Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tom leaving :0(

Monday by the time we finished my personal care it was 12:30 PM and 91° outside so I decided to stay in bed, everybody said it was a great decision because it was miserable outside. It was nice to rest all day.

Tuesday I was up by 9:30 AM and ready to go. I had an appointment to get a manicure/pedicure at 11:30 AM so I wanted to take Robby for a cruise in case it was too hot after, it was supposed to be hotter than the day before. We cruised through the lagoon, past the lighthouse, to the end of the wharf and then over to sunshine Villa where I get my nails done. It was surprisingly cool and there was a nice breeze when we left so we were going to go for another cruise when Heather text me and asked if I wanted to go somewhere for lunch, of course I did. I was going to meet her at a Greek place when she texts me and said it was closed so we went to her favorite taco place, I was craving tacos anyway. Robby is barking in his sleep, is it a good dream or a bad dream? How are we supposed to know?

Wednesday I got up just in time to take Robby for a cruise while the housekeeper’s clean the house, they usually clean on Tuesdays but they had a mixup in their schedule so they wanted to skip us this week but I asked them to come a different day if they could because we are having a barbecue here the Saturday. I cruise around for a while and then came back and went to the Farmer’s market with Tom and Kelly, I just had to get some more of those roasted potatoes with Rosemary and lavender sea salt... the best roasted potatoes I’ve ever had. After we came back Teresa brought us some hotdogs from some famous place in Watsonville. Her and I split one with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese and one with guacamole, sour cream and salsa... both of them were awesome. We also tried fried pickles and homemade potato chips. My mom got one with sauerkraut and bacon and Tom and Kelly both got some kind of spicy sausage. I really need to start eating better again.

Thursday Tom, Kelly and I took the boys to San Francisco. I always love to go there and the weather was perfect. We got some Ramen noodle soup and Tom and Bailey sat outside for a while while Kelly and I got a “praised the lard” longsleeved shirt from a work company, I can’t remember the name. We also got some more of that killer orange and fennel salami and the couple different kinds of cheeses. We came back and Theresa put me to bed.

Friday I got my weekly massage, took a nice long hot bath and it just went back to bed to rest for the day.

Saturday we had a barbecue and Kelly cooked a ton of food, we will have leftovers for days but that is good. They invited several friends and it was a beautiful day, a little cold at times but they really have some awesome friends. Luckily I was able to be there... earlier I was going too fast out the door and the foot pedal off my chair jammed into the door. I practically ripped the door off the hinges and ripped a foot rest off my chair, luckily I had my braces and my boots on or I would have definitely broken my leg or ankle. I really need to slow down a little bit sometimes. I like him because he smiles at me and means it.


Sunday we planned on having another puppy play date but that didn’t happen. I ended up staying in bed again because of another long drawn out personal care session. We did play cribbage with Lee and Claudia, my aunt and uncle and my mom and I broke even.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monday turned out to be another awesome day. I got up and it was already getting kind of warm so I took Robby through the lagoon, through the Lagoon Park, down past the lighthouse and back. On my way back I got a call from Tom saying “let’s go have soup”... that’s all I needed to hear. I have been hearing about this killer Artichoke and green chile soup that they have at Duarte’s  Tavern in Pescadero for a long time, they put them both in one container. We went to pick up the soup and decided to go find a place on the beach to eat. We went to Pescadero State Beach and the weather was perfect, the sun was out but the wind kept it cool. We enjoyed the view and took a couple of pictures and decided to go to Pigeon Point lighthouse. They are in the process of restoring it and it looks so beautiful. We explored there a little bit and took some pictures and then headed home, what a great day!

Tuesday was another awesome day. Tom had plans with a friend so Kelly and I decided to go to San Francisco and spend the day. The weather was gorgeous, I was afraid it was going to be cold and windy. As we pulled up to the ferry building somebody was pulling away from a handicap parking place, how perfect is that? The first place we went is to a place called The slanted door, I have been there once before and Kelly has been there several times. We ordered the imperial roll and lemon grass pork and of course it was delicious. We wandered around for a while and I got a sweatshirt that says “praise the lard” from a pork company. We decided to get a couple of tarts, chocolate and sea salt and lemon, and some Vietnamese coffee... also very delicious. We got a fresh baguette, three different kinds of cheeses, salami and prosciutto and insulated bag from the cowgirl cheese Co. to go on a picnic the next day. We actually drove home and missed most of the traffic.

Wednesday morning it was cold and I just didn’t feel right. Kelly volunteered to redo my scarf valances, I have been really happy with them for a long time. I wanted to take Robby out for a cruise but I just didn’t feel good, I finally had Kelly take off my leg braces and then I felt better. I went to sit in the sun for a while, when I don’t feel good and my back is sweating for some reason when I sit in the sun it makes me feel better. After I fell better I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and down to the wharf. I came back and Teresa took me to Costco, I needed a bunch of stuff and I haven’t been there for a while. She put me to bed and I slept really good, Therese always makes me feel better.

Thursday was another really bad long day. I was supposed to go to Big Sur with Tom and Kelly, I have been looking forward to it for a while. I didn’t even get to take a bath because my personal care took so long. I just stayed in bed and rested. Teresa came over to give me a bath but I was too comfortable and she had homework so we decided to just feed me and call it a night. I get a massage on Friday and I need to take a bath after anyway. Yesterday Tom and Kelly got me some organic rotisserie chicken and organic fingerling potatoes with rosemary, lavender salt, they were so good. The same truck goes to San Francisco on Thursdays but there they have a roast that they make sandwiches out of.

Friday was yet another bad day, I hate it when you have more bad days than good ones. I guess as long as the good days outweigh the bad days and are really good then it’s worth it. We did get to play cribbage and that’s always a good thing.

Saturday was our monthly spinal cord injury peer support group meeting. It was only four people there but we really got to discuss a lot. There is a lot of plans that are very exciting. Roger is opening up a wheelchair clinic and they’re looking at a wound care clinic, both of which will be awesome. We talked about having a support group potluck next month, I don’t know why more people don’t come because there’s always lots of food but we always have a good time no matter how many people show up. This year I bought a convict outfit and I’m going to be a woman in the electric chair.

Sunday was another awesome day. Robby has not had Bella and Ozzy over for a play date in a very long time and he had such a good time. I set up the pool and of course Bella was the only one that got in and splashed around but I’m always hoping that Robby will jump in and see how much fun it can be. After they left Tom and Kelly rearranged my patio furniture so that there is more room on the patio and I have a table and chairs down by the van, that’s how I originally wanted it to be. We talk some more about the counter, sink, passed through to the kitchen, cupboards, drawers and shelves for the outside patio. Tom and Kelly are so creative and I’m excited to get started and see what it looks like.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roaring Camp Railroad...

Monday was a holiday and another long morning for me so again I ended up staying in bed, my neck is really getting sore from staying in bed. My brother and his family left around noon so I just relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday was a busy day for everyone. Robby had a bath, the housekeeper’s were coming to clean and I had a dentist appointment. After my dentist appointment I met Tom and Kelly at the bagelry and had an everything bagel with light cream cheese, tomato and capers and some chai tea, my new favorites. I came back and waited for Robby and then we took a nice long cruise down past the lighthouse, it was so beautiful. It has been really warm here the last couple of days so it’s nice to go down by the lighthouse where there is a nice breeze. I came back and Tom, Kelly and I talked about what we wanted on the back porch. The last time we had a barbecue we talked about how nice it would be to have a sink and a pass-through from the kitchen to the porch. There’s not a lot of room but I do have a big Burrell table out there so we decided to incorporate that, it is going to look so awesome. We’re also going to put up some lights.

Wednesday again I ended up staying in bed. My personal care took a really long time and I was really wiped out. I did get to take a nice long hot bath and then just relax the rest of the day.

Thursday I got up and took Robby for a really long cruise through the lagoon, over to the lighthouse and down to the wharf. It was really warm out so it’s nice to get the breeze down by the lighthouse. I came back home and Teresa waxed Karen and I and then we went to Hong Kong Charlie’s to get some noodles, man that place is good. Tom joked about wanting a Slim Jim, a Moon pie and RC Cola instead of noodles so we ran around Santa Cruz to get him what he wanted, the Moon pie was the hardest to find.

Friday I got my much-needed massage, I love Fridays because I get a massage and I get to sleep in. I got up and ran Robby through the lagoon, down to the lighthouse, to the end of the wharf and back. Kelly and I went to see our idiot brother and then we were going to go have sushi but then decided to come back home and order pizza from Woodstock pizza, it was awesome. I wasn’t feeling very good and I think it’s because I haven’t been drinking very much water during the day or tea during the night and my urine was really dark, I think I’m getting a bladder infection. I went to bed and drink as much tea as I could hoping to flush it out.

Saturday was another long, exhausting morning and I just took a bath, went back to bed and rested.

Sunday was such an awesome day. Tom, Kelly and I decided to take the Roaring Camp Railroad ride. We have been trying to find a good day to do it for a long time, we got the tickets months ago. It looked overcast outside but it was really warm so we headed down to the boardwalk and waited by the carousel ride. At first we were thinking maybe they canceled the train again, we try to take it a couple of weeks ago and they canceled it, but pretty soon we saw it coming down the tracks... I was so excited to finally get to ride it. I was surprised how secure I felt in their wheelchair lift. The ride was as awesome as I had imagined, it was just so beautiful. The conductor explained a lot and was very funny. We were running late so we only had about half an hour to eat and we didn’t get to explore as much as we had liked. We boarded the train and headed for home. Such a great day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lots of down time...

Monday I had an appointment to FINALLY get my new tooth. The weather has been kind of cool but I really wanted to give Robby some much-needed exercise so we cruised down there. It took less than half an hour so Kelly met me at dig to get some more air plants and another hanging terrarium, that place is so awesome. Kelly suggested that I put some air plants in a fishing net that I have hanging outside my back porch, what a great idea. Robby and I cruised through the park, down the river, through the boardwalk, to the end of the wharf and back, through the lagoon and back home. When my caregiver got here we worked on Robby’s excitement when people come up to him, he did pretty good. We also worked on picking up things, sitting down and then putting them in my lap without getting excited.

Tuesday I was supposed to get my hair dyed and get a manicure and pedicure but the morning routine was just taking too long so I changed my appointment to Wednesday. Instead Robby and I went for a long cruise and then came back and I took a nice long hot bath and went to bed. I hope it’s just allergies but I have been coughing and sneezing a lot, I don’t want to get sick again.

Wednesday was my appointment to get my hair dyed and to get my manicure and pedicure. When I got to the shop there was hardly anybody in there so I’m by pretty fast and I love the way everything turned out. I came home in time to eat and go to bed before Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom came over to play cribbage. Kelly made some KILLER banana bread, it was so awesome.

Dogs Live Here
If you don't want to be greeted,
With paws and wiggly rears,
Don't come inside, because DOGS LIVE HERE.

Thursday was a great day. Robby and I went on a really long cruise, as I was cruising through the boardwalk I noticed that the waves were really coming close. I talked to one of the security officers and she says that hasn't happened for a long time. I came home and Teresa took me to dig nursery. We got some more stuff for the back porch and she finished decorating it, it looks so awesome... I have gotten so many compliments.

Friday I ended up staying in bed. Susan came over and gave me a massage and boy did that feel great, it has been three weeks since I have seen her and I can really tell because I get really sore. It ended up being a long morning and I guess I just felt like it. I missed the last concert on the beach but I won’t lose too much sleep about it. Tom and Kelly were gone and I really enjoy going to the concert with them.

Saturday I really felt rotten so I stayed in bed, I didn’t even take a bath. My brother, his wife and their daughter came up for the long weekend, it always seems to go my Way too fast. Janet made a taco salad, she makes the best taco salad. My heart is starting to beat really loud and really slow sometimes and it makes me nervous. I went to the doctor when I was younger and he told me if I didn’t like it to just quit drinking coffee but I don’t drink near as much coffee as I used to, I only drink one cup a day.

Sunday I got up and took Robby for cruise to the bridge above the wharf and back. Karen said there was a lot of traffic on her way over here so I wanted to see just how bad it once, a long weekend always brings a lot of tourists. We were going to try to go to Monterey to the fair but it was too cold and I was afraid they would be way too much traffic. I took Lexi and Corinne over to the video rental store and they each picked out two movies to watch. We got to watch two of them do we have two to watch tomorrow. We watched my sisters keeper and the Time traveler’s wife, wrote really good movies. Tomorrow we’re going to watch tangled and beauty beast, the new one.