Monday, June 29, 2020

I'm seeing more and more people out and about…

Monday was a lovely long day. Karen came in and fed the boys and then fed me and got me dressed and up in my chair.  Shane and Lara came by to show Karen and I how to look back on the camera footage, somebody has wanted me to look at previous footage before, and I wish I had known so now I will know. I took Robby out for a nice little cruise around Depot park, Robby is having a good day and just so happy today. On our way there I looked over at my friend Trish's house, and it looks so beautiful with all the purple around it, she loves purple, I took some pictures. We came back, and I rested for a bit, and then I took Dude out to cruise up and down the wharf a couple times, I wanted to go down and check out the boardwalk because I haven't seen it for several months, but I need to get back because I have an appointment with my chiropractor.  On the way back I looked over to my left, and I saw a goat, so I stopped to take a couple pictures, and I noticed there was a guy that had the goat on a leash, they both looked pleased, and the coaches trotted along behind him when he left. I sent the pictures to Adriana and Cindy, and Cindy sent me back a couple of photos of the same guy with the same goat and a couple of different places around town, I was so funny! I came back, and I waited, and Adriana never showed up, so I texted her. I still never heard anything, so I texted and called Dr. Murray's office and told him that I would have to reschedule; about an hour later, Adriana answered me and said that she thought my appointment was at 4 PM because it always was before… They changed it to three so that we could bring in my Hoyer lift from the back door and set it up before he comes in. I sat outside with the boys for a bit and then came in to watch TV. Rosa came in and fed the hungry boys and put me to bed, she was not in a good mood because she said she was tested for the coronavirus and it hurt… Not what I wanted to hear because I have to go do the same thing before my procedure on Monday. I didn't even get to wash my face and brush my teeth because I was out.

Tuesday was a perfect day. Cindy came in and fed the fur crew, fed me, and then got me dressed and up in my chair. My aunt sent me a couple of videos of the butterflies after they got out of the cocoon, it is so amazing to see! Today is my last day of eating solid foods, I'm going to start drinking soup for breakfast lunch and dinner to get ready for my colonoscopy on Monday morning. I looked at menus all night trying to decide what do I want for my last meal for a couple of days, at least… I decided on The Wooden Nickel and Watsonville, I used to be my uncle's favorite place to go… In fact, you probably went there a couple times a week. Now that he has his surgery, he can't eat that much and doesn't enjoy it. The food there is really excellent! No matter what you get, I have never heard anybody complain. I got the nickel burger, and it has avocado, bacon, cheese, sprouts, and lettuce… Not to mention this excellent burger that you can tell was charbroiled. It came with fries, and all of their plates also come with a little bit of coleslaw and some chocolate cake, I also got some onion rings. I couldn't even eat half of what I got, but it sure tasted good, and everybody else, Adriana, Cindy, and Nico, also liked it, and they want to come back. I saw an Ortega burger, and I love green chilis, so I can't wait to go back and try that one. When I went with my uncle and aunt, I usually got calamari steak, and you can eat it with a fork is cooked to perfection! We cruised back home, and Rosa was here to put me to bed, so she fed the boys and put me in bed, and again, I was so tired I was out before she left.

 Wednesday was a beautiful relaxing day. Karen and Adriana came in and fed the hungry boys, and then we started on some personal care, Adriana wanted to go in to learn the morning routine. It went pretty smoothly, and it was so lovely to have a nice long hot bath, yesterday Cindy brought in some of the roses from my driveway and put them in the bathroom… It's like such a calm relaxing place to take a bath in there now! They put me back to bed, and I decided to just stay there for the rest of the day, today is the beginning of my soup fasting for my colonoscopy on Monday… I'm not looking forward to it, but I'm looking forward to it being over with, and I won't have to do it for 10 more years. The rest of the day, I watch TV and edited pictures. Rosa came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me, I was supposed to eat soup, but I only ate half of my order yesterday from the wooden nickel,. I didn't want that to go to waste, so I ate that, Rosa always knows how to heat stuff up without making everything soggy and the hot thing is hot, and the cold thing is cold. I've been sleeping really well, so I was out before she left.

Thursday was a really long day. Karen came in and got me dressed and up in my chair after she fed the hungry fur babies. I have an appointment with Jessica at 11 AM. Still, she messaged me yesterday and said that somebody from where her boyfriend works tested positive for the coronavirus, so she's back at home under quarantine until she gets the test results back. So ironic because I go today to get tested for the coronavirus before my procedure on Monday. I've heard horror stories about the testing procedure, so I was really kinda nervous all day. I took Robby out for a cruise around Depot Park a couple times, he's having a perfect day today, so I want to cruise around with him as much as I can or as much as he looks so happy. I came back and rested for a bit and then took Dude out for a cruise through Depot Park and up and down the wharf a couple of times, it's so lovely to be back out cruising around, and the weather is perfect. We traveled back and rested for a bit and then Adriana came in to take me to get my coronavirus test, it wasn't nearly bad as I thought it was going to be from what I heard from everybody else who had it done so I was happy. We cruised home, and Adriana fed the starving pups and then put me to bed and fed me my soup, I love the soups, but my stomach is making a lot of noise. I watched TV for a while, listen to some music, and then meditated until I fell asleep.

Friday was another long day. Karen came in and fed the crew and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, that bath felt so good! I really had a hard time deciding whether I wanted to get up today or not but I chose to stay in bed, it looked like it was gonna be a little cold outside and me still cranky from not being able to eat anything but soup. Before she left, Karen took a couple of pictures of my marijuana plants growing out by the dog run, I use the leaves and put them in rubbing alcohol… It feels so good for your sore muscles. I listen to music most of the day, thinking that it would tear me up, but then I realized the only thing that would cheer me up right now is food. I'm trying to stay away from people because I am so cranky. Joy came in to take Dude for a cruise. Adriana came in and fed the boys and then fed me, soup again of course. She brushed my teeth and wash my face, and then went home. I watched TV for a while and then drifted off to sleep.

 Saturday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and got me halfway dressed, Adriana came in to follow Cindy over to ocean Honda to get my car serviced, and then they came back, and she got me covered the rest of the way and up in my chair. Omar came in and replaced some lights in my hallway bath, hung up a dartboard, and a few other things. Adriana and I cleaned out one corner of the garage to get some storage containers for all of my sports stuff, it's all shoved in one corner, and it's driving me nuts. I'm getting a pretty big collection of things, and I can't stop looking around online and find something to organize it, but I so bad at judging size. I need to go look at it and buy it. Cindy went home, and Adriana drove me over to target to look for some storage containers, we found these stackable ones with drawers, and that will do for now. We'll see how much stuff we can get in there and then get some more if we need it, the only thing I didn't get was something to put the balls on, so when I came back, I ordered something online, and I hope it works. Adriana fed the boys and put me to bed. I got me some more soup. I finished my blog, posted some pictures on Facebook, and watched thirty-day fiancĂ©, I like to watch the last couple of episodes before the new ones come tomorrow evening. I have been falling asleep pretty early these days and sleeping pretty much all the way through which is so awesome because I usually hardly sleep at all.

Sunday was a really long uncomfortable day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me, today I had vegetable soup. Thank goodness for Heather's soups, they are so good and really comforting because I'm so hungry. Cindy decorated my house/yard for the Fourth of July, we were talking the other day about how soon it's coming up and when are we going to decorate but we never went any further so I'm glad you decided to decorate… It looks awesome!  I had some lemon Jell-O before she left, I don't know why I don't eat Jell-O more often because I love it and it's a good dessert. I watch TV all-day I kept my eye on the clock, I'm not looking forward to starting the prep for my colonoscopy but I am anxious for it to be over with so I'm just going to have to push through. Karen came in at 4 PM and we started the prep for the colonoscopy, I had to drink it into parts… One part tonight at 4 PM in the second part tomorrow at 4 AM. It was as miserable as I thought but not as miserable as last time, last time I didn't have the option to sit in my commode chair and let gravity work… That definitely worked a lot better. It was definitely cleaning me out, I had a soft headache and I was freezing and burning up and sweating all at the same time. We finished about 7 PM and I got to take a nice long hot bath and then go back to bed, Cindy stayed here in the first bedroom and got up at 3 AM to give me the second part of my drink, I had to drink that and then two more 18 ounce bottles of water.