Sunday, December 26, 2010


Monday I went to see Claudia to get a manicure and pedicure, I got red with sparkles and it is time for Christmas. Teresa and Karen put permanent lights on my patio outside my bedroom door, it looks awesome. For Christmas Teresa brought me three lighted white Christmas trees for the front porch. I cannot wait until I get my new van in a couple of months. The van that I have now is 10 years old and very unpredictable, I don’t even know from one day to the next if it is going to start. I got a brand-new battery but it just keeps dying. I think because the van is so low to the ground that seems to scrape on every driveway or bump in the road that it has warped the door. I tried taking all the fuses out and got a solar battery charger but nothing seems to work, it’s just time for a new one.

Tuesday I got my weekly massage, took a bath and got up late. We were having a Christmas party that night so I didn’t want to be up for too long. My mom made lasagna and Teresa made garlic bread, everybody else brought something and of course we had food for days. Before dinner we played the Christmas exchange game, that is always fun. After the game we played cribbage and I think I lost every game, I got skunked one. There were about 16 people here, friends that we were introduced to by my aunt and uncle. We always have a good time.

Wednesday about 2 AM I got an e-mail from Teresa, a big oak tree had fallen on her house and broke a couple of windows and she was without electricity. She put me to bed on Tuesday evening and didn’t leave here until about 11 p.m. I told her to come and stay here but they have cats they were worried about. I was looking on the news but I didn’t see anything about it, I will keep looking because I’m sure they will have something. Teresa and I took care into the airport, she is going home to visit her family. We went to Chili’s for lunch and had a killer hamburger and french fries, shopping at world market and target and then back home. We were going to go to the Apple store in Los Gatos but we lost all track of time. Cassidy was going to put me to bed and I told her we would be home at three, it was 330 p.m.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." 
--Roger Caras

Thursday was a beautiful day. The sun was out and it was warm so I got to take Robby a really long cruise. We came back just in time to see Kimberly, Kimberly worked for me about a year and a half ago but moved away... I’m so glad to see her back. She’s going to fill in for a couple of girls that are on vacation and help me out with a couple of other things. I can’t believe the excellent people that I found to help me out since I moved here to Santa Cruz. I remember some of the nightmare people that I have work for me in San Jose, except for the occasional oddball I have had really good luck. Everything about living here just keeps getting better. Karen is on vacation so Teresa has been getting me up in the mornings. I realized today that I was being very grumpy and stressed out and now I feel bad. I have had one person get me up in the morning for the last couple of years so I guess I get used to things done a certain way. Luckily Teresa is good at whatever she does. I’m really very lucky.

Friday Cassy took Robby and I to the Santa Cruz killed nursing facility for Christmas party, it was awesome. Everybody got a present and it was so touching to see everybody so excited. After that we went over to the Capitol Mall just to waste some time. I ran into Linda who is in charge of the organization that got me volunteering at Santa Cruz killed nursing, it was really great to see her. We came back and Teresa made me a KELLER Christmas Eve dinner, a game hen, brussels sprouts with cheese and bacon, squash and hippie rice pilaf... she is an awesome cook. Her and Jess joined me. I appreciate her so much.

Saturday was Christmas. It looked like it was going to rain all day and I was exhausted, I haven’t been able to sleep at all lately. Somebody told me it might be the beginning stages of menopause, I’m really looking forward to that. My family wasn’t going to be here until the late afternoon so I decided to just stay in bed. Heather came over and put in a roast that she got for me, it was the most beautiful 20 pound roast I had ever seen. She cut it in half and seasoned it and we kept half of it here and my aunt and uncle took the other half up to my cousins house. After about an hour you can smell it throughout the house, it smelled awesome and tasted even better. My aunt and uncle came back and also raved about how great it was. We watched the movie grown-ups and played cribbage and just visited for a while. It was a really great Christmas.

Sunday I got up and Teresa, Corinne and I went over to pick up Bella and took her and Robby to the schoolyard to play. It has been a couple of weeks and they were both so wound up it was ridiculous. They played for about an hour and they were a huge muddy mess. We took Bella back and hosed her off, she hates the hose and it sounded like somebody was killing her. We brought Robby back here and gave him a bath and he is sleeping like a puppy. My family left and Corinne stayed here to spend a week with us. Hopefully the weather is going to be nice but if not we will find something to do, she is always really cool to hang out with.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Cruz SCI Christmas Party...

Monday turned out to be a really good day even though it was a little colder. Robby and I got to go on a really long cruise and it felt great, even though Mr. Mister pooped in the parking lot. He does really good but sometimes when you start exercising you just have to go. I usually take him out to go potty before we go for a cruise but I got distracted so we stopped along the way, he generally only poops in the backyard unless he can’t hold it any longer. When we got back Cassy took us grocery shopping. We skipped the standing frame today because the bruise below my knee still looks pretty bad, I don’t know if leaning against it would make it worse. Heather came by with some fresh rock cod and set it up so somebody can cook it for me tomorrow. I can hardly wait. My uncle came by to give us an update on everything. My cousin Rich is still on the mend and my uncle got some shots in his hands to hopefully help with his arthritis, I hope it works so we can play cribbage and I can take his money.

Tuesday even though it was really foggy outside Robbie and I cruised over to the lighthouse, it was so beautiful there. We came back and Teresa and Karen put up the rest of my Christmas lights, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. My living room smells like Christmas tree and the lights outside look awesome. Melissa came by on Monday and painted my windows and they are so beautiful.

Wednesday was a bad day. I got up but ended up going back to bed because of mechanical problems. I was supposed to go see Claudia and get my hair dyed in my nails done, I rescheduled for Monday. Cassidy said that she would take my van over to Whalers car wash and get it washed for me, she said they did a really good job. Heather made a killer fresh cod fillet and I had quinoa, asparagus and spinach, needless to say it was AWESOME. My mom and I watched the new karate kid movie, it was really good and of course she cried.

Thursday Teresa drove Karen, her boyfriend and I to San Jose. Karen’s boyfriend was flying out to Mexico so we decided to drop him off and make a Day of it. We went to the container store because I remember a couple of years ago they had really cool wrapping paper but I didn’t really see anything spectacular, I did see one that I liked but they were out of it. We went to Valley fair Mall, now it’s called Westfield, and found a Santa outfit for Robbie and Teresa got one for Gigi. Robbie wore it around the mall and then we had his picture taken with Santa at Macy’s, Robbie was of course a HUGE hit. We went to the cheesecake factory for lunch and it was as great as I remember it to be, we didn’t have any room for dessert and we were going to come back and get some to take home after we went shopping but we forgot.

Friday was a lot of last-minute running around. I went to Hallmark to get a gift card for a long time friend of ours Helen. She is legally blind but makes her way every Tuesday to the Hallmark store in the mall to buy cards and gifts for people in her life. She knits stockings for everyone and fills them with Candy, they are so adorable. I told her that our support group was having a Christmas party so she gave me a bunch of stockings that she knitted to fill with Candy at hand out to everyone, how adorable is that?? We also stopped at Walgreens to get some candy to fill the stockings, CVS to get some wrapping paper and a centerpiece for the table, to cost plus to get a gift for Christmas party and having here on Tuesday and to Costco to get some croissant sandwiches, plates and napkins. Needless to say by the time I got home I was exhausted and ready for bed. I forgot to mention that it rained ALL day nonstop and Robbie and I were soaked. It’s nice to be in my warm bed, in my warm house and listening to the rain outside where it belongs.

Saturday I was so nervous that nobody was going to show up at the support group meeting/Christmas party at my stomach was a little upset. It was supposed to start at 1 PM and I was getting a little nervous when it was 1:05 PM and still nobody was there. All of a sudden a bunch of people started showing up and I was so relieved. There ended up being around 14 people there and we all had such a good time and it went by way too fast. One of the kids that has been going to the support groups for awhile didn’t have a computer at home so we presented him with one and it felt so great. There was two new people came with their families. A young kid from Salinas that got shot about three months ago and an older guy who is a computer expert who has been injured for a while. I felt so great when I left because of how well it went and I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight but that’s okay. Karen and Cassidy came along to help me set everything up and help the people that needed help, they are both so good at doing that. Karen took pictures, it’s nice to have the memories. After I went to bed my aunt and uncle came over to play cribbage for a while, my uncle was my partner and we won two and lost two, one of the games we got skunked... we are not ready to talk about it yet.

Sunday it started out raining like crazy. Karen, Teresa and I went to Aptos to where a friend of Teresa’s has a booth and a beauty supply so long. For Christmas Teresa got me a haircut so I couldn’t really turn it down. I have a lady that does my hair, manicure and pedicure regularly but how can I say no? After that we all went out to lunch to a place called Gayle’s, it was awesome. Teresa’s friend who did my hair is the girlfriend of the guy who takes care of my yard and he showed up while we were eating. We came back home and Karen wrapped some empty boxes to put under my tree so it didn’t look so bare.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another rainy week...

Monday I wasn’t feeling much better than I was Sunday so I ended up staying in bed and of course it was beautiful outside, about 60°. I watched a lot of TV and try to make the best of it. I hope I feel better on Tuesday because I want to go get my Christmas tree. I watched Toy story three with my mom, we watched one two and three in the last three days. Very cute movies. My aunt and uncle have had company at their house for a while and they finally left today, they have some really good and long lasting friends. I saw the pet Smart ad and they are taking pictures of your dog last weekend, this weekend and next weekend so I’m going to take Robby over there next weekend to get his picture taken with Santa and I’m so excited. Last year he just kind of melted right into Santa and you could tell they were both really enjoying it, I turned around and looked and there was all of a sudden a long line and people kind of annoyed with us for taking so long.

Tuesday morning I got a massage, it had been two weeks and I was really stiff and sore. After I got up I took Robby for a short cruise in between the raindrops, I thought we were going to go get Bella and go to the park but that didn’t happen. Teresa took me to Home Depot to get my Christmas tree, I prefer a noble fur, we got the fullest and the most beautiful... I love the way they smell. My mom couldn’t get her printer to work so Teresa took me over to Kinko’s and we have a bunch of copies made of the Christmas letter and a really cute picture of Robby with his new Santa hat, he hates it so much. When we got back it was really late so no time for a long hot bath, I could have really used one but what we did was more important. After Kinko’s we went to Trader Joe’s and bought a wreath for the Center of our tables, now it’s really looking like Christmas around here.

Wednesday it looked like it was going to rain all day so I procrastinate as much as I could before I got out of bed. Cassidy took me over to target in Watsonville and I found a candle to go inside the wreaths, it’s really beautiful. I came home and Cassidy put me in the standing frame but we had a mishap so I was only in it for half an hour. She put the hip laterals on backwards so we decided to change them while I was standing, not a good idea, my hips shifted to the left and we could not recover them. We are still in excremental stages in trying to find new ways but we are getting there.

Thursday I got another massage in the morning, it felt so good. My left arm is so tight that it hurts for her to even touch side think I’m going to try the electrodes. I think because it’s cold and my muscles tense up. After the massage and took a nice long hot bath. After I got up and dressed and took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and down to the soccer Park and back without getting wet. Teresa came by and her and Karen decorated my Christmas tree, it looks so cool. I think the lights are a little bit too big and too bright so I’ll have to find different lights for next year. I am ready for the girls Christmas party. My aunt called and said that they had been in the hospital with my cousin, Rich, most of the day. His heart was beating weird and he didn’t feel good, this is the third time he has gone through this. For the rest of the evening it was really hard for me to concentrate because I was so worried about him, I didn’t realize until later how hard it affected me and I cannot even imagine how worried his parents are.

Friday Cassy took Robby and I to the Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility, I didn’t get to go last week and I really missed it. When I first started going I was really nervous but everybody has made me feel so comfortable. We came back home and I took Robby for a cruise and then Cassy put me in the standing frame and then back to bed. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

Saturday it kept going from sunshine to sprinkles. I got up and went to the movies with Heather, we saw the latest The Chronicles of Narnia in 3D, it was really good. Sometimes getting me up in the standing frame is really easy and other times it’s just really hard to get it right, after a little bit more practice hopefully we will find the easy way. I woke up this morning with a big bruise on my right leg, the only thing I can think of that would give me a bruise there is the standing frame. I still love it.

Sunday I took a nice long hot bath and went back to bed, of course it was a gorgeous day outside. Teresa was sick and Karen had plans and couldn’t come back in the evening. I watched a couple of movies and visited with Heather. She took Robby out for a walk and played ball with him in the driveway. Today was Robby’s play date and he really needed it, it has been raining so the puppies haven’t gotten together for a while. Heather made me a killer BBQ pork rib wrap with spinach and some green beans.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Teresa...

Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day. It was Cassidy’s birthday so we went to Mobos for sushi. We used to go once a week and I really miss it. In my opinion the best sushi ever. Robby and I cruised down and met Cassy and then we all cruised back. When we were coming out of Mobos a guy cruising around in a chair stopped us to ask about Robby and how he can get a service dog, basically what would be involved and how long would it take to get one. We came back and I went to bed early so Cassy could spend the evening with her family.

Tuesday the massage therapist wasn’t able to make it again, her son had an ear infection and she overdid and her old relapsed. I can really tell in my neck, shoulders and arms when I’m not able to get a massage. She wanted to reschedule but this week is just too busy. I can’t wait until next Tuesday. It’s still pretty cold outside but I took Robby for a short cruise through the lagoon. Teresa and I went to pick up Bella and took them to Bayview elementary school and of course there was a bunch of kids at both ends so we tried a couple more high schools, same thing. We went to the soccer Park but somebody was practicing there also so we just went back to Bayview and of course the kids were gone so the puppies ran around for about an hour and were each other out, the best exercise for them both. We came back home and I took a nice long hot bath and went to bed.

Wednesday Rachel gave Robby a bath, he really needed one after playing in the mud with Bella for two days... unfortunately tomorrow they’re going to play in the mud again. I was finally able to get my manicure/pedicure, I got diamond sparkle silver. While I was there there was a couple of ladies with walkers and one of them had tennis balls on the end so of course Robby thought it was his toy and grabbed one, I told him to leave it and he did but everybody got a good laugh... good thing they have a sense of humor. Cassy took me over to Scotts Valley to get Robby’s food, Scotts Valley is the closest place that stocks it. Of course all the way back I had to stop and get some KFC. We went to Beverly’s fabric to get some small bales of hay and straw for my nativity scene, now I can just remember how to set it up... thank goodness for you tube. I also went shopping at Safeway and then home again home again...

Thursday was pretty cold outside. Patrick, the guy that takes care of my yard, came by and fixed my pond and while he was fixing it he found a huge praying mantis. I noticed it the last couple of days by my bedroom door, I just love to watch them. Patrick’s dog came up and sniffed him and he just fell over, Patrick said that they play dead when they think they are threatened so I watched it for a while and he was right... I saw him get up and move when he thought the coast was clear. I was so relieved that we were going to get Bella that afternoon and let the dogs run because it was way too cold to try cruising Robby around. There ended up being about eight dogs and they all got along really well and had such a great time. I came back home and I got to take a nice long hot bath and go to bed.

Friday I ended up staying in bed. I was going to get up and take Robby to the skilled nursing facility but I needed to get my chair to Watsonville so they can fix it and they didn’t want me in it so I just decided to take the day off. Cassy took Robby to the skilled nursing facility and then took my chair to Watsonville, I hope it doesn’t take very long AND I hope they get it fixed.

I thought Saturday was going to be another cold day but it wasn’t. One of my mom’s friends had a birthday party in San Jose and we were going to go but decided not to because of the unpredictable weather and my really old van, two of the tires keep getting really low and it doesn’t always start so I don’t like to take it too far from home... I cannot wait to get my new van in February. My mom had a couple of surgeries on her left leg and is still very sore so she shouldn’t be driving anyway. I went over to the world market and picked out a couple of Christmas ornaments for a party that my mom, my aunt and her friend are going to.

Sunday I just wasn’t feeling good. I have been excited all week to go get my Christmas tree today but we ended up putting it off until Tuesday. I couldn’t stop sweating for some reason and I don’t know why, we tried all of the usual symptoms and couldn’t figure out why so we decided to just stay home. It was Theresa’s birthday yesterday so Heather came over today and maybe a KILLER dinner of lobster, scallops with champagne and orange, awesome rice and green beans. I think it was probably the best meal I have ever had, vanilla cheesecake for dessert. I wish Teresa had a birthday everyday. We had a really good time visiting and then Teresa and Karen hung up my Christmas lights outside, I just love Christmas AND birthdays.