Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Uncle Ronnie visiting…

Monday was a really good day. Karen came in and fed the hungry crew and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, It was a gorgeous day and I couldn't wait to get outside and cruise by the ocean. I visited with my uncle for a little bit and then took off for a cruise with Robby down around the wharf and Boardwalk, Such a beautiful day! Robby is getting around so well and seems like his old puppy self again! We cruised back and I rested for a bit and then went for a cruise with Dude. We cruise down to the end of the wharf and back, through the boardwalk and back. We stopped off at the beginning of the wharf to take a couple more pictures over the beautiful ocean and I saw a guy pulling his skateboard on a leash and then I saw his dog close by , a beautiful big Australian ShepherdAnd then it dawned on me"That's my neighbor"I took a couple more pictures and thought that I would surprise him by sending them to him. We cruised back home and hung out in the yard for a while until Karen came in to put me to bed so Rosa can stay with her son in the hospital. I still can't believe it, He's so young and healthy…The doctor said that kids are having strokes younger and younger in life these days. Karen fed the kids and then put me to bed and fed meAnd left, Thank goodness she lives close by. I listen to music and played games on the computer until I fell asleep.

Tuesday it was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the crew, fed me and then got me dressed and up in my chair. The Woofpack came to get Robby and Cindy took me to my urology appointment with Dr. Newsom, I've been having problems with my bladder and I want to make sure everything is okay…She did an ultrasound and said everything looked okay and sent a sample of my urine to get tested. We cruised back home and Cindy went to go check up on her brother and I waited here for Jan and her service dog Hara, We wanted to get together to discuss plans for puppy play dates and barbecues in the future. We are going to try to have a puppy play date on the second Tuesday of every month and a big barbecue every year in May, We figured if people don't show up then we will just have a good time and our puppies will be able to play. We had our first CCI dog barbecue here last year and it was really nice so we decided to do it more often. As we were outside chatting they brought Robby back, They just live a couple streets over. One of the co-owners just had a baby and Robby just adores the baby, It's so adorable! They came back to say hello and introduce me to the baby. Rosa came in and fed everyone and put me to bed, I could tell she was really upset and rightly so but at least now they know what's wrong with her son, now they can just work on him getting better and coming back home. I spent the rest of the evening listening to music and looking for a new caregiver, I'm having problems again with Teresa…I'm so sad because I really liked working with her but she just can't show up on time or stop calling in sick. I can't get up every morning worrying if I'll have somebody to put me to bed.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Monday Wednesdays and Fridays go by really fast because there's a lot to do in the morning and I'm not usually up until around noon or 1 PM. Susan came in and gave me a nice long two-hour massage, It's always so nice and relaxing and I feel really comfortable around her. Karen came in and we get some personal careAnd a nice relaxing hot bath, She got me addressed and up in my chair and I took Robby out for a short cruise just over two Depot Park so he can sniff around. I came back and got Dude and we cruise down to the end of the wharf and back and then over to the Boardwalk and back home. Rosa came in and said that she met a potential caregiver today, She went to apply where Rosa works but right now they're not looking for anyone so she told her that I was and she's going to come over here and watch Rosa and see if she's interested in the job, I totally trust Rosa's choice so if she likes her I like her. Rosa fed the fur babies and then put me to bed and then fed me. I've been having problems again with my Google Glass, I'm going to be so lost when they don't work anymore and I can't take pictures…I feel like I'm going to have to find a new reason to get out and about which is so sad because I live in such a beautiful place and I have the boys to cruise around and they love it. That should be enough to get me out. It seems like I'm constantly behind on my blog anymore so I'm always catching up, I need to get into the habit of doing it every night again so I can keep up and so I don't forget what I did during the day…It sucks getting old! My brother just got here from Georgia and I'm so excited, He came down for a visit and to help me get a new computer and a new iPhone…It's been way too long since he visited.

Thursday is a very exciting day! I get to spend the day with my brother in Los Gatos, our old stomping grounds and get a new computer and iPhone. Karen came in at 6 AM and fed the crew, fed me and got me up…It's nice to be up and ready to go at 9 AM. We cruised over the hill to the Apple Store. We had to wait a couple hours for them to add more memory on my computer so we got to cruise around a little and go out to lunch. We cruised by the Los Gatos Theatre, we spent a lot of time there as kids and over to my uncle and aunts commercial building to see how much it has changed, not really a lot. It used to be Los Gatos appliance and now it's Williams-Sonoma but not much else is changed. We cruise over to a restaurant in old town called Steamers, Last year I went there with my mom and my older brother way to Los Gatos to visit a sick friend…Unfortunately, we were there in between lunch and dinner so could only get appetizers and something to drink. A couple of days later while I was cruising down W. Cliff Dr. A guy stopped me and said" I was your server a couple of days ago at Steamers in Los Gatos, Small world?? I talk to him for a while and found out he lives in Scotts Valley and works in Los Gatos and likes to come and cruise on W. Cliff Dr. For a goes to work. I was hoping to see him there and I didn't see somebody but it's been so long I don't remember exactly what he looks like. Dave and I both had blue cheese hamburgers and fries and it was amazing! We went back and picked up my computer and phone and headed back home, a lot of memories came flooding back from cruising up and down Los Gatos Streets. We made it home and unloaded everything and Rosa came in to feed the animals and put me to bed, I finished the other half of my burger and fries and it was almost as good as it was earlier…Some things are really hard to heat up like a burger and fries but Rosa knows how to do it. I was so full with a burger and fries, I'm not used to eating that stuff anymore, and I was out.

Friday was a really good day. We spent most of the day working on the computer so it went by really fast. My mom, my uncle Ronnie, David and I went out to dinner at this place called Cafe Mare. I can think of where it was until I saw the building, I took my niece there one time and it was like four ravioli for $20…It was good but very expensive. This time I  had calamari Steak, Roasted potatoes, and brussels sprouts and it was really good! I don't remember what everybody else had but they really liked it. We got back and hung out for a while until Lupe came in, She is working out really good and I'm glad that Rosa found her. She put me to bed and again I was out, I seem to be sleeping really good these days.

Saturday was a pretty good day. More working on the computer, I didn't like the operating system that they wanted me to upgrade because it wouldn't work with Dragon Dictate and I use Dragon Dictate for everything. I downloaded the new operating system on my old computer and then I tried to revert back to the old operating system and it just messed everything up more so that's when I decided it's time to get a new computer. The problem is the new computer is already loaded with the operating system that didn't work for me so my brother's trying to load everything from my old computer onto the new computer and it just wasn't working, why can't anything be easy? I know my brother will get it done because he always does. My mom, My uncle Ronnie, David and I went to dinner at Olitas on the Whorf, It was really windy and overcast and the view was gorgeous! I had lobster tacos and beans and rice, they have the best tasting salsa! While we were there this guy came in with this is gorgeous black and brown German Shepherd, at first I thought it was a police dog or rescue dog because they were speaking to it in German but then I noticed how it was attacking everyone's hand and jumping up on their lap so I figured it was just another gorgeous dog. I asked David to go talk to the guy and make sure his dog was going to be okay with dude cruising by so he did. The guy was at another table and just wiped have a hold of the leash, when David went by the dog lunged add dude and David stepped in front, the dog pulled the lady off of the barstool and we hurried out. Lupe came in and put me to bed and once more I was tired and fell asleep really quickly.

Sunday was a pretty good day. It was raining outside so I decided to stay in bed and watch the rain from inside where it's nice and warm and cozy. We still have a lot of work to do on the computer and if I stay in bed we can get together and get a lot more done. It went by pretty fast and we didn't get everything that we wanted done, My brother and my uncle Are both leaving tomorrow morning but hopefully we got enough done where he can coach me over the phone and through messages to get the rest done. Lupe came in and fed the critters and then fed me and we worked a little bit more on the computer until we will both too tired. I listen to some music for a while and then I was out.