Monday, November 24, 2014

Rain rain don't go away…

Monday was a pretty good day. Omar came by with some seeds for some black-eyed Susan vines that were going to start getting to grow before next summer in front of my van where he took out the miniature fruit trees… The ones with no fruit in seven years. I just stayed in bed and watched Property Brothers and 90 day FiancĂ©.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. I had an appointment with Dr. hurry to check my feet, now that I have diabetes I have to every three months. I was legally because everyone is so nice and Robby LOVES him, after the appointment I release Robby and they get to visit. At least drop me off on the way back in the parking lot where they have the farmers market to meet Kelly for lunch. I keep hearing about this place downtown called Assembly and I have been wanting to try it. The food was excellent, we ate outside and I was looking at everybody's food and the menu trying to find out what would be best but everything looks great so I went with fried polenta with zucchini, mushrooms and pistachio nuts and it was really good. Kelly had pastrami hash and it also looked really good, it came with greens and wheat bread… Of course we're going to have to go back a couple times to try all the stuff the good but we will make that sacrifice. I took Robby for a cruise through Depot Park, down to the end of the wharf and back down to the end of the boardwalk and back. It felt so great to be out and I love checking on the progress of the boardwalk extension towards the ocean, it looks really cool. It came home and rested for a bit and then Rosa came in and put me to bed, did some personal care and I had to take a shower. I've been trying to stay away from all of the chemicals in my deodorant, body scrubs, lotions, toothpaste, mouthwash… Karen has been making everything organic and natural and the only thing that is bothering me so far is the deodorant and that is the worst one for you. It says in the instructions that there's baking soda in it and it may cause a rash and it is so I found a deodorant that doesn't help baking soda in it and I will try that hopefully this week. It was a long day and Robby and I were really tired so we both fell asleep quickly and slept all night, what a great feeling!

Wednesday I Stayed in bed but it was a pretty good day. Daniel came by to fix my wheelchair, I can't wait to try it out. I stayed on my side all day until Rosa got here, I hope I don't have to do this much longer. They called me for an over the phone interview to find a psychologist, I feel really frustrated and anxious these days and besides staying in bed there's just a lot going on in this hat rack of mine. Rosa came in and sat me out and got me something to eat and then Lee and Claudia came by to play cards, I miss playing cards with them… It's been a while. My mom was my partner and we lost two dollars. Lisa came by to say hello and to get her flowers for her birthday, her birthday was last Monday and the flowers were supposed to be here last Tuesday but you know how that goes? This is the second time I have called FTD and for sure the last time. Last month I ordered some flowers from them for Rosa and I did get to see them in person but her daughter took a picture and sent to me and I was really disappointed… I was very disappointed by the flowers they sent for Lisa also. In the picture they looked really nice, a lot fuller and bigger… It was a little bit embarrassing. I emailed FTD and show them a picture of what I ordered from their website and show them a picture of what I actually got, I'm sure nothing will come of it but I will never use them again.

Thursday was a pretty good day, as saying that but it rained all day… I love staying in bed and listening to it rain outside. Karen came in and put me on my site for a while and took Robby for cruise, I was going to stay on my site all day but right before Karen got ready to leave a started getting chills, sweats and a headache so I had her sit… Sometimes it is so uncomfortable being on your side all day. Rosa came in and fed Robby and I and then we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot shower, it felt so great.

 Friday was pretty much more of the same except it didn't rain as much. I have been trying to make all of my beauty/cleaning products but the deodorant just wasn't working, it says on the website that the baking soda in the recipe might cause a rash and every time I put it on I get a rash so I found an alternative in bentonite clay… I'll try tomorrow and see if it gives me a rash. She made me some more Shea butter lotion and it smells amazing, it smells like chocolate. The deodorant doesn't smell as good but hopefully it will keep me from smelling. Shaun came in and make me some vegetable potstickers with garlic and rice wine vinegar, it sure was good. I think she may be more than I should have had but they were so good I couldn't stop. Kelly came over and my mom came down from the plate three games cribbage, everybody won one game.

Saturday was a really awesome day. I had been waiting for the abilities Expo for a long time and a day is finally here. After four brand-new sets of batteries for my wheelchair and then finally Numotion when he out of options and finally just giving up Roger from Dominican me put me in touch with one of the guys at Permobil at the abilities Expo said he could help me out with my problem. The problem being I haven't been able to go more than 7 miles in my chair since the first round of batteries died. I told the guy the problem and he immediately knew the solution. He said he's only seen it in a couple of chairs but know exactly what the problem was. Apparently the power supply was hanging down and it fried the battery cord. They mounted the power supply and change the battery cord and said I should have no more problems with it. I can't wait to cruise down to the end of Westcliff Drive to see the monarch butterflies. I also ran into Tiffany and Robby sister Roxy, Clinton, the firemen used to live across the street, Fernanda, elated that I met and got to know many years ago at the sport at Valley medical and many other really cool people. We saw a bunch of really cool new stuff and got some great ideas. After that we cruised over to cash and carry to get a roast for Christmas and want to cut out into steaks or the freezer, I was my first time there and I saw so much cool stuff. Then we were off to the Asian market to get some Ramen soup, potstickers and shopping. The soup and the pot stickers were amazing. We found some really cool ingredients and can't wait to try them out. We got back later than we had hoped but we beat Shawna here. Shauna put me to bed and then said she had an interview and she would be back in half an hour, two hours later she came back and finished up when I was already very sleepy.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Lisa came in and got Robby and I something to eat and then rolled me on my side for a little while. I got some rock 'n roll Wine so she put it in the wine rack, rearranged the fairy gardens underneath the porch so they won't get wet when it rains and found a box to store my Farberware in, I had a Farberware many years ago and absolutely loved it so I decided to get another. You cannot only barbecue indoors but there's a rotisserie and shish kebab rods… I can't wait to try those out. Hopefully we will get the opportunity to try out the Farberware with one of the roasts I got from cash and carry. Teresa came in and made me Japanese hot pot for dinner from the groceries we got at the Asian market, it was so delicious and decided to have it maybe once a week. I bought this electric cooking unit so we can compare it right here in my room. We did some personal care and are ready to take a shower and the lift wasn't working, I just got it fixed a week or so ago. It's just not charging like it should.

Monday, November 17, 2014

I think it really is starting to cool down this time…

Monday was another day stuck in bed, Karen came in and put me on my side for a while but I was still in bed. Joanie, the visiting nurse, came in again to check out my pressure sore… It's getting better but not fast enough. Bill came by to replace my lift, he said it will take about 72 hours to charge and I hope it goes by fast. Rosa came in and put me on my site again for a while.

Tuesday, really no change, still stuck in bed. Lisa came in and put me on my side for a while, took Robb for a cruise and did some more work on the fairy garden… It is going to look so cool. Rosa came in and then walked down to Jack's burgers and got me a turkey burger and some fries, it was so good. We did some personal care but the lift was charged enough to give me a shower so we did another bed Bath.

Wednesday was another day in bed. Susan came and then gave me an nice long relaxing massage while Karen took Robby for a cruise. Susan let Ori out of her car so her and Robby could play for a bit, they are so cute together. Rosa came in and I got to take a nice long hot bath, it felt so great and I just felt right to sleep.

Thursday was another day in bed. Joanie, the visiting nurse, came to check on my pressure sore and it just doesn't seem to be getting any better. She says it's getting better but I don't see a change… She is the expert so I believe her. I laid on my side most of the day until I just couldn't stand it any longer and then I have my mom will be back on Monday butt. Rosa came in and we did some personal care but no long hot bath since we did one the night before, I'm all for taking a bath two nights in a row but since I have a meta-honey patch on my butt it's better not to until it falls off.

Friday was a great day. I got to get up and get out of here, only for a couple of hours but it was awesome! Robby and I cruised through the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back into the end of the boardwalk and back with Google Glass… It was nice to be out and taking pictures again. I came back and took some more pictures of the fairy garden beginnings and some pictures of the Thanksgiving decorations in the front room, it looks really nice.  I found another new product called miracle noodles, they have no calories and no carbohydrates. They taste like whatever you cook them with, I had them tonight with coconut oil and sesame season. Of course right after that I went on interest and found a bunch of really cool recipes made with them, tomorrow Shawna is going to make chow mien with miracle noodles. I absolutely love noodles I don't eat them very often but now that I found these making them more, I hope they don't find a really bad side effect to these noodles.

Saturday luckily went by fast, I stayed in bed again. Omar came by and took out the miniature fruit trees in front of the van, have been there for seven years and there's been no fruit so I think they need to be somewhere where they get more sun. Shaun came in and make me some chicken chow mien with miracle noodles, it was delicious!

Sunday was a good day. Lisa came in and put me on my site for a while and did some more work on the fairy gardens, that girl is so creative it's amazing! She took pictures and I couldn't wait to see them but they would not upload from my cell phone so she sent a couple of them to me so I can see what it looks like. Teresa came in and brought me some Greek food from a restaurant downtown, we went there once for dinner and it was really good… It was also really good this time. There's an apartment complex behind the restaurant and apparently there was a fire that just broke out right before she got there so everything was closed down she had to hike in and fight the people to get through to the restaurant. We did some personal care and I got to take a shower, not as good as a bath but better than nothing.