Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010...

Monday Robby and I cruised over to the Boardwalk and then down the canal to pet Smart to see if we could find a dog toy that resembles bacon. Teresa and I are going to be witches for Halloween and Teresa’s boyfriend is going to be an egg with devil horns... deviled egg or bacon and eggs. Robby is going to be a devil so we were going to find him some bacon but I think I should’ve looked for an egg instead, did that make any sense? I got home and Heather made me some killer fish, spinach with mushrooms and mashed potatoes... of course it was awesome. I hung out in my standing frame for a while and then went to bed. Later on my uncle and aunt came over and we played some cribbage, my mom and I were partners and we took a dollar from them... what a great way to end the day.

Tuesday is always a great day, massage Day. After my massage I got dressed and got up and I had an appointment with Dr. jet. Dr. jet specializes in spinal cord injury patients among other things, I see her every six months. When I came home Adrian was cleaning out my garage. She has been working on it for a couple of days and it looks AWESOME, and I always feel so better when my garage is organized. I took a nice long hot bath and went to bed.

Wednesday I unexpectedly stayed in bed, I always get so cranky and crazy when I stay in bed... so does poor Robby. My morning caregiver came in and said she was late because she woke up really sick, just about the first thing I tell them is to not come into work if you’re sick. She took Robby out to go potty, fed him and then left. I called another caregiver but she couldn’t make it so there I was. Cassy brought Jack over and he played with Robby out in the yard for a while, that made Robby feel better. I ordered my new van today, it should take about three or four months and I am so excited. I have had the same van since 2000 and although it’s been a great van it’s time for a new one.

Thursday after I got up in my chair Robby and I went for a really long cruise down West Cliff, past the lighthouse. It was such a beautiful day, the weather was perfect. We cruised back down to the wharf and hung out for a while just watching the beautiful surroundings. Then we cruised down to the boardwalk and along the Levy. I love living here. We cruised back home and Adrian was finishing up for the day cleaning the garage, it’s looking better and better. I took a nice long hot bath and went to bed.

Friday I went to Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility so Robby and I could visit with everyone. It was really nice to see them, I missed it last week because my morning caregiver was late. After Cassy and I went to the Peach Garden for Chinese food, in my opinion the best around. We ate way too much and then came home and Cassy put me in the standing frame, this is the first time that she has done it all by herself and she did an awesome job. I was not nervous at all and I stayed up for 20 minutes, working my way to an hour. I got some leather braces so we can strap my hands on the glider bars, trying to exercise my arms are little bit. My arms are usually really sore after but feel really good the next couple of days. I went to bed and couldn’t keep my eyes open and now here it is 9 PM and I’m wide awake. Somebody told me today that as we get older we don’t need as much sleep, I really miss sleep.

Saturday I got up late, which turned out to be okay because it rained most of the day. I did cruise around for a little bit with Robby but they closed off the parking lot that we cross through to get to the wharf so we turned around and came back. We worked on some of our commands in the yard, we practice three commands every day to keep us both sharp. Cassy put me to bed and then gave Robby a bath, hopefully he won’t be so itchy.

Sunday was Halloween, one of my favorite holidays obviously. I got up and Robby and I went to our puppy play date and met about four new dogs, Robby was so worn out and it was awesome. We came back and rested for a while and then got dressed up in our costumes and went downtown to the red room lounge. Teresa goes to school with a guy who works there and was supposed to dress up as Lady Gaga but when we showed up we found out he wasn’t going to be there until about 7 PM. We decided to have dinner there and it was AWESOME. I had a hamburger with mozzarella cheese and prosciutto. We ended up staying long enough to meet her friend and I’m glad we did, he was a really neat person. After that we cruised around downtown and we ran into Karen and her boyfriend. What a great Halloween, spending the evening with Teresa and Jess, her boyfriend was one of the best evenings I have ever had.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Cruz SCI Halloween Party...

Monday I decided to stay in bed all day. I have a really busy and long weekend and I cannot afford to get a pressure sore, I already have three blisters and I don’t want them to turn into something more. I always get really antsy when I have to stay in bed and of course it was a beautiful day outside, it has been overcast and raining. Heather came by and cooked a bunch of stuff and it smelled wonderful, I cannot wait to try everything she made. Cassy took back a ghost that I had bought it wasn’t working, I hope this one works.

Tuesday was massage Day, I love massage Day. On massage Day I don’t usually get up until around 1 PM and this day was no exception. I took Robby for a cruise and got back just in time to go to Costco with Teresa, I needed to get some stuff for the Halloween party Sunday and she agreed to take me. Of course we got a chicken bake. I took a bath and then went to bed.

Wednesday I really didn’t want to get up. Robby was scratching all night long and I felt so bad for him. He is on antibiotics and an antihistamine but still scratching like crazy, I noticed a little sore on the bottom of his lip the day before. Rachel gave him a bath with his medicated shampoo and he seems to be better. I had an appointment to get a manicure and pedicure, I got black for Halloween. And we cruised down the wharf, through the boardwalk, down the Levy to pet Smart and then back. I was supposed to get in my standing frame tonight but it didn’t happen. I swear starting next week I’m going to get up and it Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday Robby and I went for a long cruise and ended up at pet Smart, Robby needed some more bitter apple spray. I hear him at night licking his paws and although I’m not sure whether it helps or not it makes me feel better. He has been a lot better since his last bath. I took a nice long bath and went to bed.

Friday I ended up staying in bed again. My morning caregiver overslept and came in about two hours late, she’s hardly ever late. I was supposed to be over at the Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility at 11 and there was no way I was going to make it so I had Cassady take Robby over there and then she drove to Scotts Valley to get his dog food. Friday night my uncle and aunt and Lee and Claudia came over to play cribbage with us, I just love playing cribbage.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a CCI new grad seminar in Santa Rosa but I decided it would be best not to go. I’m starting to get blisters on my butt and it’s about a three hour ride each way and if we stop every hour so I can relieve the pressure for 15 minutes we would probably have to leave here at 5 AM, my caregiver comes in at 6 AM and I’m usually not up in my chair until 10 AM. I’m really sad that I’m not going to be able to go but is for the best. I ended up taking Robby for a cruise over to the boardwalk and they were having their first annual chili cookoff. If I would’ve known that before I would have come later to taste the chili but it sure did smell incredible. I remember hearing about it and even seeing the advertisement for one of the contestants on my friends face book, I did get to see my friend and say hello really quick. I came home and Cassy gave Robby a bath so he could be all white and fluffy for the Halloween party on Sunday. It looks like it’s going to rain so I have a feeling that none is many people will show up as originally planned but whatever happens we will have fun and definitely lots of food and drinks.

Sunday was our Santa Cruz Spinal Cord Injury Halloween party here at my house. I have been so nervous about it and I haven’t been able to sleep but it was really nice. Not a lot of people showed up but we had a really good time. A therapist from Dominican rehab, Terryn, a lady I met at Dominican rehab and at Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility, Karen, a couple that I knew from the support groups in the Valley medical center center, Marv and Connie. Marv is going up in a week to get his CCI dog, I am so excited for him. I’m going up in two weeks to watch them graduate. It was windy and rainy, that’s why I was so afraid that nobody would show up to the party. I was the only one, well Robby and I, to dress in a costume but that’s okay. I’m pretty sure I’ll sleep much better tonight. We are going to try it again Thanksgiving and Christmas I hope.

Monday, October 18, 2010

All decorated for Halloween...

Monday I had my mammogram, I used to have it every year on my birthday but since I moved here they just give me such a bad time because I’m in a chair that my prescription keeps running out. I finally got the right person on the phone, or whenever, and got it over with. Luckily the lady who was helping me, the lady that was taking the x-rays, had experience maneuvering a wheelchair because her sister is in one. She was very creative and tilted everything just the right way and got it done really fast. By the time my appointment was over it was already really hot so I just came home and went back to bed. Heather came over and made an egg plant, portobello mushroom and artichoke heart casserole with marinara sauce... needless to say it was awesome. While it was cooking she took Robby for a walk so everybody was happy.

Tuesday was my weekly massage from Susan, always a great experience. My massage is usually at 8:30 AM so Karen doesn’t come in until 10 AM, that means I’m not usually up in my chair until 1 PM. I got my home automation system back from Dave and Teresa installed it back for me, you don’t realize how much you miss technology until it’s gone. Robby and I went for a really long cruise past the lighthouse on Westcliff Drive and then down to the wharf. And then back home for a nice hot Jacuzzi bath and then off to bed, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Wednesday I had an appointment with Dr. Owens to get my Depo-Provera shot and my flu/h1n1 shot. I like going up there a lot better since I found an alternative route, cruising my chair all the way down Mission St. is really dangerous. After I left the doctor’s office Robby and I cruised down the wharf and through the boardwalk. Robby is out cold right now.

Thursday I had no plans so I just decided to take Robby and cruise around for awhile. Rachel gave him a bath so I took him out without his vest to the wharf and back so he could dry off. I came back and put his best on and we cruised back down to the wharf, through the boardwalk, down the Levy and I went into OfficeMax to see if I could find a clipboard. When I came back out it was cold and foggy, I didn’t put on a sweatshirt because I thought it was going to be very warm so Robby and I cruised home in the cold. When I got home Teresa and Cassidy were here to finish putting up my Halloween decorations, my house is so cool. I can’t wait for the Halloween party a week from Sunday.

Friday I didn’t make it over to Santa Cruz skilled nursing. Cassidy forgot that we were going over there on Fridays, we used to go on Mondays, so she was late getting here so we just took some stuff over to Goodwill and then went over to the Spirit store to get a couple more things that I needed. We were both having a really bad day so I just came home and went to bed and watched movies. I watched million Dollar baby. I remember when the movie came out my aunt was really worried about me watching it but I really liked it, I love Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank.

Saturday was our fourth support group. There were six people there, one new guy that I met for the first time. Apparently he used to go to the support groups when Roger had them years ago. He works for Plantronics and gave me a Bluetooth earpiece to try out, it has a very light touch and is easy to use if you have a limited use of your hands... I’m really excited to try it out. I am so awful with names so I’m not even going to try. Roger asked me to take over the e-mail part of it, I told him I had plenty of time on my hands and I would help him in any way that I could. We have a face book page but decided it would be a good idea to have an Internet website, not everybody has faced book. So many exciting things are happening with the support group. After the support group I met Heather downtown and we went to the taco bar and then went to see Secretariat, it was a really good movie and I actually stayed awake the whole time.

Sunday I couldn’t believe it was raining, no puppy play date. We kind of sat around thinking of what to do. We decided to go to Woodworm party store to get a couple more spiders and then go to Costco to get sodas and a cake for the Halloween party. The first party store that we went to didn’t have very much so we decided to go to the other one and they had a lot, we never made it to Costco. I came home and had a nice hot bath and went to bed. We got all the decorations for Halloween up so there’s just a few things that we have to do before the party, I’m so excited.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new toy...

Monday I took a bath and then went back to bed. ATG rehab was coming out to fix my chair and they needed me to not be in it. The casters on my chair have been making a really loud clicking noise, remember when we used to playing cards in the spokes of our bicycles? It was really annoying. Also the armrests on my chair were really loose. Apparently they only got in one of the parts to fix my armrest and it was the last one, the right one is the one that is the loosest. He changed the casters in the front and said that he would recommend I change the ones in the back also. Now that it’s not making a clicking noise he said that he could hear the engine whining, probably not a good and probably very expensive I would guess. The sidewalks and we do have here in Santa Cruz are in really bad shape for the most part. I generally ride in the street but I don’t like to do that because it puts Robby in between me and the cars that pass by. Last time I went to Dominican rehab Terryn suggested that we make a list of the worst sidewalks but we never did, one of these days we will. maybe at the next support group.

Tuesday the massage therapist came at 8 AM, I just love massage Day. I didn’t get up until 1 PM so Robby and I went for a cruise down to the lighthouse and then back home. By then it was time for my first time in the standing frame at my house. Teresa taught Cassy how to get me up because I think she is going to be doing it most of the time. It was really exciting to know that I can go into standing frame whenever I want and it is sent up to fit me, we don’t have to readjust it every time.

Wednesday was my appointment with Claudia to get a manicure and pedicure, I decided to go with dark brown with sparkles... I got to have the sparkles. After that Robby and I went for a cruise past the lighthouse to the dog Beach. We were above looking over at the water, it was so beautiful. For some reason I decided to take the bumpy path back to the trail and of course I got stuck in the soft dirt. I tried to call my cousin but for some reason Skype kept coming up and wouldn’t let me make a phone call, my cousin deleted Skype when I got home. Eventually a gentleman walked by so I asked him if he could give me a little push because I was stuck, he was very nice and helped me. I think I’ll be a little bit more careful where I cruise my chair from now on.

On Thursday Kelly and I went to Mobos for sushi, we both looked up place. After that we went to Palace art supply store and I got some cobwebs to hang up outside and of course I found a couple of other things that I couldn’t do without. We cruised around downtown for a while and then went to Beverly’s fabric to find some plastic canvas sheets to cover the motor in my pond, it keeps getting clogged with leaves. We came home and I got to get up in the sanding frame again. My uncle came over so that he could help if Cassy needed it in the future. I ended up standing for about 20 minutes while Cassy and my uncle exercised my legs with the glider. I took a bath and then went to bed and slept great.

Friday it was time for my cousin to go home, it was so great to have her around and her husband. My aunt decided to take a trip back to Florida with her so they could finally get a chance to catch up, either one of them sit still for very long. This was my first Friday at the Santa Cruz skilled nursing, I usually go on Mondays but Friday’s they have pet therapy day so I decided to go then. There were four other dogs there, all Chihuahuas and they all got along really well. Everybody was really sweet and I’m really glad I decided to go on Fridays instead of Monday’s. We came home and Cassy gave Robby a bath and found something that looked like a tick on the side of him. We look up how to get it off and the Internet said drowned in with olive oil and then pull it out. I haven’t had anything to do with ticks for a very long time so I panicked, did we get the head out? I called the vet and they said to bring Robby and and the tick that they would tell us what we need to do next... it was a skin tag. They stopped the bleeding and put some antiseptic on it and sent them back home.

Saturday I got up and took Robby for a really long overdue cuise. We cruised through the lagoon, down the wharf, down the boardwalk, along the canal, back and to a car show. I remember seeing the advertisement for the car show on TV but I forgot all about it. They have a lot of really cool cars there and the weather was perfect so we hung out for awhile and then cruised back home. Friday night some friends came over and we played cribbage. It was a great day.

Sunday I had to cancel puppy play date because I wasn’t sure if I should take Robby while he is still taking medication for his skin infection. I didn’t take him for a long cruise past the lighthouse and down to the wharf, it was pretty warm today and he was pretty tired when we got back. We did some more decorating for Halloween, it looks awesome. We’re going to do some more on Thursday, hopefully finish up.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A great puppy play date week...

Monday my brother and I decided to go to Best Buy to get my mom a notebook computer, she has wanted one for a long time and my brother was here to switch everything over so it was perfect timing. As we got ready to leave the ramp on my van broke once again, this is getting really old. He wasn’t able to fix it but he was able to manually work it but he’s the only one who knows how to do it so I’m stranded for a couple of days. I had to cancel Santa Cruz skilled nursing facility visit. A bunch of us went to the wooden nickel in Watsonville for dinner, as usual it was awesome and we all had a great time.

Tuesday I had an appointment at Dominican rehab with Terryn to adapt my phone so I can use it in my chair. She had a couple of really good ideas and then Andrei came in with an awesome idea. He cut a section out of my arm rests and embedded my cell phone, it was genius. I also ran into Roger and we all talked about the spinal cord injury support group Halloween party, it is so exciting. I couldn’t get my phone to work so I called Tom and Kelly to come and pick me up, I thought it was going to be a lot hotter than it was and I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without my phone. I had a dentist appointment at 3 PM but it’s kind of far away and I didn’t want to go out there in this heat and my van is not working. I came home and took a bath and went to bed, there is nothing better than a nice hot bath.

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned. I have them cleaned every three months because I’m really not that good about flossing. I meant to use the odometer on my cell phone so that I would know how many miles it is but of course I forgot, I know that it takes me about half an hour to get there in my chair. It didn’t take her very long and she said that my teeth look really good. After the dentist we went to pet Smart to pick up a couple of balls for Robby to play with, there is really only two things that he will play with. One is a big rubber ball with holes all over it, which is easy for me also to get a hold of AND an empty water bottle. I came back home and found out that Gabe fixed my van so that I could use it but has to rebuild the moving parts inside the door so I will be able to use it, Gabe is awesome.

Thursday I had an appointment at Dominican rehab with Carl and Livnot to get fitted for my new standing frame. It was incredible. I got right in and was comfortable, only a few adjustments. I was able to stand in it almost instantly, in the past it has taken me up to three or four visits to just stand up. I came back home so excited and Carl delivered it that evening. I have been working on getting a standing frame since before I flap surgery.

On Friday I took Robby for a really long cruise and it was really great to get out. We went along Westcliff Drive and there was hardly anybody out at all, it felt like we had it all to ourselves and it was so gorgeous. I came home and Heather made me a killer dinner and then went to bed.

Saturday Kelly took Karen and I to Cosco to get a bunch of stuff that I have needed for a long time, mostly medical supplies. After we came back and unloaded and put everything away Kelly and I went to Ross, cost plus, OfficeMax and bed Bath and beyond. We were looking for a couple of barstools for my mom and a double drawer filing cabinet. We found a filing cabinet and OfficeMax and ended up going back there and picking out a couple of barstools. Of course I got some Halloween decorations at cost plus and Ross that I couldn’t do without. Kelly and I went out to dinner at Ristorante Italiano. We had both been there before and as usual it was a killer dinner. Kelly had cioppino and I had Veal Piccata with the calamari appetizer, of course we brought about half of everything home for lunch tomorrow.

Sunday was puppy play date and Robby and I both were so glad. We missed the last two weeks so Robby had a lot of pent up playing to get out of his system. Robby and Bella ran around like crazy, it was so cute. When I came back we were supposed to go to a neighborhood block party but we ended up not going, it was time to decorate for Halloween and it was too cold. I got my living room decorated and it looks awesome, we will start on the outside and the rest of the house next weekend. I really love Halloween.