Sunday, November 19, 2017

A week and a half until Thanksgiving…

Monday was a pretty good day. Karen came in and after she fed the fur crew we did some personal care and of course, a nice long relaxing hot bath, while I was taking a bath became to get Robby for his Monday hike with the pack. My mom drove me over to my appointment with Dr. Slezak, I don't know how just one man can be so knowledgeable about so many things but he is and I'm glad I found him. Turns out I'm allergic to eggs and that might be what's causing a lot of my problems, I have eggs every morning. I am also somewhat allergic to bananas, pineapple, and garlic... I can eat them but I just have to keep in mind the consequences. After the appointment, we came back home and Dude and I took off for a cruise down to the wharf, it was getting cold so we came back to wait for Robby to get home. I watched TV for a while until Rosa came in and she fed the Boys and Girl and put me to bed and got me something to eat. Claudia, my uncle, my aunt and my mom and I played cribbage and I lost two dollars. I watched TV until I drifted off to sleep. I realize that I take a picture in the same places every day but every day it just seems more beautiful.

Tuesday was a really good day. Cindy came in and got me up and after talking to Omar for a little bit Robby and I went for a cruise down to the wharf and back, I ran into my friend Jerry at Depot Park and talk to him and his neighbor for a couple of minutes before coming back. We left Robby here and took Dude to go shopping at Staff of Life, one of my favorite grocery markets. I had her drop me off at Depot Park and Dude and I cruise down to the wharf, I am always so paranoid that dude is going to poop in public so I tried to get him to go several times before we get to the wharf, of course, he pooped on the wharf in front of a restaurant. There was a really nice couple that stepped in it but then helped me anyway, they were so sweet. The lady went into the restaurant to see if she could find somebody to help clean it up while I talked to her husband outside, he had a stroller with their baby. He said that they just came back from Felton where they wanted to go cruise through Henry Cowell redwoods but it was too muddy but he said they found a really nice restaurant and had lunch. I think it was the owner of the Firefresh restaurant who came out and cleaned up for me, I was so embarrassed and apologized profusely… He was so sweet! We cruise down to the end of the wharf and I was so embarrassed I just wanted to go home, I just don't know what to do anymore. Rosa was here and fed the fur babies for me and then put me to bed. It's amazing how one unsettling act like that to just ruin your whole day, I just wanted to go to bed, watched TV and forget about it. I did go on my FES exercycle for five minutes and that helped a little. I ate dinner and then watched TV for a while.

Wednesday was a pretty good day, it seemed really short. The last couple of days I feel like I haven't been able to take the boys out for a long enough cruise so I feel a little guilty. Susan came in and gave me a nice long massage and then Karen came in and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath. Kent came in from Bailey's grooming service and gave both the dogs a bath. I took Robby out first and we cruised through Depot Park and over to the wharf and then over to the boardwalk and back. We got rained on a little bit but we are not afraid of water. I came back and rested for a while and checked out the awesome Thanksgiving decorations in my living room, Karen is so fun and creative. I got Dude and we cruised back over to the wharf and it started raining so I decided to come back, the boys ran up and down the driveway for a while, at least they got some exercise. Rosa came in and hooked me up to my FES cycle for five minutes, my arms were exhausted but I always feel really great after exercising… Eventually, I'll be up to 1/2 an hour a day. She fed the boys and the girl and then put me to bed. I just relaxed and watched TV until I fell asleep.

Thursday was a nice relaxing day. Alexis said it was going to rain all day so I decided to stay in bed and on my side. Karen came in and fed all of us and in the Woofpack came to get Robby I was kind of surprised that they were going to cruise around in the rain but I'm glad, poor Dude was stuck here in the house all day with me. I slept most of the day, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Rosa came in and set me back up and fed the boys and Penny and then it was my turn to eat. I figured because I slept all day I wouldn't be able to sleep but I fell asleep and slept all night long.

Friday was a really good day. Karen came in and fed everybody and we did some personal care and a nice long hot bath before she got me up and on my way. My Google Glass hasn't really been working and I'm afraid it's dying and I'm really sad, I put in a bid for a pair on eBay because I don't know what I will do without them I've had them for so long.  Omar and his friend came in to put a roof on the pergola, there was a lattice roof but we decided to put on a roof that walked get everything wet. I took Robby for a cruise through Depot Park, over to the wharf, down to the boardwalk and back… They are putting up a big HUGE Christmas tree at the entrance. They are really going out of their way to decorate everything and I hope it continues into next year because I love it! We cruised back home and I dropped him off and got Dude and we went on a cruise through Depot Park and down Westcliff Drive almost to the end. The clouds and the waves were so beautiful and I was so bummed that I could take pictures but I probably have about a million of these pictures already. I managed to a couple of really nice people, I don't know why I don't cruise along Westcliff Drive more often, how can anybody be in a bad mood with such a beautiful view. I'm trying to stay away from the wharf until I can get more of a handle on Dudes going to the bathroom in public, I can only apologize so many times before it's going to get really old to even the sweetest person... I hope I get it figured out soon. We cruised back home and hung out in the driveway until Theresa came in to feed the hungry animals and put me to bed and then feed me. I fell asleep before she left.

Saturday was such a beautiful day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me up and ready for the day. The Woofpack came to get Robby and Fred and JoAnn came from across the street to say goodbye, they were staying there for a couple of days and I didn't really get to see them that much. Dude and I went cruised through the lagoon, it looks like they are building something above the lagoon but I couldn't really tell what it was yet, I can't wait to see when it's finished. They have been working on it for a while now. We cruised through Bay St., Park and down Westcliff Drive, again and again, I wished that I had my Google Glass. We cruised back home through Depot Park and I ran into Seth, I haven't seen him for almost a year and he looked great, he was cruising through the parking lot at Depot Park so he parked and got out to say hello and to meet dude, he was on his way to visit a friend... Hopefully, I will see him again, he is such a good kid and I really like him. I thought I remembered that they were doing something downtown, they repainted a mural down by the clock tower, so I cruised down there and as I was cutting through the alleyway I heard somebody say "let me go over and talk to this pretty lady" it was Aki! I think it's been over a year since I had seen her, it's always so great to see her... I just love her and her family so much. She was on her way to Pono for another round of graduates going through her EMT courses, she is not only one of the greatest people I know but she is so sweet and smart. She invited me to come on over to the graduation but I had just got a text from Theresa and she said she was on her way to my house. I almost stayed in bed and I'm so glad I didn't because I would never have run into Seth or Aki. We cruised home and I met Robby and Yukio at the gate coming back, I talked to him for a minute and we came in and Theresa fed the gang and put me to bed and fed me. What a perfect day! I watch Dr. Phil and listen to some music and fell asleep.

Sunday was a pretty good day. Cindy came in and fed everybody and got me up, The last couple of days I have been really bloated and uncomfortable.I can only hope it gets better, I quit eating all the foods that I was supposed to but I know I have to be patient. I took Robby and went on a cruise through the lagoon, down to the wharf and back… For some reason, I'm really not into it today so I think I'll just take the dogs for a cruise and then let them play in the yard. On my way out with Dude I ran into West, she lives on the next street over it is one of the dog walkers at the Woofpack, she seems to be really nice. We cruised through Depot Park and then down to the wharf, I wanted to go over and take pictures of the Christmas tree on the boardwalk since my Google Glass decided to work today and who knows if it'll work tomorrow. I decided just to come home and we hung out in the driveway for a while, I got some really cute pictures of the gang. Theresa came in and put me to bed and made me some fish tacos, they were delicious! I watched this is us for a while, listen to an audiobook and fell asleep.