Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Halloween party is this Saturday, my first party and I hope it goes well…

Monday was an exhausting day. Karen came it I fed the crew and I we did some personal care, it seems to take forever on Mondays and it really takes a lot out of me… No pun intended. I ended up taking a bath and then we had to do it all over again. Needless to say, I stayed in bed all day and slept. Rosa came in and fed everybody, cleaned up and that left. I was so exhausted I texted my mom and told them to go ahead and play cards without me because I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Tuesday was an awesome day! Cindy came in and after spread the fur bunch she got me dressed and up in my chair. Omar was taking us to the pumpkin patch so we dressed up the boys and cruised down highway 1, that is such a beautiful drive. We got to the pumpkin patch and it looked awesome, it seems to be getting bigger every year. Right in the center, they have this huge can be with decorations that you can buy… They didn't have that last year. The boys are a big success, a lot of people wanted to take their picture because they look so adorable, they were very happy about it but they were real troopers. After we got back home I took Dude and went for a cruise down to the end of the wharf and back, since they have their costumes on I wanted to take them by and get their picture taken on the picture frame on the wharf but I think everybody else had something to do. I wish I could just cruise down there with them but Robby no longer has public access although everybody down there still asks about him and asked me to bring him around. Rosa came in and put me to bed after she fed the crew. I was so exhausted I didn't even get to look at the pictures I took and edit them, I was out.

Wednesday was not such a good day. Susan came in and gave me a really nice massage and it felt so great! A couple of nights ago my uncle brought over an extension for the top of my bed, my neck and shoulders have been so sore because I'm so high up in the bed that my pillows always fall off and I end up holding up my head and my neck is always really sore. It's so nice to have my head resting on something and I've noticed a lot of fatigue going from my head, shoulders and my arms. My uncle is so good at noticing stuff like that and figuring out a way to fix it, such an awesome guy! Even my massage therapist said that I have way less tension and lumps. Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath and then we ended up doing some personal care again, I would've stayed in bed because I was so exhausted but I had an appointment at the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. After I got my teeth cleaned I stopped by pet smart to get something and on my way home Rosa texted me and said she would be here in 10 minutes, I told her that I was at Pet Smart and it would take me probably 25 minutes to half an hour to get home. I could tell when I got here she was annoyed and I thought, "here we go again". Dude has his way of letting you know that he needs to go outside so I asked you to take him out, I usually have my caregiver take them out before she feeds them but most of the time they don't do anything because there said such a hurry to get back in so they can eat so after they eat we usually take them out again. She went to take them out but didn't have the leash on Dude so I told her she needed to put the leash on him, she already knows this. She said "when I have the leash on him he won't poop", I told her she needs to have the leash on him or you will take off and eat something he should. I put a gate on the dog run so I told her to just close the gate and then let him off, she seemed annoyed. After she put me to bed I told her before she sent me all the way up she needed to put the apparatus that my uncle made behind my head and she started getting really frustrated and saying "I can't do this" and screaming out the F-word, after she did a couple times I told her just to forget it… She finally got it and push it all the way down. After that, she looked at me and said "you seem really nervous", I wonder why?? I told her that I got the impression that she just wanted to get out of here and she said "today is my birthday and my family is waiting for me at home" I said, "you should've told me and I could've had somebody come in". She sat me up to my computer and I told her to just go home and she said "I came all the way over here just to feed you" and I said "I'm so upset right now I'm not even hungry, please just go home and let me be by myself" she seemed upset about that even. She has been so moody lately. I was so upset I didn't sleep at all tonight, it's just not fair to let somebody make you that upset.

Thursday wasn't such a good day. I think I was still traumatized by last night so when Karen came, after she fed the fur babies, I told her I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep because I was so exhausted.  I texted Rosa and told her that I was going to stay in bed and I didn't need her to come in, I was still really frustrated and hurt. I slept pretty much all day, in fact, my mom came down to talk to me a couple times and she said she couldn't even wake me up. She finally woke me up around 8 PM and I ate a couple bites of something and then went right back to sleep. I think I need it.

Friday was such a great day. Karen came in and fed the crew and then we did some personal care and she got me up and in my chair. Omar and Karen did some more decorating and cleaning outside and Robby wanted to hang out outside with them so I took Dude for cruise over to the wharf to check out the decorations, I ran into Hank and Annalise, they were finishing up the decorations, so I chatted with them for a while and then went to check it out their new display in the bocce ball court… These two are doing such an amazing job at decorating the wharf for Halloween. As I was cruising to the end of the wharf I saw a couple sitting down at one of the benches with a gorgeous black lab, the puppy had a CCI in training best on so I stopped and talked to them for a while. The puppy's name was Wiley and they were getting ready to turn him in next week for his two-year training to become a service dog, Wiley was about 20 months old and ready for his two-year intensive training, she said she had raised several puppies for CCI. I cruised down to the end of the wharf and then ran into them again on my way back and asked them to come and take a picture with us and they agreed. I asked Hank and Annalise to come and take a picture with us, it was so exciting! We took a couple of pictures and then chatted for a while and then Theresa texts me that she was in the parking lot at the end of the wharf so I said goodbye and cruised back to the end of the wharf. We took off to do some shopping at Safeway and then over to Costco. On our way to Costco, Theresa asked me if she could have Saturday evening off to go to San Francisco with her family. First off, she was supposed to help me set everything up for the party and clean up afterward but I really can't say no? We cruised back home and after she fed the crew she put me to bed and set up the tables, chairs and a little bit more decoration outside for the party tomorrow. It looks so awesome out there! She put me to bed and then headed back over to get some more pumpkins for the pumpkin carving contest tomorrow. I watched TV for a while until I fell asleep.

 Saturday was a really great day. Cindy came in and fed the fur babies and then fed me. She got me dressed and up in my chair and Heather and Omar were already here working on cooking food. Heather made baby back ribs and this killer salad, it was a spinach salad but she added strawberries and red onions… She made a strawberry vinaigrette dressing needless to say it was amazing! She also made some homemade salsa and guacamole and bought some boo chips, they are tortilla chips in the shape of a ghost. Omar cooked some Carney Asada on the grill and that was also amazing! Cindy made 40 cupcakes, 20 white cupcakes, and 20 red velvet cake cupcakes and decorated them for Halloween. As the people started trickling in they were also bringing forth food, we had enough food to feed an army but I would rather have way too much than not enough. Omar made these really awesome drinks with tequila, squirt, and orange crush with sea salt around the rim. I didn't expect a lot of people to wear a costume but it was really awesome because most of the people did. We carved pumpkins and just relaxed and hung out, it was really nice. The party broke up about 6 PM and although I had a really nice time I was glad it was over, I have a pretty bad pressure sore and I probably shouldn't have stayed up that long but it looks like I'll be spending the next couple of days in bed on my side. Karen put me to bed and I edited pictures and watch TV for the rest of the evening. The weather was perfect and it was an awesome day!

 Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and I was so exhausted I fell back to sleep and when I woke up she was gone, I guess I'll stay in bed today… I had planned on it anyway. I edited the pictures from the Halloween party, they were also awesome so it was really hard to just pick out some that I wanted to share… I tried to post as little as possible but I ended up posting 87 out of 400 and something. I slept on and off all day and it was just so nice. Theresa came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, I felt so much better afterward. I just know of going to sleep great tonight.