Sunday, November 24, 2013

Next week Thanksgiving is finally here…

Monday was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in and I got my two hour massage, what a great way to start the day. I got up and took Robby for a really long Cruise, our regular route. It got to be 58° and while we were cruising down Westcliff Drive a guy passed me nothing but a thong and not the kind you wear on your feet. Again here I am without my Google glass. It would have been interesting to get his picture but the more interesting thing was get the expression of the people that he passed by, my favorite pictures. We practiced a couple of commands on the deserted boardwalk and then came home. I got home just in time to rest for a couple minutes before Rosa came to put me to bed. Tom message me and said that Kelly's car had a flat tire in Martinez California. My brother is about an hour and a half from there but luckily Kelly has a friend about 5 miles from there. She decided to call a tow truck, get it fixed and drive home. It always makes me nervous when I find out somebody I care about is stuck or in a bad position. My brother from Georgia and his wife went to Illinois where they had tornadoes. I left him a message a couple of days ago to see if he was okay and he answered me tonight, there not too close to where the tornadoes are and they plan on coming home on Wednesday. I'm glad everybody is okay, now I can relax and try to get some sleep.

Tuesday was a pretty good day also. I got up and took Robby for a long cruise through the Lagoon and down with Cliff Drive and back. I had two appointments so Teresa came by to take me to them. The first one was at the sleep disorder clinic, hopefully they can figure out why I don't sleep. Here it is 2:50 AM and I'm wide-awake. The second appointment was at the chiropractor, I missed her last week and sure was good to see her. She also works on dogs so I think I'm going to have her give Robby a couple of sessions and see if I notice anything, I figure it can't Hurt? We're both really hungry so we stopped at Subway and got sandwiches, I got a roast beef and it was really good. We came home and Teresa put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got my nice long hot bath. I am really relaxed but I just can't sleep.

Wednesday was a good day, not as cold as it has been because it was raining. I got up and Kelly took Karen and I over to Costco to get some stuff, I love that place. Of course we had to stop and get a hotdog, they have the best hotdogs ever. We came back and I ran Robby through the Lagoon and down to the end of the wharf and back, it was a little cold and I was sore I think I'm going to the chiropractor yesterday. We came back and rested for a while and then Rosa came and put me to bed. Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I cribbage, my uncle was my partner and I lost a dollar.

Thursday was another day spent in bed, I've been staying in bed a lot seems like. Of course it looks like it's beautiful outside, it was supposed to be cold. Teresa is going to take me over to Watsonville Hospital to get a bone density test, I guess were going to do it next week. I was really bloated again this morning so care some personal care and after a while I did feel a lot better. I think I have cut back on just about everything trying to figure out what keeps making me bloated, I'm starting to think it's just hormonal or something. Maybe it's just something I'm going to have to live with? I guess there are a lot of worse things to have to live with? I saw the movie we are the Miller's at the theater but I saw it on pay-per-view and just had to watch it again, it's a really good movie I think.

Friday turned out to be a really good day, it wasn't as cold as I thought it was going to be. I got up and had a couple of pork tacos and some zucchini and mushroom medley, Heather makes the best pulled pork. I ran Robby down to Petsmart, I signed him up to get a bath and his toenails done every two weeks. I came back home and talk to Tom, Kelly and seth for a while and then we decided to go to Zachary's for breakfast, I love that place. Kelly and I split an order of corn beef hash and eggs and an order of lemon coffeecake. We cruise down to the movie theater to see if they were going to be playing any Christmas movies but it was too early to check, I headed on to Petsmart to pick up Robby and cruised him home along the reservoir. He had to P really bad and he seemed like he was so happy to get out of there he was just prancing the whole way home. I got an email from the vet but it was time for one of his shots so I made an appointment. Tom and Kelly took him and Bailey for a cruise and then we went down to get his shot. When we came back we decided to break out the salami, prosciutto, cheese, grilled artichoke hearts, pickles and olives and some kind of fruit I can't remember what it's called but it's half pineapple and half kiwi, The perfect snack. My uncle, my aunt and Seth came by and we visited for a while. Teresa came and put me to bed and then Seth came over to watch a movie with me.

Saturday was a really great day. As I was getting up Angie text me and said they were coming to Santa Cruz for the day and what I need them at the boardwalk, I haven't seen them for a very long. I went out through the front door, I usually go through my bedroom door, and I could see my living room all decorated for Thanksgiving. Teresa does such an amazing job with the decorations and it always makes me happy. I took Robbie for a cruise through the Lagoon and down to the surf museum lighthouse I was going to cruise down the wharf but it was only like 12:50 so I decided just to head over to the boardwalk. Just as I entered the boardwalk they were right in front of me, they had just gotten there also. We cruised around and watch the kids go on some rides and got caught up, there was a lot of catching up to do. The time went by way too fast and it was 3:30, time for the kids to take a nap and for me to go home so we all left. I got home and the rest of my patio furniture was put together on the porch, it looks really cool. I rested for a bit and then Rosa came to put me to bed, do some personal care and give me a nice long hot bath. I slept so great. It really was a nice day.

Sunday I decided to stay in bed, it was a hard call because it looked like it was going to be just like it was yesterday outside. I hate to waste the beautiful days inside but I was exhausted and it's nice to have a day to lay around and watch movies. I woke up about 11 AM, it sure is nice to sleep in. My aunt came over to see if I wanted anything to eat and some coffee, coffee sounded really good. A little while later my uncle came over with some nice hot beef stroganoff, I just couldn't say no. It was a little hot so I waited a while and my mom came down and help me with it, I swear they are such great cooks. I watch the movie Turbo on pay-per-view. I heard the door open and all of a sudden Stanley and Robert appeared in my room, it was a nice surprise. Tom, Kelly, my uncle and my aunt came over and everybody pitched in and we had an awesome dinner of barbecue pork, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and a walnut and apple pie.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

One week closer to Thanksgiving…

Monday was a nice day, the weather looked nice outside but I didn't get a chance to go out. A friend of mine, Angie, was going to bring her kids and come to visit for a while and then we were going to walk over to the lagoon. They ended up not having a very good morning so they canceled. I was starting to get up and get dressed when the guys came in to take down the frame that they put up inside my door so I decided to wait. One guy left and said another guy was coming so I just decided I was going to go ahead and stay in bed. I was glad because I did get my massage this morning and I get to relax the rest of the day. Kelly came over and visited for a while. Kelly went home and lay some cookies, man they were good.

Tuesday was a beautiful day outside but unfortunately I was stuck in bed AGAIN, This is getting really old. It looks like they're going to finish my door tomorrow so that will be great. My new wine barrel furniture got here today and it looks awesome, I was hoping it was going to look good.

Wednesday was such a great day. After being stuck in bed for three days Robby and I were ready to get up and get out of here. I was getting ready to leave and Kelly texted me to see if I wanted to go to Cosco, I would never turn down Cosco. I asked Karen if she would like to go along that way it would be easier because usually I have a lot of stuff to get in so did Kelly. Kelly has been making S a green drink in the morning with kale, ginger… And a bunch of other stuff that's good for you. I really do feel good after I drink it. I let them load up the van and bring it back and lobby and I cruise back through town, of course I stopped at cost-plus because I love to look at everything that they have. We cruised Down Westcliff Drive and back, to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back and home. There were literally millions of pelicans, Seigels and see lions right along the shore on both sides of the wharf, and of course I didn't have my Google glass AGAIN. I swear I was going to start taking it everywhere I went but I really didn't want to take it to Costco. We cruised home and as I was sitting on my porch looking at my new furniture I noticed that two of the stools were taller, I bought four and they were supposed to be the same size. Just to make sure I had my mom measure them and then I took a picture of them side-by-side so that I could email the manufacture and see if I can exchange the shorter ones for taller ones. Rosa put me to bed and the gang came over to play cards, I started out with five dollars and ended up with one.

Thursday turned out to be a pretty good day although it was cold. The first time in a couple days that I haven't been bloated and feeling yucky. I got into Robby for a cruise through the Lagoon, past the light House and back, to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back and home. there were a lot of people working in my house yesterday so I didn't leave my glasses on the counter charging because there was a bunch of people working at my house, I had Karen put it away. Needless to say they were not charged so I couldn't take them with me this morning. I figured they had had enough time to charge so I came back to get them. I talked to Seth for a while and then I had him send Kelly over to put the Google glass on for me, I talked her into going for a cruise down to the wharf with me because she looked like she needed a break. We went down and we  were both amazed, I think there was twice as many birds today as there was yesterday. We took a bunch of pictures and then came home and I rested for a bit and Teresa came and put me to bed. We did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Friday was a pretty good day, a little colder than I would have liked but it was not as cold as the day before. After I got up and got everything done I just took Robby for a really long Crise, the usual cruise… I came back and Teresa and I decided to go have some Chinese food, I haven't had Chinese food for a time and it was pretty awesome. We went over to the beauty supply place to get some new shampoo and cream rinse, I like the brand of the one that I have but not the smell… That's what I get for buying it online. then we went over to cost-plus to look at the stuff that they have, airways have the most amazing stuff. Of course we both spent way too much but how could you say no? I know if we were to go back after Thanksgiving all of the stuff that we got would have been gone. We then went to OfficeMax and got some file folders and stuff we need to organize my drawers. Our last stop was Petsmart. Robbys Halti was about to fall apart so we got a new one, we also got some corn cob bedding for my mom and some bird treats. It was cold so we loaded up and came home, Teresa went to unload the van and noticed that nothing that we bought from Petsmart was there, Sometimes we get to talking and forget what we are doing. Teresa went back and luckily the cart with all of our stuff was still in the parking lot. Teresa put me to bed and then waxed my face and zapped my legs, I hope that keeps the hair away for a while.
Saturday I decided to stay in bed. The last couple of days were really cold and I'm just tired of being cold, I want to be in an environment that I can control and relax. Jinx came in and fed Robby and I and took care of a few things, I feel bad having her come in for just a couple of hours but I gave her the choice… She's so sweet. I had some leftover brown rice from the Chinese food yesterday so she made me some brown rice, kimchi and an egg. Tom and Kelly came over to say good morning and see how everything was going, I haven't seen them that much this week because they've been very busy. I have a nice surprise today. I ordered a hat from Shared Adventures, I organization that has huge events for disabled and other people. The guy that started it, Foster, stop by to bring me my hat. I was cruising along the wharf yesterday and he stopped to say hello and asked me where I live and said he wanted to bring my hat by. Unfortunately I stayed in bed today, I wish I had gotten up but if I had gotten up I probably wouldn't have been here. He is a super nice guy and we had a really nice visit. I see him around everywhere and I follow him on Facebook, he has a really cool and amazing life. Rosa came and got me something to eat, we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath… It was a good Saturday.

Sunday was a pretty relaxing day, I stayed in bed again and of course it was beautiful outside again. My plan was to stay in bed and watch movies but something went wrong with my DirecTV and every time I want to watch a movie I have to unplug one of the cords from the back and plug it back in and then do the same when the movies over, not right with it. My the choice is to watch it on my computer screen with Netflix, I might try that. I am really comfortable and I know it's going to be a relaxing day. I didn't realize then all of a sudden it's 4:20 PM and I haven't eaten. I had a lamb patty, scalloped potatoes and kale.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Out with Halloween and in with Thanksgiving...

Monday was a pretty good day. I got to sleep in, got a massage and got dressed and got up, I came really close to staying in bed because it was already 2 PM when I got up. I was getting ready to take Robby for a cruise when time came over so we chatted for a while. Seth came over with his wetsuit and his surfboard to see if I wanted to go out to Cowell beach with him and watch him surf. He sat in the water for a while and there was no waves so he came and got Robby and they played in the water for a while. It's amazing I can put a baby pool in the driveway and Robby won't touch it but take him to the beach and he's all in the water. I came back and Kelly have made some fish stew with clams, prawns and scallops and garlic bread, needless to say it was awesome, I had two bowls. We visited for a while and then my uncle came over and had a bowl also. Rosa came and put me to bed and I just rested the rest of the evening.

Tuesday was a busy day. The crew from Dunton came over to rip out the wall around my door to install a bigger door so I could get my bed through it I have been wanting to do that for sometime finally getting to do it. Also be nice to be able to go out on the porch I'm stuck in bed. I took Robby out for a cruise to the lagoon, to the wharf and back. Heather and I went for sushi, it was her birthday and we haven't had lunch for a long time. We had such a good time catching up. Teresa was supposed to go with us but my time clock crashed so she stayed behind to fix that. I came back and rested for a while and then I had a chiropractor appointment, I always feel so much better after. I also had an appointment to get my mammogram, I wasn't too thrilled about that but I'm glad it's done. We came back and Teresa was really tired, it was a long day for both of us. She put me to bed and Seth came over to watch the internship with me. We had just been to Google last Friday for a tour so it was nice to see the movie after going.

Wednesday went by really fast. I got up and took Robby for short cruise and then Tresa came over to take me to lunch in Mountain View, to a Korean barbecue, and to Valley medical Center in Santa Clara for an appointment with Dr. Hentz, Dr. Shem and Lisa from Stanford, Lisa asked me if I was ready to do another exercise program for her research. I like doing exercise programs for them because then I actually do the exercise, I always mean to but never do. I ran into a couple of the ladies that work there that used to work at Moorpark health clinic, I haven't seen them for about six years, it was really great to see them. Tom and Kelly's friend Jim came by to install the door and it looked pretty good. Teresa went home and Rosa came by to do some personal care and a nice long hot bath.

Thursday was a nice relaxing day. I was so tired and just didn't feel good, I think because I was tired, so I decided to just stay in bed. The electrician came and put the stuff back around the door and put some sheet rock and plastered it so the doors almost done. He said he needs to come back and send it and texture and then the guy from open Sesame is coming tomorrow to put the automatic door in and it will be done, I'm so excited. They put up a little wall so that dust and stuff can not come in and they put plastic, the plastic has a zipper in it… How cool is that? I slept most of the day, I can't believe how fast this week has gone by. Actually I can't believe how fast this year has gone by, it's almost 2014.

Friday was a really good day. The weather was perfect and I think Robby and I took out here about 10 AM and didn't come back until 4 PM, it was awesome. We just Cruising around cruising around and not want to come back home. Everywhere we went with some millions of pelicans, on Westcliff they were just flying back and forth and diving into the water and on the wharf they were playing in the water along with the see lions. I finally decided to come back home because it was time for Teresa to come and put me to bed, I took Google glass and took some pictures of our travel.

Saturday was also a great day, the weather started out really beautiful. We cruise through the Lagoon, up through the street park and down Westcliff. There were a bunch of tense sit up and I could hear somebody announcing something but they look like there was absolutely no waves and the surfers were just sitting on the boards looking bored. I started to cruise down past the lighthouse museum and all of a sudden the sun went away and started getting really cold so we came back home. Teresa was taking the last of the Halloween decorations to storage and started putting out the Thanksgiving decorations, I love Thanksgiving. I got this new pressure cooker/smoker and Teresa made a beef brisket and it was so awesome, I couldn't wait to dig into it. I had a sandwich and some guacamole and chips. Rosa came and put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got a nice long hot bath, I'm just in heaven.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. I think I slept in till about 11, that felt great. I give everyone the day off so that I could just sleep and relax all day, I don't get to do that very often. My mom brought me some coffee and half a scone when I woke up. For lunch she brought me some mustard chicken, eggplant and spinach. Kelly came over and visited for a while and we decided to have some prosciutto, salami, cheese, olives and pickles for snack and then watch the movie The Heat, it was really nice. After the movie I was really tired so I fell asleep early.