Monday, September 23, 2019

It's starting to cool down…

Monday was a really good day. Karen came in and fed the hungry troops. We did some personal care and then a nice long hot bath before she got me dressed up in my chair. I took Robby for a cruise down to and around Depot Park a couple times, he's having a really good week so I want to give him as much exercise as he wants. We just cruise around really slow and he peas and eats grass. We came back home and rested for a while and then I took Dude out for a nice long cruise, the weather is getting a little warmer so I have to go out for a while and then came home and rest and cool off every once in a while. We cruised through Depot Park, up and down the wharf, up and down the boardwalk where we stopped and practice a couple commands and then headed home. We spend a lot of time outside, the boys and I when the weather is like this because we have the pergola and the porch that stays pretty cool. Rosa came in and fed the crew and then put me to bed, she fed me and then just zoomed around cleaning things up before she went home. I wasn't feeling really well, I'm fighting a UTI, so I opted out of cards for tonight.

Tuesday was another really good day. Cindy came in and fed the fur babies and then fit me, she got me dressed and up in my chair and I got to take Robby for short cruise before the Woofpack came to get him. Dan the IT guy came by… I knew that was going to be pretty much an all-day thing. We took apart the computer and got rid of everything that I don't need anymore and cleaned it up, we put everything that was on top of the desk underneath on the shelves and it looks so awesome now! A long boring day but well worth it. After Dan left I took Dude out for a cruise down to the end of the wharf and back before Rosa came in, she fed the gang and then put me to bed and fed me. She buzzed around for a while but I think I was asleep before she left, I've been really tired lately and I think it's good…

Wednesday was another pretty good day. Susan came in and gave me a nice long massage, it felt so great… My arms and shoulders were so sore. Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long relaxing bath. She got me dressed and up in my chair and I took Robby for a cruise over and around Depot Park to three times, he looks so good and I'm so happy… He has his good days and bad days.  Steve from open door locks came by to drop off the new button for my bedroom door. Dude and I cruised down to the farmers market to get some bone broth and look around, and having a barbecue with my neighbors Drew and Trish. Drew and Trish came by and we started to barbecue but guess what?? There was no propane, it's always been my biggest nightmare and I usually check but we haven't had any barbecues or anything for a long time, last month my nephew and his wife stayed here for a while and had company and use the propane a lot but I didn't think about it. We ended up just cooking in the kitchen and then bringing it out to the backyard to eat, it was really good. Rosa came in and fed the hungry hungry crew and then put me to bed. I watched TV, listen to music and edited some pictures for a while and fell asleep.

Thursday was another pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the fur babies, fed me and got me dressing up in my chair. I took Robby out for a nice little cruise around depot Park and back. Dude and I took off downtown to Abbott Square to meet with my psychologist Carol, I really love meeting there. After my appointment, we cruise down to the wharf, over to the boardwalk, back down to the end of the wharf again… Whenever it gets a little bit too warm we just cruise around the wharf to cool down. I really like Thursday's because I have pretty much all day to cruise around with the boys. It started getting a little bit warm so we cruised back and just watch TV for a while until Rosa comes in. Rosa fed the boys and then put me to bed and fed me, notice who is always last here?? I was so sleepy that I was out right after I ate.

Friday was another really warm day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath before she got me dressed up in my chair. I took Robby out for a cruise around Depot Park and back, it's already getting really warm. Dude and I took off for a cruise through Depot Park, down to the end of the wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home to hang out in the driveway for a while where it's a little bit cooler. Sara came in and took me grocery shopping for the weekend, I saw this recipe for spinach salad and Mexican pizza so I wanted to get all of the ingredients to make that. By the time we got back, it was pretty late so I just had a spinach salad and a chicken, roast beef, salami, provolone, Swiss, spinach, avocado, and red onion sandwich. I watched TV for a while until Sara left and then I listen to music until I fell asleep.

Saturday was a really exciting day. I have been waiting for the mountain sol concert at Roaring Camp in Felton for a long time. Cindy came in and fed the crew and the Woofpack came to get Robby. Cindy drove Dude and I over to roaring Camp to drop us off, there were so many people there that they tried to divert us to a lower parking lot that they could just covered with gravel… Needless to say, my van bottomed out two or three times and then after I got out my chair got stuck in the gravel. By this time I'm so frustrated I just want to go home, some guy came by and helped me get unstuck from the gravel and I was about to go home and then I saw Ian… I guess the guy that helped me get my chair out of the gravel found him and told him somebody was stuck in a wheelchair. He came up to the window and said "hi do you guys need help?" He looked at Cindy who was driving and then looked at me and said "oh hi Tammie Lou!" He's always so sweet and friendly and escorted us up to the front so that Cindy could drop me off. I felt so much better and safer knowing that Ian and his wife Jennifer were there in case I needed help, they are just the sweetest couple… And their boy Duke. I found a place all the way to the back in the shade and leaned back for a while to cool down and calm down, I spent most of the day they are in the corner and a lot of really nice people came to say hello and see if I was okay… This just seems to be my perfect crowd here! I noticed that when I came here for the mountain faire! I met this really sweet couple who just fell in love with Dude, they talk to me for a while and came by several times to see if I needed anything. The guy that helped me get my chair stuck out of the driveway came by to say hello also and told me he was glad that I didn't get frustrated and go home and so was I because I had a really good time, even though it was like 86° and I was starting to get overheated.  I ran into Daniel the IT guy and talk to him for a while finally wanted to keep moving so I wouldn't get too overheated.  I also ran into Foster, I ran into him a lot at a lot of the events… He seems to go to all of them. Sara texted me and said she was at the house picking up my van to come and get me so we headed towards the front, Ian had said he was going to go back and have another meeting with the guys at the booths and I guess he did because they pretty much escorted Sara to the front to get me. She turned the air conditioner on blast and I think I got home just in time, usually, it takes me a lot longer to cool down so I must not have waited too long this time. Sara fed the boys and girl and went to get me something to eat and had to wake me up when she got back, I was so exhausted and drained. I ate dinner and then fell asleep again, she woke me up to ask me if I wanted to brush my teeth and wash my face but I must have said that I would skip it for tonight so she just went on home. I didn't get to take very many pictures today because I forgot to ask Cindy to put the battery pack on my Google Glass.

 Sunday was a really great day. Cindy came in and fed the crew and then fed me, got me dressed and up in my chair. I took Robby for a cruise to depot Park and back and then Cindy took Dude and I dropped us off at roaring Camp radio for day two of the concert, Robby came along for the ride. We got there and they had a little place off to the side where you can just drop people off but it wasn't wide enough to let out the ramp so Cindy just ignored everything and drove to the front, partway up we ran into Ian again and when she dropped me off he came by to say hello and make sure we were okay… Such an awesome guy! Today was a little bit cooler so I got to cruise around a little bit and I got a couple of outfits, a couple of skirts and a couple of T-shirts... A lady where I got the outfits recognized me from the concert that was there a couple of months ago.  I got a cruise around a little more and take pictures while listening to this awesome music. I ran into the sweet couple that I met yesterday and they introduced me to a couple more of their friends, they were all just so sweet! I ran into Lisa, she has a CCI dog who has the same puppy raiser as Robby… She and her service dog Legacy come to the support groups that we have your once a month. I sat with them for a while and was starting to get overheated so I needed to go back into my little corner where there is shade and a little bit of wind. After I rested I cruised around and it just seems like everybody there is so friendly and sweet, a lot of people just come up and shake my hand up with her hand on my shoulder and just say hello and asked me if I need anything… It makes me feel so great! When I was laying in bed this morning I really thought about staying there and not coming but I'm glad I decided to come, the music is awesome! I'm glad I went! Sarah texted me again at 4 PM to say she had picked up the van and she was on her way, I met her out front and she drove us back. Again I was so exhausted and just drained and I couldn't wait to get into bed and relax and cool down. She fed the kids and then made me a Mexican pizza, it tasted so good! They had so much food at the concert and everything looked so good by the time I got home I was starving! She fed me and I watch TV for a while, edited pictures for a while… I got to take quite a bit today. It wasn't long before I just fell asleep… Such an awesome day!