Monday, May 4, 2015

It's warming up again…

 Monday was exciting and a letdown. Karen got me up and then went with my mom and I to Dominican rehab to be Andrei and Todd to install my new cushion. I sent them a picture of my chair so they can see how tilted it is hoping that they would realize they need to invite Jack to see what was wrong with my chair but Jack wasn't there. The cushion along with the back rest feels pretty great but I am only supposed to be in it for a couple hours a day and then check for redness, I don't know how I'm going to do that but I need to make it work… I think this is going to be great in the long run. Andrei emailed Yv well does the scheduling for Numotion to see if they can get somebody out ASAP so I can get the rest of my chair fixed. I feel like one of those Munchausen by proxy women that you see on TV doing things to get attention. We dropped Karen off after the appointment at the Metro bus station so she can head home and my mom and I came home and she put me to bed, it was so uncomfortable in the chair I was getting a headache… Probably autonomic dysreflexia. Rosie came in and got me something to eat and we did the personal care and bath so she could have tomorrow off to pick up her husband at the airport, he is in Mexico. I have to say in bed anyway.

Tuesday was another day stuck in bed. Both Audrei and Todd basically told me that I was pretty unsafe to drive my chair around so I should just go home, go back to bed and stay there until Jack can come and take a look at my chair and figure out what's wrong. Luckily Yvonne called me to schedule an appointment to have Jack come out tomorrow morning, I'm pretty sure there's something that he's going to need to order but if not I will be up and around by Wednesday… I cannot wait. Lisa planted by rose seeds, I got a bunch of really unique color rose seeds… I love watching them grow. Omar came by and recocked around the bathtub, when I called out the plumbing company they did a really crappy job and it just peeled right off, and he went to talk to a company that fixes Jacuzzi tubs. He is just amazing! Since Rosa was not coming in my mom came downstairs and fed Robby and I. I just relaxed, watch TV and planned our mountain girl reunion… I'm so excited to see Marica, Sheri and melodie. I know it's hard to go by fast but I hope not too fast!

Wednesday was a boring day but a lot is getting taken care of. Jack and Daniel from Numotion came by to look at my chair and see if they could figure out why it is leaning so much. They were both very concerned when they looked at it. They agree that I never should have gotten in my chair when I noticed it was leaning towards the right. Jack was included when I sent the pictures to Andrei and Todd but said he wondered why he wasn't included in the appointment to install my cushion. He said that not only was I at high risk of the seat falling off of my chair but when it fell off the chair it would have broken open one or both of the batteries and I would have been swimming in battery gel. They took my chair with them to get it fixed faster and to make sure I didn't get in it again. They couldn't tell me how long it would take but it looks like I am stuck in bed for a couple more days. They work in Watsonville but Jack lives the next street over and said that he would drop it by on his way home as soon as he can get it fixed, both Jack and Daniel are really awesome guys. Omar came by to let me know that he found a guy who can fix the switch on my Jacuzzi tub… At least everything is in the process of getting fixed. Rosa came in to flip me off of my side, boy was I glad to see her. She gave me something to eat and then her daughter Cindy came by to take her home. I spent the rest of the evening picking out movies on paper you to watch tomorrow. I got my Robby bobble head in the mail today and it looks so cute. I got friended on Facebook by a lady and when I looked at her profile I saw a picture of her and Tiffany, the lady in Fresno that has Robby's sister, so I accepted. I talked to her for a while and she said that she was transgendering and she was from San Jose, she lives somewhere else now but she is trying to move back. She is a quadriplegic and her mother is a paraplegic. I think she said she was injured three years ago but her mom has been a paraplegic for 19 years, she said her mom had a spinal stroke. She said she's coming back to San Jose to visit her family for her birthday in May and have no plans so it will be nice to meet and help her celebrate her birthday.  I am changing the colors in my spare bedroom bathroom and I'm trying to decide between two, purple and gray or a light orange and gray. I ordered both and I will send back the one that I like the least.

Thursday was of course another day stuck in bed, I can't believe how miserable this is getting to be. Karen came in and fixed lRobby's bed, I bought a liner so she took all of the memory foam bits and pieces out of the bed and put in the liner so we could wash the cover and hopefully it won't get as smelling as the last one did. She also filled up my pills for the week and basically just put up with my cranky attitude. She left a little bit early because our other clients boyfriend got hit and knocked out of his chair while crossing the street to coffee. He wasn't hurt too bad by a dentist's chair and he did fall out, apparently he refuses to wear his seatbelt. The thing that makes me the most angry about that is that there was a police officer there but he didn't feel the need to write up a report?? They exchanged information and hopefully a guy is going to take care of his chair but I can't believe people were freaking out… I was freaking out. I basically just watch TV all day and then when  Rosa came in we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath with jets, Omar came in to show Rosa how we need to turn on the Jets until they get fixed.

Friday was just more of the same, stayed in bed and watch TV all day long. Ed from Pacific security came by to put alarms on two of the Windows I have installed last summer, I don't know why but I didn't even think about having alarms put on them but I'm glad I did. When I first moved in there were two Windows and they had alarms and then I changed it to just one big window that did not open and then decided I like having the idea of the windows that open, I love having the fresh air flowing through my bedroom so I changed it back. It brought my mom and I and ice cream, is always some thoughtful and suites. He was telling me about the security screens that he had put on his house and I thought it was a good idea so I'm going to help the guy come out and talk to me about it. Apparently if anybody tries to take the screen off or cut it the alarm goes off and the police are called.  my mom came down and fed me some Indians food with naan bread and tricks it came in later to set me back up and getting ready for bed. I have always wanted to see if I could figure out our family tree so I decided to look it up and give it a try since it looks like I will have a lot of time on my hands. Apparently I already signed up and started it so I worked on that most of the night.

Saturday I laid on my side for most of the day while Lisa took off my fingernail polish and gave me a month mass and cucumbers over my eyes hoping it would relax me and it did a little. I watched a couple of movies in the afternoon, The boy next door which I enjoyed and The wedding ringer which was pretty hilarious. Teresa caned in and brought some Pad Thai noodles with chicken, tofu and prawns, some egg plant special and some fried prawns and it was so good. We did some personal care and I got to take another nice long hot bath.

Sunday I was stuck in bed but it was a pretty good day. I didn't feel very good so I slept through most of Lisa's shift but when I woke up my fingernails were painted so that was a nice surprise. I had her set me back up so I could just sleep for the rest of the day, that's what I felt like I was going to do. Rich, Luana and Melia came over to say hello… Today is on his birthday Luana'a birthday. I had a couple of necklaces so I gave one to each of the girls, they love them but I think they both wanted the same one. After a while Rich, Sue, Lexi, Seth, Luana and Maria came back over to hang out for a while, they are all just so cool and they make such a great family… I love how they all get along. I drifted in and out for a while and Lexi came over and brought me some birthday cake, Seth came in and we hung out for a while… I haven't seen them in a really long time. They said they would come back some weekend to hang out. It was really nice to see them all. Teresa came in and did some stuff, I'm not sure what because again I was in and out all day. I kind of love days like that, just laying in bed asleep one moment and awake the next.

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betty said...

I am glad you are getting your chair worked on Tammie and someone took you seriously and its finally going to be fixed, though what a hassle waiting for it. I like the purple and gray here that you had for the spare bathroom; it will be interesting which one you pick :)