Monday, May 26, 2014

This is a great month for visitors…

 Monday was a great day. I got up and took Robby for the cruise, our usual cruise. After using the new charger I still only got about 6 miles from my batteries, this is not looking good. They came back and rested for a while and visited with my brother and JohnPatrick. We decided to go downtown to taqueria vallarta for dinner, David, JohnPatrick, my mom and I. We decided to walk because it's so hard to try to find a place to park. We came back and Rosa came to put me to bed.

 Tuesday was a really great day. The weather was perfect so we decided to go to Henry Cowell  Redwood Park, it is always so beautiful there and there wasn't a lot of people. We cruised around for a while until the hill we were cruising on got so steep bad my chair refused to go up anymore and just stopped. We were going to try Oaktree restaurante again but it was closed until 4 PM and it was 3 PM and we didn't want to wait. We decided to drive down Highway 12 Davenport and go to Duarte's Tavern. We decided to bring it home so we could bring something for my mom and I only got home everybody's order was there but mine, I decided to splurge and get abalone so it was a little disappointing. I figured it was just a sign that I need to eat what's in my refrigerator. Rosa came and put me to bed and then later my mom came and put the CPAP machine on me for the night. I need to wear for at least four hours a night but the pillows keep collapsing and it's making my nose Red and chapped. I hooked it up so that I can take it off when I was done and turn it off by my computer, actually my brother hooked it up.Omar and his friend were building me an arbor at the end of my driveway to cover my van and to have a place to sit in the shade and barbecue. It looks amazing, they started it yesterday and he said that he thinks it will be done on Thursday but it looks like it's almost done. They always do such a great job and always really good about cleaning up after themselves.

Wednesday was a long and boring day. I was going to get up but I decided to stay in bed and rest, it seems like the older I get the more I need at least one day to stay in bed and rest. Hopefully it will be different during the summer, is it already summer? Karen came in and we did some personal care and I just laid around and watched TV the rest of the day. Omar and his friend are almost done with the Pergola and it looks awesome, I can't wait to get up and out and see the progress. They're going to finish it up on Friday. I told Rosa to not bother coming in because there isn't that much to do, just speed Robby and I and take my blood sugar… Which is awesome these days by the way. We usually play cards on Wednesday nights but we haven't the last couple of Wednesday's, during the summer everybody gets really busy. I found a couple more pictures from yesterday on my phone also…

Thursday was just another day spent in bed, I hope my whole summer isn't going to be like this. Teresa came and put me to bed.

Friday was the same old thing. Karen came in and did some personal care and I stayed in bed again, a pressure sore is looking better but it looks like it's going to be a couple more days in bed. Shauna came in and took Robby for a nice long walk, gave me a bed bath and washed my hair… I feel much better. Omar and his friend are almost done and it looks so gorgeous.

 Saturday… Guess what? Yup, stuck in bed again. I'm really catching up on all my TiVo programs and movies but it's really boring and I felt bad for Robby. Sheri message me the other day and said that she was not going to be able to make it because she has pneumonia, I hope she feels better soon. Melody messaged me this afternoon and said that her dog is sick, she just had had him neutered and he doesn't feel good. I know that Marica and Teresa are already here so I guess it's just us, I know we will have a great time. We were finished today and took a couple more pictures, I love it so much!  Shauna came in and gave Robby and I a bath so we will be ready for tomorrow. Lexi came by to stay the night, she was at a bonfire on the beach… I remember how fund those were.

Sunday was such an awesome day. Not only because I got to get out of bed for a while but because I was going to get to visit with my childhood friend, she was in town for the weekend with her wife and family she spent a whole day with me. I met her at the  that they were staying at, it was so exciting waiting to see her. She had on a T-shirt that said "it's at Tammie thing, you wouldn't understand" two other friends from my childhood were going to be here but they couldn't and two of them have this T-shirt and they were going to wear them, how cool is that?? We decided to ride the trolley from the wharf to downtown, we all three wanted to try riding the trolley. We found the place where the trolley picks up passengers and waited, it came by every 15 minutes on the weekends. The trolley came and they lowered the ramp and I got on and the lift made it approximately halfway up and stopped. The guys tried everything he could think of and then called another guy and he tried everything he can think of and then called another guy who found the manual crank and lowered me back down to the ground, after about an hour. We decided not to try the trolley today. We walked over to my house and as soon as we came around the corner Teresa said "this looks like your house", she recognized it from the pictures on Facebook. We hung out in the yard and visited for a long time but unfortunately they need to get back and spend time with their family still they had to go. I would've loved to have visited with their family a little bit but they ended up going to a barbecue, they have lots of family in the area. It was so great to see her and get to know her wife. I plan on doing it again real soon. Teresa came after me to bed and we did some personal care. I'm getting more used to the CPAP machine and it's not so bad, although I still get myself all worked up before he goes on but then once it is on I calmed down, I don't know why I do that.