Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Everybody seems to be relaxing a bit with all this chaos, they say it still might be a while…

Monday was just another long dreary day. Karen came in and fed the boys, and then she got me up in my chair so I can ride the exercise cycle for a bit before we do personal care and a nice long hot bath.  The Woofpack came to get Robby and Dude for an afternoon full of playing with silly puppies. I don't know if it's from staying in bed, but after we did the personal-care and bath she put me back in bed and we ended up doing more personal care, I took a quick shower and by the time she got me back into bed it was already time for Rosa to come in. Penny, the cat that used to live on my back porch but then moved upstairs with my mom, isn't doing very good. She's probably about 18 or 20 years old, We took her to the vet, and the doctor said she's probably got kidney failure and she definitely has a UTI… They took some urine and some blood and said they would let me know if there was something wrong. Robby had an appointment at 3:30 PM, so they just kept her until then, and Cindy is going to pick them up. Rosa fed the boys and then fed me, she cleaned up and went home for the evening. I played games on the computer, watch TV, worked on my homepage, listen to music but I just couldn't sleep. I keep hoping one of these days I'm gonna be so tired I just can't keep my eyes open, and I'll be able to go to sleep.

Tuesday was yet another long dull day in bed. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me. She ran a couple of errands for my mom and I and then went home in the afternoon, there's just not that much to do when I don't get up. They were getting ready to close the vet's office when Cindy went down yesterday to get them, so we didn't get any instructions or discharge papers. They sent Penny home with syringes full of pain medication and antibiotics that you just squirt in her mouth, my mom had a hard time doing it, so she asked Rosa to help her, but Rosa has never had a cat before and she's afraid of Penny so she called her daughter Adriana to come over and help my mom. I'm really nervous for Penny, she's been sick for a little over two days and already in the last two days my mom has said that she doesn't want to deal with all this medication stuff, and if she doesn't get better she wants to just put her down. I don't think at this point if we moved her back on the porch she would stay, she's gotten used to being upstairs, and she loves it. After you hear something like that it's tough to go to sleep, and I worried about it all night, I don't even think I shut my eyes. She is the sweetest I believe I have ever met! I worked on my homepage, watch TV and play games and the next thing I know it's 6 AM, and Karen is coming into work.

Wednesday was a perfect day. Karen came in and fed the hungry puppies and helped my mom give Penny her medicine. I guess I must've looked pretty uncomfortable because she asked me if I would like to get up in my chair, ride my exercise cycle and then have breakfast on my back porch before we started personal-care… It made all the difference in the world, and I just felt so much better. We even set up the agility course for Dude, although all he wanted to do was roll around the driveway and play with his little stuffed monkey. Robby was in an excellent mood, he came running and jumping out of the house and was even trying to play with Dude a little. I love my boys! After breakfast, we came in and did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, thank goodness we only had to do personal care once, and I think we were done with everything by 2 PM. I watched TV for a while, and Joy came in to take Dude for a quick jog around the neighborhood so he could expend some energy. He's actually calming down a lot, when we were outside this morning he just kinda laid around for a while next to my chair and then he came inside and went to his kennel. I watched TV for a while, and Rosa and her daughter Adriana came in; Adriana was going to help my mom give Penny her medicine but she didn't eat all day, and it's not to be taken on an empty stomach. I called the vet, and they said it won't hurt her to skip one dosage so if she won't eat just wait and give it to her after breakfast in the morning. FINALLY, I am feeling really sleepy, and after Rosa fed the boys and got me something to eat I could keep my eyes open. Adriana came in to see if my mom needed help with Penny but she still hasn't eaten so we'll just wait until the morning. I watch Dr. Phil for a while, worked on my homepage, and finally fell asleep at a decent hour.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the starving pups and then fed me, got me dressed, and up in my chair… I decided to try to get up every day except maybe Sundays. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I will get up and ride my exercise cycle, have breakfast outside and hang out and work with the dogs, and then come back in and do personal care and go back to bed and relax. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, I'll just get up and cruise around in the yard hanging out and working with the boys. Karen got me dressed and up in my chair and set up an agility course in the driveway for Dude, Robby likes to sit on the sidelines and watch. I stayed in bed so much, and it really is helpful to get up if even for a couple of hours, in fact, a couple of hours is perfect since I don't go beyond my driveway gate anymore for now. It got pretty warm outside, so I came inside and listen to some music; if I get overheated, it takes a really long time to cool down. Rosa came in and fed the crew and then put me to bed and fed me, I was so tired I fell right to sleep, but I usually wake up when my mom comes down to take the boys out for the last time and then often don't go back to sleep until two, three, four or 5 o'clock and then sleep through getting dressed. I can stay awake all night, but as soon as somebody comes in the morning, I can't keep my eyes open.

Friday was another good day. Karen came in and fed the boys and then got me up to ride my FES exercise cycle, I building up minutes and it feels so great! I had breakfast out on the back porch with the boys, they seem to love it also! I worked with Dude for a while, is such a good boy! Robby just hangs out with us and watches, I can't wait until Monday when he gets the stitches out of his ear and he doesn't have to wear that cone anymore.  Omar came by and he took off the metal outline of the lighthouse I have on my fence and painted behind it and it looks so awesome!  He also put together a plant shelf for me, this guy can do anything! Karen and I came back in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot relaxing bath and then back to bed, it is such an incredible feeling to go back to bed and relax after a nice long hot bath. I'm really getting used to this stay at home self-quarantine and after I relaxed it's really nice. I started redoing my homepage but then I noticed that my pictures are mass, not categorized, and all over the place… Some of them for some reason have even doubled or tripled so now I'm going through my pictures to organize them so it will be easier to add them to my homepage. It looks like we're going to be stuck in the house until at least the end of May so I think I have plenty of time, I have over 12,000 pictures. They used to be semi-organized but when I updated my operating system Iphotos it didn't work anymore and even though Karen warned me I didn't move my pictures to the new place to store them. That takes up a lot of time. Adriana came in and fed the starving fur babies and then fed me. The rest of the evening I worked on organizing my photos, watch some TV and listen to music until I fell asleep. I noticed that I'm sleeping a little better also since I started getting up and doing something every day, at night sometimes I get really hungry and I'm kinda grateful that I can't get up too much on anything… One of the biggest complaints about everybody at this time is gaining weight. I also saw that alcohol sales have gone up 300%, I could easily fall into that to make the days go by but I feel so much better with no alcohol. It's always hard but I'm learning how to be not so manic, always feeling like there's something I need to do. I'm learning how to relax and stop and smell the flowers. And then at night, I am up to be my self busy doing many things simultaneously, it's so nice to have been able to learn how to relax… I wish I could've learned this years ago.

Saturday was another great day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me, got me dressed and up in my chair… I'm feeling pretty good these days! The Woofpack came by to pick up the boys for their Saturday puppy play date, it's so fun to see them when they come to the door because they get so excited. I was cruising up and down the yard and I can hear sirens so I peeked over the gate and I could see a fire truck at the bottom of the hill to the left of the street I live on and I kept hearing sirens but they were passing them up and I thought that was odd so I got Cindy and we cruised to the end of the block to see what was going on. There was definitely something going on at the top of the hill on California Street when I couldn't see what it was, when Omar came in he took a couple of pictures on his way by. We decided to order some pizza, hot wings, meatballs, and a salad from our favorite pizza place, We sat out under the pergola and ate and it was so nice! I later found out that somebody had called and said they were having chest pains but they later found out he was stabbed and he ran down into the creek and I don't believe they found him, Cindy he sent me sent me an article she found online later. Adriana came in and fed the boys and then put me to bed and fed me, this was her first time putting me to bed all by herself and she did an amazing job! Usually, it takes people a couple of weeks to get it. I just relax the rest of the evening and did all the things that Alexa reminds me to do, it's sad when you get so old you have to have something to remind you what to do but thank goodness for the technology! I watched TV for a while, edited pictures for the rest of the night until I eventually fell asleep.


 Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me, I decided to stay in bed and relax today. The boys are resting nicely, I think they were still a little worn out from yesterday's play date. Adela came by with this amazing looking tart that her sister made, I think her and her husband work over at the Buttery bakery… My favorite bakery! It's for my mom's birthday tomorrow. Trish texted me some more progress that she made on her front steps, it looks so awesome! She said that she learned that if she baked the tiles in the oven for a little bit she can put the mesh on the back and put it all on one step instead of doing each tile piece at a time. All these camps that she went to with her class really paid off! Adriana came in and reclaimed out the bottom of my bedroom closet, the last of the closets and now we have to work on drawers… Everybody usually only has one junk drawer but I think I have at least two or three in every room. You can tell we haven't done this for a while because there was so much dust in my nose and eyes started itching and watering so we opened up all the windows, turn on the air purifier and the fan… It helped but I still had to take a couple Benadryl before she left. I didn't get rid of very much but at least now everything is organized and clean. She fed the boys and then fed me and then headed home. Karen came by at 4:30 PM to help my mom give Penny her medication and I thought about asking her to come back and do the personal care tonight so we don't have to do it tomorrow, I can already feel my stomach full. After Adriana left I ended up watching TV for a while and listening to music, I didn't sleep all night because my stomach was aching… I probably should buy had the pizza and the hot wings, especially since I'm allergic to chicken and cheese.