Monday, October 25, 2021

Dudes first major surgery is this week…

 Monday was another relaxing day. Karen came in and fed the hungry guy, fed me, and then put me on my side for a while… All this staying in bed is giving me a pressure store, so now I can't even get up and exercise; I'm noticing my body atrophying. I'm not even getting a lot done on the computer because I am so worried about finding a caregiver; this is ridiculous! Karen decorated the inside of the house a little more and then went home. I did anything I could think of to keep myself busy, playing games, editing pictures, listening to music, looking for exciting books on audible… I guess I have a couple hundred in my library, but I still need to read, but all I find myself doing is playing games, which is the only thing that completely takes my mind off everything. I'm a work in progress; I need to settle down and concentrate and deal with what I need to deal with in my life; I should've grown up a long time ago. That's my goal by the new year; usually, I set a resolution starting New Year's, but that has never worked, so now I'm going to put my New Year's resolution accomplished by New Year's. But for tonight I'm just going to watch TV until I fall asleep.

 Tuesday was a great day. I can't wait to get up and out of this bed! Cindy came in and fed the hungry pooch, provided me, then got me dressed and up in my chair. Dude and I cruised down to the wharf and back; it has been so long since I've seen the waterfront, and it was such a beautiful sight! Cindy took Dude and me over to the animal shelter for the CCI puppy play date, once again, it was just Jan and I, and the weather was nice. I don't know why it's not working out, but we decided that even if it doesn't work out, we can just do it with whoever wants, even if it's only us. Soon he told me about this restaurant called the farm in Aptos, so we decided to try it, and it was delicious! I had a Cobb salad with prawns, avocado toast… I always wanted to try that and coffee. For dessert, I got a carrot cake cupcake, and it was so delicious! We cruised by Safeway to get my prescriptions and then came home; Cindy put me to bed and fed Dude before leaving. I just sat there and watched TV and played games on the computer. My mom came down at 4 PM to feed the hungry pup and then came back down at 6 PM to lock him in his kennel and so on… I just watched TV until I fell asleep.

 Wednesday was a pretty good day. I didn't have Susan come in because I wanted to get up early and organize my garage with Andrea. Karen came in and fed the silly boy, fed me, and we did some personal care and, of course, a nice long hot relaxing bath. She got me dressed and up in my chair, and Dude and I had just enough time to cruise through the lagoon and come back. Today we decided to work on the cupboards; I kept telling her there was a lot more stuff in there than she thought… Needless to say, the last two or three times she left here, she was exhausted, and for some reason, I was also exhausted and not feeling very well from inhaling all the dust and who knows what else. I really can't believe I let it get this out of hand, and now I understand why my caregivers always look so frustrated when I ask them to put something in the garage. Just all the frustration, anxiety, ADHD, OCD diagnoses are not a very good idea when you have a spinal cord injury. I can't shut my mind off at night, I can't distract myself with the computer or the TV, I get famished, and all this makes me want to order stuff online. I hope to figure out other things and not order so much when I get everything organized and purged. Karen came back over and fed the hungry rover, fed me, and then put me back to bed and went home again. I keep meaning to take some before and after pictures, and I think I did take some before, but I haven't been taking any after, and now, of course, it's something else to think about while I'm lying here not being able to do anything about it. I don't remember asking Karen to take some for me tomorrow. The problem is that as much stuff as we hauled away from here, when you look at the space out there, it doesn't really look like we got rid of a lot, but I know we did.

 Thursday was another relaxing day. Karen came in, and unfortunately, we couldn't feed Dude because he was going in for major surgery and he couldn't have anything in his stomach; it was tough because he did everything that he was supposed to do, but he still wasn't getting any food, and he didn't like it. Karen took him down and dropped him off at the vet, and the rest of the day was pretty much waiting around to see how it went. She got me something to eat and then went home to wait for the call. I watch TV, listen to music, wrote in my blog… Finally, I got a call from Dr. Martinelli, and they said that everything went good; they took out his tooth that was cracked all the way up into his skull, and she said she happened to reach over and touch the other one, and it was also cracked, so they took that one out also. He also had a growth on his elbow, and it turned out to be benign. I didn't have anybody to go get Dude, so one of the techs from the vet dropped him off; how sweet is that? He barely made it in the house, and he just collapsed; each time he breathed out, I could hear a big sigh. Every time he cried, I would tell my mom down to take him out; I just didn't want him to be. It was a miserable night! I called the vet the following day and asked them, and they said that it was just the anesthesia and the pain pills making him high, and they assured me he wasn't in any pain, so I felt better. 
Every time I would hear him cry, I would just start talking to him; I can't wait until this is over and he's feeling better. I put the dog channel on the TV, hoping that that would help, but I don't think he pays that much attention to the TV.  I found some pictures of the new baby that I lifted off the Internet; a couple of them were my niece Corinne and her husband… She's pregnant, and she's to around March, and she just looked so natural holding the baby. They are also going to be excellent parents! I finally fell asleep, but I did wake up many times just to make sure he was sleeping and okay.

 Friday was another relaxing day. Susan came in and gave me a nice long to our relaxing massage; I don't know what I would do without her massages. Karen came in and fed the hungry little boy, fed me, and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bubble bath. She put me back to bed, set me up to the computer, got me something to eat, clean up, and then went home. My arms, neck, and shoulders are so sore I can even move them, but what else do you do when you're in front of the computer? I tried to just watch TV, but then something popped into my head, and I had to look it up; my mind is just racing all the time, and most of the time, I start doing something on the computer, and I don't even realize it until I get a sharp pain in my neck and then I have to stop for as long as I can handle it. My brother Stanley is always sending me these cute little memes via text, so that keeps me entertained, he has the best sense of humor, and I don't know where he gets the stuff, but it's hilarious! I listened to some music while I edited pictures and worked to catch up on my blog. I really shouldn't be doing this either, but of course, I do. Karen came back at 4 PM to feed the crazy mongrel, provide me, brushed my teeth, and then she went home. The rest of the evening, I watched TV until I fell asleep.

 Saturday was another relaxing day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry knucklehead, fed me, watched a couple loads of clothes, cleaned out the refrigerator, went through most of the cupboards, and took out a lot of the food. I have a habit of getting really hungry at night, and I can't sleep, so I go online and order all the snacks, and then they just sit in my cupboard until it's time to throw out, so I'm trying not to do that anymore. Heather came by, and I was telling her about the food, so she had her wife stop by and get it and take it to a place where they could use it; I am So glad to finally organize this place; it makes me really happy… It's time to get rid of all this stuff. Omar came by to finish up my memorial in the front yard; it looks so amazing! Sometimes when I'm stuck in bed, I like to find pictures of Santa Cruz; somehow, it always cheers me up. Hello, there is this one house on Westcliff Drive, I believe it's the only house on the left-hand side, and it has the most beautiful view… Another one of my favorite places to take pictures. Somehow I found it on Zillow, so I got to see photos of the inside and the backyard, unbelievable! There's a view from every room in the house, and it says gorgeous as the outside views. Such a great place to vacation! It would be such a dream to stay there for the weekend! Cindy and Omar went home, and I just relaxed for the rest of the day and watched TV, listened to music, and wrote in my blog. My mom came downstairs at 4 PM to feed the hungry mongrel and feed me a plate that Cindy had made for me, she went back upstairs, and I just watched TV and dozed on and off.

Sunday was another relaxing day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry hound and then fed me; she put me on my side for a while and then took some pictures of the Halloween decorations in my house that Karen put up a couple of days ago. She is so creative, and it looks fantastic! Karen came in at noon, and we did some personal care and a nice long hot relaxing bath; I don't mind going back to bed after a hot relaxing bath. I watched TV for a while, and then I was out.