, Karen and I went to the Woody’s on the wharf. I went last year but it wasn’t much fun going by myself and I didn’t stay very long, this time I got to really look at everything and it was awesome. I was supposed to go to a 20 year reunion from where I used to work but I was just exhausted, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. We decided to go have a chimichanga and come back home. Coming back from the wharf Kelly ran into a couple of friends and she decided to spend more time with them. Teresa and Karen wanted to go shopping downtown a little bit but every time I would stop I would fall asleep so I decided to come home.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed and get some rest although that never really happens. I think I just didn’t want to think about all that time to get up and then go back to bed when I could just be comfortable all day. It was a nice relaxing day.