Thursday, November 5, 2020

It looks like the weather's going to cool down this week…

 Monday turned out to be a really nice day. Karen came in and fed Dude. My brothers made another killer breakfast. My little brother, my niece, and dude and I went out for a nice long cruise to the end of the wharf and back, to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home. We hung out and chatted for a while until Rosa came in to put me to bed. We're going to have leftover pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and then play some cribbage. My mom was my partner, and we didn't do so good. I was really exhausted and fell right to sleep. It's so nice to have my family here. I never get to hang out with them long enough.

 Tuesday was a perfect day. Cindy came in and fed Dude, and then we started with personal care, it didn't take as long as it usually does, and I got to take a nice long hot relaxing bath before she put me back to bed to get me dressed up in my chair. David, Deziree, dude, and I went for a nice little cruise over to the wharf, to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home. Deziree made us a really killer dinner, a pan of chicken enchiladas, a pan of bean and cheese enchiladas, and orzo salad… It was delicious! She made EVERYTHING from scratch, including bad enchilada sauce, and we all ate way too much, but it was so good! My uncle, my aunt, my cousin Rich and his two daughters came over, and we had a really nice dinner. Rosa and her daughters bought us some little cakes from the buttery for dessert… All this time I haven't gained any weight, but everything was so delicious! As we were sitting down to eat dinner, Melia came in with a note that somebody had left on the porch that said, "please take down the witch that cackles and the cat that screams because it's scaring me and my cat" it was also annoying me, so I had already had my mom unplug it.

 Wednesday was a really long day. Last night, I woke up at 10 PM with cold chills and spasms, so I messaged Susan and canceled and then called Karen to come in early. My spinal cord injury Dr. and my urologist retired, so the soonest I can see anybody about my bladder is November 3rd. I hope I'm not going to have to stay in bed and change my tube every other day until then. My little brother and Deziree left really early to catch the plane back to Georgia, but it was so nice to see them both! Karen fed Dude and then changed my tube. We do some personal care and a nice long hot bath. It felt so great to be back in bed, and I was so exhausted that I decided not to get up. It's tough to get good pictures of the wharf after they decorated for Halloween, so I went on the Santa Cruz wharf website and lifted a couple… They are always so creative! I visited with Stanley for a little bit, and they had to head to the airport to go back home to Oregon. I was so glad that he came! I slept on and off for the rest of the day until Rosa came in. She fed Dude and then fed me, and I was out again.

 Thursday was a pretty nice day. Karen came in and fed the hungry canine and then fed me, got me dressed and up in my chair. Dude and I cruised down to my appointment with Jessica to get my hair done. That took up most of the day. On my way there, and it's about 2 1/2 miles, two crosswalks in a row were blocked off, so I had to go in the street and go around them… So frustrating. We cruised home, rested for a bit, and then went outside to hang out and take some more pictures. We brought down the birdcage that was on my mom's porch, it's been up there and empty for a while, and Karen put a bunch of little corpses in there for Halloween, and it looks awesome! When I came in, the house smelled amazing! I ran into Adriana on the way home, and she said that she made banana bread, two for my mom and to for me using my vegan eggs… one had walnuts, and the other had pecans.  Adriana put me to bed, and after dinner, I had some banana bread for dessert with my coffee, and it was so incredible! I got all caught up in my blog and editing my pictures, and then I watched ninety-day fiancé: happily ever after? Until I fell asleep.

 Friday was a perfect day. Karen came in and fed the hungry hungry boy and then helped me fill out my voter registration form, not helped me but read me the choices, and I made my own choices. They gave us a little sticker that says, "I voted," so Dude and I took turns wearing it. I had some of the delicious banana bread that Adriana made for breakfast, some fruit, yogurt, beet kvass, and coffee… The perfect breakfast! Carolina brought me some more masks that she made for Halloween. I found some material, so I sent it to her… She can do anything! We did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. I'm starting to drink more water, so my personal care takes a lot less time, and I love it! From now on I'm going to try to drink more water. I decided to stay in bed because it would be sweltering outside, it was supposed to cool down this week, and luckily it did, but now it's getting warm again. Whenever my caregivers take Dude out to go to the bathroom after he's finished, they always say, "Dude, let's go," and he proceeds to lay down and roll over and make silly faces. It's hard to be serious because you look so goofy. It was nice to just stay in bed, does on-and-off I listen to music all day. Adriana came in and fed Dude, and then we open some boxes that I caught from Amazon. At five, she went to Rubens to get tacos. It's taco Friday! These are the most delicious tacos I have ever had. I think every Friday is going to be taco day from now on! I ordered three Birra queso tacos, and they were so awesome!  a couple nights ago, Cindy put up some solar dragonfly lights in the back, and now that they have charged for a couple of days, Adriana took some pictures of them, and they look really awesome! She washed my face and brushed my teeth, and then went home. I watched TV for a while and edited some pictures until I fell asleep.

 Saturday was another pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry hound and then fed me, she got me dressed end up in my chair, and Dude and I cruised down to the wharf but then came back as it was just too hot. Adriana came by, so we decided to hook up the projector and see how it looks. We need to practice because Michael Franti's stay-at-home concert is next Friday. The first thing I noticed is that you can see the light from the projector shining through the screen, that's not good. I texted Omar to see if he can come in and fix it, and he said he would come on Thursday, so that's a relief. Adriana fed Dude, fed me, brushed my teeth, and wash my face, and then went home for the evening. I looked up some videos on YouTube to figure out how to show on the projector screen. I want to practice so I can do it when nobody's around. We got the fire cube, and I like that because it's voice command operated by now; I just need to figure out how to use it. I've been trying to turn everything off at 10 PM and make myself relax, and I've been going to sleep early, so I wake up feeling great!

 Sunday was another good day. Cindy came in and fed the hungry boy, fed me, and got me dressed in up in my chair. I took Dude out for a little cruise down to the end of the wharf and back while Cindy straightened out a little bit. We headed over to Costco. I don't really like to go on the weekends because it's always so crowded, but we needed some supplies. I ended up finding some really cool baby close and I baby personal-care kit for Omar's baby, were going to have a baby shower for him next month, so I'm glad I found something. We were home by 2 PM, and Karen came in and put me to bed so we can do the personal-care in a nice long hot relaxing bath. I love going to bed and staying there after the bath because it's so relaxing. I watched TV until 10 PM, and then I turned everything off, and I fell asleep.

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