Monday, October 16, 2017

I can't believe three more months and this year will be over, it went by way too fast…

Monday it was time to check out and go home for most of us. Stanley drove my mom and I and Janet drove Corinne and Nathan and I were going to stop by Magic Mountain on our way home to spend the day there and check out the Halloween decorations. On our way back we started hearing about major out-of-control fires in the Santa Rosa and Napa Valley area, the wind and the smoke were so bad that we decided not to go to Magic Mountain… Plus it was great to hot so we came on home after we stopped at Casa de Fruta, they had a pumpkin patch and some really awesome decorations! Theresa was waiting to put me to bed, it was nice to be back in my bed even though it was still making a lot of noise… I was out as soon as she put to bed.

Tuesday was a pretty good day.  Cindy came in and got me up, I wanted to go grocery shopping but I have an appointment to get my hair done and I really need to go. It was nice to be back home but my bed still sounds awful, I just turned the TV up and tried to sleep through it. I took Robby for a short cruise and came back to get Dude and we went back downtown to see Jessica. Everybody there is always so nice and everybody is so impressed with Dude, and they should be… He is such a good boy! He stayed where he was supposed to and didn't try to go visit everybody. I just love this little guy! After the appointment, we cruised around downtown for a little bit and then I headed home. Rosa came in and fed the animals and put me to bed, I was so tired! I really wanted to stay in bed but I figured I better off in my chair since my bed is acting up. I watched TV for a while as it drifted off to sleep. I have such an awesome family! I didn't take any pictures today because I wanted to leave my class plugged in all day to download all of the pictures from Disneyland.

Wednesday was another great day. Susan came in to give me a nice long massage, the back of my shoulder hasn't been bothering me for a while but now it is again… I think it's because of the cold weather. Karen came in and we did some personal care that it felt so great to take a nice long hot bath. I got up and took Robby for a short cruise and it headed back to get Dude and we cruised down to Dominican rehab for the support group. I talked to Mariposa, she married the lady that used to cook for me Heather, and she said she would cut down and talk to the group about CBD oil and acupuncture. They had somebody there before talking about acupuncture but apparently she was to technical and people didn't really understand very well. Mariposa is awesome! I talked to her for a little while after the support group and I'm hoping we can all get together for a barbecue, I kind of miss Heather. While I was talking to Mariposa I heard somebody say "hello Tammie" and I looked around and there was Kimberly. I've read it to her couple of times, she works in the building next to the hospital. She was my caregiver for a while and just a really neat person. I cruised home and took some pictures of the Halloween decorations, Omar is so awesome! Rosa put me to bed, I watched TV for a while and I was out. I am sleeping so much better than I ever have and it feels great.

 Thursday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up in my chair for the day. The Woofpack came and got Robby so it was just Dude and I so we went for a little cruise through the lagoon and down to the wharf before we headed downtown to my appointment with my psychologist. It went by really fast and we just cruised around town for a while, I really love it downtown.  As we were leaving downtown we ran into a little black squirrel but didn't want to get out of our way. We cruised over to the wharf and down to the end and back, On our way back we saw an order hanging out close to the wharf so we stopped to watch it for a while. Otters are pretty cool, they drive down and grab a crab or some clams clinging to the pillars of the boardwalk and come back up and lay on their backs while they are eating and once in a while they will hold onto it and spin around in the water maybe because it gets dry? For whatever reason, it's really cool to watch. We cruised home to wait for Robby and I took some more pictures of the Halloween decorations outside. Whenever Yukio brings Robby back he runs right by me out to the dog run and usually goes to the bathroom and then runs right into my room to see if there's somebody there to feed him… I never even get a glance or a hello mom. Rosa came in and fed the animals and then put me to bed, I watch TV for a while and drifted off to sleep.

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. I had two appointments that I was really looking forward to, I wanted Karen to go with me so my mom drove. The first appointment was a physical therapist at Dominican rehab, several months ago I tried out to play a wheelchair table tennis tournament and I think it was too much too fast because I got a lump on top of my left shoulder and in between my shoulder blade and my spinal cord on the left-hand side. Whenever I got cold or I was just fatigued it hurt a lot, not every day so I didn't really pay that much attention to it until now. I asked Dr. Jett and she told me it was the muscle that you use to shrug your shoulders. The therapist poked around for a little bit, of course, it didn't hurt today… Probably because I took a nice long hot bath.  He gave me some exercises to do and when I do my follow-up visit they will help me mark where on my arms and legs I need to put the electrodes for my FES exercise bicycle. I'm thinking about going down and having little paws tattooed on my arms and legs so everybody will know where to put the electrodes. After my physical therapy appointment I had an appointment with Dr. Slezak, he is a naturopathic doctor… He seemed really knowledgeable and really personable, he was pretty certain that he was going to be able to solve all of my problems and I believe him. He poked my finger and took some blood and put it on for little dots and said that it will test over 100 foods to see what I'm allergic to if anything. He also gave me a box that was a fecal sample kit, that is supposed to tell them a lot too. I left feeling pretty good and it looks like possibly the end of my bloating is in the future. After we got home I had time to take Dude down to the wharf and back before Theresa came in to put me to bed.

 Saturday was a really awesome day! Cindy came in and got me up and Robby went off for a puppy play date with his Woofpack, he always looks forward to it so much and has so much fun. They only send pictures of the dogs playing and lounging. Omar came by and took me to the pumpkin patch down on Highway one, first of all, what an awesome drive! It's called Arita's Farm, that's where he's taking me for the last couple of years and is such an awesome place… I feel like a little kid in a pumpkin store. It was a lot more crowded than we would have liked, usually, we go on a Tuesday. We got a bunch of pumpkins, all colors, shapes and sizes and some Indian corn… I think we're just about ready for Halloween! We cruised back home and I took Dude out for a cruise down to the end of the wharf… They had already decorated for Halloween. So, of course, I took a bunch of pictures. There was a couple at the end of the wharf over singing some Hawaiian songs, if I could've found a place to lay back in the shade I could've listen to them all day. We cruised back home and waited in the yard for Robby to come home. Theresa came in and brought me tacos, I love love love tacos! I watched TV for a while and finally fell asleep after a couple of PMs and some medical chocolate, I can't wait to get my other mattress back because although I'm glad I have this one it's not anywhere near as comfortable as my other one. I watched TV for a while and drifted off to sleep.

Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed the crew and just as she was getting me up I got a text from Teresa saying she wasn't coming in so instead of me staying in bed all day Cindy agreed to take me grocery shopping and then put me back to bed, I swear I don't know what I would do without this awesome girl! First, we went to New Leaf and even though I wasn't hungry I bought way too much food. I ran into Jim while I was there, I see him on the wharf playing his guitar and stop and talk to him sometimes. He told me he got a job there and it was so nice to see him, he is such a sweet man. I've cut down to only breakfast and lunches three days a week with the chef, I love his foods but there's so much that I can't eat anymore so I wanted to get stuff for dinners, I'm still not quite understanding the diabetic diet but I think I'm doing pretty good. On the way back we stopped at Safeway to get a few more things. We cruised on home and I took Dude for a little cruise down to the wharf while Cindy put away the groceries, Robby looked happy just staying home and resting on his big comfortable bed. Cindy put me to bed and got me something to eat and my uncle, my aunt, my mom and I played cribbage. After they left I fell right to sleep.