Friday, April 29, 2016

Another great week full of family and friends…

 Monday Was a great day! Cindy came in and got me up, she came in for Karen because Karen worked for her on Saturday. I have an appointment at lifestyle management with Denise for a refresher course because my diabetes is getting a little out of control. I was diagnosed a year ago and I just wanted to go over what I should and should not be eating. I'm glad Cindy was here this morning because I was running late so she was able to drive me to my appointment. It was really nice to see Denise, when I was diagnosed with diabetes she is the one that ran the diabetes management classes. After the class Robby and I cruised back to rest for a bit, I'm afraid to tilt back away from home because to pieces of my wheelchair fell off. When Daniel came out she looks at my chair and said he knew what the problem was and he would have Yvonne ordered the parts, it was my actuator again. Unfortunately this time Medicare will not pay for it and it is going to cost me $2300, now is a really bad time but what can you do? We cruised through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive and back and down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf and back and then we just sat outside on the back porch for a while, it was such a beautiful day. Omar was here working on my new barbecue area… It's looking great! Rosa came in and put me to bed and I fell right to sleep. David and Deszree got in at midnight.

Tuesday was another great day. Lisa came in and got me up and I spent the day with Dave, Deziree and Stanley. We cruised down to the Santa Cruz wharf and enjoy the day, it was so nice. While we were out cruising around Lisa was keeping busy cleaning up and planting in the yard, she makes my yard looks so gorgeous.  Omar worked some more on the new barbecue area. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and a shower, I was exhausted and out before she left.

Wednesday was a great day. My mom's birthday. Stanley, David, Deziree and I took her out to her favorite restaurant Ristorante Italiano… We all have a great time! Rosa came in and put me to bed and again I was out.

Thursday was another great day. The days have been so busy and full of family and fun that I can't even remember what we did which day, that's why I usually write in here every evening but I haven't been. Karen came in and got me up and we all went to Santa Cruz diner for breakfast and then to bed Bath and beyond, my brothers wanted to take my mom shopping for her birthday. Rosa came in and we did some personal care and a shower. Stanley had to leave because he was driving his daughter to Oregon the next morning, she is moving there… All of their siblings will be back together again in Oregon plus their wives, fiancĂ©e's and boyfriends.

Friday was a great day also. Karen came in and got me up and we hung around most of the day while David placed cameras at the front and back door so I can monitor them for my room. David took a nap while Deziree and I cruised downtown to check out a couple of bookstores and the homeless shelter project store, I love that place! We came back home and then cruise down to the Mexican restaurant for dinner before Dave and Deziree took off for their flight home. What a great visit! Theresa came in and put me to bed and again I was out before she left. Omar came in and worked on the barbecue area, it is looking amazing!

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in to feed Robby and I and put me on my side for the day, I decided to stay in bed. Somehow during the week I lost all of my pictures on my iPhoto and I was so bummed, it was all the pictures of when my brothers and Deziree were here. Luckily my Google Glass and my cell phone upload onto my Google account so I was able to get them all back. Theresa came in to put me to bed and feed Robby and I. We did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Sunday was a really great day. Karen came in because Cindy wanted the day off. She got me up and Robby and I took off for a really long cruise through the lagoon and while we were cruising through Bay St., Park I saw a sign that said "Mayday festival" so of course we have to go check it out. I always feel awkward going into places like that but I at least want to go by and see what was going on so we did. There was a lot of really cool stuff there, I wish I could get up enough nerve to go check everything out. I was just going to cruised by on the sidewalk but when I got to the end there was no curb cut so I had to go back the other way. We cruised down Westcliff Drive for a bit but I didn't want to go too far because it's pavement and I can't tell how hot it is on Robby feet so we turned back to cruise down the Santa Cruz wharf. Ride a wave was there giving people with different abilities rides on the surfboard, that is so cool to watch. Some of the surfboards child's car seats and everybody looked like they were having so much fun. They build a ramp that goes partway on the sands so I cruised down as far as I could to watch a little closer and take some pictures. I went to school with one of the guys involved in the project, Max Montgomery, and I ran into him a year or two ago and he looks exactly the same and still just as sweet. I ran into a couple of guys and one of them went crazy over my tie-dye shirt, he wanted me to give it to him so I told him to go downtown to a brighter world and get one there, yes. I have anything on underneath and I told him no… Sorry. I cruise down the Santa Cruz wharf and as I went by Paradise dogs, it's a hot dog stands that is at the beginning of the Santa Cruz wharf every weekends… I have gone by their four years and always waits at the guy and told myself that one day I would stop and introduce myself, he seems like such a neat guy. I went by and he said hello and waved so I said hello and waved back, he was much too busy for me to stop and say hello this time. We cruised down to the end of the Santa Cruz wharf and looked down through the bottom and I could still see that poor little dead sea lion.  As we cruised back down the Santa Cruz wharf I ran into Cedric again, the guy had wanted my tie-dye shirt. He really nice purple fedora and I told him that if I have a shirt on underneath I would trade it for the Fedora but I didn't. He said that if I ran into him one more time I really had to give him my shirt, he was so cute. When we cruised back there was nobody at the hot dog stand and I heard Vince say hello so I stopped and introduce myself. He said that he has seen us go whizzing by four years and told his wife that they would meet me one day, that was so cool. I talked to them for a while and they are such interesting people. He said that he is also Santa Claus on the Christmas train that goes from the boardwalk to roaring Camp railroad in Felton and back. The inviting me to be his guests when the Christmas trading is back, I'm so excited because I always wanted to go on the Christmas train and have some apple cider. Christmas cannot get here fast enough, I've seen it cruising through town and I have been on the daytime one a couple of times but the Christmas one just seems so special. I didn't want to overstate my welcome so we moved on and cruise down to the boardwalk and back and then home. I told Theresa that I would be home early in case you wanted to come and get everything done early so she can go home, she ended up running lights and didn't get here until 3:30 PM anyway, next time I'm going to tell her to text me when she's leaving her house so I can enjoy more of the day and not have to come back early and wait. Theresa put me to bed and went home, I just enjoy the rest of the evening. Vince messaged me on Facebook and we wrote back and forth for the rest of the evening, when a really cool guy!