Sunday, December 6, 2020

Finally it's here! Christmas month…

 Monday was a pretty miserable day. Karen came in and fed. Dude, I tried to eat, but I just wasn't hungry… I haven't been hungry at all these days. We did some personal care, and it was miserable. Taking a long hot bath helped a little, but it was just a long miserable day. When we finished, it was nice to go back to bed, so I decided to stay there and not get up. I slept on and off all day, and by the time Rosa got there, I felt better but so glad I didn't have to have her put me back to bed. I think all that movement, I wouldn't have been able to eat at all. I ate a little bit, Rosa vacuumed and cleaned up a little bit, and then went home. Unifury Sent me an email for approval on my newest custom purchase for Christmas. My uncle, aunt, mom, and I played cribbage, my uncle was my partner, and we won two dollars. After everybody left, I just ate a big piece of medical marijuana and drifted off to sleep.

 Tuesday was a really long day. I'm torn between staying in bed and being comfortable and warm are getting dressed and getting up and running a lot of errands that need to run, Tuesday's the only day during the week that I have somebody that drives, so I like to get my appointments and errands run on that day. Cindy came in and fed Dude, I tried, but I just couldn't eat. She got me dressed up in my chair and took me to my appointment at the dentist. My dental hygienist's name is Robbie… I always enjoy catching up with her. She said my teeth were the cleanest they've ever been and tell my caregivers are doing an awesome job. After my appointment, we cruised over to Whole Foods, got a couple of briefs and branches, and then cruised over to Safeway to get a couple of poinsettias and some groceries. I'm trying to include a salad in all of my dinners, so Adriana's been making me a couple every week, and I love it! I really wanted to take Dude out for a little cruise, but I just didn't feel good. I'm getting the cold sweats now. I lay back for a while, hoping it would go away, but it didn't. I was so happy to see Rosa come in so I can go to bed. She fed Dude and then put me to bed and got me something to eat but once again, I'm just not hungry. I have this little pillow made of beans/rice that we put in the microwave for two minutes, and I put it around the back of my neck, and it always feels so good. It doesn't make sense that he feels good while you're sweating, but it does. Cindy put up the wreaths before she went home, and it already smells like Christmas in here. I love that smell! I don't get a real tree anymore because it's just too much, so I really miss this Christmas smell. I get rates and cinnamon acorns, which helps a lot. I bought an aqua-colored Christmas tree for my back porch. I want to do a nautical theme for that one. I also want to get one for the pergola, I never decorated out there for Christmas, but I would like to start. Cindy put it together, and I think it's gonna look really good. my mom sent me some pictures that you took from the Internet. Two of them are of my uncle and my grandpa, and the other one is of my boss when I worked in Milpitas and her grandson. I looked at her for about 10 years, but she was also a friend, she's known my aunt and uncle for years. I was living in Lodi, and she worked for a company called Xicor in Milpitas, she needed a custodian, and I did my interview over the phone… We commuted from Lodi for a while and then moved into one of my uncle and aunt's San Jose units. She was the best boss in the world. After I was the custodian for a couple of years, she talked me into becoming the mail coordinator. Actually, she asked me, and I didn't want to do it because I thought it was a lot more responsibility, so she asked me to fill in for a while until I fell in love with the job. Who doesn't like a job where your sorting mail and cruising around three huge buildings and visiting people while you deliver it? She also had me relieving the receptionist for lunch and breaks. I really liked it and always saw myself doing it until I retire… Who knew I would retire and become disabled? We still keep in touch and sometimes play cribbage at night. My cousin Rich sent me a picture of the Christmas tree that they went and got and decorated. It looks great and puts me even further into the mood. Cindy sent me a picture of her Christmas tree that she decorated, and it looked amazing! She goes online to YouTube and learns how to do stuff, and she's really very crafty and imaginative! She learned how to cook, and now she's getting decorating tips. Her sister lives down on the corner, and my cousin Rich is her landlord, she called to ask Rich if she could put up some lights and decorations for Christmas, and he said, "yes! It will be nice to see somebody else decorate," I asked her. Does he not know his cousin?? I have been decorating since before I moved here 12 years ago. I just thought that was funny. Rosa came in and fed the hungry boy, put me to bed, and then fed me. I pretty much just turn the heater all the way up, turned my blanket all the way up, and tried to get warm enough to go to sleep… I always like to sleep until I feel better. I went in last week to give some blood first some lab work that I had to get done, and even though they didn't call it, I brought in a sample of urine so they can take it and test it because I knew I was getting a UTI, but the girl grabbed it and said you don't need this and threw it away before I could ask her. I can tell now that UTI is getting worse. I finally fell asleep.

 Wednesday was another long day. Karen came in and fed the hungry pooch, fed me, and then it's time to start personal care… The first hour is always so miserable, and then after that, I just cold, sweaty, and worn-out. Today was even worse because of the new UTI, Karen took a picture, and my urine was really red and cloudy.  I texted Dr. Owens, and she said to get in a urine sample as soon as possible, and she will send me some antibiotics to use until they find out which kind I need. I couldn't think of anyone else, so I texted my aunt, and she came over and got the sample and took it into Dr. Owen's office for me. I found an app on my phone that reminds you to drink water every hour. I also set Alexa to remind me… Usually, if I drink a lot of water, it will go away. I really wish they wouldn't have thrown my sample away yesterday, even though I'm pretty sure I have a UTI. I felt really miserable, but I really wanted to get up and cruise around for a little while, right now there decorating the boardwalk for Christmas, and I just hate it when I miss that stuff. By the time we finished everything and got me up and out of here, it was already 2 PM, so I only have a couple of hours, which is okay because I just want to take pictures and then come back. It's still a little cold, and with my cold chills, it just makes it worse. We cruised over to the wharf, over to the boardwalk where I took most of my pictures and back. It was nice to get home and turn the heater way up until back in my chair and drink water.  Cindy sent me some pictures of her office, the people you worked with wrapped up everything in her office with Christmas paper… It was so awesome! Cindy loves Christmas, so it's the perfect friend for her! I watch TV until Rosa came in. She fed the hungry baby and then put me to bed… I tried, but I just don't have any appetite, so I took a couple of bites to take my pills. I got a couple of messages on my phone from Dr. Owen's office that said I have  MRSA and an evil UTI. She said she's afraid that I might have a kidney infection. I was already in bed, so how to deal with it tomorrow? It was a really miserable scary night. I drink all the water that I could and hope for the best.

 Thursday was a long miserable day. Karen came in and fed the hungry boy and then got me something to eat, and still not hungry, I took a couple bites so I could take some pills. I decided to stay in bed, but I kept hearing my phone rang. I got a bunch more phone calls from Dr. Owen's office. They wanted me to go to the ER so they can admit me into the hospital for IV antibiotics. Karen got me dressed and up in my chair, and I headed up to ER on Mission Street. She was going to get something to eat and meet me there in case I needed help. When I got there, they told me that because I had cold chills, they wouldn't see me there, and I needed to go to an emergency, so I texted Adriana, and she came to get me right away and took me over to the Dominican emergency, it was a scary sight. All the beds were full, and there were many tents outside the emergency for different procedures… Not a place I want to be. They got me a room, and everybody was really nice. It took pretty much all day, but I did get to go home by way of picking up my new antibiotics at Safeway pharmacy.  While we were waiting, Omar texted Adriana to get the key for storage so he could start bringing over the Christmas decorations.  While he was there, he took Dude for a walk around the hospital. I was just so relieved that they would make me stay there, but they did make me promise that I would come right back if anything got worse. I felt like the luckiest person in the world, and I swore that I would drink a ton of water and state take care of my body better from then on.  I bought tickets to drive around Christmas in the Park for tonight, and it looks like I'm not going to be able to go. I texted Cindy and told her that she better use them and take whoever she wants, and they had such a great time! We tried the holiday lights in Los Gatos at Vassona Park, but they were already sold out, and so was the holiday Christmas train. I'm going to try again for next week because I really want to go But when I feel better. Adriana drove me home and put me to bed, and I tried to eat a little bit and then slept most of the night. I'm so fortunate!

 Friday was kind of a blur. My head is still reeling from how close I came to having to stay in the hospital to just deal with not feeling myself… I know it'll take some time. We did some personal care, and we got absolutely nothing. Now I'm afraid all of the antibiotics that I have been taking is making me constipated… Even after I took a nice long hot bath, there was nothing. I ended up going back to bed and pretty much sleeping on and off all day. Omar came by and took the Halloween decorations back to storage and brought most Christmas decorations to decorate tomorrow. Adriana came in and ran a couple of errands, and when she came back, we decided to grab Ruben's tacos for dinner. I haven't had them since Adriana left two weeks ago for Mexico, and boy, did they sound delicious! Even though Omar doesn't like Birra tacos because he doesn't like a goat, although they make these with beef, I figured one bite, and he would be sold, but he still just didn't like them, so luckily he got eL Pastore. Even though I still don't have much of an appetite, I ate two of them, and it made me feel much better, they were so delicious! We chatted for a while, and then Omar went home, Adriana cleaned up, and then she went home also. Before she went home she was telling me that somebody brought some alpacas and they were hanging out by the lighthouse, I'm kinda sad that I miss them, but I'm sure they will be back… I've seen all kinds of animals cruising around here in Santa Cruz just like they own the place and I love it! I wanted to make sure I slept really good, so I had a bagel piece of medical chocolate, and I relaxed my way to sleep.

 Saturday was a nice relaxing, calm day. The doctor advised me to stay in bed for a couple of days to don't wear anything tight around my SP tube site, so what a perfect day to start decorating for Christmas. Cindy came in and fed the hungry Dude, fed me, and then started decorating in the living room… Omar came by and went to get some more boxes of Christmas decorations. Adriana was making a yard sale with some friends. My mom sent me some pictures from my little brother and his wife of my niece Dez graduating… With honors!! She is an amazing gal! Cindy took pictures before she left. Everything looks so amazing already! Adriana came in and fed the hungry pup, fed me, and then cleaned up for a bit and did laundry before she went home. I watched TV and caught up on my blog until it was time to turn everything off and go to sleep.

 Sunday was a nice relaxing day in such a relief I feel so much better. Cindy came in and fed the hungry pooch and then fed me. She pulled me out and put me on my side for a while and cleaned me off, and she said it was still a little hard around the SP tube, but everything was looking much better in my urine was a really light yellow color. Cindy set me back up and then continued on with the Christmas decorations. I feel bad that she has to do it all by herself, but she looks like she's having a perfect time, and I know that she's doing an amazing job! Adriana came by to make some salads for my mom and me. She makes the perfect salad! Omar came by and did some more decorating. Now that it's 9 PM, I can see the front porch outside, and it looks awesome! My aunt texted me a little while ago and said that my house sure looked beautiful from across the street. Karen came in and fed Dude. She got me a bite to eat even though I wasn't that hungry just so I could take my antibiotics without upsetting my stomach… I was just had some lunch meat and cheese. We did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. I was so cold, so it was nice to get back to bed where I could turn up the heat and turn on my blanket. I watched 90-day fiancĂ© until it was time to shut everything down.

I can't even remember which day it was. I took a cruise down to the wharf, and there were millions and millions of pelicans hanging out and diving into the ocean and also millions of sea lions summing around… It was a huge feeding frenzy. I ended up coming back early because my phone was also dying. I think it was Monday, November 23rd, but I can't remember for sure. These last couple of weeks have been kind of a blur. I totally left it out of my blog because I figured out the best way to upload videos.