Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Still in self quarantine but learning to be okay with it, the weather is beautiful and that helps…

Monday was a really bad day and a really good day. today is my mom's 81st birthday! We planned a little driveway birthday party for her. Karen came in and fed the boys and then she got me dressed to ride the exercise cycle but I kept getting really bad chills and a headache, she looked it up on the Internet and said it sounded like high blood pressure and she took my blood pressure and it was 225/ 175 so of course I immediately started panicking… I do not want to go to urgent care or the hospital. It said online what you need to do is exercise so I almost got up and got on the exercise cycle but I had a really strong feeling it was because I needed some personal care, it's been since Friday and eight that stuff I shouldn't have been. She took it again and it was closer to normal and then I started getting chills and a headache again and she took it and it was really high again so we decided to just try some personal care and thank goodness that was it, it was a really long and hard session and I got to take two baths and a shower but we finally finished by 3:30 PM… Karen comes in at 6 AM. We were both exhausted and I really wanted to stay in bed but Karen talked me into getting up, she said I would feel better getting outside in the sunshine and laughing with family and friends so I reluctantly did and I was SO glad I did. I went outside and the decorations looked amazing, Adriana and Cindy did a great job! Rosa was in the kitchen making chicken enchiladas and rice, it smelled amazing! I hung outside for a while and was just amazed how beautiful it looked and I was so glad I got up. Adela and her sister made some spinach and cheese Papooses and they were so delicious! The enchiladas were cheese and chicken, everything was just incredible and everyone had a good time laughing and joking. Adriana and Cindy had suggested that I get a hold of my family and have them do a group to zoom call but I forgot until the last minute and my brother Stanley texted me and said Robert was trying to set one up so we set it up and it was really cool. I wish we could've included my brother David and his family but there just wasn't time. It was really fun to talk with them and share everything that was going on. I think my mom really loved it! We invited my uncle, my aunt, Fred and JoAnn but they decided it's probably not a good idea… They have really been taking the stay-at-home advice to heart and understandably so. After we ate we had the tart and a chocolate cake we got from the Buttery, it was a really great day. I could meet very much because my stomach was still upset and I mostly tilted back in my chair, every time I sat up I got a little dizzy. Cindy brought over the boys, Joshua and Nico… They are so sweet and funny!  Cindy and Adriana cleaned everything up and put everything away while Rosa put me back to bed. Well visited for a couple of minutes but everyone was exhausted and they went home. I was exhausted and fell asleep right away and I didn't even wake up until 4:00 AM. Happy Birthday, mom!!

Tuesday was an okay day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry crew and then fed me, I thought about it for a long time but I just decided to stay in bed, plus I was just exhausted from yesterday. We straightened up my room a little bit and did a couple of other uncluttering areas, I can't believe I'm almost done with my room.  I have a bunch of masks so I thought we might as well try to use some, we tried that under my one, the one for your lips and there was one for my face. I pretty much just watch TV all day and edited/organized my photos, it seems like a never-ending job but I guess but I haven't used my Google Glass or might go Pro camera since about March so that you give me a little bit of time to catch up. Rosa came in and fed the boys and then fed me, I couldn't keep my eyes open so she left right after she fed me. Of course, after she left I woke right up and started watching my TiVoed collection of Dr. Phil. I listen to music for a while editing more pictures, absent played some games.

Wednesday was another long uncomfortable day. Karen came in and fed the hungry harry bunch and then started to me up in my chair so I can ride my exercise cycle and have breakfast outside, I really love doing this and my mood is much better. She put me back to bad and then into the commode chair to do some personal care, I've been trying to drink a lot of water and take less medication so it can go faster and smoothly but so far that hasn't happened. It's like my body is detoxing from something because it's just not getting easier and it should be. I took a nice long hot bath and she put me back to bed but it started again, sometimes I think the warm water makes everything softer and then we have to start all over again.  while I was taking a bath Karen's husband texted her and said some guy was cruising up and down the street on his skateboard and then he was stealing mail out of the mailboxes. She showed me the picture and I said "I know that guy, his name is Mark Beckner and he used to live in the apartments behind me and I see him cruising all around Santa Cruz. After I got back to bed I texted Trish and she said she was at school and I should call the police, all the checks are coming out now and I'm sure he was looking for that. I called the number and talk to a police officer and she said somebody will get back to me, a little while later another police officer called me and told me that she was very familiar with Mark Beckner.  I sent her the picture, he had some mail underneath his arm and he was opening up a letter. I also texted my aunt but they were over the hill and couldn't do anything until they got back. I think it was just about 3 PM when she gave me another bath and put me back to bed. Rosa came in I fed the boys and then fed me, sanitize everything and vacuumed, and then went home. My body was just exhausted but I couldn't go to sleep so I watched TV, played some games on the computer, listen to music and edited some more of my pictures. I pretty much gave up on my webpage right now because I think I need to get my photos in some kind of order before I finish my webpage… I think it will go a lot smoother. I tried using my CPAP machine, it's been a while and I know I should be using it.

Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the pups and then fed me, got me dressed and up in my chair. She set up the agility course in the driveway for the boys and we just hung out until it got too hot. We came back inside, except Robby wanted to hang out in the driveway. I watched TV for a while until Rosa came in, she fed the hungry fur babies and then put me to bed and fed me. She washed down my commode chair in the tub with soap and hot water, everything is sure getting a lot cleaner around here and I love it. For some reason, I just couldn't keep my eyes open and I fell asleep before she left, I woke up a couple hours later and realized that I had missed a text from Trish… We were going to watch a show from the DNA comedy lab, I bought the tickets a couple of nights ago and were going to watch it online. I did feel really good taking a little nap so for the rest of the evening I just watched TV and organized some more of my photos, I think I have over 12,000 photos and there in three or four different places so sometimes I get really confused because I'm so dyslexic and then I have to give up for a while or I'll get really frustrated.

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the boys and then got me up in my chair to ride the exercise cycle, have breakfast outside before we started the rest of the day a couple of years ago a friend that I met from Los Gatos gave me one of those muse machines… They look a little bit like headphones, it's supposed to help you meditate and it seems to work really well. I started wearing it after I eat breakfast, it's really nice to have it on and just stay quiet while the sun is shining on my body. We did some personal care but didn't get much so I took a nice long hot bath and went back to bed.  Joy came in and took Dude for a little cruise and let him put his toes in the sand, This is the last day that they're going to let people on the beach for a while. Everybody keeps coming over the hill and nobody is keeping their distance from each other or wearing masks or gloves, I don't know what is wrong with everybody but they all act like they're above the law and are not going to get sick. Adriana came in and ran some errands for my mom and me. She fed the boys and then fed me and I just watch TV and worked on organizing my photos for the rest of the evening.

Saturday was another relaxing day in bed. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me, it looks really cold outside so I decided to stay in bed and work on my photos some more.  The Woofpack came to get the boys for their puppy play date. I was going to get up because my new mattress is going to be delivered today but I changed my mind. Omar came in and he and Cindy set it up in my bedroom to make sure everything was working and all of the parts were there, we decided to just put me in my chair long enough for them to put the mattress on my bed so I can try it out tonight. It was a lot taller than my other mattress, I don't know if it's because my other one was so old but this is going to take some getting used to. Adriana came in and she and Omar cleaned up and rearranged some stuff in the garage. Adriana fed the boys when they got back and got me something to eat before she went home for the day. The rest of the evening I just listen to music and organize some more of my photos. I eventually fell asleep but then I woke up to get a drink of water and I didn't help my hydration hose on me so I texted my mom to see if she was still awake, by this time I had a headache and an anxiety attack, she came down and got me a couple of PMs and handed me back my water. It took me a while but I eventually fell back to sleep but only got to sleep for a couple of hours until Cindy came in.

Sunday was another long boring day. Cindy came in and fed the boys and then fed me, I found some Keto low-carb pancake mix so she made me pancakes, bacon, and fruit for breakfast. She cleaned up a little bit, disinfecting everything and vacuuming the floor, and then she filled up the dog's food and went home for the day. I texted Karen to see if she wanted to come in tonight to do the personal-care and the bath so it will take all day tomorrow, she said she's not doing anything so she might as well come in. That way I can get up tomorrow and hang out in the yard with the boys. I told Adriana she didn't need to come in and I listen to music and tried organizing my pictures for most of the day until I got frustrated and my mind wasn't thinking anymore. Karen came in and fed the boys and then fed me. We do some personal care and a nice long hot bath, to put me back to bed and I fell asleep almost immediately.

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betty said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom, Tammie! Looked like a fun gathering! You do have lots of pictures, wow!