Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's going to start getting busy around here, I love it…

 Monday I wanted to make sure that I got everything done because on Tuesday Sherry, whom I have known since 5th grade, is going to stay here for a couple of days and I am so excited. Marica is going to come by on Wednesday and we're all going to go to breakfast, I think Marica I have known for a little bit longer. I met them both when I lived in the Santa Cruz mountains, Marica was one of my neighbors when I lived on Loma Prieta Ave. It is going to be great  to catch up with them, we keep in touch on Facebook but it's not the same. Heather came by and took Robby for a cruise so he doesn't get so wound up. Today is my birthday, I can't believe I am 51 years old. I remember when I thought 30 was old… that must make me ancient.  Lisa called me today from Stanford, she is the one who's doing the research and exercise program after the tendon transfer surgery. It has taken her a while to get another grant for some more research but she finally got one and called me to see if I wanted to participate, of course I do. It starts in July. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs and chorizo. I had some tea and a carrot cake cupcake for lunch.
 Tuesday was such a great day. After I got up I went into the bagelry with my  aunt and her 2 little granddaughters, they are so cute. We decided to cruise over to see what movies were playing and as I was crossing the street a lady smiled at me and said “hi Tammie” I said hello and nice to see you because she looked familiar but I didn't know from where. And then she said “Marica” and I looked at the other side of the street and there she was, my friend and neighbor that I grew up with. What an awesome surprise and what a small world. I knew she was going to be in town and we were supposed to have breakfast with her the next day. We went on downtown towards the theater and I heard somebody else say “hi Tammie” today must've been my lucky day. It was Michael, I haven't seen Michael for a long time. We didn't get a chance to stop and talk but it was great to see him. We checked out the movie theater and then came on home, the girls were cranky and needed A nap and so did I. Robby and I rested for a bit and then went for a cruise through the lagoon and back. We sat outside in the sun for a while and my friend Sheri came, she was going to stay with me for a couple of days. I met Sherry in 5th grade and we were fast friends through and after high school, we went to college together for a while and then I moved away and we lost touch for a while but thanks to Facebook we are in touch again. Teresa came by and took us to this awesome Thai food place. We came back and Teresa put me to bed at Sherry and I visited for a while. For breakfast  I had chicken Castroville and chard, for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with everything.
 Wednesday was a really great day. I got up and got dressed and left Robby here to take a bath while Sheri and I cruised down to Zachary's to meet Marica for breakfast. The food was really good but the company was awesome. We reminisced and looked at some pictures for a very long time, it brought back so many great memories. We were so lucky to be able to grow up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Marica had to get back to her family and it was really sad to see her go. Sheri and I cruised back to get Robby and then cruised through the lagoon, I was a little nervous but I drove my chair over the water part of the boardwalk because I wanted Sheri to see how gorgeous it was. We went down to the end of the wharf and back but then had to get home because Teresa was sick so Karen had to put me back to bed, Karen got me up this morning so I'm sure she was pretty tired.  I have been telling Sheri about the creepy puppet guy in Santa Cruz and she finally got to see him on the way home, she agreed that he was appropriately named.  Sheri and I watched a movie that was supposed to be funny, it wasn't funny. As usual people were coming in and out all day so  Sheri got to see a lot of familiar faces she used to say when we were growing up. For breakfast I had artichoke frittata, home fried potatoes and homemade bread… I don't know why we don't go there more often because I was always awesome. After I went to bed Heather came over and cooked Sheri and I a killer dinner of  barbecued pork ribs that practically fell off the bone, quinoa and a eggplant.

Thursday was a good day but it was said to see Sheri go,  we connected just as we did back in 5th through grade through high school grade like nothing had really changed. We have a lot of fun, laughed a lot and did a lot of reminiscing… it's amazing how great that can make you feel. Robby and I cruised around the lagoon and then down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then it was time to go see Dr. Hurray, he is such a nice man and he always makes you laugh even with a big hole in your leg. There was a gentleman there getting  derma graft so he asked if we could be there at the same time because they only send way too big of a piece. Apparently it's about $20,000 and I'm sure my insurance doesn't pay for it so I am so lucky to have this opportunity. We figured out that maybe the heel lift boots are not such a good idea because they are tight and her constant pressure so back to the drawing board. Teresa remembered that I had some donut shaped foam pads in the garage so we're trying those, they seem like they will be a really good idea but time will tell. He put the derma graft on my leg and we don't get to see what it looks like until next Wednesday, I am so excited to see how it's doing. We stopped at Charlie Hong Kong's, like we usually do on Thursdays, and not our fix of noodles. Came home and ate them and then went to bed. For breakfast I had a fruit smoothie, for dinner I had pad Thai noodles with garlic tofu.

Friday I got no massage again, Susan is still on vacation and probably having the time of her life… she deserves it. Personal care took a long time so I just wanted to take a nice long hot bath and go back to bed so I did.  I have been so tired and it was so nice to just lay in bed and watch TV and play on Facebook and Pinterest, I thought for a while that I had reached my maximum pin because I got a flight that said I did but I just tried it again and it worked. I have gotten so many really good ideas from that place in space. For breakfast I had a poached egg and garlic tofu over Pak Thai noodles and for dinner I had potstickers, eggplant and mustard chicken. Heather you are a genius.

Saturday the weather was really nice. Robby and I went for cruise through the lagoon, through the park and up the hill to the bridge overlooking the boardwalk, I like to do that so I can look down and see how crowded the wharf and boardwalk are. They were extremely crowded today so we just cruised around looking for yard sales. I saw a couple of them but I've always too embarrassed to go over and look, I don't know why. I'm looking for old picture frames to make a vertical succulent plant holder. I was outside talking to Otis and a guy drove up and walked up the driveway and asked me if I was Tammie, he had the most beautiful flowers I have seen. I forget what they're called but there Hawaiian and these were really big. It was a thank you from my friend Sheri. I have to say again how great it was to see her and we will definitely do it more often. For breakfast I had poached eggs, English muffin and avocado… my favorite breakfast. For dinner I had some tilapia, mustard chicken, mushrooms, egg plant, zucchini and carrots. I know it sounds like a lot but I use a small plate, one of those coffee cup plates.

Sunday was cold and windy outside so I opted to stay in bed and relax. I did get a nice hot bath and that always makes me feel better. Next week is going to be very busy so I just wanted a day to rest, catch up on my TiVo and I did watch a movie called Gone… it was pretty good. My mom came down looking really sad and said that she lost another one of her birds,  I think it's a pretty young one so it's hard to say what happened. It's always sad to lose an animal, they are just like family. The one shared a cage with him was really quiet for a long time and now he is singing like crazy, I think the other one chased him when he whistled. Queso, The one who passed… I called him “the cheese bird” was in the cage with Chip. Somebody found Chip and knew that we had birds and asked if we would take him. We had him for a couple of days and all of a sudden he started belting out these tunes… Addams family theme, leave it to beaver  theme, the halls of Montezuma and a couple others I can't remember. He is upstairs with selling like crazy now. Right after we got Chip he started pulling out all of his feathers, the vet  said because he missed his owner or a mate that was with him. For breakfast I had a fruit smoothie and for dinner I had sockeye salmon, mustard chicken, chard and quinoa.
  People born in June
This is Sue and Elaine, I worked with them for 10 years in Milpitas. Elaine was my boss, the best boss you could imagine… that's why I was there for 10 years I only left because I was in an automobile accident and had to.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Let the summer begin…

 Monday turned out to be a really good day. I got up early and it seemed like it was supposed to be really hot outside but the breeze made it nice. Seth came over and wanted to go for a cruise so we cruised around the lagoon and went over to the Depot Park where the BMX course was so Seth could cruise around for a while because nobody was there. He had a really tall cool scooter that almost looks like a bike but no helmet, that made me really nervous and I told him next time we will definitely bring one. He wanted to give his grandma's cat a bath so we cruised back. Bobby and I rested for a while and then my uncle took us to the County building where I'm supposed to bring up the subject of off leash dogs around Santa Cruz. I got there late and I didn't get to meet a woman that invited me there. She and her husband and another gentleman were there to support me and Robby because of what happened to Robby. I wasn't even sure that I was in the right place so I didn't say anything and I wish I would have, I have never been to one of those meetings so I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. I felt really bad but I did get to talk to them after the meeting. I came home and Elaine and Sue were here, I worked with them about 17 years ago for 10 years… Elaine was my boss. It was so great to see them. I have my caregiver put me to bed so he could visit and play cards. My mom made some killer lasagna, Claudia made an awesome salad and Vernetta made some great garlic bread. Besides Elaine and Sue Bill and Vernetta, Lee and Claudia, my uncle and my mom were here. After we ate we played some cribbage, had fun and reminisced. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese burrito-I had some veggie chips that were really good and for dinner we had salad, lasagna and garlic bread. Elaine and Sue brought a birthday cake for everyone who has a birthday this month. My uncle, Claudia, Sue and I are all Geminis all born within about a week.

 Tuesday the sun was out but it was a little cold. Our plan was to have breakfast with my uncle and aunt and the kids across the street and then go see a movie. Most of the movies around here start fairly late during the week. We had bagels and cream cheese and fruit. It was really nice sitting over there visiting with everybody. After breakfast Sue, Seth and I went for cruise downtown to do some shopping. We walked around for a while and then decided to cruise through the Lagoon on the way back, Sue had never been there before.  I think I have decided that Seth is pretty cool to hang out with. We came back and Teresa came to putting to bed. Lee and Claudia came over and everybody started playing cards in the living room, I was glad because I wasn't feeling well and I kind of wanted them to play without me. They played cards until really late, it's nice to sit here and hear them out there having so much fun. For breakfast I had a bagel and cream cheese and some pineapple, for dinner I had some more lasagna, the garlic bread was gone but the lasagna was still killer.

Wednesday I really thought I was going to end up staying in bed. I thought it was going to be a really long personal-care day but it wasn't. Elaine and Sue left at 8 in the morning, we have such a nice visit but it's never long enough. After I got up Seth and I cruised over to the BMX bike cages and he played around there for a while and then we cruised over to the end of the wharf, I got a couple of things that I have been looking at in one of the shops and then we came back home. My uncle had his Porsche out in the driveway ready to go for a ride so I immediately lost Seth, he wanted to go for a ride in the Porsche. Robby and I cruised home and rested for a while and then went to meet Teresa at Digs nursery. They have a bunch of really cool new ideas for succulent hanging and wall mounts. We also got some more air plants,  we seem to be doing really well with those now that we found out what we were doing wrong. We rearranged some stuff on the porch and hung up the bird beak plants above the garage. Teresa put me to bed and then went home, we were both exhausted. I got myself a Vita mix blender for my birthday so we tried it out this morning and made smoothies, of course they were awesome. I had a peanut butter cookie before I left that my mom got for me and for dinner I had some killer chicken, I forgot what kind it was but when I came home it smelled so good. I also had some eggplant and chard. This is the 2nd night in a row that I cannot stop sweating after I went to bed, I don't know what that is but it's very frustrating. I'm cold and hot at the same time, I hope I'm not getting sick.
Thursday I thought it was going to be cold but it turned out to be a really nice day. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon and headed toward the wharf when we saw a bunch of sticks with moss on them and I couldn't resist, I probably have more than I know what to do with but I just can't help it. I have Robby pick them up and put them in my lap but he hates the way the  Moss feels in his mouth so he tries to chew it off before he gives me the stick, I have to make sure he moves fast. We brought the sticks back home and then decided to head through downtown to the nursery, I'm looking for a water fountain to go in the middle of my pond. You can no longer see the pond because everything has grown up really tall around it but I love it. I went to a yarn store where used to get my shawls made, I haven't been there for over a year, and I think she was making one for me when I had to go in the hospital for flap surgery. I heard that she had moved but she was in the same place so I decided to go up to the door and see if she was there but a little dog jumped on the window and started barking so I thought it wasn't a good idea. I went to cost plus and cruised around there for a while to see what was new and then cruised over to Ross to see what they had. It was starting to get a little warm so we cruised back home to rest and get Robby some water, some of the businesses usually have water in a dog bowl outside their door but nobody did. My uncle was here and wanted to know if we were playing cards tomorrow. Tomorrow starts the concerts on the beach and if I can help it I usually never missed them. We decided to play cards tonight since I will be here tomorrow. We heated up a pan of lasagna and some enchiladas and my aunt brought over a salad and some fruit, what a great dinner. My mom was my partner and I think we won a dollar,  I usually start out with $5 out on the table so I can tell by the end of the games how much I won or lost. For breakfast I had a poached egg, a lamb patty and avocado. For lunch I had a fruit smoothie and of course for dinner I had lasagna, enchilada, a regular salad and some fruit.

Friday was kind of a bittersweet day. On Thursday night when Teresa looked at the  pressure sore in my calf  she said I needed to call and get an appointment right away. Karen had to go home early because she had plans, Teresa had school and my aunt and uncle had a doctors appointment in the peninsula so this meant I either take the bus or call a cab, the Ended up costing me $52 round-trip. The doctor put me back on antibiotics and told me if it didn't start looking better he was going to send me to wound care clinic, I really don't want that. After I came home and got into bed Stanley, Janet and Corinne came to visit. They came down to fix dinner for my uncle and I for our birthdays, pretty nice I think? We played cribbage for a while but then everybody was tired so we called it a night. For breakfast I had some blueberry breakfast crackers and coffee. For dinner I had tilapia, barbecued ribs and egg plant. I was able to stay away from the cupcakes but it was really hard. I got Robby's recertification card in the mail…Yay, 3 more years.

Saturday I wasn't feeling very good. I don't know if it's the infection in my leg are my just starting to have hot flashes? I had to keep a blow dryer by my bed and have someone every once in a while blow dry my shirt. Needless to say I didn't get up and I felt really bad. Stanley cooked and awesome dinner  of oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and kale, carrots and zucchini and rolls… it was so good I had to helpings of everything. My aunt and uncle came over for dinner, yesterday was my uncle's birthday, and then we played cribbage until I just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. For breakfast I had poached eggs on sprouted wheat English muffin and of course for dinner I had fried chicken and the works.

Sunday was a great Father's Day. I  had a really miserable night  so I seriously thought about staying in bed and resting but I saw Robby looking at me with those adorable eyes and adjusted my had to take him out. Plus my cousin was bringing his gang over to my uncles for a barbecue, whenever possible I never miss a barbecue. Robby and I went for cruise to the end of the wharf and back and to the end of the boardwalk and back, it was so crowded and cold we decided to come back. On the way back I stopped at the ideal restaurant to make reservations for this Thursday. The 3rd Thursday of every month they give you a free primer dinner if your birthday Is in that month. There was going to be 10 of us going, 4 of us with the birthday this month. I came back home and rested for a bit and then went over to my uncles and visited for a while before dinner. I overheard them talking about going somewhere on Thursday so I asked if they would be back by dinner Thursday night and they said no, they have forgotten all about it. A friend is coming to town so we will just do something another night, I called and canceled the reservation. We had a really awesome dinner and it was so nice to get together with family, it has been a family weekend and we haven't done this for a long time. For breakfast I had poached eggs on English muffin with avocado and for dinner we had barbecued steaks, asparagus, green beans out of my aunts garden, a salad out of my aunts garden and potato salad.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back to rain again…

 Monday was another relaxing day. When Karen came in this morning she said it was sprinkling so we looked at the weather and it was supposed to rain until 3 PM, my evening caregiver comes in at 4 PM so I decided I might as well just stay in bed and make the best of it. My aunt had some carrots, radishes and let us from her garden so she brought it over and Heather Pickeled the radishes and carrot's, they take about 8 hours so I will give them a try tomorrow. The rest of my day and probably the rest of my night is filled with watching more of the series breaking bad, it's getting really good. I looked it up last night and I think there are only 4 seasons and I am in the middle of number 3,   I don't know what I'm going to do when it's over. I just start another series show. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese burrito… those things are really addicting. For dinner I had some chicken salad that Heather made.

Tuesday was a beautiful day. I got up and got dressed and Otis was working in the yard so I got to talk to him for a little bit, he is about the sweetest man I have ever met. I have a small pond in my driveway and everything around it has overgrown so much that you can't see it anymore, you can however hear it and I think that's what's important. When we went to Dig's garden store last week I saw a water fountain that was about 4 feet tall and so it got me  thinking how well that might work instead of the pond. I asked Otis what he thought and if she would be willing to help me and he said yes. I had already looked at a bunch of fountains so I showed him the pictures. Teresa got here and we found one that I liked so I ordered it… Happy Birthday to me from me. Robby and I cruised through the lagoon to see where the goats were at, cruised through the soccer Park, up over the bridge above the wharf, to the end of the work and back, through the boardwalk and back, back down to the end of the wharf and back end home… it was getting really warm out and Robby was getting tired. Teresa came by and put me to bed. For breakfast I had a chorizo, egg and cheese burrito… I could really get used to that. For dinner I had BBQ ribs that Teresa brought over, we bury and kale salad that Theresa brought over also and vegetable medley that Heather made.

Wednesday was a super long personal-care day, I had a headache and I was so exhausted and we weren't even done.  Kimberly, She worked for me for a while as a personal care attendant and a massage therapist, brought by some medical equipment that they were looking for a good home for. She works on a ranch and the couple that she works for  had a mother that lived with them that passed away, they had a bunch of really great stuff that somebody can use. Teresa worked at Dominican rehab here in Santa Cruz for a while as part of her nursing program and said she knew of a couple of people that went  home from the hospital without some equipment and unable to buy some, it always feels good to see that kind of stuff go to somebody who really needs it. Teresa finally came and took over for Karen at 4 PM… Karen got here at 7 AM. I finally got a nice long hot bath and went back to bed. I got an e-mail from Vikki, a dog trainer from Los Gatos that I met shortly after Robby got attacked this last time. She is on a mission to stop off leash dogs in Los Gatos and was so frustrated when she heard about what happened to Robby and how everybody ignored us. I got so frustrated and defeated that I was just about to give up until she got a hold of me. She has contacted pretty much everyone involved and is ready to make it a big deal, which it is, to everyone involved. I am so excited  and I admire this lady so much, she really knows all the great avenues to take. We have been trying to catch up with each other on the telephone and we finally did, we have been corresponding through e-mail and it was really nice to talk to her finally.

Thursday turned out to be a really great day. Teresa took Robby and I to the Valley fair Mall in Santa Clara to meet James from CCI to get Robby recertified. It was especially nice to see James, he trained Robby and Robby was his 1st train… he did a fantastic job and I was so happy to show James how well Robby was doing. I was of course really nervous because I wanted everything to go perfectly. I wanted to impress them so much at CCI that I think I think of them as judges instead of as on going friends friends always there and willing to help with advice. I have had a couple of issues with Robby that I have had to get a hold of somebody at CCI and they are always extremely nice and extremely helpful. We stopped in Scotts Valley on the way home and got Robby some food, Scotts Valley is the closest place to get it. We also stopped at a clothing store because Teresa had a groupon and she got a sweatshirt, a really beautiful shirt, and a Santa Cruz sticker that I think she said she got to cover up a dent. We stopped at a nursery because she also had a group on there, I love looking at everything in  a nursery. We came home and she put me to bed. For breakfast I had a chorizo, egg, cheese and avocado burrito and for dinner I had some blackened salmon, wheat berries with Kale and chard.

 Friday was a really great day, the weather was perfect and Robby and I got to cruise around a lot.  Susan is on vacation so I got to get up and out of this bed, It was so nice to get out on a Friday. Soon the concerts will start  and I will get up later, I can't wait. We were to go through the lagoon but they were loading up the goats, it was sad to see them go. We cruised through the wharf and when I went to take a drink of tea nothing came out so I raced back home to have Teresa fix it, luckily I caught her before she left. My aunt came over to borrow my camera on my phone and she took some pictures of the foundation under her house where a guy ran into it and cracked it. My uncle said that he would take me to Costco but we were running late so he said he would take me tomorrow. Robby and I went cruising around through the boardwalk, to the end of the wharf and back and then came home and rested and then practice some commands.  My uncle and aunt, Lee and Claudia and my mom and I played cribbage, my mom was like partner and we won a dollar. It really is a small world. I finally got to talk to Vikki on the phone and I found out she heard about Robby from a friend of hers that was getting her hair done at the same place where I get mine done. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese tacos… I ran out of wraps. For dinner I had mustard chicken, spinach with garlic, zucchini and mushroom medley and some pickled carrots, radishes and onions from my aunts garden.

Saturday was another beautiful day. After I got up my uncle came over to take me to Costco, I needed to go so bad. I got everything I needed and came back   and Teresa was still here straightening up the patio and planting tomatoes so she put everything away. Robby and I were getting ready to take off for a cruise when Seth came over to see if we wanted to go to the school so he could throw the ball around for Robby, what a great idea. We went to the high school across the street and there was nobody there so we ran around for a while  and Seth found some sandals and a bunch of different kind of balls. We took them back and then decided to go to Bayview elementary school to see if he could find some more balls there. He took off for a while and I was kind of getting worried and then I saw him coming around the corner with an empty water bottle filled with roses, he picked them for his grandma… I'm assuming. He wanted to rush them home before all the petals fell off so we came back home, he really is a sweet kid and I have fun hanging out with him. My new fountain came in today and Teresa put it together, it is as beautiful as I imagined. For breakfast I had  a chorizo, egg and cheese burrito. For dinner I had blackened salmon, chicken, spinach and pickled carrots, radishes and onion.

Sunday turned out to be a really hot day, 87°. Robby and I were invited to a barbecue at Dr. Owens at 2 o'clock. My personal camera took a very long time and I didn't even get into the bathtub until around 2 o'clock so needless to say I not only didn't get to go but I had to stay in bed another day. I kept telling myself that I'm better off because it's way too hot outside but it doesn't help. Heather came over and made up some garlic butter for some garlic bread we are making tomorrow to have with our lasagna. For breakfast I had chorizo, egg and cheese burrito and for dinner I had some chicken Castroville, blackened salmon and some spinach.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like summer… FINALLY!

 Monday was a nice relaxing day. I was just really tired in the morning, I couldn't keep my eyes open so I just decided to stay in bed. My uncle came over to visit for a while and then came back because he lost his hat, he is always losing his hat… maybe we need to staple it to his head? Heather came over and cooked a bunch of stuff so my house smells amazing. My aunt came over and brought some radishes and some carrots from her garden so Heather made me a little salad, it's so nice to have fresh vegetables. For breakfast I had oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas, blueberries, walnuts and almonds. For lunch I had some salami and marinated mozzarella cheese and for dinner I had some pork ribs, salmon, asparagus and a salad. Tomorrow is going to be my last day of no coffee in the morning and I can't wait, I miss coffee so much. There hasn't been much of a noticeable change so hopefully it's not anything I eat for breakfast because I love my breakfast. I will e-mail my lifestyle manager tomorrow morning and see what's next, what else is she going to make me stop eating that I love? I'm kidding, I want to know what's wrong with me more than anybody so I will do anything to find out.

Tuesday was a really beautiful day, it got to be 70° outside… perfect weather as far as I'm concerned. I went to sunshine Villa and got a manicure and pedicure, that always makes you feel great. It was getting frustrating  because the nail on my texting finger was getting too long. I came back and Karen and I went to Palace arts to get a graduation card for Teresa. We stopped by bunnies on the way back to see what they had for my back porch, they had some coral looking stuff… I will go back. My uncle was here when Teresa got here  so they moved everything around on the back porch, I like it much better like this. It's starting to look like barbecue season and I want to make sure everything is ready and looks good. We cleaned up the barbecue and hose down the barbecue cover yesterday. We uncovered all the furniture and pledged everything. We have to figure out where to put everything, hang up my fishing net with all my nautical souvenirs, find some plants that we can put out there that are hard to kill and get some more air plants for my Terrarium's and barnacles, we also put some of the air plants in some sea shells that we found… that looks awesome. I will have to take some pictures when we finish. The lifestyle manager then I went to suggested that I take magnesium to help me sleep at night and to help my body absorb a lot of the supplements that I take, it's only been about a half an hour and I'm really feeling groggy… I hope it helps me sleep. For breakfast today I had oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon, walnuts and almonds.  I had a pineapple smoothie for lunch and mustard chicken, asparagus and spinach for dinner.

Wednesday was another gorgeous day, the weather was perfect. Unfortunately I didn't get up until 1 PM Robby and I made the most of it. We cruised through the lagoon and hung out with the baby goats for a while, they are halfway done. We cruise down to the end of the wharf and back and then through the boardwalk and back, it's good practice for Robby to leave people alone and for me to ask people to leave Robby alone.  More and more people are recognizing me from the article about Robby been attacked, I had no idea but it's awesome. I went downtown yesterday with Karen and as we were walking by these 2 young girls one of them said “that's Robby”, everybody seems to know Robby. I ran into Donna, she is a security officer at the Boardwalk and she always makes sure that Robby has water, he really needed some today. I haven't seen her for a while so I was hoping that she still work there. She said that she got in trouble for being too friendly with people, I have never heard that being a problem? She is who she is and I love who she is. I forgot again to go to the Farmer's market, they have one here every Wednesday and every Wednesday I forget to go. We cruised home and practiced some of Robby's commands, he is so good. Teresa came and put me to bed. For breakfast I had a garlic sausage and some breakfast crackers, blueberry, that I saw in a commercial and they looked good… they were really good. I had some salami and cheese in the afternoon and for dinner I had some salmon, asparagus and spinach.

Thursday was another awesome day. Robby and I went on our regular cruise around Santa Cruz, everybody must be out of school because everything was super crowded. The Coconut Grove, where Heather works, posted a Los Gatos high school graduation party and I could see a lot of groups of kids with the same T-shirt on. When we got back Teresa called and said she was coming by early so we could make a couple of stops before the doctor. We went to Digs Garden center and I got some more air plants and a bunch of really good ideas, they have the most amazing displays. Then we went to Walgreens and before we knew it was time to go to the doctor. Everything went great, Dr. Hurray says another month and I'll be totally healed. It is so cute… him and Robby have this little tradition. During my appointment Robby lazy in the corner patiently and when the appointment is over Dr. Hurray pulls a chair into the hallway and I release Robby and they spend a couple of minutes saying hello. Dr. Hurray has 3 or 4 Labs and really loves dogs and I think Robby knows, dogs are such a great judge of character. For breakfast I had a package of breakfast crackers and some coffee, I had a smoothie for lunch and for dinner I had tilapia with lemon and capers, asparagus and spinach.

Friday was a pretty relaxed day. My massage therapist couldn't make it because her son got an earache in the middle of the night, poor thing. So I got to sleep  in until 10 AM… that never happens and it was wonderful. The guy from Roto-Rooter came to fix my sink but he ordered the wrong part, he looked at the name of the sink instead of the name of the faucet… we will try again next week. Last night right after my mom came down and took Robby out I looked up and there was a HUGE spider on the ceiling, I always say that their huge but this time I wasn't lying. I called my mom and she said she would come down after she went to the bathroom, of course this is when it decided to move and it walked right over me… I was just waiting for it to descend on me. I had one hand covering my face that the other hand on the switch to turn on the ceiling fan hoping it would blow him away. My mom came down and got him,  1st she pissed him off and then she got him… I hate when people piss them off and then can't find them because I know they will be looking for me later. Tonight Lee and Claudia, my uncle and aunt and my mom and I are going to play cribbage… I hope I win. For breakfast I had pineapple, mango, blueberries and bananas and tapioca pudding. For lunch I had a salami and marinated mozzarella cheese wrap. Heather came over and cooked and boy did it smell wonderful.

Saturday was a really good day. I got a nice long hot bath, got dressed and  Karen and I went to Teresa's graduation from nursing school at Cabrillo College. It was such an awesome ceremony and nice to meet the people that she went to school with that I heard so much about, some of them I have met but it was nice to meet the rest. Dr. Owens and Teresa's boyfriend Jess went up on stage and pinned Teresa, it was so sweet. We visited for a while afterward and then my uncle came and picked us up, he also dropped us off.  we talked my uncle into stopping off at Togo's on the way back so we could get something to eat. I have a bunch of skirts and dresses that I keep wanting to wear during the summer but I keep putting it off, I found a lady that sews so she cut them up the back and sewed around the holes where we put my chest strap through so it doesn't show. I wore one of the skirts today and it worked out great, I will definitely wear them more often. For breakfast I had pineapple, mango, blueberries, a banana and some tapioca pudding. For lunch I had a brownie and for dinner I had a tuna and avocado wrap and some chetos.

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day, I decided to stay in bed. I know that it's canopy really crowded around here because everybody wants to come over the hill and because today the Santa Cruz pride. I wanted to go check it out but they decided to have it downtown this year and I just know it's going to be standing room only. My nephew got me addicted to the series breaking bad so I have been watching a lot.