Sunday, October 19, 2008

Awesome Halloween party...

Thursday was a pretty typical day, I haven't really been feeling the greatest so I decided to stay in bed and rest since everybody around me seems to be sick and I don't want it.
On Thursday morning I got an e-mail from Stanley asking if we would like to have company for the weekend, him, David, Zach and Corinne were going to come here and say the night, of course we always want company. Heather came over and made some asparagus ravioli with sausage, man was that killer.
On Friday my aunt took me to get some of the last minute things that I needed for my Halloween costume. We found some really long red eyelashes and some thick poster board for Brodie's costume and the think you sign for Woodworm party store. We also found Styrofoam balls to use as egg sacks for my spiders on the porch. We found everything, I love when that happens. Stanley and the gang got here on Friday night and we watched TV for a little bit and then went to bed.
On Saturday my mom and I had an appointment with Claudia to get and manicure/pedicure and although it is only a few blocks away there was no way we were going to get there. I think every high school marching band in California was in Santa Cruz that day, apparently they were having some sort of compensation and we are right across the street from the high school so every road was blocked off. Stanley took the boys, Corinne and a little neighbor girl Corinne is friends with to the boardwalk. Teresa came in at 1:00 p.m. to help me get into my costume so I wouldn't have to wear it all day, I will probably where it all day on Halloween. It was so cool because everybody was helping me. Autumn came over to do my makeup and I think she really did a great job. Before the party Theresa took me and the two boys over to the Woodworm shop because they wanted to take a picture of me and Brodie in our costumes so I got to meet the daughter of the owner of the store, she is such a sweet lady and working world she is eight months pregnant, it was starting to get cold so Teresa took me to her house and let me borrow a cape and a scarf and that sure did help a lot. Autumn and Alex's place was decorate so cool and the food was awesome, of course Heather helped, and the DJ played great music. I got to meet a lot of their friends and saw some really cool costumes and when it started to get too cold by brother and I left, the rest of the family had already bailed except for my uncle who was sitting on the porch talking with the security guard, my uncle just loves and gets along with EVERYBODY. My uncle made a huge batch of spaghetti and brought some over to the security guard and made a new friend.


a corgi said...

sounds like a great party! I love your costume; you did a good job sprucing it up with all that you found :)

that asparagus ravioli/sausage dish does sound delicious!

hoping by now you are feeling back to your normal self and enjoying all the festivities and company around you :)


Millie said...

Wow, your costume looks really good - looks like you had a fun time!

You always make me feel hungry when I read about what's been cooking over at your place LOL


Linda :) said...

You look great!!!