Monday, January 26, 2015

Hopefully another week of this beautiful weather…

 Monday went by really fast which is great because I ended up staying in bed. The visiting nurse came and left and I was just really tired so I decided to stay in and relax. Rosa came in and got me something to eat and gave me a nice long hot bath, what a great feeling!

Tuesday was a pretty good day all in all. I got up with no coffee or breakfast because I have to cruise down to lab Corp. to get some blood drawn before I go see Dr. Owens on Friday. I got all the way down there and there was a note on the door saying that they were redoing the inside and it was closed. Luckily Quest is right across the driveway and they do the same thing, I just called my doctor's office and have them fax the information to Quest. I asked Lisa if she could come and help me… And bring a cup of coffee, I forgot I put a thermal and a short on as well as a sweater and I wanted her to help me partially disrobe.  Of course about three people called in sick so she told me it was going to be about an hour wait, this is why I don't want to go to Quest. The lady was really good and got all the blood that she needed the first try but she told me that they also needed a urine sample which is much harder. We got the urine sample and brought it back, we didn't get a totally clean catch but hopefully it's good enough. Lisa brought me back home and I got to drink my coffee and eat half of a muffin before she had to leave. Robby and I went for a cruise through the lagoon, down to the end of the wharf and back where we ran into my neighbor Mark so I talked to him for a while and headed down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home… My battery was dying. Rosa came in and put me to bed and for some reason my tongue was swelling so I decided to take a lorazepam… I was also having an anxiety attack, and a Benadryl. I slept through almost all of the personal care but woke up for the bath, the most important part. I took another Benadryl just to make sure and slept through the night.

Wednesday was a really great day. By the time I got up the sun was already out and it was warming up. I took Robby for a cruise through the looking and down Westcliff Drive and all the way back I got to meet one of the Santa Cruz derby girls, she recognized me from the bouts and asked me if I was going to the bout on February 21… I told her I already got my season passes and I couldn't wait. Her name is Simca #42. Some days I need a lot of really cool people and it just makes our cruise around Santa Cruz that much more special. I also ran into a lady that I have run into before and got to meet a friend of hers from out of town. A cruise down to the end of the wharf and back and then down to the end of the boardwalk and back, the new deck that they put in off the arcade area looks really awesome. I came back Omar was here with the bench he built to hide the cat box and the supplies. Angie, her mom, Parker and the twins came by to drop off a sign she picked up for me and they stay and visited for a while. It dawned on me how much I'm going to use them when they move, we have been friends forever… Rosa came in and put me to bed, I had a really great day but for some reason I just felt really cranky and wanted to be left alone.

Thursday was another great day. I got up and headed down to an appointment with my psychologist, I am really liking this lady Carol… We have a lot in common and talk to her is really easy. I always dreaded going to the other psychologists, I have had about three others, because I just feel like I tell them everything and then I don't want to go back because I have told them everything… This one is at least helping me with some tools to deal with stuff. Robby and I cruised through Depo Park, down to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk… Checking on the accessibility ramp going across the railroad track bridge. The cruise down the reservoir and then home. I rested for a bit and then my mom and Kelly came home. I went out to welcome my mom back and all she did was give me a bad time about "not talking to Tom the whole time they were gone" really?? It's not like he tried to have a conversation with me but for some reason it's always my fault and I'm a big bully… Some people just need to grow up but probably never will. I just need to figure out how to not get so hurt and frustrated. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt words to live by, I will stop feeling guilty.  It seems like whenever I interact with somebody I'm wrong and when I don't interact with someone I'm wrong… I just can't win so I try to keep to myself as much as I can.  It's pretty sad when total strangers that I run into every day are nicer to me than family? Rosa came in and brought me a hamburger and french fries and boy did it taste, but let you went through the roof but it was worth it… I really needed it today. Rosa put me to bed, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath… I'm so glad that baths are back in my life.

Friday was a really great day. I took Robby for a cruise through the lagoon and down to the end of the wharf and on my way back Karen texted me and said that my groceries have not been delivered yet and she had to leave so I told her I would head home and to ask Adella, the lady that cleans for me, to keep an eye out for Jamie, the lady that delivers my groceries. I came home and rested for a bit outside on the porch, Adela and her sister were still cleaning my room. I checked my email and I got an email saying that envoy, Jamie, delivered by groceries so I decided to just stay home until my appointment with Dr. Owens so I don't run down my battery. Adela And her sister finished cleaning and left so I decided to come inside and watch TV. I happen to check my Facebook page and I saw that a long-term childhood friend was in town and trying to find where I was by the pictures I posted on Facebook, they were going to sneak up and surprise me. It seems like everywhere I went I just missed them, I sent them a message telling them I was at home and privately sent them my address. Tony, Yvonne and Jeanette came over to visit, I haven't seen Tony and Yvonne for about 10 years and I haven't seen Jeanette will probably more like 20 years… It was so great to see them all again. They hung out for a while but unfortunately I had to go to my doctor's appointment. I hope they come back soon. Teresa drove me over to my appointment with Dr. Owens, a new there was that have to be some removal of clothing so I wanted to racist to go with me to help and she agreed. Last Sunday after I took a bath Teresa said I have a weird mole on my left breast and to have the visiting nurse look at it on Monday. The visiting nurse said there was a lump and must have called my doctor right after she left because my doctor's office called me by the end of the day to have me go and give a blood in urine sample and to see her today, she is so busy and I never get an appointment that fast so I was a little worried. The doctors appointment went great, my A1 C is still low… Dr. Owens put me down to one pill a day in the morning, my cholesterol was okay, my liver looked good and I don't have a lump but she wants me to keep an eye on the mole… I was so excited, I was secretly really worried about the lump in my breast. I told Teresa we need to go somewhere really nice and celebrate, we were on our way out highway 1 to the roadhouse restaurant when we passed the Chinese place that Teresa said was excellent… We both love Chinese food. As we were sitting waiting for the other lady walked in with a chain around her waist and her date, who I thought was her father, was holding a leash… Really?? If I haven't seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed it, thank goodness I had Google glass with me. The dinner was excellent and we ate just enough and brought the rest home. Teresa put me to bed and I can't remember the last time I was this happy.

Saturday the weather was beautiful and I was going to be up but it was a very frustrating day. Dr. Owens changed my metformin to once a day, extended release and gave me a new cholesterol medicine… Apparently when you have diabetes you need to take a cholesterol medicine. When Teresa and I went out to dinner on Friday we forgot to go by Safeway and pick them up so I decided to head up there and get my medicine. There was a lot of yard sales, I love yard sales. I passed by one about a block from Safeway and I saw this beautiful and carved partition and I thought "I'll just grab it on the way back, I won't be very long". I got up to Safeway and they have one medication but they didn't have the extended release, they had my old metformin prescription, so I decided to go to Dr. Owen's office and asked them about it. The receptionist told me that she called it in and it should be there but they will do it again so I went back over to Safeway and they said it would be a while so I decided to come back home and have Lisa bring me back to Safeway. I went back by and of course partition was gone, I talked to the guy for a little bit and decided a better head back home. My chair kept on stopping and I would have to turn it off, wait a minute and then turn it back on… It was doing it last week but today he did about six times so I decided I better get home, it was such a beautiful day and I was so frustrated that I couldn't cruise around a little bit more. While I was talking to the guy at the yard sale I saw a few guitars, two acoustic and two that were called backpack guitars… He really cool. I thought about them all the way home and when I have Lisa bring me back to Safeway we stopped by and I got one, and thought about getting both of them when I decided to just stick with one. I thought it would be a good gift for one of my nephews or I would just hang it on the wall as a decoration. The guy told me she wanted $110 a piece for them but Lisa talked him down to $95, she is so adorable and people just can't resist her. We went on to Safeway and picked up my other prescription and then came home, plus another plant for the bathroom. My friend Angie got me a sign that said "salt life" in Los Gatos and Omar put it up in the pergola, the also hung a plant above my bathtub, I had a chain of parts plant in their last year and it grew really well so I got that one plus two other ones to go back in there, two of them are in metal bird cages and the other one is just in a pot… We also put the one we got from Safeway in there. I rested for a while and then Teresa came in and brought me Pad Thai noodles, garlic tofu and prawns from Charlie Hong Kong's… The quality of their food is really going down hill and we decided that next time we were going to get it from the Chinese food place we went to the night before, their food was excellent. Teresa put me to bed and I slept really good.

 Sunday I decided to stay in bed, I don't want to be cruising around Santa Cruz and have my chair shut off and I can't turn it back on or find somebody to come in rescue me, I just hope they can fix it before my family comes to visit next weekend from Wyoming. My mom and Kelly had a really nice trip and got a bunch of pictures from some really happy people. While they were visiting my aunt in Arizona they got to see my cousin Mike, growing up I think I was closest with my cousin Mike… He lived with us for a while and we got along really great. My cousin Kevin also met them in Arizona, he is from San Diego. I also got to see my cousin Eric, his wife Jill and their daughter Kenzie… It was a great trip! Teresa came in and cooked a bunch of stuff including lobster deviled eggs, lobster mac and cheese, greens with short ribs… I want to eat everything right now! We did some personal care and I watch TV for the rest of the evening.