Sunday, May 10, 2020

Getting use to this self quarantined stuff…

Monday was a long day. Karen came in and fed the hungry crew and then got me partially dressed and up in my chair so I could ride the exercise cycle and then go outside and have breakfast on the patio, it's such a beautiful day and this looks like it's going to be really warm.  the Woofpack came to get the boys for their Monday puppy play date, I'm so happy they get to go out and play and get a little exercise. While Karen is getting me some breakfast I tried out my muse meditation headband, it's supposed to read your brain waves or something like that to help teach you how to meditate… When your mind goes off track the sound of the river gets louder and when you're concentrating you can hear the little birds. It really does work, it's teaching me how to meditate and not to let my mind wander. A couple of years ago I met a lady from Los Gatos named Carolina, she came over once or twice and she came to the music in the Park when we were celebrating my birthday and she gave it to me. I charged it and tried it a couple of times but now that I'm using it at least once a day I really appreciate it. After breakfast, I came back inside and Karen put me back to bed and then up into the commode chair for some personal care and then a nice long hot bath. I can't remember how long it has been since I got a massage but I am so ready for one, I've been trying to do things around here so my neck and shoulders don't get tensed up but there's nothing like a nice long massage. After Karen put me back to bed and I worked on organizing my pictures some more, I'm having problems getting in to edit my new webpage so I'm hoping to get all of the pictures organized before the website comes back up… I think it will be a lot easier to move along on my website my pictures are organized. Rosa came in and fed the boys and then fed me and I was back to watching TV and organizing pictures again, it seems like the more pictures I organize more pictures I find. Rosa went home and I think I eventually dozed off for a while.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me, got me dressed and up in my chair. We decided what we needed today was a nice long drive down Highway one along the ocean, it's such a beautiful drive. We drove to Pescadero to get some soup from Duart's Tavern to get some green chili and asparagus soup and then right across the street is a little country store that has fresh artichoke bread with artichokes baked in the size of your fist. I looked up both places to make sure they were open but when we got there it looked like the whole town of Pescadero closes on Tuesday, I guess we will come back on Saturday because now I have to have some of that bread. On the way back we stopped by pigeon point lighthouse and of course, it was closed off to, there's a pie ranch on our way back so we stopped there for a while to let the boys get out and stretch their legs and we found out that was close also. It looks like they have a bunch of really cool stuff in there, pies, jams, local honey… We're definitely going back on Saturday! We came back and it was really hot here, out on Highway one it wasn't as hot and there was fog. I leaned back and rested for a bit until Rosa came in. She fed the boys and then put me to bed and fed me, I was back into organizing and editing photos while she buzzed around and cleaned and wiped everything down. I listen to some music, organized more pictures until I eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday was another pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the boys and then got me up in my chair to write my exercise cycle and have breakfast outside, I could really get used to this! This self-quarantine has really done some good for me, I have learned to stop and relax and enjoy my time outside more. I used to feel like if I was up in my chair I should be cruising around outside instead of just staying here, kicking back, and enjoying my yard and my boys. I tried the muse meditation headband again, I'm able to do it a lot longer and keep my mind under control a lot better. We came back inside I did some personal care and a nice long hot bath before she put me back to bed. Such a great feeling to be clean and comfy in bed. Joy came by to take Dude out to stretch his legs for a bit. Rosa came in and fed the fur guys and then fed me, we opened up some Amazon boxes, and then she was off somewhere in the kitchen… It looks like I'm not going to get my teeth brushed tonight, I gotta remember to start doing that right after I eat or else I don't know when I'm going to see Rosa again. I watch TV and organized more pictures, it seems like that's all I do anymore and I can't make myself stop. I decided to turn everything off after my mom came down the last time to take out the dogs and the next thing I knew it was morning, I'm going to have to start doing that more often.

Thursday was another nice long day. Karen came in and fed the boys and then fed me and got a dress and up in my chair. We set up the agility course and I practice some commands with Dude but by 1 PM it was too hot to be outside anymore so I just came in and watched some TV. My friend Trish texted me a picture of the stairs she's been working on, she broke up a bunch of tiles and made this gorgeous pattern… She said she had just finished the last one. Rosa came in and fed the boys, put me to bed, and then fed me. My butt was a little red so I might have to hold off on the exercise cycle for a couple of days. I just got my new mattress so it has to be the exercise cycle, I really hope it's not because it feels so great to get on an exercise. After Rosa left I watched some TiVo, I'm just not interested in TV that much anymore… Actually, it's probably this obsession with my pictures. I decided to give the pictures a break for a little while and work on my blog, maybe even get a little sleep.

 Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the hungry crew and then got me partially dressed and up in my chair. I rode the exercise cycle, I had to go back down to five minutes twice because it looks like I'm starting to get a pressure butt is really red and inflamed Rosa told me last night. It was looking better this morning. I had breakfast outside on the porch, it felt so good to be up and out in the sunshine… It's supposed to get up to 75° today so I'm glad I'm out right now. After breakfast, Karen put me back to bed and my butt was bright red again, I really hope it's not the exercise cycle because I really don't want to slow down or quit exercising right now. It looks like I will be exercising as much as I would like to but it depends on what my butt looks like on Monday. We did some personal care and then I got to take a nice long hot bath before going back to bed, My hair is getting so long and always in my face so Karen tried writing it… I hope this works better than just leaving it down. Robby likes to go out on the porch during the day, we built a little gate at the bottom of the ramp so he can't go out into the driveway because then the delivery people won't deliver to the back porch if there's a dog. He also likes to go out there to get away from Penny because she always wants to, with him and he just doesn't want to. Joy came by to take Dude for a cruise, he's getting a little chunky. After Karen left I organized some more of my pictures and watched Judge Judy and the People's Court with Judge Milion, Judge Judy is really mean and I guess that's why she's really popular… Judge Milion is mean when she needs to be but also funny and I just love her bailiff. I'm getting a lot of pictures organized but it just seems like there's no end and I can't believe how many doubles, triples, quadruples of pictures I have… After I organize them I'm going to go back and try to find a way to get rid of the doubles. I'm starting to keep a food diary, an exercise cycle diary, and take my blood pressure every day… Thank goodness Alexa reminds me of all this or else I would forget. Adriana came in to feed the crew and then fed me, she straightened up and wiped things down, wiped everything down and fold some clothes and put them away before she left. Last night I shut everything down at 10 PM and I actually got some sleep, I'm going to try it again tonight… People have been telling me to do that for years but I just can't get my mind to shut down but now that I've started meditating every day with the muse I'm able to control my mind a lot better and it feels great. I watch some more TV and then shut everything down and fell asleep.

 Saturday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry boys and then fed me and got me dressed in up in my chair. The Woofpack came to get the boys, and they were ready for some fun in the sun. Omar came in and got a list of stuff to do so he took off for the hardware store, she was going to crawl under the house and take a look at my tub because it's leaking and there was a couple of other things for him to hang on the fence and to build. Cindy and I took off for target to get some Mother's Day decorations, gift bags, and a card. There was a line down the street but I guess it always looks like a long line when people are standing 6 feet away from each other, we got him pretty fast got what we needed, and got out of there. We were going to stop by and get some donuts for the next morning but it was already too late in the afternoon and the donuts were all gone. I've been craving French fries so we went by McDonald's and I got 1/4 pounder and an order of French fries. We bought some food home for Omar and Adriana, Cindy had to leave to go get her mom and she was going to grab something over in Scotts Valley. Adriana was helping Omar fix the tub and they finished up right after we got home, we ate dinner and then Omar went home and Adriana put me to bed and then cleaned up and went home. My mom sent me some pictures of Robby and Penny, Penny wants so bad to cuddle with Robby and every time Robby notices her right next to him he gets up and moves away… When he falls asleep she tries to sneak and get next to him but as soon as he wakes up he bolts on there.  She gets so frustrated and then just starts howling, it's so sad. I spent the rest of the evening working on my homepage and listening to music. At 10 o'clock I shut everything off and made myself go to sleep.

 Sunday was another pretty good day. Mother's Day! Cindy came in and she brought some donuts, I was so excited! I've been really good about sticking to what I'm supposed to be eating even though I have been craving everything bad. I'm trying to get a lot of exercise and eat well so that when this self-quarantine is over it won't be an adjustment to get back out and start cruising all over Santa Cruz again. but I figure it's Mother's Day, This is going to be my one bad cheat weekend. Cindy fed the boys and then decorated by room for Mother's Day, she is so creative! We figured out how to put a bunch of my photos on the TV and it was pretty cool. Yesterday I ordered some Mexican food from a downtown restaurant and a quart of watermelon margaritas to be picked up. She went to go pick it up and we had a nice little lunch, just as we finished eating lunch my brother Stanley called and it sounds like they also had a really great day. My nephews David and Melissa were there and Stanley took a picture of them and their two for babies relaxing in the hammock.  I was having a really hard time keeping my eyes open, I had 1/2 a glass of the Margarita and I was definitely feeling it… It was really strong. Cindy cleaned up and went home to spend Mother's Day with her family. Karen came in and fed the boys and then we did some personal care and a nice long relaxing bath.  When I got back in bed I looked and I had gotten a text from my friend Trish, she finished the last step going up to her house and she sent me a picture. Karen cleaned up and went home and I looked outside at the driveway through my camera and the lighthouse/plant shelf that Omar had put together yesterday was gone, it talked about mounting it to the fence and maybe he should have done it right then and there but who would've known that somebody would come in my yard and take it? I'm not surprised but I'm really bummed. I worked on my homepage a little bit more and watched I'd kill for you on ID TV until I fell asleep.

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betty said...

Looked like your mom had a nice Mother's Day Tammie!! Good job on the exercised you've been getting!! Hope you can continue with it!