Tuesday, July 17, 2018

It's supposed to cool down this week…

Monday was a really busy day, even though I stayed in bed. Karen came in and feed the crew and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. It was already really hot outside so I decided to stay in bed and rest. The Woofpack came to get Robby and Karen played outside with Dude for a bit. I watched TV and rested for most of the day, so glad I didn't have to go out in that heat. Heather came by and we visited for a while, it was so nice to catch up with her. Mariposa came by to give me some acupuncture, I'm always so nice and relaxed afterward. Rosa came in and fed everybody and then my uncle, my aunt, Claudia, my mom and I played cribbage until about 10 PM. I was really tired and fell asleep right away.

Tuesday was another pretty good day, super hot! Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me dressed and up in my chair. We cleaned out the freezer's and Omar came by to finish setting up the Bose surround sound system in my bedroom and moved the one from my bedroom into the living room, somebody turned the TV in my bedroom really quick and the plug for the Bose got broken so I had to get a Bluetooth one. Cindy took me to my appointment at 1:30 PM, just from the house to the van and getting over there I was overheated so I texted my aunt and my mom and said that I wasn't going to be able to go out to dinner with them because I'm just going to go home and go to bed. Once I get overheated it takes me hours to cool down and I didn't want to end up at a restaurant with no air conditioning. Cindy put me back to bed and they brought me home some food to go from Lillian's restaurant. I was still wound up and exhausted at the same time from being overheated but of course, I couldn't sleep, I think I finally fell asleep about 4 AM.

Wednesday was a nice relaxing day. Karen came in and fed everybody and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. Bailey's groomers came in to give the boys a bath. While she was getting me dressed and up in my chair I started getting really bad stomach cramps and decided I better go back to bed, it was the first cooler day that we had for a couple of weeks so I was really annoyed that I had to go back to bed but better now than the weekend when I have company. Rosa came in and fed everybody and I just watch TV for the rest of the evening.

Thursday was a really great day. Karen came in and got me up and the Woofpack came to get Robby so it was just Dude and I for the day. I decided to take it from really long cruise since it's been so hot and we haven't been out a lot for a while. We cruised through Depot Park, up the hill to Westcliff Lane all the way down to the Lighthouse Museum, down the end of the Wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk at back, down to the end of the wharf again at back at that home to wait for Robby. Rosa has the evening off so Theresa came in, fed the crew that they put me to bed. I listen to music until I fell asleep.

 Friday was an awesome day. We started out on our regular cruise through Depot Park, as we passed by Raphael's vehicle I heard him say my name and he said: "can I ask you a question?" Apparently earlier a guy, his two young sons, and a pit bull was running around in the soccer cages and when he asked him to leave the guy said "this is an emotional support dog and I can take him everywhere with me" Raphael said he called his supervisor and his supervisor called somebody else and nobody knew the answer to that question "does this dog have a right to be in the soccer field" he was asking me some questions and we started talking and then he said "here comes the guy" I turned around and this guy had both hands on his dog and could barely hold him back, he wanted to kill Dude. I turned around to let the dog go by but the guy could even get a hold of his dog to walk you by so I told Rafael "that dog wants to kill Dude, I'm going the other way". Raphael said he would stay there with me but I just wanted to get the heck away from that dog. I told Rafael that I would get some information and pass it on to Trish who can pass it on to Andrew and maybe they can have a meeting about it or something because I have been asked by other Parks and Recreation people laws about service dogs. I wish I knew a way that I could get to the people I need to get to and give them information about what a service dog is and what a service dog isn't. We cruised down Westcliff, around the lighthouse Museum, down to the end of the wharf and back, down to the end of the boardwalk and back and then home. I was hoping I would have some time to print out some material for Rafael but a missing so I will give it to him on Monday. We hung around with Robby for a little bit and then I took off for the concert on the smash mouth is playing tonight. I have relatives coming down from Oregon for the weekend and I was hoping that they would be here in time to go but they hit a lot of traffic at the polling a little teardrop camper. The concert was awesome! I went for a little cruise down to the end of the wharf at that back home. Hanna and Eli got here just before I came back so I got to say hello to them before Theresa put me to bed. What a great day!!

Saturday was another amazing day. Once a year a guy that I've gotten to know since I moved here, Foster, who started an organization to help people of all abilities get out and do fun things. They are always doing something, having parties and other really awesome stuff. Once a year he puts on an event, I think today is the 26th annual Day on the Beach. It seems like every year it gets bigger and more people show up. He has several bands, acrobatic artists and a bunch of food. They do outrigging, kayak rides, beach chair rides in the water… Pretty much anything you want to do. Everybody is so friendly and having so much time it's just an amazing atmosphere! Seeing everybody having so much fun and meeting so many really cool people, I love hanging around there. Usually, I try to stay away from people but this is just a really awesome group of people that Foster attracts. I wanted to go and find some shade and listen to the band but everybody was starting to eat it was really crowded so I cruised down the wharf and ran into Hannah and Eli so I took a couple of pictures of them and cruised over to the beach train with them, I gave them a couple of tickets to cruise from the boardwalk over to the railroad and Felton where they let you get off and cruise around Henry Cowell redwoods for a while and then come back. What our way back we ran into Bart and his wife Kelly setting up their hot dog stand at the end of the wharf, I talked to them for a few minutes… Such a sweet couple! I looked over the side of the wharf and I saw Bill creating one of his masterpieces on the sand, what an awesome day! I cruised back to the Day on the Beach event and still couldn't really get too close to the band and find shade and it was getting pretty warm so I decided I better get Dude and I home before we got overheated. Robby got home from his puppy play date and we all cooled off in the house until Theresa came in. She fed the hungry furry crew and they put me to bed and got me something to eat. Omar went fishing last Wednesday and had Idella bring me a nice fresh halibut filet. Hannah and Eli came down to play with Dude for a while and I just watch TV and edited my pictures until I fell asleep.

Sunday was another great day. Karen came in and fed everybody got me up. Hannah, Eli and I went to Zachary's for breakfast, it's really hard to decide what I want any more now that I found out that I'm allergic to eggs… I always got the artichoke frittata. I decided on the lemon Poppyseed coffeecake and sausages I remembered about halfway through that coffeecake probably has eggs in it, I'll just be itchy and bloated for a couple of days. We cruised back to the house that they packed everything up and we said goodbye, a really nice but short visit. Dude and I took off for a cruise through Depo park down to the end of the war fed back and then home. Theresa came in early so I could go to bed early so I could have my room to myself early… It was awesome! I was pretty tired so I watched TV for a while I dozed off.