Friday, October 31, 2008

Feeling so much better...

It has been a long time since I have written anything in my journal. I haven't been feeling very good and I think it is my sinuses, it started out with a sore throat and then my nose is plugged up one minute and running the next. I have never had a problem with my sinuses, I would rather just get the flu and get it over with.
Last week was the cold water classic and I went down and checked it out just about every day. I couldn't really very much because everybody was standing up in front of me but it was so beautiful out in every once and while I caught a glimpse of one of the surfers riding a wave, I don't know how they do it.
My uncle and aunt started coming over and plain Cribbage every night before we go to bed, there's nothing like winning a few dollars before you go to sleep to give you some sweet dreams.
Ever since Teresa has started I feel like I got so much done. We only have about three more shelves in the garage and then we can start on organizing everything in my room, there really is a lot of storage but there's also a lot of stuff that just got put away without going through. I'm so glad that I found Teresa.
Of course Heather has the making some incredible dishes. Yesterday she made one that I can tell is going to be one of my favorites, bulgur wheat on the bottom, sauteed spinach, eggplant, squash topped with goat cheese and ricotta cheese. She also made some beans and sausages, a big salad and a couple of wraps.
Next Monday they're going to start building my new fences. It took a long time to contact the property owners around me but they all agreed to go in half so it's going to be so nice to have all new fences. The one at the back of the House is so old all that is holding it up is the trees behind it. The fence that runs down the driveway is the only one we don't have to replace, we are just putting a trellis at the top to guide my morning glories.
Yesterday I cruised down to Ross and Cost Plus and on the way back I stopped at a stationary store and got a couple of photograph cards of the boardwalk and the lighthouse so we could make Christmas cards.
Today is Halloween and after Teresa gets off work we are going to go downtown and down to the wharf, everyone says that it is an unbelievable sight that we will never forget.
On Sunday Teresa is taking me to San Francisco for my personal interview for my new service dog. They usually have the interviews at their campus in Santa Rosa but they come to San Francisco a couple of weekends to make it more convenient for the people that live so far away... like me. Hopefully it is going to be nice so we can make a day out of it and go to the zoo, I have lived here all my life and never been to San Francisco Zoo.


a corgi said...

if you get a new service dog, what happens to Brodie?

sorry you are feeling under the weather; I wonder if it is allergies?? hoping you feel better soon

when it gets closer to Christmas time do you want to exchange Christmas cards? I'd love to get one of your homemade cards; we can send through email our addresses, trust me I'm not a stalker, LOL; just a thought; think about it

I hope you enjoyed your evening; sounds like a fun one

take care of yourself


(I deleted my previous blog (a corgi tells a tale) but I started another one; I'm just including the link just in case you want to read it

Linda :) said...

Last time we were at the San Francisco Zoo they were remodeling...