Monday, May 25, 2015

Cloudy mornings and sunshine in the afternoons…

Monday was a pretty laid back and boring day. I was so tired over the weekend and I thought it would be nice to have a day to sleep all day but of course I wasn't sleepy. Lisa was having family come to visit so she wanted to get off work early to spend time with them but they canceled at the last minute. I decided to stay in bed anyway and give my butt a rest. Lisa came in and turned me on my side and we did the mud mask and sent Omar a picture, it always scares him. I watched TV and drifted in and out of sleep all day, I guess I was a little tired. Rosa came in and set me back up and got me something to eat. Claudia came by to play some cribbage with my mom and I, I miss playing cribbage even though I lost four dollars.

Tuesday I got up and went to see my psychologist, I don't have a caregiver on Thursday so we switched my appointment. I think I have said it before but Carol, my psychologist, has been really good for me. I don't want to say I no longer care about other people judging me because I do but I don't let it get to me anymore, everybody has a right to their opinion and I just have to remember that that's just what it is… Their opinion. It was nice to cruise around for a while after my appointment, I cruised around downtown and I decided to go over to cost plus to see if they help my stools… I bought an outdoor bar stools and the bar came but the stools were out of stock. The guy said it's a good thing I can in because those were the last two and they were going to be discontinued. I paid for them and I will help Lisa drive me over tomorrow to pick them up. I cruised down the levy to the boardwalk, cruised through the wharf where I ran into my neighbor Mark with another one of his beautiful sea glass art pieces, up to W. Cliff Dr. and then home. It was a little cold but still so great to be out and about. Rosa came in and put me to bed, got me something to eat, we did some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.  I messaged Mark and asked him if he still had the sea glass tree that he made, I just can't help myself… I love everything he makes so I bought it and he brought it right over. How's that for service??

Wednesday was just not a good day. I agree to do a bowel and bladder management interview over the phone with a lady from Columbia University. I always figure maybe I can find out something new and maybe I can help somebody who is having difficulty. She told me the interview would be about an hour and a half and I didn't really feel good from the time Lisa got me in my chair. My neck and my shoulders just felt really fatigued and towards the end of the interview I was sweating, had chills and was getting a headache. Lisa was going to cost plus to pick up my stools but I decided to end the interview for today and finish it next week and how Lisa put me back to bed… I was just miserable. I never figured out what the problem was but I did feel better once I got into bed. Lisa went and got my stools and all is well. Rosa came in and got me something to eat and straightened up my room a little bit and I think I fell asleep before she left.

Thursday I ended up staying in bed, it's a good thing because it was overcast and cold all day. My mom came down and fed Robby and I and I just watched TV the rest of the afternoon. Rosa came in and get some personal care and I got to take a nice long hot bath.

Friday was a great day. I got up and took Robby on our very long awaited regular cruise around Santa Cruz and it wasn't as crowded as I thought it was going to be, usually on Memorial Day weekend it gets really crowded around here. We cruise through the lagoon, down Westcliff Drive past the lighthouse Museum and back, to the end of the wharf and back into the end of the boardwalk and back… The boardwalk was really crowded but not too bad.

Saturday Was a great day. My brother Stanley, his daughter Corrine and one of Corrine's friends came down for the weekend. Lisa came in and I got up and cruise around for a while with Robby, it was a really nice day and so great to out and about. My brother barbecued some filets, corn and we had some pasta salad… It's getting to be barbecue season and I love it. Teresa and I went to the Derby girls bout, so much fun. I got my picture taken with Simca, I met her while cruising on Westcliff Drive a while back and she remembered me… She is so sweet. The Derby girls are just a bunch of really caring and sweet ladies, they are always doing something for the community.

 Sunday was a pretty good day. I took Robby out for a nice long cruise and it wasn't as crowded around here as I thought it would be, only the beach was really crowded. I came back and we decided to order pizza, I always get sausage and pineapple. Teresa came in and we trained a new caregiver for the weekend evening position, they think she's going to work out great and she loves to organize… Perfect.


betty said...

That must have been fun with the Roller Derby, Tammie. I just found out we have it here now where I live in Prescott, Arizona. There was an event this past weekend; tried to win tickets for it but didn't win. It is amazing it is Memorial Day already; I'm sure the summer season is getting ready to really kick in for you guys!


Anonymous said...

Nice profile pic. I liked the sailboat picture.
You have a better social life than I do.