Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back in the Rojo again...

My first day up in my chair was kind of frustrating. I really wanted to get out and go but my body was not ready for it yet. I made it to the lagoon and then felt really dizzy so I came back and tilted back in my chair or while and tried it again. Today seem to be a lot easier and it’s just going to get easier the more I do it. Stanley, David and Corinne came down last night and spent the night so I got to go for a cruise with Corinne a couple of times. We went to the lagoon and fed the fish and the ducks. I get nervous going over the water but I did it and hopefully the more I do it the easier it will get. All in all I am SO glad to be home and got to finally be able to get up in my chair and cruise around once again. As always it was really great to see them. My neighbors across the street moved and I’m really going to miss them but they just moved up the street. They had our yard sale and I found a couple of really cool things.

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betty said...

hoping with each passing day and with each time you are in your chair, Tammie, you get a bit stronger and can spend more time in it without feeling dizzy, etc so you can get out and start enjoying some fun things again