Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forgot to post for a while...

Monday was hopefully the last day I have to stay in bed. The visiting nurse didn’t come until 1 o’clock and Daniel was coming to fix my chair at 3:30 PM, he is always early. The nurse said everything looked really good and I think they’re getting ready to release me… yay finally! I was hoping that I would be able to get up by Thanksgiving and it’s going to come true. Kelly and I picked a date for our road trip from here to Florida, where her and Tom live, and back. She is going to get here on Wednesday, February 15 and we’re going to leave on Saturday the 18th, I am so excited and I think were going to have a lot of fun. Karen agreed to come with us so we don’t have to find a caregiver in every state that we stop. Heather came over and made a bunch of food for me yesterday, it smelled so good I wanted to eat it all right then. She brought over this savory mushroom bread pudding from work that was AWESOME!

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, it comes from the love in my dog's eyes." ~ unknown

Tuesday I kept trying to decide if I want to do all of my personal care and take a bath today or tomorrow. Luckily I picked today because tomorrow they are FINALLY going to come and replace my mattress with the new one, I ordered the 7th of last month and they told me it would take 3 to 5 days… isn’t that the way it usually goes? Anyways it will be nice to get up tomorrow and take Robbie for a really long needed cruise. It’s going to be cold but we will just have to find a way to do it.

“Women and cats will do as they please,
and men and Dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ~ Robert Heinlein

Wednesday I finally got to get up and it felt great. I thought it was going to be cold but it was actually pretty warm. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon and to the end of the wharf and back twice. We came back and Teresa waxed my face and then put me to bed.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and all I could think about all day was stuffing and mashed potatoes. I got up just in time to cruise over to my uncles house for dinner, unfortunately I didn’t get to run Robby and I couldn’t take him with me because my cousin had his dog over there and they have never met before. The food was amazing. The turkey was so moist, the stuffing was awesome, mashed potatoes and gravy were killer, she made spinach with bacon and cheddar cheese and cauliflower with cheddar cheese. They wanted to eat early so they could go to a friends house and watch a football game so Karen and I came back and she put me to bed. She was going to go home but it was getting late, dark and cold so she decided to stay here.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." - Gilda Radner

Friday was another day of personal care but I got a nice long hot bath and I feel rested and comfortable. My brother Stanley, his wife and daughter are coming down to spend the weekend so I’m glad I got everything done today. I really need to take Robby out for a nice long cruise.

Saturday Teresa called me at 7 AM say that she wasn’t coming in, she was really dizzy and shouldn’t be doing anything. I ended up just staying in bed and visiting with my family. They went and got me a tree and decorated my house, I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and check it out… I am just love Christmas. It sounds like my Modesto family is going to be here for Christmas, I am so excited. Corinne is going to stay the week after Christmas, it will be awesome to spend some time with her. We ended up playing cribbage for the 2nd night in a row, Janet was my partner both nights and we kick their butts.

Sunday was a great day. I got to get up in the weather outside was gorgeous. I decided to run Robby and meet my sister-in-law at Costco, I need to find a tree topper but we didn’t have any luck there and we needed to get back because they had to leave. I think I’ll try cost plus and while I’m there I might as well look around Ross and see what they have. While I was eating my chicken bake from Costco yesterday another one of my teeth broke. I’m going to try to get a dentist appointment today but it’s not hurting so tomorrow is more likely. I came home and Heather was cooking a bunch of stuff, I haven’t seen her much lately and I really miss her. While I was eating my chicken bake from Cosco I felt something funny in my mouth and sure enough I broke another tooth, they just seem to be breaking like chalk these days. Luckily it was time to go to bed and it wasn’t that noticeable from the outside, I just couldn’t help but play with it all night long.

Monday 1st thing I made an appointment for Tuesday at the dentist, luckily they know me and my brittle teeth so they got me in right away. I decided to get all my personal care and bath done on Monday so I would be ready to go on Tuesday. It was a nice relaxing day in bed.

Tuesday Karen got me up really quick. I actually had time to make a couple of phone calls before I had to leave for the dentist. The weather turned out to be just beautiful so Robby and I cruised down to the dentist office. We had to pass by the occupy Santa Cruz campsites and it was a little embarrassing. I got to the dentist and she cleaned my teeth and took x-rays. The doctor looked at my tooth and told me I would have to come back the next day to get the tooth fixed so Robby and I cruised back. I got home and the housekeeper still did not clean my room or my bathroom but I had to get to bed so Karen can go home. Teresa called in sick to Karen was waiting for me so she could put me to bed and go home. The housekeepers tried to knock on my door to say they were ready to clean my room and I guess I just snapped and said we’re going to have to miss my room again and this was their last day cleaning my house. The schedule is just not right and I keep having to get my room skipped plus I have everything meticulously placed in my room so it is where I need it when I need it and my caregivers know where that is so I’m just going to have them cleaned my house. I went to bed and my uncle brought over some split pea soup, he’s upstairs right now doctoring it up with my mom but I’m waiting patiently.

Wednesday I got up and went through my Christmas decorations and lights and got some stuff together for my cousin and his family. I was glad to get rid of a lot of stuff that I got rid of, I would have gotten rid of it before but it was easier to get rid of knowing it was going to my cousin… I hate getting rid of my stuff. I went back to the dentist to get my tooth that broke replaced and when I got back I had a house full of people decorating, I just love Christmas.

Thursday I ended up staying in bed all day, mostly on my side. I just got my new mattress about a week before but my pressure sore turned into a deep tissue wound, that’s what the visiting nurse called it. She came over here ready to release me and when she felt my new mattress she said it was no better than the old one so she was on the phone all night and got it set up so that they were going to bring me a mattress that will work for me. This is getting to be ridiculous.

Friday Karen got me up by 10 o’clock when the hill-rom technician got here. He said that the new mattress, the one he had installed a week ago, is bottoming out where my bottom is an recommended I get a different kind of mattress. Unfortunately the one that I need they don’t sell anymore, it’s only for the rentals. It looks like I’m buying all whole new bed that will come with the right mattress, the sales guy promised me several times I would not bottom out on this new mattress in this new frame. It also has a scale so I can weigh myself, I have always wanted that option. Hopefully I can pick a weight that I like for me and by being weighed every day I can keep it at that. I met Theresa and her classmates at the red room for appetizers, what a neat group of people. I met one of them before because he works there at the red room and I met another one that came to help Teresa clean my house one time. I came home and Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I played a couple games of cribbage… I lost a dollar.

Saturday was a great day of shopping and eating. I had some groupuns that were about to expire. Teresa came in the morning and got me up and I took Robby for a run on our usual route and then met Teresa at cost plus. We found some more ornaments for my tree and some hats, scarves and slipper boots. I cruised Robby back through town and we met at this Indian restaurant, I’m so glad we went there because the food was awesome. We went to American apparel, urban outfitters and a couple of other places and it was getting really close to Robby’s dinnertime so we decided to use our last groupon and go home. The last place was also downtown and it was kind of an appetizer/drink place. We were really hungry but we ordered a bacon hamburger and fries and it was excellent. While we were sitting there our neighbors, Alex and Aki came by and saw us in the window and decided to join us. I don’t think they cooked the hamburgers there because the guy that brought them came from behind me and I had my back to the exit, I didn’t realize that until after when Teresa brought it up. I’m going to have to go back and figure out where they could have come from. Both places that we ate at will definitely be going back to.

Sunday was another personal care day although we didn’t get very good results I ended up staying in bed. My pressure sore turned into a deep tissue wound but was looking much better with this new mattress. I did get a nice long hot bath and went back to bed, that always feels great.

Monday we decided to try the personal care again since we didn’t have any results on Sunday, it turned out to be a good day. Heather came over and cooked a bunch of wonderful stuff, it smelled so awesome and here.

The boss isn’t always right but she’s always the boss!

Tuesday I took Robbie for a really long cruise through the lagoon, down to the end of the wharf and back and we started down towards the boardwalk but it was just too cold so we came back home. We practiced a few commands and then when Teresa got here we went to the Indian restaurant again, that place is awesome. Teresa had garlic pasta with artichokes and shrimp and I had pomegranate egg plant with rice that was cooked perfectly and greens. After that we went over to the shoe and sock place and got my mom some ankle socks for Christmas… I hope you’re not reading this mom.

Gossip is when you hear something you like about someone you don’t !?!

Wednesday Teresa and I went shopping at the world market to look for a tree topper, we didn’t find one but we found a lot of other cool stuff and isn’t that what shopping is all about?

Thursday I ended up waiting for the visiting nurse so I didn’t get up.

Friday was miserable. I was miserable all Thursday night and woke up Friday with a really bad headache every time I had a spasm. I pretty much lived on PMs most of the day.

Saturday I went to see the frog and toad on the UCSC campus with my aunt, my cousins girl Alexia and her friend. It was really warm and I was having an anxiety attack but the play was awesome.

Sunday Robby and I cruised around for a while but it was really cold so we had to come back and warm-up every once in a while. Teresa and I had some awesome Chinese food and watched a movie called the help, 2nd time I had seen it.

Monday was also really cold but we cruised around anyway. When it was too cold to cruise around anymore we came back and waited for Karen to finish cleaning the house so I could go to bed. We ordered pizza, Buffalo wings and garlicky bread and watched the movie the help, excellent movie. We then attempted to watch bag of bones but I fell asleep.

Tuesday I went to go get my hair dyed and get a manicure and pedicure, it turned out really nice. As I was cruising down by the boardwalk a couple of young girls walked by and one of them said “is that Robby”? I said yes it was and it seems like everybody knows Robby. She was one of the visiting nurses daughters and has seen pictures of Robby on Facebook.

Wednesday after we did the personal care the nurse called and said that she would be here at 2:30 PM, not much point in getting out and I would not have had anybody to put me down that early so another day in bed, at least I got a nice hot bath.