Monday, October 6, 2008

My new Journal

A friend of mine told me about this site. They close down the AOL journals but I still have been able to write in it for a couple of days, I'm waiting for them to throw me completely off-line. Meat while I was playing on Pogo and I heard that familiar sound that you hear when somebody at the comment to your journal, I was so excited when I heard it. I didn't realize how much I began to care about these people that make a comment on my journal and how much I look forward to reading their comments every day.

I'm kind of Leary of getting into another journal and then having my heart broken again when they take it off line but I'm going to give it a try. Thank you Betty.


a corgi said...

you are welcome!!! I'm so glad you set up a journal here!!!! looking forward to following you; I'm that cute little corgi that is following your blog right now (that's my corgi Koda :)

again, so happy that you are here!!!!


Millie said...


I know there are a lot of sad people here learning that AOL was to shut down journals BUT, many have set up their new home in Blogger - myself included!

We're all finding our way round and it's not a bad place to be.

Come visit my blog when you have a moment:

I have added you as one of your followers :-)

Millie said...

oops, meant to write I have added MYSELF as one of YOUR followers LOL

Linda :) said...

Hello from a fellow jlander.... coming round to say Hi via Betty... I live in California too in the valley... It's gonna take all of us a few weeks or months, lol, to get used to these new blogs... Have a great week!!