Sunday, January 30, 2022

Another week of laying low and social distancing…

 Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in, fed knucklehead, fed me, then dressed and up in my chair. Another Monday that Dude and I get to cruise around and enjoy this beautiful city! We took off and cruised through Depot Park on our way to Cowell Beach, the waves were rolling, and the weather was beautiful, so of course, I had to take pictures of everything. We cruised over to the boardwalk and down to the end and back; I love cruising up and down the empty boardwalk and just looking at all the signs and sculptures. We cruised around down and went down to the end of the wharf and back, there's always something beautiful or exciting going on, and of course, I don't want to miss anything. It looked like it was going to rain, so I decided to cruise back home, we had already gone about 5 miles, and I like to have a little time to kick back and watch TV before my evening caregiver comes in. I watched a couple of episodes of ninety-day fiancĂ©, a couple episodes of Young Sheldon, and a couple episodes of Big Bang theory. Rachel came in and fed the hungry little guy, put me to bed, then fed me. I really like how Rachel does an excellent job of whatever she does; she's constantly cleaning and straightening things up. After she went home I watched the movie Big, I havhadn'ten't seen her for a long time, but it was so funny… I need to watch more of these old movies that I haven't seen for a long time. One of my new goals! I guess I'm doing pretty good if one of my goals is to watch an old movie every night before I go to bed? I watched a couple of episodes of my thousand-pound life and then fell asleep.

 Tuesday was a fantastic day. Cindy came in and fed the starving little guy, got me dressed and up in my chair, and she took me to my first appointment at 10 AM, which was the dentist. I usually go in about every three months to get my teeth cleaned, but I haven't been in there for a really long time; once I miss or have to reschedule an appointment, I usually forget about it. After my dentist appointment, we went to Gayle's Bakery, where I had a better first frittata, roasted rosemary potatoes, bacon, and mocha coffee… I thought Cindy would eat with me, but she's a good girl and sticking to her diet, now I feel guilty but good for her! I need to make myself do the same thing. After breakfast, we went to Cindy's office; we filled out my advanced directive, and I needed it to be notarized, so because her coworker is a notary, we went by there. I was really excited to meet them because I heard all about them and everything was true, they must have a had lot of fun working there together! Since it was such a beautiful day and it was still early, we decided to park at the Crows Nest and cruise around Twin Lakes Beach, they had a canopy on the sand last time I was there, and it was so cool because I could cruise almost all the way out to the little lake before the lighthouse. I think they do it every summer, they have concerts there every Thursday, and even though I've never been, I hope to get into the habit. We dropped by advanced directive off at Dr. Owen's office and cruised on home. Cindy cleaned up and went home, and I kicked back in my chair and watched TV for a while. Rachel came in and fed the hungry guy, put me to bed, then fed me. She cleaned up and then went home, and I found another movie to watch; I am really like making myself stop and watch a movie instead of screwing around on the computer. I edited some pictures and listened to some music before I fell asleep.

 Wednesday was a nice relaxing day. Karen came in and fed the hungry hound, fed me, we did some personal care, then, of course, a nice long hot relaxing bath. My neck is starting to hurt a little bit again, and it's pretty cold outside, so I think I'll just stay in bed and watch TV all day. When Karen takes Dude out to go potty, he always lays down and rolls around...; that's Karen gets some really adorable pictures! I always put them on the story on my Facebook; that's about the only time I really go on Facebook anymore. I watched TV for a little while, listened to music, played candy fresh, watched a movie, and then took a little nap. I woke up because I heard Rachel come in. Is it 4 PM already?? She fed the hungry little guy, fed me she. She went into my bathroom, and I didn't see her for a long time. She claimed that and took Dude out to go potty one last time, and she went home; after she left, I noticed that she sent me some pictures… Before and after photos, I guess she was in there cleaning my bathroom. I can't believe how filthy my bathroom was. I wish I had enough nerve to send those pictures to the lady who is supposed to clean my house once a week… It's so embarrassing, and I wonder if the rest of my house looks like that?? I watched a movie and then fell asleep.

 Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed Dude, got me something to eat, then got the bottom part of me dressed before the physical therapist came in; I like to get some exercise and stretch videos whenever I see a new physical therapist so I can use them when teaching the caregivers how to do range of motion. I also use them if I get home early; I know I'm supposed to exercise without them, but I can go along with each one without forgetting what to do. After she left, Karen got me dressed and up in my chair. Dude and I took off through Depot Park down to Cowell Beach, where I took a couple of pictures before heading over to the boardwalk; I stopped to take a couple more photos by the arcade when I saw my old neighbor Mark his dog, Charlie. Charlie wasn't originally his dog; it was his daughter's dog; she came to live with him a couple of years ago and then ended up walking into the ocean… She had been battling drugs for a long time. As you can imagine, Mark was devastated; he ended up keeping Charlie. I used to see them cruising around Mark on his bike with his fishing pole and Charlie running alongside. About a year ago, Mark got kicked out of the apartments where he lived, and I didn't see him for a long time. I saw a go fund me page that somebody set up for Mark on Facebook for Charlie; apparently, Charlie somehow got some kind of disease where he can't stand up or use his legs, so they were trying to raise money to find out what was wrong with Charlie. It looked like Mark was picking out and cutting up some driftwood, where maintenance puts it all in a pile in a corner in case people want to take it home. Charlie was in a wagon next to where Mark was working, he sure loves that dog, and the dog loves him right back. I wanted to say hello, but I didn't even know if he would recognize me, and I didn't know what I would say; it broke my heart. I don't know a lot about Mark's story, but I know he's had a really rough life; he's such a sweet and caring man; I always loved seeing him and stopping to catch up… He always made my day! It was time to start heading back home; my new occupational therapist would come by and talk to me about what she could help me with. Since I have the visiting nurses here, I might as well get as much done as possible; she will help me get a new commode chair… I think mine is about 20 years old, so it's time. Rachel came in and fed Dude, put me to bed, and got me something to eat. It always feels so sweet to get back into bed at the end of the day; my heater turned way up in my electric throw on high. I played candy crush for way longer than I wanted to; I watched a couple movies, edited some pictures, meditated for a while, then pretty soon after Rachel left, I fell asleep.

 Friday was a nice relaxing day. Karen came in and fed the hungry hound, fed me, and we did some personal care and my favorite nice long hot bath… It cures everything! I decided to go back to bed and just stay when the weather gets a little nicer. I'll definitely be up and out here every day, but it's a bit cold outside for now. Dude is finally at his goal weight, in fact, he's under his goal weight, so CCI wants me to give him more food. I found this really excellent dog food, I saw it on a commercial, and Dude really loves, and CCI approves of it, so I'm excited!  I decided to not die my hair anymore and let it go natural and see what it looks like, my cousin Debbie did it and it looked really good so I'm curious to see. I have been dying my hair for probably 20 years so I don't even know what it would look like when I go back to my natural color, I might just put a little purple tinge and see what it looks like. We give him his breakfast in the morning, and then we save a little bit of his morning food and smear it on one of those plastic toys for dogs a little while after he eats, we give it to him, and he keeps him occupied for a little bit. Karen went home, and I added some pictures while listening to music; I just love music. I remember my ex would be watching TV and having music playing, and I have never done that, but I think I'll start. Rachel came in and fed the hungry hound, then took him for a walk, they were gone for a kind of a long time, but that's okay. When she returned, she got me something to eat, brushed my teeth, gave me my device for my breathing exercise, cleaned everything up, wiped everything down, and then went home for the evening. I started watching the Hotel Transylvania series, which is hilarious; the guy falls in love with the vampire's daughter from Santa Cruz, California… I almost freaked out when I saw it! In the second one, he brings her to Santa Cruz to meet his parents; I will have to watch it again to see if any of the scenery looks familiar although it's a cartoon, I really doubt it, but that would be awesome! I notice that they go to a skate park, and I'm assuming it's the one around the corner from here. I watched the first and the second one and then I fell asleep.

 Saturday was another restful day in bed. Cindy came in and fed the hungry little guy, fed me then went out and straightened up the garage. I decided not to get up today, it's still a little cold outside. I can't wait until the weather's going to be nice again and I will be up and out of here exploring all the new trails and routes around Santa Cruz. For now I'm just going to stay in bed and try to get rid of most of my emails, catch up on editing pictures and try to catch up on my blog. That was my intention but mostly I just watched movies and played candy crush, that stupid game! Before I knew it was time for Rachel to come in, she fed the hungry hound dog and then took him out for a nice long cruise. She came back and got me something to eat, cleaned up and wiped everything down and then went home. The rest of the evening I tried to again focus on my email, my blog and my pictures but I just ended up watching a movie and then fell asleep.

 Sunday was a typical Sunday. I don't know if it's one of my favorite days are one of my worst days, I guess it could be both? I love the fact that we do personal care and a bath on Sunday so I can get up early on Monday and have the whole day, I also love the fact that we get it done early and I have most of the evening alone to myself so I guess it is one of my favorite days. Cindy came in and fed the hungry hound, fed me and then went home to watch football with her family. I bet her families a lot of fun to hang out with and watch football, not only all they all really good cooks but they're super funny and sweet. It was nice to have most of the day by myself, usually my cousin goes over to my aunt and uncles and watches the game there or they go up on the hill. I'm just glad I don't have to watch football anymore although I do miss the food, I try to make sure I have chicken wings because I love those. I watched another movie in the series hotel Transylvania, I love these cartoons that are made for children but are also very entertaining for grown-ups. Karen came in at noon and after she fed Dude we did some personal care then a nice long hot bath and back to bed for the evening. This is where I miss having a little shot of vodka to relax me for the rest of the evening, my problem is I never want to stop by just a shot so I had to tell myself no no no… I'm trying to be healthy!  After my bath Karen took a picture of my total and it looks like it is just about completely healed, I'm definitely going to be more careful in the future. I did force myself to edit a bunch of pictures and I almost caught up on my blog, I think I only have a week before I caught up and that's closer than I've been for a long time.  I love the goofy pictures of Dude that Karen takes would you take him out to go potty, he definitely keeps us laughing! On one of her trips back in the house Karen noticed that somebody was trying to take the screen off of my bedroom window, that is so scary! I got another ring doorbell for the dog run so now I have a view from my room up almost all of the windows outside of my house, there's only one window in the front bedroom that I can't see from the monitors in my room.  Usually if there something going on outside I hear it or I see the lights flashing on the monitors, Karen sent me a video of the fire engines and police cruisers out in front of my house last night at 1:30 PM, I usually wake at that time but somehow I missed it. I'm hoping to get caught up so I can keep everything up to date and not have to worry about catching up anymore, I'm pretty sure that's not gonna happen but I can dream? Sunday afternoon is the perfect time to look at houses in Oregon, I know pretty much what I want and I really enjoy looking at them but I just have to wait until I can save enough money for a down payment… I'm hoping by June or the end of the year. It seems like whenever I get some money saved up something breaks down and I have to replace. I started to gain momentum in saving and now it looks like I need to get a new commode chair, a new seating system for my chair because I just realized mine is eight years old, and new AFOs for my feet. I wish Medicare paid for it and some of it will get paid for by Medicare but unfortunately not all of it. I meditated, listen to an audio book and fell asleep.