Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No more silver fillings...

Teresa came back over on Sunday morning to get me up and do some more clearing out of the garage. It was looking so good and I was so excited to get going on it, the weirdest things get me excited. We got most of it cleaned out and the two trips to the Gray Bears, the Gray Bears are an organization here in Santa Cruz that help senior citizen with just about everything. A lot of the stuff that I wanted to keep came into the house so it kind of feels like it did when I first moved in but the garage and looks great and my cousin is going to be able to put up the remaining shelves without having to maneuver around everything. There is a lot of stuff on the left side of the garage but now that I have Teresa to help me I'm excited to get it all sorted and put away, I think a lot of it is medical supplies.
On Sunday afternoon Heather came by with a Chinese chicken salad and a Turkey wrap. Sunday evening we went across the street to my uncles to play cribbage, my mom and I kicked butt. My uncle made some chicken and potato soup and my aunt made her famous wedge salad, both were delicious.
Monday morning my uncle came over to see if I wanted to go to Noah's bagels to get a bagel, of course I did. We were only going to bring back about six but I think we ended up bringing back about 10, by the time we finished naming off the kind of bagels we wanted we were way past six. In the afternoon I had a dentist appointment. I had three silver fillings so they took those out and put in white ones, to me it looks a lot nicer and the silver ones were done a long time ago. I decided to leave Brodie at my uncles because my dentist appointment was about a half-hour trip in my chair, she's really getting old and it is harder for her to keep up. I'm not sure what she did but she broke into the house that my aunt and uncle are redoing so they brought her back here. Heather came by with prawns to set me up for a couple of days. She cooked the prawns with zucchini, tomatoes, onions, cilanto and tequila, it was SO good. She also made some rice and of course some spinach. She also made me some more of her musterd chicken, red roasted potatoes, some baby broccoli with garlic and a chicken and avocado wrap and a salad. It is always a great adventure when Heather comes over.

Both of my automatic doors started acting up at the same time. I got them from the same place that I got them when I lived in San Jose, a place called Open Sesame. I have a garage door like button that I keep in my chair and by my bed and I can also open it through my computer program using x10. The front door won't open or close all the way and the one in my room makes a noise and jumps but won't open, it is very frustrating because that is the way I let my morning caregivers in. When I e-mailed him to come and fix it I was so frustrated and in the subject line I put "won't Open Sesame", probably not very nice but he is coming out this morning to fix it.


a corgi said...

I think your comment "won't open sesame" was cute; I bet he got a kick out of it too! you've been busy; that's neat! that Gray Bears organization sounds like a good place to donate to

enjoy the day


Millie said...

..all that food sounds yummy..it's making my mouth water LOL

I hope they can do something about the doors ASAP.

Have a good wednesday :)