Sunday, January 21, 2018

A lot of appointments this week…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and fed the fur crew and then we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath with peppermint essential oils! The Woofpack came to get Robby so it was just Dude and I cruising around all day. I decided to cruise over to the bank, as soon as I got there I remembered it was a holiday. I met this really nicely crossing the street with her walker, she asked me if I would walk with her she was kind of slow in the traffic signal turned red before she made it halfway so I walked with her and everyone was so nice. I headed back to the bank and tried to go a different way home and ran into her again, she was such a sweet lady. As I came up to the clock tower downtown I thought I heard somebody calling my name but usually, my music is so loud and with the dog's tags jingling I usually don't hear much… Okay, so plus most of the time I'm in my own little world. All of a sudden I noticed somebody standing next to me and I looked up and it was Baba, that was him I saw on the wharf yesterday. A couple of months ago he told me he was moving to Colorado and I wouldn't see him again, nobody can stay away from Santa Cruz. He said he got to know his son and his two grandchildren. It was really nice to see him, is always so nice. While we were waiting for the light to change to cross the street a couple of other people came up that he had met yesterday, they also seemed very sweet… We talked for a while and then do and I went on our way cruising down Pacific Avenue. I heard somebody yell my name again and I turned around and there was Trish having lunch with a friend, it's always nice to see Trish! She said there was a woman's March on Saturday and everybody was going to meet at her house so I told her I would take a long, it will get to go out to eat somewhere for lunch. We cruised through Depot Park and down to the wharf, I just tilted back and try to relax and enjoy the ocean… Karen says I need to meditate and relax more. We cruised home to meet Robby when he got done with this pack cruise, we just found out in the driveway for a while and I practiced some commands with Dude. Rosa texted me and asked if she could come in at 7 PM, they are coming back from Reno and I guess the traffic was really bad so I said sure… I'll just go back to the wharf and watch the sunset. Then I remembered it's Monday night and we are supposed to play cards so I texted Karen and she came over to put me to bed and get me something to eat, my mom fed the crew earlier. My uncle, aunt, Claudia, Fred and my mom and I played cribbage, I lost five dollars.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me up in my chair, I wanted to take Robby for a cruise before heading down with Dude to my appointment with Jennifer. After my appointment, it was a little cold but we cruise down to the wharf and back and then it was Robby's turn. We cruised down to the wharf and then back, it was just too cold. I warmed up in the house for a bit and then we hung out in the yard. Rosa came in and put me to bed and I was out.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Susan came in and fed the boys and then gave me a nice long massage, it felt so great. Karen came in and fed Penny and then we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath with coconut and peppermint essential oils… What a great feeling! I took Robby for a cruise through Depot Park, up to Westcliff Drive and then back home. I rested for a bit and then took Dude and we cruised up and down the wharf a couple of times and then came back. Rosa and Cindy came in and surprised me with a turkey burger and fries, I've been good about my diet and my blood sugar has been really low and man did it taste good. Rosa put me to bed and I was out, the last couple of days I forgot to meditate… I've been trying it out to see if it calms me down and makes me feel better and calmer.

Thursday was very wet. Karen came in and got me up in the Woofpack came and got Robby, he's always so excited! I put a rain poncho on the back of my chair because I knew it was going to rain, my mom, my aunt and my uncle went to Stanford… They all three had appointments so there was nobody to give me a ride and I didn't want to cancel. Dude and I took off and it was really nice when we got there. I had a gold crown, the last one in my mouth, and it was old and needed to be replaced… I can always tell there's going to be a lot of pain afterward by how numb the left side of my mouth feels but thank goodness I don't feel any pain while he's drilling and cutting it out. I have a really awesome dentist! One time he even came to my house because my temporary tooth fell out and there was a lot of pain. Of course when we left it was just pouring so I just had Tory in the dental hygienist put on my poncho and we just went for it, only the top of my head, my ankles and feet got soaked but I didn't fall off the sidewalk so that's good. I got home and Karen was purging the kitchen, I knew there was going to be a lot of stuff to get rid of and a lot of duplicate stuff in there… It feels so good to purge! I can't wait to do the rest of my house, I just have way too much stuff! I turned the heat up in my bedroom and hung out with the boys after Robby got home. Rosa came in and put me to bed and that's when my tooth really started hurting, she got me something to eat and then I took two gabapentin and two Advil PMs and waited for the pain to go away and go to sleep… I know I will feel better tomorrow.

Friday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and got me up and I took Dude and we were on our way for my appointment with Dr. Slezak, I still can't believe he got rid of my gas and bloating with these homeopathic bills… It feels awesome! We went over some more of the medications that I'm taking, she's hoping to get them decreased, and got rid of a few. He was telling me how he worked with this girl who had extreme anxiety, she couldn't go anywhere without her parents, he said she's now leaving a normal happy life. Next month when I go see him he said we can talk about all of my anxiety and hopefully you can help me with that also… Where has he been all my life?? We cruise down to the wharf and back and then I took Robby for a cruise to the wharf and back and then it looked like it might rain so we just hung out in the driveway for a while until Theresa came in. Teresa took me to Safeway to exchange one of the meds my mom picked up, they accidentally gave me somebody else's instead of my lorazepam. We got a few other things and it only cost us $12 because they gave me a $25 gift card for the inconvenience, how cool is that?? She put me to bed and fed everyone and I was out before she left.

Saturday was an awesome day. Cindy came in and got me up and I was supposed to meet Trish and a couple of her friends at her house to go downtown to the women's March, I thought I was going to be running late so I told her to go on without me and I would meet them down there. I wasn't sure where it was but I followed a group of people with a bunch of signs, I figured that's where they were going. I got down there just as it started and sat on the sidewalk and was just amazed by how many people were there. People I haven't seen for a long time came up from the crowd to say hello and give me a hug, Deborah and old neighbor, Bridget a visiting nurse I had in 2009, a couple people from the salon where I get my hair done and a couple of people from the of trauma to replace the use. They say they were over 19,000 people and everything was so organized, friendly and exciting! The crowd was getting to me so I took dude and cruised down to the wharf and hung out there for a while and then went back to listen to the music at Loudon Nelson Park, there were a lot fewer people there. I wish I would've just found a place and tilted back in my chair and listen to the music but I just needed to get away. I cruised back home and Theresa came in, Robby wasn't back yet from his play date with the Woofpack so she put away the baby back ribs that we cooked in the crockpot the night before… The meat was just falling off the bone and I couldn't wait to try them for dinner. Taya came in with some food for me for this month, all kinds of really delicious dishes… This girl is awesome! Theresa put me to bed after she fed the fur babies and again I think I was out before she left.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Cindy came in and I was really still tired so I decided to stay in bed, she fed the crew and then fed me and I pretty much slept all day.  I slept on and off most of the day, Theresa came in and fed everyone and well that was pretty much it.