Monday, March 28, 2022

Trip to Oregon…

 Monday was a pretty good day. My aunt's birthday is in two days, but since we're leaving tomorrow, Dave and I cruised over to the farm in Aptos to get my aunt's favorite cake and tart; while we were there, we had lunch, and it was awesome! That's pretty much my new favorite place! We came back; Dave packed some more stuff and put it in the garage. We had dinner, and then everyone came over for some birthday cake; usually, my hand grumbles because she doesn't like her attention, but I think she had a perfect time. This will probably be the last time we get together before moving; I feel it will be hectic when I get back. I was so glad that Lee and Claudia were able to come and join us; I am really going to miss them! As we were finishing eating, Rachel came in and fed the hungry pooch, cleaned up the table and the food, brushed my teeth, and washed my face, and then she went to school. I edited the pictures and then sent one to everybody that was there. I talked to my brother for a while, watched some TiVo, and then fell asleep.

 Tuesday was a really early day. Cindy came in at 2 AM to feed the hungry found and get me dressed and up in my chair for our trip to Oregon. Dave drove, Adriana rode shotgun; I sat in the back in the middle and slept. I know they stopped a couple times to get gas, and then we stopped at a diner to get something to eat, it was a charming little diner, and everybody was so lovely. I fell back asleep and woke up right before we got to my brother's house in Salem. My brother made enchiladas, Spanish rice, and baked beans, it was delicious, but for some reason, I was drained… I met the baby, and she was as adorable as I thought, such a sweet little baby! We got to the hotel, and luckily all of my medical equipment was there, my bed, my lift, and my commode chair. Adriana put me to bed, and I slept through the night; I hadn't slept this much in a week, but I woke up nice and refreshed and ready for the day in the morning. Adriana gave me a shower and dressed and up in my chair. I took Dude for a bit of cruise up and down the street, and everything looked so beautiful; I didn't want to go too far because I was afraid I would get lost and not be able to find the hotel. We got breakfast and then cruised over to my brother's house. Everybody was excited about going out and looking at houses; I owned a couple houses before, but I didn't get to look and pick the one I wanted; it's exhilarating! The first place we looked at was charming, and on the lake, I had in mind a more significant place with more property, but this place was really excellent! We weren't supposed to be there in the second place we looked at, so when we got up to the top of the property, a guy came out and said, "this place is by appointment only" we told him we were just trying to check it out. We went back home and hung out with my brothers for a while; David and Melissa came by to hang out for a while… Nathan and Corinne didn't come by because Corrine had had her baby; we were exhausted and sore. While we were there, David and Melissa told us that they were pregnant; that is awesome! Update… David and Melissa are having a boy, the first boy! Is this what it's going to be like when I move here? Such an incredible feeling! Listening to everybody talk and reminisce. We started talking about me in the hospital; I was in the hospital in 1980 because of the Jeep overturned accident. While I was there, Stanley took one of my stuffed animals, wrapped toilet paper around his eyes for a blindfold, had my cousin Mike hold a BB gun to its head, and wrote me a ransom note… I wish I still had it, but I have no idea where it went. It said if you ever want to see this dog again, you need to bring $1000 and put it in the stump at the bottom of the driveway; the money should be easy; the hard part is trying to find a stump and drag it to the bottom of the driveway. Of course, initially, I was annoyed, but now I laugh about it. Janet made these really long sandwiches out of delicious bread and cut it up into pieces; it was so good! After dinner, I decided I better go back to the hotel because Adriana still had to put me to bed before she could relax for the evening. I said goodbye to everybody, and Dave drove me back. Adriana put me to bed, and then we ordered something for dinner. I'm so glad I have this hospital bed that will let me sit up a little more, or I would be panicking a lot more. I eventually fell asleep watching TV.

Wednesday was a long day. Adriana woke up and took Dude out to go potty and fed him. We did some personal care and a shower, then she got me dressed then up in my chair. Janet was working today, so Stanley and David came by and took me to see two more houses; I've already seen so many houses that I really can't remember without pictures, and I didn't take any pictures. I think I pretty much already found the house I wanted, everything that I have looked at so far, and I feel everything I look at in the future is not going to compare to the second when we look at it. Everybody else agrees, so I can imagine, but who knows? Everybody was pretty tired, and I wanted to get to bed early to rest and relax a little. Stanley and Dave dropped me back off at the hotel, and after I took Dude for a bit of cruise around the block a couple times, I went in, and Adriana put me to bed. We ordered some food to be delivered; of course, I ordered too much because I was starving when I got back to the hotel. I watched TV until I eventually fell asleep.

 Thursday was another busy day. Adriana woke up, took Dude out to go potty, and fed him. She got me dressed, then up in my chair, and I took to doubt for a nice long cruise while Adriana cleaned up, and then she texted me, and we had breakfast. They have pretty good breakfasts here; they have eggs three different ways, bacon or sausage, and the most fantastic toaster… You put the toast in, and it goes like a conveyor belt to the back, then it drops down and comes out just like you like it… I want one of these! Today's first house was gorgeous; it was right on the river, and the kitchen flooring was heated… I could feel it through my chair. This house would be perfect if it had more land; the neighbors were too close. The second house we looked at was where my brothers and I drove up to, and the guy came out and said it was viewed by appointment only. Apparently, when the realtor got there, they told the realtor that they did not want the chair in the house, so my brother Dave stayed outside with me while everybody else went and looked. I told McKenzie I would buy it just to go into it. We all decided we didn't like this one because although it had a lot of acreages, the acreage was weird, and you couldn't really do anything with it. The third place we looked at was a fixer-upper, but it had a lot of potential; the big house had double doors and was basically two houses. Perfect for Stanley and Janet and my mom outback, they had a garage that would've been perfect for my little place… It was plumbed, but we found out later it was only plumbed for a toilet, and we wouldn't be able to add the rest of the bathroom or kitchen. It had a lot of land, so we probably could've done something, but it wasn't one of my favorites. The last one we looked at was really small, and we were able to get me in the house with the ramps that we brought; the couple was there and wasn't expecting us, but they were delightful and let us look at it anyway. They have this adorable little pug that apparently could smell Dude, and he wouldn't leave my foot pedals alone; I was afraid I would squish the little guy. It was getting late, so my brothers dropped me off at the hotel, and I took Dude for another cruise around the block a couple times and then went up to our room; after Adriana fed Dude, she put me to bed, and we ordered food again. They were going to have dinner with my brothers, and I didn't know it, but David and Melissa bought a cake and wrote on the top, "we love our family" they are so adorable! David and Melissa came by and brought us some cake and showed us a picture of what it looked like. It was so beautiful! I felt terrible that I couldn't have dinner with them, but I knew that Adriana still had a couple more hours of work before she could rest. She put me to bed, and I watched TV before falling asleep.

 Friday was another day of looking at houses. Adriana woke up and took Dude outside to go potty, then gave him his breakfast. We did some personal care, a nice hot shower, and then she got me dressed and up in my chair. Dude and I took a couple of laps around downtown while Adriana cleaned up, and then we went and had breakfast. A couple of videos came through of the upstairs part of the house that I liked the best; I think that will be the one. It has everything, a level for my brother and his wife, a level for my mom, and the bottom level is mine. I can imagine anything that could outdo this place. So far, it's gone by so fast, but we got a lot done, we have a couple more days of looking at houses, and I think we will try to go back on Sunday. We just kind of hung around the hotel, we had every intention of shopping and getting something to eat, but the day just seemed to have gotten away from us. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to the hotel, and I took Dude out for another cruise; when I got back, Adriana fed Dude, put me to bed, and ordered something from outside to eat. After we ate, Adriana and I FaceTime with her mom and Cindy; it was great to see them! I watched TV for a while, and then I finally fell asleep.

 Saturday was a pretty good day. Adriana woke up, took Dude out to go potty, then fed him. She got me dressed and up in my chair, and I took Dude for a short cruise; David and Melissa are bringing Walter over to meet Dude. We went on a cruise through a couple of parks, Oregon really is beautiful, and I can't wait to explore more! After looking at all those houses, we decided to have a family meeting and see where everybody was, who liked what. As I suspected, we all loved the same house, that has to be it. Now I start freaking out, thinking somebody else will snag it up before we get a chance. After lunch, Dave drove me back to the hotel, I'm developing a pressure sore, and I would rather take care of it at home. Adriana fed the hungry hound, put me to bed then fed me. I watched TV for a long time; I am so glad that I rented a regular hospital bed and then went to sleep.

 Sunday was a pretty good day. Adriana got up and let Dude out and then fed him. She got me dressed and up in my chair, and then we went and had breakfast; I'm going to really miss these breakfasts! Stanley texted and said that a couple from their church is selling their property, so do we want to just stop and check it out on our way out of town? When I started looking for a house in Oregon, this is basically what I was thinking about, it was 10 acres, and it had about four houses; some were just rooms over a barn. It looked like the perfect little farmhouse; there was a water feature in the front and the back, but unfortunately, by the time I got there, he had turned it off… We got a little lost. It was pretty clear that nobody else liked this place as much as the one we chose; it was a tough decision for me, but it had to be unanimous, and I know the other place was. We took off for the drive back home; I wish I could've slept all the way back like I did coming down, but I did sleep on and off. Wouldn't you know we got to 17 just past the Summit, and the traffic stopped, and everybody was pulling off to the side and letting emergency vehicles go by. Pretty soon, a police officer came and told us we would have to drive the wrong way until we got to Summit and then find a different way home. Apparently, a big rig flipped on its side and blocked both lanes. We finally made it home; it was so lovely to be home. Adriana put me to bed, and then she went home; I tried to unwind a little bit and play some candy crush, then watch TV for a while, and I fell asleep.