Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting back to life...

I just had the best dinner I have had for a long time... yes, Heather is back. I have really missed her, I used to see her just about every day. She was still a little sore from her operation but she slowly getting back to her old self. She made blackened Mahi with Mango sauce, rice pilaf and green beans... it is good to have her back

It seems that I have been having problems for the last month or two and I’m really getting tired of it. First it was bowel problems and now I have a major bladder infection, I got some antibiotics and hopefully I will be back rolling around Soon. Tomorrow my aunt is having about 15 people over for cribbage and dinner, I really hope I’m going to be able to make it.

Luana ended up in the hospital with pneumonia but thank goodness she is going to be okay.

The little girls down the street were having a birthday party and part of their party was a scavenger hunt and they were supposed to come and sing me a couple of lines from the song somewhere over the rainbow but they ran in here so excited that they just grabbed the next clue and ran out so when they came over yesterday they sang the song for me, they are so cute.

Yoda, the neighbor’s dog, stayed here with me last night because my aunt and uncle went to San Jose to play cards with some friends. It was really great to have a dog in the house again. I got a not so gentle wake up reminder at 2 AM why having a puppy next to your bed is not always a good thing... really really bad gas.

I bought a collar for Yoda on Sunday so I can take him for a walk and I am so excited.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We need to order a part...

ATG rehab came out on Tuesday to try to figure out the same problem I had with my chair two weeks before. They calibrated it again and said that they were going to order our part. The guy told me they start with the little things and work their way up until they find out what is wrong, to me this sounds very frustrating and very expensive.

I finally found material that matches the chairs I had reupholstered and I am so excited. I had some antique furniture that I got from my uncle reupholstered and while I was out at I had a couple of chairs that my mom had redone in the same fabric. I got rid of the antique furniture and I now have the chairs that my mom had in my room. I have been looking since I moved here, about eight months, and I finally found it so I'm going to do the drapes and the headboard and footboard. I have the blinds and the drapes for the living room, they just need to be installed.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Dr. Owens because I have been having bowel problems. I always considered myself really lucky because a lot of people in chairs have an ongoing battle with the bowels, I think mostly because they take a lot of prescription medication. I only take one prescription anymore, the rest are all supplements. Unfortunately it is very hard to do an examination in the office, it would be really hard to transfer me out of my chair, so the doctor agreed to come here and I am so glad that she is so accommodating.

Next Saturday a bunch of us are going to get together to play cribbage at my aunts house and Sharon is going to come in early and make me some pillows for the living room that match the drapes, I am so glad that I found her because she is awesome, she can not only sew but she is a massage therapist and a really neat person.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Stupid chair...

When I first the only new wheelchair it took me about eight months to like it. After driving it for a while and even sometimes when I just turned it on it would start beeping and then just shut off. I called several times but they would always tell me that it sounds like it needs to be charged... make sure it's plugged into the wall, make sure it's plugged into the chair, make sure the lights are on on the charger... I have been in a chair for almost 15 years and I really do know how to charge a chair. Finally when I took it in to be repaired for something else it happened with the technician twice so they called me and told me that there was something wrong with the driving mechanism and it would have to be replaced...geeeez. A couple of weeks ago the recline feature would not work every once in a while, usually I would get stuck reclining back and have to wait until it decided to work again. I called and they send somebody out who plugged a diagnostic machine in and said that it needed to be homed so he did that and luckily he could see how many times it got stuck and he called tech at the shop and told me it was Fixed. Last Thursday it did it again so I called and they said that they would send somebody out on Tuesday. It’s done it at least once a day since but yesterday was the worst. On my way to my dentist appointment I was trying to adjust my chair at one of the stoplights and I noticed that it wasn’t working, my first thought was to turn around and reschedule my appointment because the dentist works on me in my chair and it needs to be reclined. I decided to just go one in and see what they say, it was a beautiful day and I wanted to cruise through the park. When I got there I told the receptionist that I was having problems with my reclined system and she said they would just do what they could, they are all so sweet there. Right before she started cleaning my teeth my chair miraculously reclined so everybody was happy. After she finished cleaning my teeth of course the recline system would not work so I was stuck in that particular room for about two hours while they called my mom and she came out with the van. I can drive while my chair is in a reclining position but is definitely not very safe and the hallways were too narrow so I just waited. My dentist came in and started checking out the chair and started pushing it up and it started working again, I was so happy and I’m sure that they were glad to get their exam room back. Hopefully the guy will just take my chair and have somebody check it out and bring it back when it's working, thank goodness I kept my old reliable chair.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I think we're going to see the sun again for awhile...

Just as I say that I look outside and it's pouring rain, I guess I'm not going to the movies today. The last couple of days it has been really nice but it seems like every time I get ready to go for a cruz something happens... a phone call, a visitor.

Heather made another one of her amazing signature wraps, barbecued portobello mushrooms, avocado, red bell pepper and lettuce. I don't know where she comes up with these ideas but I'm just glad that she does.

Charlie came by yesterday and we had a really nice visit, I haven't had a chance to to him like that for a very long time and it was really nice.

It sounds like there's a possibility that Stanley and Corinne are coming for a visit this weekend, it supposed to be really nice.