Saturday, July 30, 2016

Returning home…

Monday turned out to be a pretty good day. This is how dyslexic I am… Apparently I only booked the hotel we were staying at until Sunday so we had to scramble around and try to find one for tonight. Luckily the rooms that we stayed at last year at the Silverton inns and suites were available, that's what I wanted in the first place but I was thinking it was too far… Next time we go to Oregon we are staying in Silverton. We dropped her stuff off at the rooms and then went to this little restaurant for lunch, after all the snacks and heavy food was really nice to have a light lunch and the food was excellent! I was so excited all during lunch because after lunch I get to meet Douglas, David and Melissa's new puppy. After we met the new puppy we decided to go to a nearby park and let them play, they were so adorable! While we were eating lunch we saw this really weird van drive-by with Barbies and trolls all over it but I didn't get to take a picture. When we went to the park it was parked across the street so we all had to go over and take a bunch of pictures, I don't know if that's cool or creepy? Melissa has been talking about taking us to the Oregon Gardens so we cruised over there and it was so beautiful! I love gardens and I love to cruise around and take a picture of people's yards. We close down the gardens and headed back to our hotel. Karen and Lisa put me to bed and that's all I remember..'.'

Tuesday was another great day and the day we head for home, it was a great trip. Actually we are headed for Redding for the night and then home. We cruised around Silverton for a little bit and then went to meet David and Melissa at their new duplex, it was really awesome! They are so excited and I think they need to move in the beginning of August, Robert and McKenzie will live in the other unit. I stayed in the van because it wasn't accessible and Lisa took pictures for me. Before we left Silverton we stopped at a chocolate store and we got David a beer Chocolate and Melissa a golden lab chocolate. Of course we also got chocolates for ourselves, they were pretty amazing! We said goodbye and took for our next stop in Redding, it was a nice drive but when we got to the hotel it was worth it… The hotel was the best I have seen so far ever. We had a two bedroom, and never even heard of that. David went and got some pizza while the girls threw me in bed, I think everybody slept really good.

Wednesday was a really good day. Karen and Lisa got me up and we got breakfast and headed for home, it was a really nice trip but it's always so great to get home. We got home and unloaded the van and Karen went home while Omar and Lisa took the van back to the rental place in Santa Clara. Rosa came in and put me to bed and we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath, only showers at the hotel so it's nice to get in the bath and soak for a long time. She put me back to bed and I was out, also nice to get back into my own bed. I found some pictures of other people took that were not in the right sequence scientists added them to this post…

 Thursday was a really awesome day! Karen came in early to get me up because David was taking me to my personal interview in Santa Rosa at CCI, I think he was just as excited as I was. He was always so interested in the whole process of getting a service dog and although it was a long drive after such a long drive I think he really enjoyed it. It was nice to get some one-on-one time and really catch up, it's about a three-hour drive. We got there and did a little shopping at the CCI store and then waited for the tour and the interview. There was four people there that day, two people were there for facility dogs and two of us were therefore service dogs. The campus is so beautiful and clean and everyone was so friendly. A couple of weeks ago Lisa and I did a peer support visit to a lady at Dominican Hospital who got a cyst on her spinal cord and became a paraplegic. While we were resting outside I met a nurse who said that she was just talking to Robbys vet, Dr. Schuman, and what a coincidence that we meet that day. She also said that you turn in a puppy, she was a puppy raiser for CCI, and he was almost finished with training and she hopes that I get to meet him when I do my interview… His name was cowboy. After the tour we got to work with one of the four dogs and guess who I got to work with?? Cowboy! It's a lady that was giving the tour the story about cowboy and she just laughed, what a coincidence? There was also to black labs there and one was named Stanley, that's my brother's name, and the other one was named Van something… A great day and a bunch of weird coincidences. We got home and rest for a bit and then Rosa came in to put me to bed and again I fell right to sleep, I was sad I didn't get to spend any more time with my brother before he left in the morning but I'm sure he was exhausted and needed to get some rest.

Friday was a pretty good day. I was really exhausted and wanted to stay in bed so bad but I have a doctors appointment, I made the appointment before the trip not thinking… Karen came in and got me up and Robby and I cruised down to Dr. Owens office. On the way remanding to Trish from the purple house around the corner, she asked me if I was going to the concert on the beach and said she was going… I told her where I usually sit and to look for me. It was nice to see Dr. Owens and everything was good, she wanted to see me because the last couple of urine tests reported that I had a lot of protein in it so she wanted to follow up. The second test was not as much; to wait and see what happens. We cruised back home and arrested four bit and I decided to just go to bed and skip the constant because I was so tired. Theresa came in and put me to bed and I got to just relax and watch TV until I fell asleep.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day. I decided to just stay in bed and rest and what a great decision that was. It was so nice and relaxing and I slept on and off all day. Cindy came in and put me on my side and I decided to cut all of my fingernails off, one broke and I think it looks funny if they're not all the same length. Theresa came in early and we got the personal care and the bath out of the way so I could just rest and wait for my friends husband, I have known her since grade and got back in touch with her on Facebook and her husband likes to do races and marathons so he was going to come and spend the night and do the Santa Cruz wharf to wharf. He called me and said that he would be by in the morning and spent the night on Sunday evening.

Sunday was a pretty awesome day! Cindy came in early to get me up so I could be at the start line of the Santa Cruz wharf to wharf by 8:00 AM. Just as we were finishing up Tony got here. I asked him if he wanted to eat anything and he said he didn't eat until after the race so I didn't eat either. Lisa was going to do the race with us and leave my van in Capitola because after the race they open the streets back up and there's no way for me to get back to Santa Cruz but she ended up not doing the race because she hurt her ankle, she said she would come and pick us up after the race. I always loved doing this race because there's always people full of encouragement along the way and on almost every corner or curve there is a band playing, it's just so much fun. After the race it was too much traffic for Lisa to come here from where she lives and bring the van so she texted Omar and he came and got us, after waiting two hours for a bus to take us back. They borrow school buses to bring people back but first accessible bus that showed up didn't have tie downs and wouldn't take me and we waited another hour and no other accessible buses showed up so Omar saved the day again. Tony and I were going to get something to eat after the race but my chair was almost dead so I had to come home and go to bed. I met up with some friends and cruised around Santa Cruz.