Sunday, February 28, 2010

My hospital ordeal...

My surgery was 7:30 AM on Friday, January 15th, that meant that I had to leave my house at 4 AM so my caregiver had to be At my place at 2 AM. Everything will really well and I was on time. The worst part about surgery for me, because of course I’m out so it goes by really fast, it is waking up just feeling really awful and there’s nothing you can do about it and they want you to cough a lot. They brought me up to my new room and here I am.

It has been a little over a week and although I’m keeping myself busy and going a little bit stir crazy. Charlie and Terry came by on Saturday to visit, he was really good to see them and I didn’t realize how much and miss them. They brought me some beautiful daffodils that are on my computer table and blooming like crazy and and they brought me a stuffed tiger that sings with a Neil Diamond song “Sunflower”, I love tigers.

The first Tues Teresa and Heather came to visit and Heather brought me a couple of her famous chicken wraps, I ate them both that night... I already miss Heather’s cooking.

Wed it took from 2PM to 9PM, asked 6 nurses, to get help with a BP and took me between 7PM and 9PM, asking 3 nurses, to get a Xanax.

Sun Stan & Mom came by for a visit, it was really great to see them and Stanley brought me a box of candy that I hid from everybody.

Wed Susan came by and brought Filipino food and we watched Americas funniest animals, I learned that I love Filipino food.

Mon I got my staples out 10 days I go home.

Tues Teresa and Sharon Pizza, I was glad to see them. I thought I was going home soon so I had them take my computer, I wish I would have known it was going to be two more weeks.

Corinne & Stan, drove to Santa Cruz and spent the night than drove Mom to the hospital to visit. I really did love having people visit but it really was silly for them to drive an hour and a half, stay a couple of hours in my very small room that I had to share with somebody, and then turn around and drive back.

I am writing all of this after so I don’t even remember what the days were any more. Mom and Cassidy drove down to see me, Cassidy is trying to get some driving hours for her license.

I am really missing Robby.

The doctors and nurses at Seton were amazed by my arm movement. Because of the tendon transfer surgery I had a lot more movement than most of the people that came through there, I am so lucky to have had the surgery.

The scariest incident at a hospital was when I got so impacted that it sent me into autonomic dysreflexia. I started sweating really bad and I asked the R.N. to please get somebody to help me because I was sick and needed a bowel program. After a while a nurse came by to help the Lady in the other side of the room and I told her to please help me because I am feeling really sick. After a while I started getting the chills, a really bad headache and I could feel my heart beating really strong. By the time the nurse came to help I was in full panic mode and told her I needed to sit up IMMEDIATELY because I was experiencing autonomic dysreflexia. She could see that I was panicked and finally rushed to get some help. By the time they sat me up and took my blood pressure it was 195 over 100, by that time I could have had a stroke or passed out. It’s a good thing I didn’t because nobody seemed to know what autonomic dysreflexia was, the R.N. had heard of it and knew that it was serious but did not know what to do. I told them what to do and immediately felt better.