Monday, September 30, 2013

What is in store for us this week?…

Monday was a really great day. Of course I got my weekly massage and got to sleep in. Tom, Kelly and I went to lunch at the roadhouse restaurant, I always love going to that place. We came home and rested for a while and then I decided to take Robby for a cruise the lagoon, to the end of the wharf and back and then back home. Rosa came and put me to bed.

Tuesday was such a great day and I was so excited. Kelly and I met Ursula at Filoli gardens near Palo Alto. Ursula has cooking classes there and Kelly has helped her out from time to time. It is a mansion on 700 acres that they use for events and stuff like that. I am so glad that I had my Google glass with me because I wanted to take a picture of everything, it's so great to not have to ask someone to take a picture of everything you want to take a picture of. We got the full tour and Ursula knew everything about that place, it was so interesting. We got there about 11 AM and walked around and before you knew it was 4 PM and the place was closing, luckily I think we saw just about everything. They have a little cafĂ© there so we had a really nice lunch, it was just an amazing day. We got there right before a huge event so we got to see a lot of the Halloween decorations, I LOVE Halloween. They had a little movie that you see right before the tour and they gave you a lot of information about the estate. We have been promising to take the tour for a couple of years now and I'm so glad that we finally got to do it, it is something I will never forget. We came home and Teresa put me to bed, did some personal care and gave me a nice long hot bath. A great ending to an amazing day.

Wednesday was a great day. I got up and took Robby for really long cruise through the Lagoon, past the lighthouse and back into the end of the wharf and back. I came home and rested for a bit and then went to the farmers market with Kelly, we both had a garbanzo bean naan wrap. I came home and rested for a while and Rosa came to put me to bed. I didn't get to play cards tonight because Rosa's husband threw out his back and she needed to stay there for a while and take care of him. When she did come she brought me some homemade chicken enchiladas, they were awesome! Kelly and my mom went across street to play cards and I hung out with Tom for a while.

Thursday was a pretty good day. I got to take Robby for a nice long cruise and although I did I was pretty chilly the whole time. He came back and rest for a bit and worked with Robby a little bit on our commands. My uncle came over and talk to me on the bed and then Tom came home and we talk for a little bit and I noticed it was getting warmer so I decided to take Bobby for a cruise again, This time it was a lot warmer. I came home and Rosa put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Friday was another perfect day. We were supposed to go to the succulent extravaganza but the maintenance guy wasn't going to be able to make it tomorrow so we had to do everything that we were going to do tomorrow today. I took Robby for a cruise while Teresa and Vicente took all the Halloween decorations down off the shelf in the garage, so exciting! I came back and Teresa was decorating in the living room and the porch, I have so much Halloween decorations but it will take probably a couple of weeks. All of the sudden both Teresa and I started getting really flushed, cold and sweating so we decided to stop and put me to bed, I hope you're not getting sick… It was just weird. Phil and Hazel, friends of Kelly and Tom, came down for a visit and I thought they were going to stay the night but they left and I miss them.

Saturday was such a great day. I got up and I felt really good, last night and wasn't feeling good and I had my doubts. Tom Kelly and I went to this really cool coffee place called Verve, they always find the coolest places to eat. The weather was just perfect so we decided to go over to Henry Cowell park in Felton. we cruised around on the trails in the redwoods for a while, we were in heaven. We came back to the house and picked up Teresa and we were going to go to the sausage festival but when we went by it was so crowded we decided to just go back to the charcuterie and pick up some sausages and go home and barbecue. It was really nice to sit on the back porch and visit with sausages, salami, cheese and crackers. While we were at the redwoods Teresa put up some more Halloween decorations, I just love Halloween. We decided where to put a couple more decorations and Teresa put me to bed.

Sunday was a pretty good day. I decided to just relax and stay in bed for the day. Teresa came over and brought some freshly squeezed orange juice and a chorizo, egg and cactus burrito… It was so good. Teresa put a bunch more of the Halloween decorations together, it's really starting to look great around here. Omar is going to come over on Tuesday to clean out the front yard so we can make it into a graveyard and hang up a bunch of the other decorations. Rosa came by and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, so relaxing.