Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A long overdue outing...

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment with my new primary care doctor, she is really great. She is brand new and doesn't have a lot of patients yet and I like that. My aunt found her for my mom and they were so impressed with her but they couldn't wait to introduce me to her. Her nurse, Teresa, is my new part-time caregiver. I had an appointment there yesterday for a Pap smear and a Depo shot and I was trying to tell Teresa out hard it was going to be to try to do a pap smear in my chair and she was going to ask the doctor to come here to do it but I didn't get a phone call so I went up there in my chair, I made sure to wear a skirt so it would be easier. Since I have one last year and they have always come up clean she said that I only need one every two or three years so I decided to wait until next year. A usually do all those yearly tests around my birthday, not a really good birthday present but at least I remember to do it. Dr. Owen said that she would be glad to make a house visit any time I needed it, how cool is that? Teresa gave me the shots, Depo, Flu, Pneumonia and Tetanus so I won't have to worry about those for a while and when she comes on Thursday she's going to draw blood to test my cholesterol, she couldn't believe I have never had my cholesterol checked.
After the doctor's appointment my mom and I went grocery shopping. All of the grocery stores around here are so small all I can do is try to find a place where I'm not in everybody's way, people shopping after work really have no patience left but they really try to be polite.
Today Brodie and I went on a extra long walk, the last three days because of cleaning out the garage and the doctor's appointments I haven't been able to take her for a walk and she is really getting crazy... acting more crazy than usual. We cruise the wharf AND down to the lighthouse. It was a beautiful day and everybody must have been at work so it felt like we have the whole ocean to ourselves.


Linda :) said...

Seeing the beach and lighthouse sound wonderful.....

Millie said...

I hope Brodie has calmed down now she has been out on your extra long walk!!! My dog Bonnie is like that, although we take her out and she is still crazy!

Wow, what a fantastic new Dr you have!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


a corgi said...

what a nice doctor!!! so neat that you found her! she seems like a godsend for sure

I bet Brodie really did enjoy her outing and long walk yesterday :)