Friday, November 28, 2008

Morning glories...

Teresa took some pictures of my babies, the morning glory seeds that are sprouting along the driveway fence. We soaked a bunch more seeds and we are going to plant them today.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving was great. Stanley and his family came down Wednesday evening to stay the night, Robert, David and Corinne are getting to be so big and so good-looking.
Thursday morning, as he always does when he is here, Stanley made a big huge breakfast... scrambled eggs topped with eggplant, bacon and English muffins. I got David to hook up My Nintendo Wii and he showed me how to use it, I think I'm really going to love it. I played tennis and baseball and my arm was getting tired, it is also my eating arm so of course I don't want that to be tired on Thanksgiving.
Rich, Vanessa and their family showed up and so did Mike and Laura and we all ate way too much. Teresa stayed for the day and is always such a big help and so nice to be around. She made garlic mashed potatoes and she made this dip with blue cheese and onions, it was delicious. Of course we had all of the traditional dishes and then some and of course plenty of leftovers.
For some reason I just could not get comfortable in my chair, I was really lopsided and although I really tried to ignore it just didn't feel right. After we ate I had Teresa put me in my old chair and although it was a little bit more comfortable I think it's just my spine. I am very tall and I have a long torso so I'm going to make an appointment and see if there's anything that can be done about it, at first I thought it was maybe scoliosis but when I lay down my spine is straight so that is a big relief.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am always surprised when people remember me...

I cannot believe how much we got done this weekend. My mom's new window treatments came in the mail on Friday and last weekend Theresa took me to Home Depot and I bought a closet organizer that had to be installed, I had no idea where we were going to find somebody to install them but Mario showed up on Saturday to replace the window that one of his workers broke. Mario owns the company that cleans our house. Besides owning the company she does maintenance so it was perfect timing and we were so excited to get things done before Thanksgiving.
I have been soaking Morning Glory and Passion Flower seeds to plant along the driveway and they are sprouting like crazy, it is so cool to watch them grow. There was already some river rock there so we just sprinkled soil over the top threw down the seeds and sprinkled more dirt over the top and they are crazy, supposedly they're both very hardy and in no time the fence on my driveway will be covered with beautiful flowers and vines.
My uncle and aunt built a ramp to go in to their house that they are redoing so I finally got to go in and see everything, it is gorgeous. They have been living in the back house for a long time and working on the front house and they are finally getting so close and it really is a dream house.
It seems like Heather keeps out doing herself. Every time I think that she cannot make something any better she does. Tonight she brought over a couple of fillet minion's and some mashed potatoes with a whole bunch of really good stuff in them. Yesterday she brought some fresh cod, I am just so lucky to be eating like this.
I finally had my wheelchair evaluation were everybody showed up. Barbara, the OT that I saw last time and said that she would help me out and Eric, the guy who works at Rehab Specialist were both in there. I knew Eric because I worked with him before when I went to Transition. I used to go to Transitions a couple times a week to use the standing frame and work on other ways to make me more independent. While I was talking to Eric he asked me where I live, because it is a cul-de-sac most people have never heard of it but he had. He said a really good friend of his lives on the same street, he lives right across the street from me and my aunt and uncle know him very well. His ex-wife is a realtor and helped me find this place that I live in now... small world or what? On my way to the appointment I saw Carl, he is the guy who set me up with my very first wheelchair over 13 years ago.
Today while I was in Costco I ran into, not literally, a guy in a scooter with the cutest little Pappion puppy. He came over to say hello and put the puppy in my lap, Brodie was not amused. He asked me what my name was and when I told him he said " you're not Tammie Van..." and I said yes I am. Several years ago when I moved out of my mom's house in to my own I gave him a hospital bed that he says he still has, uses and very much appreciates. He has three other puppies and he's going to bring them over so Brodie and I can play with them.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crazy busy...

Today seemed like a really good day to take a bath and just go back to bed and watch movies. Usually I pick at least one day to stay in bed but I have been so busy that I really haven't stayed in bed much at all. DirecTV gave me a couple of free movies for being such a good customer so today would be the perfect day to take advantage of it.
Heather came by today to make sure that I have enough food to get me through the next couple of days, November and December are very busy for her at work. Yesterday she made some meat loaf and it was SO good, she made it with pork, sausage and hamburger and wrapped bacon around it and she also made my favorite roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach with garlic and mushrooms. Whenever Brodie sees her walk through the door she goes crazy and follows her around. Today when Heather left I saw Brodie walk in the kitchen and she sniffed around so and then around the sink and then around the counter and seemed confused that Heather left and there was no incredible smells in the kitchen, Brodie is so cute.
I took Brodie to the vet last week because she has been limping on her left front leg for over a week. They did all of the necessary tests and told me that she as arthritis in her elbows and her shoulders, that is what I was afraid of. She has a series of shots, two a week for a month and then one every couple of months. They also gave her some inflammatory medicine and then we just need to wait and see what happens. It's getting to be really frustrating because I'm getting to where I really can't go anywhere and I can't leave her at home, whenever I go somewhere I've always watching out for other dogs. She's not aggressive but the hackels go up and she barks. The vet says that it is because of me because I get so nervous and stressed when another dog comes around because I'm afraid of how she will act and apparently she can then that and it makes it worse so I need to chill out and eat peppermint, the doctor said that peppermint will make it harder for her to read my emotions... we shall see.
They started redoing the fences around my house on and they just finished it up last week , they are so quick and the fences are BEAUTIFUL. The fence going down my driveway was in good shape but they put a trellis along the top, now I don't have to look into my neighbors apartment.

Along the side of the driveway they put a bunch of river rock so I decided to sprinkle some soil, throw out some morning glory and passion flower seeds that we had soaked and then throw down some more soil on top of the river rock and see what happens. Yesterday I counted about 20 3 inch sprouts coming up so it looks like it's going to work and I am so excited, I checked them every day like they're my little babies and I'm so proud. Were going to soaks more seeds and go all the way down the driveway now that we know it's going to work.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lost voice recognition...

It has been such a long time since I have written anything. My home automation system is just falling apart and last week I lost my phone and my voice recognition software. I'm going to try Vonage and I really hope that I like it because I am just setting it up today and already my trial period is over, I guess it can't be any worse than having no telephone at all.
Yesterday Teresa took me to get a new microphone for my computer and to Home Depot... oh how we love Home Depot. I got a closet organizer for my front bedroom and some more soil to plant the rest of my seeds along the driveway. We went to this hamburger placed called Jacks that I often passed by and always wonder about. The hamburgers AND french fries were really good, I kind of had a feeling that they were because the place is always packed.
It's getting pretty close to Thanksgiving and I'm finally starting to think that I'm going to get my house organized in time. Teresa is such a huge help I am so glad that we found her. Thanksgiving is going to be at my aunt's house and it sounds like there's going to be a lot of people there, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. As I am cruising down the streets I see a lot of windows painted for the holidays and I've always wondered if they would do that for private homes, they always leave their name and phone numbers on the window so going to give them a call and find out.
Now that the fences are all done and they look GORGEOUS and when I open my bedroom door I'm not staring into the neighbors apartments and vice versa. We soaked some morning glory seeds until they sprouted and then poured some dirt in the river rock and put the seeds and it looks like they are liking it, I already have nine little babies growing, it is so exciting to watch. I'm trying to decide whether I should alternate passion flowers and morning glories or put morning glories in the middle and passion flowers on the end, it sure is a long driveway.
Heather is so creative and she has made some really amazing dishes. She wanted to make a quiche and she didn't have the pie crust so she made a crust with Bulger wheat and salsa and it was so good, I told her I would be her guinea pig anytime. She did not like the way it turned out because it all blended together but I loved it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

CCI in San Francisci...

Sunday was a really great day. I had an appointment with CCI, Canine Companions for Independence, in San Francisco at the Stones Town Galleria Mall. Unfortunately I picked at 2 p.m. appointment so there wasn't much that we could do before or after. Teresa said that she would drive me and we decided to go to the Aquarium by the Bay after. We didn't think that we would have very much time so we ended up getting something to eat at Chevy's and although the food was really good at which we would have waited to get something to eat on Pier 39, that's where the Aquarium by the Bay ended up being. I'm so glad that we decided to check out the aquarium, we almost didn't because by the time we got there we only had two hours but the guy in the ticket booth told us it would only take 40 minutes. After the aquarium we just walked around and looked at all the stores and wished that we had more time, we are definitely going back for the day soon. while I was there I was introduced to Department 56 decorations and I LOVED them, I'm going to start collecting them. The ramp on my van hasn't been working very well and of course Sunday morning we had to really fight with it to get it to finally work. When we got to San Francisco everything worked perfectly until we got home and then it took a long time of playing with the door to get it open, Gabe is going to come by this morning to see if I can fix it, he is such a awesome man and he can fix anything.

Halloween decorations...

I almost forgot to take pictures of my Halloween decorations before I take them down. My neighbors had a party so they had most of my cool stuff but I decorated the front porch with what I had left.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween in downtown Santa Cruz...

Halloween turned out to be a really good day. Teresa met me on her lunch hour to help me pick out a shoulder bag for Heather for her birthday, I noticed that hers was being held together by Scotch tape in some places. Deborah and Clayton brought the girls by so that we could see their costumes, I have not seen the girls in several years and they are getting so big. Deborah and Clayton used to live next door to Uncle Dick and that Aunt Kathy and became really good friends of the family. Teresa came by after work and we headed downtown, I heard that Halloween is really crazy in Santa Cruz. They blocked off most of the streets downtown and everybody was just walking around visiting. Some of the costumes were so cool and creative and I had such a good time just watching everybody. About 8:00 p.m. it started raining really hard so we got under one of the overhangs to wait it out but it looked like it just wasn't going to stop so we decided to make a break for it and run home in the rain, we were SOAKED to the bone but it was worth it. Deborah was telling me about a taco bar downtown so we decided to try it, the talk was were delicious and I will definitely be back. I had to steak tacos and a Margarita on the rocks.
Today is Heather's birthday so her, Teresa and I went to see Angelina Jolie's new movie Changeling, it was the best movie I have seen for a very long time. Heather wasn't feeling well so she almost didn't go but we were all glad that she did.