Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UCSC and Costco...

Yesterday Brodie and I cruised through the lagoon, through the park, through the dog park and up to the lighthouse. O'Neill surf shop was setting up a big tent and a stage by Patrick and Sky's memorial plaque. Right down from the lighthouse, their favorite place to surf, there is a memorial plaque for my cousin Patrick and his friends Sky who passed away in 2000, Patrick was unknown cause and sky had cancer. Around the sign was filled with fresh flowers, I wanted to get a better look but there was a bunch of guys standing in front of it so I will try to see it again today. There is also a memorial bench for Patrick on the wharf, the first set of memorial benches on the right by the lifeguard headquarters. EVERYBODY knew him and loved him. I found out later that they are setting up for the O'Neill cold water classic, it is supposed to go on all week.
Teresa came by this morning to draw blood for my blood test and we didn't think she was going to have any luck but she finally did, she only got one vial and we are hoping that is going to be enough. It is so nice to have a doctor who will do house calls when we think it would be more convenient.
Today was a spa day for all of us. My mom and my aunt to Brodie and Tue Tue to the groomers at my mom and I went to Claudia's shop. It is always so nice to go there because it is always full of people and it's nice to get to know them. Claudia was really busy today but she is always so calm and never rushes so I don't really think anybody notices if they have to wait very long.
My uncle said that he would take me to Costco, I don't know which one of us love's Costco more. I was telling him about the flowers on Patrick and Sky's memorial area so he said he would take me to see where Skyler lived, he said that his mother grew a garden in the entire front lawn and that she takes flowers every week to their memorial spot. Unfortunately all of the roads were blocked off so we drove up to the UCSC campus and show me where defines all of his really good bargains. They have a store up there where everybody takes all of the used equipment and furniture from the college, schools and theaters and they sell everything very inexpensive. We found a bunch of stackable chairs for $2.50 apiece, these were metal and hard plastic... such a great deal. I bought eight and my uncle bought 10, we are going to have a bunch of people here for Thanksgiving and they will sure come in handy even if my aunt and my mom don't think so... they just roll their eyes and say "we are not going to let you two go anywhere else by yourself", they will be thanking us when Thanksgiving comes.


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a corgi said...

that seems like a great bargain with the chairs and I'm of the opinion you can never have enough chairs especially if you have lots of company that pops in all the time or around holidays

that sounds like a nice memorial for your cousin and his friend; he seemed like a very nice man to be remembered years after he had passed

take care of yourself