Sunday, July 26, 2020

Not such a good week for Robby…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me and got me dressed and up in my chair. I took Robby out for a cruise to depot Park and back, it seems like he's having more bad days than good days lately. We cruised back, and I rested for a bit before I took Dude out for a cruise up and down the wharf a couple of times, I took some pictures and then headed back home. Adriana drove Karen and me over to my appointment with the chiropractor, it takes two people because for the first part of the visit he puts me on the massage table and cracked my neck/back, and then they put me back in the chair. He uses some kind of padded punch machine. We cruised back home, and the girls left, I watched TV and waited for Rosa to come in. She fed the boys and then put me to bed and fed me, Robby is looking a little restless, so I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight… I worry about him so much these days, and I don't know if he's just really uncomfortable or if I am just really paranoid. I watched TV for a while, edited the pictures that I took from today and listen to music, and, of course, watched Robby make sure he was okay. I think I fell asleep about two hours before my morning caregiver came in.

Tuesday was a perfect day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry fur babies and then fed me, got me dressed, and up in my chair. The Woofpack began to get Robby and Cindy took Dude and me over to Capitola for my appointment with Jennifer, we started back up my toning sessions. After my meeting we decided to go to Aptos and cruise up and down by the beach, I have never been there before, and it was so beautiful… Everybody was social distancing, and there was a whole line of vacation rentals, this summer we're going to rent one of those and have a large barbecue/party. I've seen a lot of pictures of the cement boat, but I've never seen it this close, I need to come over here more often because it is so gorgeous! I'm trying to get out and go for a little hike at least once a week somewhere where I haven't been before. We hated to leave but needed to get back home. Cindy dropped off Dude and me, I watched TV for a while until Rosa came in. Rosa came in and fed the hungry crew and put me to bed and then fed me, I was starving. Robby started acting really super anxious and just cruising around from room to room, Rosa said that she couldn't get him to eat his pills… I asked her to keep trying because I said he needs his pills, so she called her daughters Cindy and Adriana to come over and help. They tried EVERYTHING from peanut butter to Vienna sausages to cheese… He would eat the food and spit out the pill every time. My mom finally pushed a tramadol down his throat and after a while he settled down, it's tough to tell whether he's in pain or has a lot of anxiety,. Still, whatever was I didn't get any sleep because I was so worried about him, watching where he is all-night in the cameras. He finally came in and laid on the bed beside my bed, and he was quiet for a while, so I think I fell asleep… It was like 4 AM.

 Wednesday was a really long day. Karen came in and fed the boys, Robby wouldn't eat… That NEVER happens. He's panting really loud and staying close to people, he threw up a couple of times. I texted Westside animal Hospital and iconic text back that said they were open at 7:30 AM, but it's already 7:40 AM, they called a couple minutes later and said that Dr. Shuman would be in in 20 minutes and asked us to wait. We had already texted Adriana and asked her to come and take Robby to the emergency, but luckily we caught her before she got out of the driveway, so she took Robby over to Westside Animal Hospital and got there just as Dr. Shuman walked in, they took Robby in right away and said they would call me after the doctor looked at him. Bailey's groomers came to groom the dogs. Obviously, they only took Dude because Robby wasn't here. When they brought Dude back they had put on the bottom of the bill that he was sorrowful today, I bet it's because everybody's worried about his brother? Adriana dropped Robby off and then came back and helped my mom for a while upstairs, she came down because the doctor called her for an update on Robby… They said his acting very anxious and panting really hard, so they're going to keep him for a while and run some tests and see if they could figure out what's happening. Karen and I went ahead and did some personal care and a nice long hot bath, it was really quiet, and all I could do was think about Robby… I haven't seen him this bad before. The doctor called me and said they couldn't really find anything except he's anemic and they said whatever painkiller they gave him his out of his body in like 20 minutes. He's panting and looking uncomfortable again. They didn't figure anything out during the day, and I wanted him to stay overnight. Still, they said they didn't have an evening nurse, so they asked her if she could pick him up and taken to Pacific emergency veterinary clinic, so I called Adriana, and she said she would. The doctor from the emergency clinic called a while later and said he seems to be comfortable for the night, but they will do some more tests in the morning. The doctor at Westside animal Hospital told me one of the possibilities is a brain tumor or just something wrong with his brain… He's 12 1/2 years old. After Karen left I just watched TV for a while and try to relax, I thought it would be able to sleep but I can't. Joy came in and took Dude for a cruise, he really needed it because he looks so worried. Adriana came back over and fed Dude and then fed me before she went home for the evening. I watched for a while and then drifted off.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed Dude, Robby was still at Pacific veterinary emergency Hospital, and I was waiting for an update. She fed me and then got me dressed and up in my chair. I talked to Dr. Birch, and they said that Robby did pretty good overnight, and they would keep him overnight and do it endoscopy in the morning, and they were giving him steroids, anxiety medicine, and something for pain. They think that he has inflammatory bowel disease and possibly a form of leukemia that think goodness is treatable. Dude and I took off for a nice long cruise up and down the wharf and then to the end of the boardwalk and back. I like going to the boardwalk when there are not that many people because it's an excellent place to practice with Dude at his commands, I haven't been as diligent as I was before this whole pandemic, but he remembered everything I asked him to do… He is so smart! The strip along the beach between the Ideal restaurant and the arcade is now filled with vendors, they taped off squares, I've seen them a little bit during the concerts, but now they are all the way down the strip. We cruised back home, it always makes me a little sad when I come through the door, and I don't see Robby…The poor new guys had such a great life, and I definitely don't want his end-of-life to be anxiety and pain. My mom came down and suggested that he's old and I should put him to sleep, I didn't even think about that… She told me that the vets aren't allowed anymore to say to you when his quality of life is not so good, and it is time to let him go. I asked the doctor when she called for the next update, and she said absolutely not, they were not even thinking about that with him. Rosa came in and fed Dude, put me to bed, and then fed me. I have to admit it's kind of nice knowing that Robby is where he should be right now and if he does have any issues they can give him something when he's here I end up watching him all night. I sometimes wonder if his high anxiety has anything to do with me? When I first got Robby, they told me that I should put his leash around my arm to cruise around, after a couple of years, whenever Robby would see a dog, he would jump straight up in the air and barked really loud… Whenever we go out, I'm always looking nervously through the crowd to see if there's a dog around and whether he has a leash on. When I went up to Santa Rosa to pick up Dude I told them I decided to attach the leash to my chair, I don't want him to start feeling my anxiety, and it seems to work. I have heard that, however, you think they feel, and I believe it. The doctor called and gave me one more update before the morning; Robby seems to do really good while he's there, but of course, they know what to give him and win to make him feel better. I eventually drifted off to sleep.

 Friday was a pretty miserable day all-day. Karen came in and fed Dude and then fed me. We started doing some personal care in approximately eight hours later after two baths and a shower we were done, but my body was exhausted, everybody always has there suggestion on what I ate/drank or wore that upset my stomach, but maybe I'm just getting old? If I knew for sure what was upsetting my stomach, I definitely would quit whatever it was, but if it's not really obvious like eggs, I don't want to just stop eating or drinking what everybody told me I should because they would probably be nothing left. Karen finally went home, and Adriana came in about 15 minutes later to feed Dude, feed me and then go and pick up Robby from the emergency. I was really nervous when he got home and watched him really close for a while, mostly I panic when everybody leaves, and I think Robby also does. I noticed that they forgot to give me an anxiety medicine they prescribed to him, so I'm watching him extra carefully to make sure he does not have any anxiety. Everybody left, and I called the emergency vet, and they said to just go ahead and give him the gabapentin, and he should be okay for the night.

Saturday was another bittersweet day. Cindy came in and fed the boys, fed me, and then got me up in my chair.  Cindy told me that they had taken her dog into emergency also and found out that he has cancer, she got him out, and he was at home resting, and they were waiting for the test to come back to find out how bad the disease is. Robby was already cruising around looking anxious, and he threw up in the bathroom, so we decided to take him for a little cruise with us to my appointment with Jennifer in Capitola; on the way over, he started trembling again… My appointment was only about half an hour, so Cindy stayed outside with Robby and Dude, and I went in to see Jennifer, Cindy texted me. She said that Robby had settled down, but I had already talked to the emergency vet and they said to bring them in after so that's what we will do… We went by Safeway, and they didn't have his anxiety medicine ready, so I figured the best thing is just to take him back to emergency. He threw up again outside, and they finally came and got him, and when they called me later, they said he had the same behavior and that he had thrown up two more times. We came back, and Dude and I went out for a cruise up and down the wharf and then over to the boardwalk. I wanted to get back and call and see how Robby was, and they said he was doing fine, they're going to keep him overnight again and see how he did through the night. They did find out that he has inflammatory bowel disease and possibly a form of leukemia that is treatable. I'm just wondering again if my anxiety is rubbing off on him. Adriana came in and was going to take me up to Safeway to get Robby's medicine, but the emergency vet told me that they would just give him the prescription we went to pick him up. She fed Dude and put me to bed, again I was a little relieved that they were going to keep Robby overnight. I  edited a bunch of pictures, caught up on my blog, and now I'm keeping a food diary for myself, I have a bunch of reminders on Alexa. I watched TV for a while and eventually drifted off to sleep. The vet called at 10:30 PM, and I missed the call and try to call them back, but they put me on hold for a long time, so I figured they are probably busy and I'll just wait for Adriana to come in at 11 PM to let Dude out for the last time and have her listen to the message with me. Robby is doing great.  Cindy texted me and said that they had to take her dog back into the emergency because he wasn't looking very good, poor little guy. I watched TV until I fell asleep.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in and took Dude outside and then fed him and then fed me. I felt so bad for her because she was despondent, she is such a sweet and caring lady and really feels everything. She went home to take care of her pup, and I decided to just stay in bed and rest, Karen's going to come in at 2 PM to do some personal care and a bath so we won't have to do it in the morning. I watched TV and listen to music until she came in. Susan was going to start coming either Sundays at noon or back to our regular Wednesday schedule, I kinda hope that she would come in today, but I haven't heard from her, so I'm guessing probably not. Karen came in and fed Dude, got me something to eat, and then we started personal care. Friday was so miserable I really dread doing it again, I don't know what I ate but something is really not agreeing with me. Luckily it went by really fast and I got to take a really nice long hot bath and then she put me back to bed. For some reason, I was really super itchy around my ears, eyes, and mouth so I took a couple of Benadryl's. It was almost 5 PM When Adriana brought Rabby back and he's been sleeping ever since. I finished my blog, watched 90-day fiancé: happily ever after? And listen to some music until I fell asleep.

 Sunday was another long day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me. I watch TV for the rest of the day until Karen came in at 2 PM. She fed the dogs and then fed me. We did some personal care and I gotta take a nice long hot relaxing bath before going back to bed to watch all of the new episodes of 90-day fiancĂ©. I played games and listen to music until I passed out.