Sunday, December 31, 2017

Here comes Santa Claus…

Monday is Christmas day! Cindy came in and got me up, it was early enough that I got to take both boys simultaneously for a cruise. Robby and I cruised through Depot Park, partway down the wharf until I realized I had Robby and since he's retired he no longer has public access so we turned around, down Westcliff Drive and then home through Depot Park. Dude and I cruised through Depot Park, down to the end of the worth and back, through the boardwalk and back. Yesterday I was letting the boys play in the yard and I noticed that Dude was eating my morning glory vines so we had to come back in, needless to say, he had the runs all day… Poor little guy. My uncle and Jan came over to set up the tables for Christmas dinner. My uncle, my aunt, Jan, my cousin Rich, Lexi, my mom, Luana, and Melia came over to eat… It was awesome! My aunt made a standing rib roast, twice baked potatoes, green beans, lime Jell-O, and rolls… An excellent meal! Theresa texted me and said that she finally found the homeless lady in the park we have been looking for, I see her almost every day when I cruised through Depot Park sitting by the playground with her dog. She is so friendly and always has a big smile and says hello whenever I go by, I did get to stop and talk to her one day. I got her some pepper spray, some kind nutrition bars, some nutritious dog treats, hot hands body warmers, a sweatshirt with cuffs to keep your hands warm and some fleece lined leggings… It's pretty cold out there at night. I was so thrilled, we have been looking for her to give her this package since my brother, nieces and nephews came to visit… It's awesome that we found her on Christmas. Theresa put me to bed and I was so exhausted I fell right to sleep. The only thing better than family is family at Christmas!

 Tuesday was a nice relaxing day. Theresa came in, Karen is on vacation until Monday, we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath and I just went back to bed and rested, watch TV and listen to music the rest of the day.  Rosa came in and fled everybody and well that was about it.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me up and went on to her other job. I took Robby out for a cruise down Westcliff Drive, down to the wharf, over to the boardwalk and then home. We started cruising down the wharf a little bit until I remembered that I have Robby with me so we turned around and came home. I got Dude and we went for a cruise through Depot Park and down to the wharf and I decided to come back and just rest for a bit. The other day while the boys and I were hanging out in the drive-by I noticed dude was eating my morning glory vines, I went in and looked up to see if it was poisonous for dogs and apparently as long as he doesn't eat the seedpods he will be okay… Personally, I wish you would eat anything out there. Rosa, Cindy, Josh, Nico and I decided to go to Los Gatos to see the fantasy of lights… I think I've only really been once or twice. We stopped off at Happy Hound, where we used to equal my way to high school, and I got a hamburger burrito. It burned down a year or so ago but they got it built back up and it looks pretty much the same. There was a really long line but we made it through the fantasy of lights, we rolled all the windows down and it was freezing but absolutely beautiful! We came back home and Rosa put me to bed and I was out.

Thursday was another pretty good day. Cindy came in and got me up and I took Dude for short cruise before my appointment with Jennifer to get my facial.  Somehow during the night, a white plastic ball got into dudes kennel and it was half gone, this is not good news. It sounds like it's going to be a two or 3 AM visit to the emergency vet. My aunt took my mom back to urgent care because she still pretty shaky and having a hard time breathing, we checked in a couple of times and they ended up moving her to the ER. I came back home and left both boys here while I went down to the wharf by myself, I didn't want to have to worry whether Dude was going to poop in public. On the way back home my aunt texted me and said they were giving my mom oxygen and sending her home, my uncle came from across the street to find out what was going on. I took off and cruised down to the wharf and relax therefore a bit, I didn't have my Google glass and it was too cold to walk down to the end of the wharf so I just turned around and came home. Rose was here when I got home so we did some personal care and a force a nice long hot bath, I was out for the night. Boy am I glad this night is over.

Friday was a nice relaxing day. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to stay in bed or get up, I know we're not getting up to many more nice days left but I'm just exhausted and starting to not feel good, there's a really nasty flu/pneumonia going around and I definitely don't want to get it. It's supposed to be harder on the elderly and people with weak immune systems. Teresa came in and for the boys and Penny and then me, I'm always last, and then she took the boys for a walk through the lagoon, Down Bay St., Park and then back home through Depot Park. She put me on my side and I slept most of the day until she came back at 2 PM she bent the boys and the girl and since I was still sleeping she let me sleep for a while and make dinner, abalone steak, asparagus, a cheese quesadilla and some peppermint tea. She sat me back up and I just watch TV for the rest of the evening, I thought I was going to be really anxious but it was nice and relaxing.

Saturday was a pretty good day. Theresa came in and got me up, it was her first time getting me up by herself and she did a great job. I took Robbie out first for a cruise down to the wharf, over to the boardwalk, down Westcliff Drive a little bit and then back through the lagoon and home, I'm still trying to figure out what they're building up at the lagoon. I dropped off Robby and picked up Dude and we cruised back down to the end of the wharf and then through the boardwalk, I thought we were getting a handle on pooping in public but I guess not… He pooped right in front of Neptune's kingdom. I cruised home and Theresa fed everybody, put me to bed and fed me and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot essential oil and Himalayan salt bath… So relaxing! I have been listening to audiobooks and they have been putting me to sleep, somebody told me that even if your sleep you can hear the audiobooks and you still learn stuff… I don't feel any smarter but I have been sleeping really good.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day. Theresa came in and fed everybody and put me on my side for the day, it was just too cold to get up and be cruising around outside.I watched TV and relaxed until Teresa came in again at 4 PM to feed everyone and set me back up for the evening, she made me lobster tails, spinach with onions, a cheese quesadilla, and some peppermint tea. My uncle and aunt came over to play cribbage with my mom and I and we tried to watch the ball drop in New York for New Year's Eve but it didn't drop, I don't know if it was supposed to or if something went wrong. I watch 90-day fiancé until I fell asleep.